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m ii 






.^, JV^, 

■j!^ ^ 


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r-^— — 'S* 








. FORtUNll 
Holiday from CDS 


imagifie Software 1 1984 1 Limited 

6 Ceriifa! Stre«l*Maochesier M2 SIMS- 

Te) 061 834 3939*Te<cx 669977 

twtth^mm, tiip4n MHWt ImA^ pfqMMiwir 





— ■»»•— 

Hi l l li H.J ia^Mll*' 







Lloyd casts h*5 rrund back over the last year and 


Jon Sates makes &w«et music with Spactrutm 


Part One of I he bnarre odyssey of a teteport«r 
5ale&b«ing oi the lulure . . , 


It sesfl^s the Spectrum isn't th« only compuler 
eapablo of runnmg Spectrum games, as S)MON 
COODWIN discowefs , . 

Cover by OMv«r Frty 


C1 ,S00 ^a waiting to ba 5p«nl on a holiday. Yoti 
cotild spefid n . . . 

02 rwe STJAOiroen comp 

A monster glider to be won, plus lotsof tiltleones 

72 0E£PSTmK£ 

DURELL otters a radio controlled Airplane, plus 
copies ot the game 


HEWSONS oMer a walkmen and Cofji«» of 


An lf4CENTIVE to go On bcklkddy. C^Xl could b« 
yours to sp«nd 


Not cne. but two chances to win. courtesy of EUTE 


GREMLIN GRAPHICS are ottering a MIDI HlFi aiwl 
a Ghetto blaster; and games, of course 


KONIX offer an OPUS Disc Drive and a CITIZEN 
1 200 p<intef , as well as joysticks 


You could ip«ftd a day at Combat 2one along with 

Lots of goodies or* offer ffom ARIOLASOFT 


The Cprnps Mmjon has coht^cted a host o1 gOOdie^ 

for you lo win 


Well, ii weHekend iil le^^l; funded by INFOGRAMES 

162 GENESIS — Birth Of* Competition 

Win an Oh ohgirtal , . . 


Play Spot the puck in this XEHO competition 

ISSUE No. 36 1986/87 


The reviewer^ butM^ it oul 


The «tory behind the DENTON DESlOffS split 

1&3 1 986 INDEX 

A harvdy guide to what went in CRASH last year 


Part Two of Mel CrouChar'« »tOfy Of tO*nQrTow*t 


An overview of t he people m4 Hm process which 
brought you the fre«bic , . . 


From conception through 'pregnancy' and rww 
birth — KAT TRAP gets a full review . , . 




HUNTER S MiNSON eats, drinks and merrtty 
refuses to look bach on the ye^r . . . 


A little teslive fun, courtesy of the Doc Martetied 
one and Cameron's photo album . , . 


Catch Lloyd's Herrrwe — In action, answering your 
latest batch of moans, groans, and praise 


Andither quality collection of your binary Aft 


Even more High Score gore 



Seeing at It's Cliristmas ... a doubl* dos« o1 our 
loony hero's crazy exploits 




Simon Goodwin peeks mside DAT EL 's SWAP- 
fOrtheMuktfaCti I 


JEWELS OF DARKNESS gets Smashed, and so 
does Derek as ho gets intotestiw editorial mode 

183 PLAY BY MAm 

Brendon Kavsnagh knits at SATURNALIA 


Look gvt for the first CRASH of ^967. It'tl be in tii« 
shops on January 22nd 

CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 3 



There are two guys in front. One coming 
up from behind. And another just off 
your elbow. The screams of the bikes are 

The wind is pulling your face off your 
head. Your adrenaline is pumping like 
Hoover Dam. 

You kick your bike to the right. Kes 

bumped. Hes flying. You push on. 

Me your eyes off the road for a 
mittisecond, and you could end w^part 
of the road. 

It's all a blur. No time to think. You've 
jusi gotta pump it. The next turn's the 
steep one. Bank, bank! The curve's wide 
open, but the screeching wheels of the 

bike in front are kicking gravel right in 
your... your... 

^u hear a phone. A phone? Hej; i^'alt a 
minute. This isn't a bike. It's a chair. It all 
comes back now. ^. >bu're home. The 
piaa's here. The computer's on. Looks 
like it's going to be another quiet night 
after all. 




Jain ter«M w)Bi H^Mjim - tr al mm m t»emMi 

booiet aQBtnst the fwc«4 d ^-.n «.--i l., li-t leAiaome Skfi(«tof. 

H«^ HcMan, Butte Cat. Tedo. nm-an-fntm. Orho dud thnr oIIks m tlwy 

strMSefe In Ihrtttng end dangeniui tnoDuMMt wth th« henchmen dl Snake 

^Already a wuVdwide lucccis Utii IncfcdMe Hfk* ifUJ brtng •ction and excJtcm«nt 





Cass«tle OtA 

CBM64/I2a £9.99 £14,99 

AiTistrad £9.99 £14.99 

Spectru m 48K £8 .99 











CDMe4/128 Amstrad £9.99 


BBC EJecUon CI 6 £7.99 

Spect ru m 1 28K £9 .99 

-j|_^ Spectrum 48K £8.99 

'^^^g^^ IBM 



^u U 

' . v*»*-.. 



HDm Final Division 
■tants aixl opted to 
fitay with Rovers. 
'this promising 
» c«fitre-t»c*i hasstor 
ed a new corrtAfl 
team martagtr '*''^" 
lThorp« anno* 
today. ^ 






I* oa 


medical tns 

54KS A//B4!) 

Fodtbaier of the Yev Fi 

C16 + 4 MSX Spectrum 4i 

,£6.95 £7.95 i 

AiTU tnd. BSCEkctRHi < 



: Spcctrani^ 




;" City 4rcjJ 
■^ni the' 

because ^ * ^,„..*^- y1 
ntri nim 



■Her rex 

Rid of in eral 

, wgaaJJiinji the 
*fiich has mau 

V^f^Tvi *cwtT in liMf] 
**r league hi$ior>, 


1 Wp (to )R> kM « 

p4 W^ ik Sex* ^ ^M#t *H »P* 

Ki« GMi iMk. 0* »* l»>t Mh< 1« aMM 

Avenger (W^ of the llgv I) 




Way of t 

Thing o| ii 

Alpha Hwttt, 10 Cmw Strea. 

U_LI. u %t^^, 


FutuE Knight 
£6.95 £7,95 

k dknmMi tew agni Im t« alicir 

«^ 4tMt to _ 

V Mil ri^ lar «« IM^ » 



\ Nonnlier 


Softiai« Ud., 
LMeMSN^M (07421 75342J 

^ Ml U «nt hi I 



niriiiliii NAb*i«.k« 






UGHTFpRCE is [he Punishment Arm of 
Galactic Fighier Command. 
When a Terrati-settled system at the edge of 
the galaxy is seized by an alien force. revenge 
comes in The fonn of a lone 

LIGHTFOICJE confronts alien in a dazzling 
battle above the strange landscapes of the 
Ice-Planet. (he jungle Planet. Alien factories 
and the impassable Asteroid Belt . 
LIGHTFORCE - at the speed of Light 
- from FT^, 

SHOCKWAY RIDERS are the pickof the 
street gangs ATHLETIC, AGGRESSIVE & 

ARROGANT --as they cruise along ihe 

tiiple-speed moving walkways that circle 

the great MEGACITYS-ofJhe 21st Century. 


is to go "FULL CIRCLE*' - to do that,he must 

fight off the Block Boys, the Cops and the 

Vigilantes - as wer as negotiating the Speed 

Traps and Rid«r Ramps erected by the angry 

local residents! 

SHOCKWAY RIDER is the mo^t ojigmal 

arcade gam# of the y^u - 



SPECTRUM £7. 95 
AMSTRAO & C0IV1fVK>D0RE £8.95 

FftSrEte^rHAN'llGHT ftl faster than light, carter fcllis group of companies. 

' SEOGLEY ROAD EAST, TfPTQN, WEST MDLANDS DV4 7UJ, Tel: 021 557 29ri 14 Rnest 



,1 de-no «»» 

a^ari from --•;^^|. you to 
MAS a«*i » Jj^ ha* cont^ 


the III 





funMitmf CRL nS 179 

Adv«nUirt Adventure Software 


! Av«fig«r Greniiin 
I Brtikthfu US Gold 

Call l*»Troopw CRL 

I D««p StriJu Ourell 

EkMon, Tlfw Ad i vision 

Fakriight tl TN Edge 

FuUir* Kntght Gremim 

Jew#ls Of Darkrwii Rainbird 


KhI Trap Domatk 1 B7 

King' a Htfup Ftr«b«f(l 1 as 

I KWAH Md<£»oume Hoooa 149 

I Mtiboumfi HouS4 
I Movfamabi Piranha 
I Ofbti Th« TefTOfball 


Rcngua Troopaf Pirariha 
I Shawsbury Kary Piayers 

Spac« Hanfiir Elila 

Sp*«fl King It Mastertronic 

Star tMimr Rambird 


Tatminua iriastonronic 

ThayStola AmHfkof) 

Zub Ma^lartrontc 

corn«f. Mayb« the prolil«r»- 
tion of high quality software 
that we've seen owe r the past 
taw w»*l» Mill change tho 
mmds of these Scrooge* — 
Spectrum owners are going 
to be spoiled for ct^oicc when 
n comet to Chriatmaa shop- 
ping, compiling ii*ts for 
Santa and spending pre4©nt 
money in the January sale*. 


yet joined in tti« fun of play- 
ing games on the Spectrum. 
Now that software house* 
arc paying more than lip aer- 
wtce to the 128, games such 
a* Starglider are beginning 
to show just what the race* 
tuned Spectrum can offer. 
L«t*» Ju«t hope that Amstrad 
can sort out the teething 
problems that surround the 

■n^»JT j»iii ii- 

dedicated Gatnea Consoke*t 
due »ny day now, It alto tup- 
posed to be putting a nail In 
the Spectrum't coffin. 
Unlikely, ewen if Ultimate i-^.j 
Play the Game now prefer to 
be known at Ware Ltd and 
plan to commit software to z' 
the ROM ■ of game sconsole* V 
tothaeacluaionofaltelse. . . /- 
The lewel of programming [^ 
competence currently , 

attained on the Spectrum "i 
itnt suddenly going to be C: 
Iran tf erred to oltter 

machine*, and «*ere ■•» 
plenty of people out there In ._ 
the wide woriil wli« lt«ve not ^ 


before prospective purchas- 
ert leoh elsewhere , , . 

We're all looking forward to 
reviewing the new games of 
1 987 here in CRASH Tower*. 
I hope you're looking forward 
to playing them! 



? 49 ^^2. 124,130, I3i.159 
Argus 32,54,^50 

Cascade ft^ 

CRASH BacknLin>bers 146 
CRASH Misil Order 74 

(»ASH T-Hshfrts/btnders 91 
Creettvfl Devices 171 

Craatlv« apark 17t 

DeM ^^ 

01 H 182 

Domark 31 

Duralt 1A. 19. 144, 145 

Etectric Dreams 41.43,116 






Orsfniin Qr aphioa 



Metbourrre House 

1^ 196 N awrt fl ald C tasaffi ed 

162 NMC 

182 Ocean 

63 20. 58. S2. 63.95. 129, 

B W Poatsfa 

, 7, e$. 67 Ross 

n 73 Six Ward* 

Sottebt 37, 

31 156 Specialist CR 

137 US Gold 4.5, 

167 VkJeoVatjIt 

38 Virgin 

75 165 WHSmilha 

123 WrtflMChok* 














IQfi. 190 




160. im 










CRASH Christmas Special 1 966 9 


nil That CRASH Gap.. 


I wtsh to pay by Vi$a/Acc«ss (delete aa appiioabiej 


Eitplry Dat» 

Please Charge My Account No; 


bck DM hM ««i(l to tti tniM I 

i::^^ ipwiiiiMi D « D 2» □ 2T n a» n » D »□ SI 

□ 32 033r 134; -36 

Numbw of ts9-u«9. ordwrsd 

LkSft dtacounl If appliicBbta 

Total cowt C 

J Mtcto«i ■ Clwqu* or Poatal Ordwr for the TOTAL 

DO NOT pay In c«*h — ^wquw or pQvfal orti^r^ only pl«<««, m*d* 
payabi* to NEWSFIELD LTD, PkttM <tOfit IncKidie ^^ry mall onlw 
raquaatt wHh ganarai poit for sdrtodal, competfti'ixt anthaa and lo 
on, a« It will almoat cartalnly qhu»8 (4«^layi». IncliH^ your phofta 
niinibar, H poaalbta, ao Aofli* can «ort aut pHmblvme quictily. Sand 
ofdara to ^ addraaa baldw. ThanX you. End of PubUc Sarvica 
annwjncafnant. . . . 




S:Af»Hia4 iWii i tto CwwoMWl ^.twattJirtm Cu Wt t adi Mmit Wrt 
4 : May B4 •Ttw OuHl imtttySGnpMct iitttttl*i#Mlopdrlw» P«mn' 

10tNiiw84 glitUtlMd JayiUdi — caipiriiowi#Oam Ei «K*ihii 
IT: Jun as #D«nlan a««b9tiB#frwil(M»Spactiifti hin)Wy«5l*cMr Stoy 
3«I(ii»BM l£n Map 1*UfKl«ninirt<}v Hap 2«Tifa to Wii iiiiiiliitlMaiiHa 
Ertphk* a UWif *Oa m HWiid t MH ^Iif l ii^^ OmM Thoim 

1B:Juiaa MfiinttnenittikspnnaVJbtMtakMMwHrt^S^fldtlr 
TfT^m ■ I H i Tt i i ai»taoaari» utlHy part tiWeamafKtOt loaln wata at 
mwaa h l«ttfti#Cyriii Itop iri tor*iitn # W wtftm nMiiitf-ii|H»tod fti» cawr 
Hut hM tfw Jalwiitti JiunHngl 

19 :Aii0 wi mmmm nuES iz3j24p 25 «nd 1 ». imi««ciii 

•^- " T "' " - ^ '^'ftiiTtit njrmnii Tpirt trniiiiniu n r i uiii it ii i i i ji 

Iha nm«i 2(M»#R wnd Up Df USK GflaipUan#On 014 Cow AriM Itldb SlHih 
t «f DynHnNa [^n and r 

SO:S«p&S •MKM««irilXHi11iMCfTina(n«E)actninh:PHic^CiMnpaay 
|>TVftto*PMl TM» of lASlC GmwUtn Round up#nH 64K S^Hctruirr^Onlsii 
Datlgn HulDfinTfll*, Pari 1 #fltKl: Cwasn* intarvfav 

21:Octas •ftwlaMOtMJUISPO<IT,JiLST1tOCUME,ElfTl*«(»OOf 
TE50D Jii«)i«IMapiflx pniflta — iMmr to make a Ho(Dgntn#Cntmkmn«^ 
■njlY«lc#nii9iium PrHluctlotn ptiMm 

22:Hd« Sfi •NatunoAunallcofnpirtaf nufl^m:— hMUngirtHH 
ewoaltlon«Mtowlr4«« Opt aad Mnis In TEOf PHCME and pari two of Hh tut 
■tonga «utun«$««an Hmm tt «n tba Ca«af#AH latMt leek at Faataif 

23:D»cSS t Vl>mi mmmmm llnai ■» nT[i 1 1 1 1 1 1 ij 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 -n 1 1 li^Tlii rti nrpn 
Daalga autopnlttt iiidflMaiaipWlv gripMci lejturB — On Thfi Co«ar It Daw 
laa i a n (ram Canlral TVCScary nvar and Scwy Pmlait of FfkLiy 131h 

Xmaa 1989/6 •OnthatmrSpacial — Oiir««ry»HrnmhfwFrvyoccuplM 
ItH pagaaAfrvfila irfltta eai«OTl« GiMiM er««f*Uayd^ LxiUucfc JS85 
tttwHNvvnon CoflVultMit* nnu B^iShofl at gr y T a rt hw Fun Md Fr^kcs 

36iF«h 86 •Aurall — ItM protUa^A c^il wMi flw McKH^ihart 

tlimtnntli nniii nf fitmirtrnirTT"- Gnpttici bring ■ UN* to t^H Spac- 
friiin«TEai NKHE loata if i FOnPTM add-on and opdMnloin to ZI BASJC 

2e:Mar BS mSl BRIDE*! Profilafl A lint \0€k it »w SfHclmin 1.2»»Hli:- 
roiHrt BOOtRcHiuntlc Robofi MulWaoe Dnt iindar tcnittny^DLvy ai 21H 

37:A4}rde Wiaulia 23 piire PLiytng T\pi Supplaniairt«198S Raadm 
AMfwt* r Mw HiiiM a l Croucttar iirfanrtwuf^l m agino pf[>fHa#iotMn) up pf tZM 
gairm^Jl vtilt to ttn lint Pla^ ly MiH fioawntkM 

2B:May86 Mlpdata on tht FaAdM leaiiaAMUTECM pmflla 1*4 
PUWFTS p m i«aii »» 0*T CaaipotHa Wdao Inti fta oa ^ l m Mo Chaatrii'i tpp^ 
Of— fr HpHnJire mm Sto>tafyback#CM5iniONIUIRE M walyatt 

2Q!Junae #HntnMMAILU)fiudCtUSH&ALi£RY*SpacOruinMk 

lllfvHOHWf|fHtfn UflVKtlrAVnEJujHHE ^I'OnwVCAIH^unHAS UHI1- 

pai«d«M^K of CTLU, Sffl: FKES, SABOTnm and ^1i 1 VHl 2 of 11«DU.IIS 

30:Jul S6 <Mlen CRASH/UUNinD QaOoryVMorv Ho/nagimti 
Softwan^THE Mrra Of K fiAME: loma aarty ecitlos^Good GaiaM kl 
DESIGII^Liina Jatman rsbimi 

3tiAugS6 •Konnah go« HT«xtllii(l«A look Id 1M DfUeiM't 
tJUII*S4iK^s^ ion ' nryttit tKpto(lad«Eni4«Mt1 li iHr ri ow» Pa ta T 
■brtx loaklng it Hoifl Playing Compulsr gam«3#W 


SSiSapt &9 SfiAC rovtowad^flit Mmic Sok opanad^fMi Tantyn con' 
t l uUH » M i(lMt-60't Paw Fairy ta ii ;> atittitTMt<tyaiitfRtc>ySt a Bli» « 8pi^- 
litg y«v Oulduhel 2*Dan tlarv «rtv«s] 

33:Octae •Jenflltmin'~MreATMA)i«ndMrPIUTCHaAy«'nHGEJIESe 
projml: the programmtng beflln«#Wunt« s Mlnun goes miulflglWAufUt- 
racUng SpecDnint#Cocti f^naya lirtwiewwt 

U:1kH K >DBn Priarttoy. P^*<Mr ot PWTft md TRAPOOOH Iw lai i>tBwwi# 
MUSK HACHME f i ¥ tawad» C« H M Day iiport«CMEETAK'i Sowtd SampMr 
i a imiad f*t M Mptowat* Dtractonf apaw'^ t^ li^StS - H^t Trap pmrtwad 
and ttw Martvltfif HU tiplatiiad 

15:Dac M »Paii M al i m , Bia irtla H il i lii J IHtJieE k lw y fawad^RAM EUC- 
imiHKS ralma ■ MMhtacad wordprecanofVGUOER fUDER mip»MB< 
tntiflace eMmtned^Spactnim Plm Two pfo^lonit tumlflad 

luuet 1h 2, e, 7, 8, 3, 11 , 12, n, 14, 15. 16 w now out of aofML^omm 
Baoh Itnat wn gioing t*^ — twttof gat your ofdan in tpidL tt^ pntaUy 
iMrth MapiMnIng H f«u wi rit to ordM^ hHT tetaat, H Ha^ gattlng iteirt And 
HyoB w I taa rf ftn iOlft.iwoannaiirco ni pJo tu tlwgaphTywir c oWecttonwfiaii 
triimnHl dDwn varAlMi, mrilldl ll« 1 tiClirttil rttdur addad to di« hmt i 
announdrtg tho tact) 

0AJty thnc or tour isauea onlarad at ttie aama tlin* 
— 40p off total 
#nva or morm Imauam ordarad at lh« aatn* tim* 

^ 20 p off «acK Ham. 

•AU lACX ISSUES MM C1.21I Indudlng 
f M> eicflrpt IMS/6 CHfUSIMAS SPECIAL 
wtitcb ta E1JB9 Hdi htciiHlfi ■ gtat 

: QM p« nagulna 
(Ikay oott a fortiHi* to mmO 
•SfiKlal dtlv tfHoaunts itlll apply, so |«( la 



Get sp6i\i>0unti - And hot - wnh ihis unique medievai arcade adveniure. 

Another fast-moving, richly animated scorcher from 1985's Programmer of ttre Year, 
Steve Crow - author of Wiiar&s Lair ' and "Starquake". 


Avanabl« lor Spectrum. 
Amstrtdi^nd Commodore 








Mai Order send a dfioual^O to 

h Consuttonrs Lkt Octef by Ctedn 

sanding vour Acce&s BofdcfVOciO 

otid □ specimcf! signoture Doni 

%:> ortdone vcm; nomo ond address 



MJUS' irtiiJ rmjEseaiC, M^Otai. ftyniyauti. Uiun UX i4 inr 



The phone is ringing. '*Got a little job for you, Minson. Like you to 
do an end of the year article. Make it double length. Plenty of time. 
Don't need it till ttie end of this week." 

GoOdani, Vt&v Man; rn« to wirxl up 
' S6, and becauso magazines don't 
imtappavoutofnowbere. I'msttll 
in thfl procses of struggling with 
Movemfcief. Okay, then ~ lei's 
tachl« ihat before Huntec S gels 
serious aod actually tAiks about 
. . . (would>}a tiOli&ve?^ computing. 

It was about rhis time L^t year 
that I got chucked txri of tt^ Savoy 
HotflJ in London. The occs*ton 
wn ttw National Computer 
Games Ct^amptcxiship. W«<l, ttie 
Championship was h«re again, but 
the Savoy had rolcaifwd from poi- 
tingitti«)ruce unt*l after the evont. 
ao w Xma$ pm-up p^ccie. rm 

No — lt*ls tkr« my probtems 
af ose from the labynrnhine- nature 
of the Savoy's basement Aa I 
wantjered I began to expefi«oce 
that feeling of despair, well Hrwwn 
to advent urers wtx) mahe the mis- 
take of straying into the 'darh 
forest by the roadside' ttwn find 
that Go North' no lorvger twips, 


When I ftftaily did find my way out 
of the maze, <t was irtto g blaze of 
Isgtn, Te^evislo^ cameras were rol- 
ling a$ Cuddly Dave Carte*, his 
beard specialty tnmmed for the 
oocasiori, announced the contes- 
tants. The etf acta was most amus 
irig ^ rattier like Terry Warte, to 
i«kfhom Dave beai^ more ttian a 
paaaing resemblance, compere- 
{m Miss Wof Id. 

TMcina ol MiH World, the lovely 
JmiIc* (btogltar dragged me out 
of ttie spotlights, explained that 
they didn't want to do an m^flepth 
interview with me quite at ttiat 
momerrt. and propelled me 
towards the bar. She also toFd me 
thCt tf>e game that was treing used 
In the 5nal was Cop Out. the brand 
new one from mkro-och, who 
celebrated ttieir fifth birthday while 
I wM ^ng in depfh research in 
g w ad an (see the toftt^comirvg arti- 
cle in LM — iH I aver get it 

mis omnipotent organ had neg- 
lected to enter a coritestant. &o 
wtio won was almost incidental to 
the extreftiefr wett-stocked bar. 
Almost, I say, because though th« 
victor W89 an Amstrad person 
(yawn), he was the official POPU- 
didate. Now, as the giherp eyed 

amongst you will Know, i write for 
PCW in lact. they were almost tt» 
first computer title to pnnt my 
reviews, so I have a great senti- 
mental BtlBchmant to ttiem, 

Better still, the ohampnon David 
UttierlarKl comes from HorwiCh, 
which lias n«xt to BoMion, 'oop 
north in Lancashire. BoHon |u£l 
happens to t>e my home town, and 
I know tt>e cosmopolrtan charms 
of Norwich too. So to David I say, 
{xingratulations . . and don't 
worry, you too may escape like I 

Actually, I alrrKJst had much 
more to say to him, owing to an 
oversight on sometxxJy's pan, 
You see, w+wn it looked like The 
Battling Boltonkan was a dead cert, 
Carlos' started searct^ing for a 
PCW representative , only to 
find there wasn ' I one, Sijch aje the 
pressures of producing a weekly, 
they'd planned to roll up at ttie very 
last minute' 

Chaos rdgoed. It was even 
Suggested that i should xA on 
behalf of the magajtioe, but I 
declined and instead suggested 
that Cartos should gel on the dog 
and bore immediataty, VVhlch he 
did, summoning the very lovely 
Chrfatine Enldne hor^e^. She 
arrived, sljghtfy out of breath, to 
pat their man's back. 


Compeirthon of e different sort the 
lollowing day. Mike Baxter, had 
invfted the press , magazine adver- 
tising, staff and even his Auntre 
down to ttiat alrrKist trendy cross 
between a restaurant and a tetsvi- 
gion ahowToom. The Video Cafe, 

Ttie excuse forttiis bash wasttw 
KOHix Spsedfiing ioysticts, an 
obiecl whK:h resembies nothing 
more than that most tuneless mus- 
ical instrument, the oecarina. For 
some reason, ¥Xmct wa«Tted the 
gentlemen of Ihe press to try aiXJ 
destroy two of ttiese things. 

Now there is only one way ot Kil- 
ling a joystick tor rnany people, 
and that's that olttssk; of wrist 
action. Daiey Thompson's 
DdcaJtii&i And as an added 
incentive, whoever scored trlgtiest 
in this lest of waggling coutd win a 
weekend tor two m Amsterdam, 

The whole lunch was mosi reve- 
aling. Eveiyi>ody wanted to go to 
Amsterdam, of course. But when 

n came 10 c^omlng forwa/d . 
everyone ee w nad a iitlle tietiirKL 
Could it tie that all tt^ese ec8lon 
and star wrrters were shy of their 
games ptaying prowess? 

The atmosphere was like a 
superpowers summit. Everyone 
was tryiqng to do deais with each 
other, "Loolt, I'm txlUiant at this 
gan^, but I won't compete so that 
yOu can win , , , but only rf you 
promise 10 take me with you." 

But not for me such cowardly 
tactics. I'd been in traintr^ for this 
event for weeits. i'd been out fog- 
ging {once). I'd done press up (four 
of them). I'd taken every type of 
anatxilic sterad i could tind in 
Boots. And. . . . unfonunatelyt I'd 
rteglected to play the garrw. 

Yes — as I sat at a sweaty Spec- 
tnjm I realised thai I'd never played 
Oecaf/iton before! id socked rt to 
Scjpsrf^ I'd swettered in the 
SufTifTWf GdmeS; I'd wflggled my 
Stick all Wintef ... but l"cf dumped 
out on Oecathtort, This did mean 
ttiat whhie I w£iS Okfty on the tests 
of speed, iike the spnnt, i had no 
idea what i was doing when it 
cams to tha junplne events. 

My pertormanoe was hardly 
Chariots of Fife. More 
Skateboards of iHot Air reatfy But 
it still placed me about fourth. 
Now. this all raises a question of 
loumalistic ethrcs. Just how much 
do I tell you atxKJt ttie perfor- 
mances of my felkiw hacks? I Fear 
I must tie discrete. 

Ttwre was orw journo wtx) make 
■ feeble excuse about havtng lots 
of wortc to do back at the office, 
just before his turn, No names, 
mind — |uat let's say he was the 
eminence gns' of anoitwr Sinclair 
publication, probably had to gel 
back to await the anivsJ of trie uoKi 
and checit the photoliles for more 
pictures of NEWSFIELD 

Reviewer -Champion {len $tone 
at the ZX Microfair to print in Tiis 

And what at>Dut the editor wtio 
managed to c^me last? Perhaps 
he wouki be happier edrting 
SMASH HrrS after allf The 
weehefKl in Amsterdam went to 
petitor though, Cbviousiy a man 
who gives his ri^ wnst lots of 

The real winners were the (Oy»- 
ticks . Not only did they stand up to 
the action, their easy switching 

meant that n was possible to go 
Ibr that Coe burst of speed and 
maintam rt, Dnven on to greater 
things, Homx is at this very rnonwnt 
inventing a robot joystick destruc- 
tor, and IS invitinig you. the public, 
lo guess how kjng a SpeedkingwiW 
endure this bionic bashing. 

If yoo'd like to win CKKl, whm 
off your estimate to konk. C/o 
TIONS, 2 Wellingtonla Court, 
Vamdean Park, Bn^hton BNl 
ffTD and mark it Dsltfy 
Thompson's Dei^thton Test 
Don't forget your r\asr>e and 
address arid do mention that 
Hunter S sent you . You'd tietter tie 
quick off the mark, because the tiig 
aivwt is happening m early 


That brings uS up tO date, apart 
from one thing , . . it seems that 
MCWNiEr's Slasher has done a far 
belter [Ob diggirig up tfie dirt on 
Mtnson than the late, unlamented 
Shadow ever did m ZZAP! 

From wti«i I hear, he got the 
f^ts right, including how I L^ed to 
howl with an obacerieiy nanied 
punk band who made the Mary 
Chain sound sophisticated, and 
tworse still) my invoivement wrth 
an Amstrad word processor 

Wefl done then, SJashe-. I bear 
you no grudge at all, and certainly 
wouldn't dream of bemg the 
Gremlin that blew your anonimrty, 
now that you're a Bourne- ^ain 

So that's the way the year wtll 
end. if rtot with a BANC (RIP), cer- 
tainly not with a whimper etttter, 
There's just the round up ol Ctwtst- 
mas PBfties to come, and don't 
worry ^ I'll be ttwfp. drinking 
Bloody Marys and getting into 
dangerous craziness. 

But ttefore i get loo out of my 
head on every hetnous substance 
known to mankind, 1 want to try 
and look back at '86. No i donl. 
CRASH wants me to kiok tiack at 
' S6 . t want to iook forward into '87 , 


1 9B7 , we are lohf . will tie the year 
of the games console revival. 
Atah is tMick wtth the tiuggers, 
and AMOutsDFT is putting its 

12 CRASH Chnstrnas Special 1 986 

M«ight b^hirid uoa's macMr^, 
vAwie th« HHfUNDo contender is 
^soon ine way ovef hwfe. 19S7 of 

Whal ctoes H: all mean'? For one 
tNng, itie division between players 
and pf 091 ammflj' i s oul in itw open, 
onoe and tor all. Thw e was a great 
l« abOLft cojnpulefs: "But if I don"! 
have orw, ho* can I learn 10 prog- 
raiT^, and if I don'tiearn 10 pfogrBm. 
i won't b« prepared fcx ihe (gBsp!) 
Silicon R€fvotu1ion," 

Now I, for one, have never bean 
conwinced that leamirwg wfi6r« 
LOAO and twfO quotation marks lie 
on a kn^xtard counts as program- 
ming. But il's enough for all tine 
peopie Who use these three keya- 
ifo^es to unieash the fearsome 
pow«r of shoQl em up$ and adven- 

The piain (act is that many 
people don't give a twopenny 
damn about how structured their 
BASfC is An<] Itiis is whal the con- 
sole manufacturers and dis- 
trItNJtors are counting on. (samens 
)(at fvant to haw fun 

Ahh, btrt I can hear ttie cfi«s and 
shouts of ttie hacking li^riQade 
ifevady as their champion, tna 
ehaimlng Hanraih Smiiti . ial(.es up 
the chaMnge. "But what about 
the cheat pokes, wttich are 
amongst the most p<^laf fea- 

tures in tt>e rrugazinas?" 

Typing in twenty lines of oo<ie 
from a magazine is as much like 
programming as copying twenty 
lines of Romeo and Jul^iet is to 
becoming S4iakespeare. H's only 
a mirvortty who actual^ analyse the 
code fof tfie benefit ot others. The 
consoles, with (hei.r vast RAMs 
and instant loading are set to kill 
the Qames computers with ttveif 
limited sound arid colour, like the 
Spectrum. Or are they? 

1 967 Is supposed to be ail exp- 
kKiors arid wrecked joysticks > 
even if there aie no more Infinite 
lives. But by losing that minority erf 
freaks, weirdos arxj eggheads 
wfio actually like to sii up all night, 
up to their elbows m code, thecor^ 
sole manutacturers are also losing 
ttte people who have made the 
Speclnjm what if is today. 

Just take a look at a 1 9S3 Spec- 
trum game and you'll see wtial I 
mean. Sure, it wtll atiii be playable 
— addictive tor a white, even — 
but comparable wrth todey' a prog- 
rarrts? Oo leave rt outli 

TM history of Spectrum prOg- 
rBmmtr>g is Uttered with miles- 
tones; programs that did the 
ImpossibFe with the hmnble 
machine. Lords at Mf^night with 
Fta appei^rrtty infinite landlcne. 
sianMke 3D with iia ajMrmt 

vector ^aphics. Ever utilities like 
Tba Quitf, which turned everydrw 
into adventure wnters. 
Sure, you can buy thtte titlea on 
other machines. But tf>ey origl- 
rtated on the Spectrum, and 
tfiere's s sertse of excitement 
about the machine — tar more 
than any oHw micro. Back tjed- 
foonrt biotiin$ sweated mto the 
earty hours to *aam code, just so 
they could tiring you Manic Minet 
Of Afcadm. They pour^ded away at 
rubbery keys to push ttre machir« 


But where are the cor^oies 
keytxisrcte? If tfv»y become availa- 
ble at ell, It will be as optionat 
extras, at some unspedfied later 
data. As to aaving your efforts to 
tape -~ no wayl 1ni& is tf>e age of 
itie EPROm bk>wef. Even if you 
can afford that little extra, you 
coiiki well find that you can't sell 
your pfograms direct First you'll 
have to get a licence from the drs- 
tributor. Who will in turn have to 
the, 'Ha-so4 Ho-kayi' from 

Consoles symlxjlise one of 
the things that ts wrong with this 
world; ine big boys taking over. 
But tl%e bug boys don't necessanly 

know what you, tfw Individua*, 
wont. At the moment ttiey think it's 
stioot em ups and brtving games 
and piattorms and ladders. Noisy 
^oot 'em ups. Fast driving 
games. Coiourfut platforms and 
ladders. But if you'vp already cut 
the teeth on tne Specfrum, you'll 
hav«' bean through ttiat stage 

II you want these gam^, ttiey'ra 
already avgiiabie, a lot oheaper 
tinan \hByl\ be in cartndge form. 
And when you get tired 0I zapping 
the 8EMs, your Spectrum lets 
move onto eornettiing a litte more 
sophisticated. They aav that there 
Of 6 onty seven plots In the wtwle of 
iterature. That means ttiere are 
about live m gaming. And the con- 
soles want to resrtnct you to three 
of them' 


Conades won't take over t)ut big 
things seem sei to happen in the 
wortd of computing, in ttie last 
couple of morrthB rumours have 
at»undad coooeming the 
impendirtg collapse of ceriam 
^ftware companies We a/e not 
just talking little league nefe, t?ut 
at>out big boys. Cornpanies which 
own several labels. Companies 
which used to top tiie charts. 
Companies wtio have t)een 
around since the begmnirtg. 

1 don't intend to name narr>es. 
The software industry 13 always fuii 
of rumours, SO rt wouldn't be fair. 
And there are tf^e law$ oT libet to 
consider. But I wouldn't be in the 
leest surprised that in three or four 
months time things kxiked very 

It'a amther exarrtple of busines- 
ses getting too big, out of hand 
and out of touch. A big company 
has to put out products to con- 
vince the punters that it's big, 
Unhickify It then screws itself by 
not giving the programmers time 
to develop gam^ ft backs mcivi>M 
in expensivQ tie-ins . . , only to 
have tfie game appear nine 
months after the movie has Hop- 

The year has produced some 
great games, but the weeks lead- 
ing up to Chnstmas have pro- 
duced some turkeys too' There 
have been games wt»ieh have 
attempted to do the imposaibie. 
sadly proving that yes. the Spec- 
trum does have its limits. 

I don't kdiow wtiat wiil happen in 
'87 but Cm rathier wom^i. The 
Spectrum is an old machine. We 
can onBy push it so far m any ooe 
direction t^elore it ^hows its age. 
Perhaps the time fias come for me 
bedroom tiottins to get t>ack to 
work, free from the pressures of 
tiie-ins, and lor more time to t>e 
spent on original game design. 
Because if this industry does con^ 
tract, it means me. and many more 
like me, may have to buy lt>eir own 
HqukJ lurichesl 

A Merry Christmas and let'fl 
hope It's a Happy New Veer too. 

Hunter S Mhison 

CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 1 3 

■nu.-pivj!;a W.'W*»>rf ("w *'«iU*w*:is;« ^ ■ 


14 CRASH Christmas Special l J*8B 


Mr PLin.i\«/f€ fe fcut A hvytfevy Iwm^ 

FD!'''?n-S AT PtAV'.i 

rpiT€?r,r ATft*V:1' 

U'M^S^d^^'^kiSl^^ fluC04fCt)ftfrt'f (Si Mfcjtl^ k-*i«iKX 

-I'^.'Tl': A-^ fiJ^-y •■ 3 


„nBtn* k^ikwri^i: f^af^f 


CRASH Christmas Special 1986 1 5 


Producer: 39 Steps 
Retail Price: E8.95 
Author: Tigress Designs 

This game comes in two 
parts. In the first, you pick 
on© of five largets. Ttie 
mof>©y made from one job is then 
re-in vested in the next, A raid Qt\ 
the tocei coin ctealefs should net 
you a few thousard, This can then 
be used to buy the informal ion you 
need, and a team of crack 
specialists, for the an gaElefy job, 

Thefe is a rogue's gallery o1 IS 
hoodlums. Each has a dossier on 
their past eKpef»ence. but the nitty 
gritly Is in the last page of informa- 
tion; how much they cost to hire. 
how much of the *take' do they 
expect and what are their skMls. 
This determines how ksng ttiey'lS 
take to pick locks, dis-aJbie alarms 
or blow a safe. 

At this stage of the game there is 
tots of information you can buy on 
the target, fw^ost of this is vital stuff 
- like whtre the alarms are. and 
what you are after. If you just go in 
bNnd and whip everything, ihe 
'fence' won't give you the full 
vaJue of the items - whatev&r hap- 
pened to honour among thieves' 

Once yoo're tiappy with your 
team, toad tfie next section of the 

game. The raid must now t>e pian- 
nigd. This means leHing each 
memtsef of ttve team exactly what 
to do. This IS an icon-driven. First 
toggle twtween the members of 

Sour team , select one , and then ted 
kn where to move anci what to 
do. Most actions take time. It is 
therefore essential tc make SLire 
that the actions of the various team 
memtMTS ore co-ordinated so 

that, tor instance, two men. dofi't 
try going through the same door 
from opposite sidies, or no-one 
breaks in to an alarmed case 
before the alam? has been deait 

Once B "trac*' for eac^ crook 
has been made, the program has 
extensive editing lacilities. This 
allows you to re-orgarfise the raid 
to make more efficient use of your 
men, Aisoat higher levels, you will 
fwva to cope with security men on 
regular patrols, so you must time 
the paths so as not to arouse thai*' 


Last but not least, to the raid 
Jtse^f, The men go through thetr 
pre-ofdained patterns, Measagaa 
come up rf there are p<iobl4ms. 
{i.e l>ocked doors, 'thie fiith' etc.^. 
During ttie raid, you control the 
boss (who can do a bit of pittering 
himself), or act as kx^k-out. He can 
assist members of ttw gang who 
get in troubte. abort (hie raid and 
return 10 the planning stage, or tell 
the men to freeze wtien a police 
patrol goes past. 

After all this, the dosh is split up. 

Con troHin^ the b#>ff bat* duriftn thm rmi0. Onto* 'dm boys * t»ck J*a 
» 4lBpl*y eabl'jwt 



Ptmnniny tAv coinrmitl, 29 lAcoitd^ into tti^rmttl, 'tin^r**' 
twvhttm m t9vk*ii door 










OO : 29 


and you toad up the first part of the 
game again, just in time to go for 


• "I had great fun playing this. 
The whoie idea of the game is 
very original, an>cl extremely 
tntef eating to pfay. K you want a 
fast action game, then you won't 
like TSAM as it requires lots ■ 
brain work and a considecal)l« 
amount of note making. The 
meny »v«tem of choosing your 
options is easy to get used to 
and IS very quick to use. Ttie 
graphics, during the robbery, 
are vary smooth and detailed. 
[>afin«itety one for those cotd 
wirtter evefflrigs! And much 
safer tiian tti^ real thing {I would 

• "Generally f rsoK^ tSaHka ma 

Of no tun mvohied ffxptaying them. 
TSAM twwever has been written 
and presented m such a way that 
even rnere mortal arcade Iraaks 
can actually p(ay A and enpy it. 
The fir^t part is a bit txvmg. flicking 
through masses of inl^rmalion 
winbows can gel very tedious if 
you haven't really got into the sprit 
of the game. The second rofaefy 
stdge raaily i$ good tun . You Ve got 
to be on the bail at all times. Go 
and buy It," 

• "Gosh, this game is good! The 
windowing system is supertrfy 
done, and the wfwie game is 
definitely one that h^as been put 
lO^Sther very well indeed. Ttie idea 
IS a good OrtS, and one that I can"! 
say I've seen before Presentation 
IS of a very h^gh calibre, and playa- 
bility wrse, i find ft hard to imstl. 
Cdouriul, and graphscaily very 
good, 7SAM is pieasant on both 
the eyes arxl the brain. I usuaily 
dishke strategy games, but this 
one ts certainty wall worth while, I 
hke it." 


Control keys: definable: up, 

down, left, right, fire 

Joystick: Kempston, Cursor, 

Inierlaee 2 

Keyboard pilay: firiie 

Use of ts/oimwi rather restrainad' 

Graphlcar ^ks detail 

Sound: negllgable 

Sim ill ievels; one 

Screens: five Jarge buildings 

Gerwral rating: an tnovatlve game 

• Use of oomputw 


' Graphics 




Getting started 


Addictive qualrties 


Value for money 




16 CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 


Prodiicer: Activision 
Retail Pnce: £7.99 

ofs than a hundred 
years ago. Or Josel 
Agon started e^tpen- 
meHtimg into his own subcon- 
scious. Th© end result of itireo 
experimenis was a strarvga 
machtf>9 catted The Eidokx^. Sea- 
ted m this contraption t\e wtxjid 
vwYlum in1otf>e inrtennost reaches 
of hi^, psyctifl, and confront th« 
hidden penhs wh»ch r^>d4d th«f e. 
However, Agon's eKpefimiefUs 
were shrouded in mystary. and he 
twcame a feduswa figure, living 
out th« last years of his life tioied 
up in his fnar^sion artd rwwer seen. 

A hundfed years later his man- 
sion remains the sarre, untoucl'wd 
«iKe the good doctor's mysserl- 
oua disappearance. However. 
«MM: KKalkirtQ hoff* ooe night you 
Me tlwl the rrtansiQci'3 rusiad 
gMes are open and that a strange 
i0tl jsemifling from wrthin. As you 
start Eo exploria the hiouse you Tir^d 
the old Etdoton rrtachiine, and by 
Ai Side ti tt>e Oodor's diaiy. 
Ptogued witti cunousity, you open 
tha dusty volum* and discover tiw 
sectets ot the Etdoksn 

Tbe E<oolon is a sph^ncel vehh 
o>a tust bta enough tor a man to sit 
in Mhert In operation, pi floats on 
\b^ midd^s energy waves II is 
i^q^^ipped *th a mutt i- purpose 
catotwf /cannon, which is used to 
E>tasi any rrxmsler you might 
encounter, and also to coHect the 
many energyiewels wttK^ float in 
your miftd. To begin with, Ttie 
Erjolon mnspor^ you to ttte l^f^ 

of the seven cave systems which 
comprise your mind. Ttw mac^iine 
can be guided througti this sys- 
tern, searching out the perils 
wthin. A) ttte bottom of the screen 
ts the Eidolon's instrument panel, 
The top ha^ of ihe scrmn shows 
the view as seen tfvough tite 
cochpil window. Three dirnen- 
slonal graphics depict the arched 
root of the caverns as the acfion 
rrxjves tOwartJS you 

Each level has an oitft, taut this is 
guarded by a monsler, The key to 
this exit must t» taken, and ttw 
monster anrtihiLated tjy e quick 
tilast from the energy boHs you 
cany, Then, the rwiit tevel can be 
loaded froiri tape T]>e higher the 
level, the more diffhCuH it becomes 
lo kitL these monsters- 

Vanous things must be col- 
lected dunng your travels if you are 
to progress right up to the severtlh 
level of your sutx;onscious, 
Energy spheres boost t he f laggi r>g 
power levels of your Eidolon, It you 
are close enough to an Object, a 
diarnond shaped force- field will 
appear Tin is signifies that The 
Eidolon can capture the object 
with the collector/dischafger 
situated on its roof. Blue spheres 
Ireeze time, thus aUowing you a 
longer roam around the cavems. 
When these blue fvebaUa are fired 
Bt a creature, it also freezes, end 
you gai>n extra time to consider the 
beat way to destroy it. 

Tt^e controls m the Eiijolon are 
suiably Victonan m appearance. 
Thefe is a hot/cold indicator which 
tells you how ctosa Th« Eidolon ts 
to a monster Gem indicators 
show how many gems you have 

A Itne^MlpAvfftfn ntmr th* *tnt ot th*^ fir* 1 1« wfi; hr '« suMnfin^ 

A Fitmlly euf# tr^t titrv^n ttnan^st the tunnfis; ytiu ihiow wi^^t 
jwit gon» do — bt»*t thm living amytiohti Ovf 0/ hrm 

stolen from the guaird^ans. There is 
a clock to the centre of the controJ 
btoard, sttowing how long you have 
been e«pilonng your sutxxxi- 
sclous. The energy leve^ ^hows 
how much ol a poundsng The Eddo- 
lon has taken from I he monsters. 
and Ihe digits at the bottom of the 
dashboard show how much time 
remains tieiore you must return to 
the real world. 


% "This is just one of those 
gamei which doesn't reaily 
worfc on ttve Spectrum find that's 
a shame because the original 
cofKept IS Simply bntilant, The 
it protj^m lies m that Eidaipn 
hwpwlhf on both colour and 
eourat Whtdl on ttw spectrum 
Aren't exactfy all ttiat f)Bxibi«. 
Hence we have a tjlack 'n' white 
EkiokHT^ rendering the game 
tlighthir dull in pleces^ Its savlr^ 
grece is the fact tfut it b quite 
feet, speeding up wti«t could 

have ottwrwise be«r» a rattier 
ikilt m>4 unirrteresilng game/* 

• 'tt"s her^ ana it's even faster 
isten aH the o^m varaiona fso you 
can ftassile aB yotir mai^ about 
tmvkig stow cvnpuisfs). but ^a 
mors than ffiis Icaft't say t tound 
tt trerrienclottsty cMfcutt to actually 
gel tnto the game and to play it 
succeaafuiiy, psftiaps attar a Jwgp 
amoufit of practise it wfS grow on 
m$ hot I'm ftot raaSy ptapared to 
piay a game that annoys ma for 
tofigar than I heva to The g^srne 
tUis suparh graphics save one 
ttftng^ cokuff. this is undefsfaocte' 
Oiy but dr^tic^y lacking. The 
sound is vafy good, there are a few 
affects durmg tha patna and a 
fovaty tufie on tha tma aaaan." 

• "Wowee! The graphics on this 
are really something' The fractal 
effect on Rescue was limited, to 
say the least, but on the Ehdolon^ 
Acttviston have really iet go. The 
effect of cavernous walls is quite 
claustraphobia-inducing, if tfiat 
adjective can be applied to a 
Spectrum gome, EkMon is teifty 
p la /able, and sd^ctfve, depan* 
dent on whether the game style 
appeals to you or not " 


Control keys.: up Q: do wn Z ; left 9 ; 
nghtOifireN, M.CAPS. SVt^BOL- 
SHIFT; choose crystal 1 -4: cap- 
ture fireball/jeweLs X-B: pause P 
Jnnft&ek; Kempston, Interface S 
Keytioard play: pretty good 
Use of cQluur: mainly monoc- 

QraptWoa: iar ge and well animated 
Sound: tiffw and spot effects 
Skill IwMla: seven 
Screens: loads 

General rating: nice try at con- 
vflfti r>g a game (hat was never surt- 
ab(e for the Spectrum 

IIb« of computor 79% 

Qrapfiics 78% 

PlayabJIity 75% 

G«ttfna started 7t% 

AckHcttve qu9 1 itJ es 75 % 

Value for money 74% 

Ovei'ail 76% 

CRASH Chnstmas Special 1986 17 

Commodore 64 
available January ZOth 

Trade enquiries to Centresoft 

on 021 J56 3388 

Sales itept.^ 

Castle LcKfge, Castle Cireen, 

Tfiunton, Somerset TA1 4AB 

England T*topiianfli«u»f44tt«»i«M 




blows a saarkv 

.RAV^ ^x><4fL-■dU'l Ovl#ndvixini41tiv»nuu:iii^ti^RPiR 


. T'MIKS Vouil «C« th« Cfifrtpuliir boWd >n a tmoolh 
:^ vwApd Jiiim dbovir lv«*n va»n iu«l ana(h« bii ot 

■■ . t *n Atiii. ' . Una lilty 

«^x»jiil' '<awlongcjin vou tJMktdHk'na&ATA BUS' 

Fi<vt0ui >1l. ■-,'.:.-. . -Mfld Pf S'UQGCRlMiKtANmt-Ou tviluck tm 
Spit Hum tna covered m CRAWHES Thi* 9«mi> ■» Mke WtLl 

Available October 20th 
Trade enquiries to Centresoft 

on 021 356 3388 

Any Spectrum £9,95 

software getting harder 

4 ~. — «- — '^ •!« ^ m-^-^ •«. •< ^' 1 









/4 ^ 

Ocean Software Limited 

6 Central Street Manchester M2 5NS. 

Telephone: 06 1 832 6633 Telex: 669977 







'j ^tfg 


Producer: Gremlin 


Retail Price: £7.d5 

Author Shaun 


Greg Holmes, Chris Kerry, 

Pete Harrap 

Althou^ Our aiofv A 9«i 
many y»ar» in the tuturs. 
the nobhs art of chivalry is 
not dead Tfiia is |ust as waH as th« 
ship in which Aridia is travellinQ 
has caahlanded on pfan«t 2740/2 
of th« Zriam system, and wofse 
shll, ttw fair Amelia has t>een 
abducted try the dasta/dFy Speg- 
Um. Quanied by rh« grotesque 
Nenchdroiiit \e\ Spegbott's castl^v 
Amelia's life l$ m mortal penl. 

Randoif . a professional hero and 
Future Knight, receives « di«tres3 
caH from the wrecked S.3 
RusttHici<et requesting his help 
bTwnediBliQay. Biit ^tten Randoll 
rsBches ttw cfasJt^ed ship ii« finds 
Uial he fws quirte a jtiissmmi on Tiis 
armour-plate. Of coutsa, for the 
Jove of Aniaiia ^e ts wiiiirtg to risik 
life and limb - Cor, they doo'l make 
them Itite thai suiymore! 

There are twenty levels to Ran- 
tloipfi's rni&SKJT, Ftrsily, the Future 
Kmght h« to hack hi$ way througti 
the nJned space ship out on to the 
planet surface. Once there he 
mi*l make his way to Spe^iotts 
castle and kx^ete the allunng 
Amelia. However, in each main 
level tt^re are multiple sub-levels, 
Each of these sut}-lev<els has two 
doors, and Randoif must fight hks 
way fipm one door to the other 
grMting each foe In his path with 

RarKlolf starts out each jifa with 
B99 unrls Of Bfier oy . Each tifne he 'S 
caught by one of Spegbott's hen- 
dvnen, this levet goes down by a 
certain anwum. When this level 
raachn nro, then Randoif loses 
ont of Ns ttwee Rves. A bomb, d 
pidked up. will not only nd the 
sdven of atl alJers, tKJt will also 
boost your Knight's energy. When 
^1 Thfee lives have tMMft used up 
ttke game is over, and Anietta will 
be iett 10 ttw dastardiy devices of 
the m\i Spegbott. 

Howovar, the bttldies don't gtft 
it al their owrt 111^. Randoif has a 
very nifty gun built into his space 
suit wNch IS vary Umdv for blast- 
ing the baddies. This gun can be 
chan^^ for another by visiting the 
ship'$ amvxiry. These guns fiave 
mfinne blasting power, so Ramloif 
can go forth and be very dntruc- 

Randoif is a tiit of an 
fljihibilionlsl. If you ionore him for 
a period of time, then the little 
Knight starts waving at you to 
ahract your atio^tion, if you refuse 
to coTiiiniie it\e game he starts 
doing a little dar>ce to amuse fiim- 
seit. If you still taica no notice then 
he «tar^ goi n^ totatly berserk and 
spinning around on the spot. 

Them are other ua«lid objiacts 
which Randotf can oQfect to help 

him with his missiori, These range 
from confusers, which do exactly 
what thetr name suogests. to vari- 
ous apella which wiTlhuikf t>ridge9 
and extra ejtits. 

# "I'm not wry oure about this 

J|Bme> ft was actually great fun 
Qf a whi^e as I leapt airound the 
platforms figMtng nertes. How* 
ever, tfvsrs n aonw nlggty 
probtems. For * start off cHn^ 

Ob (0 lft» t*ctHHH«tf»l. iB a** ciHtfummriumi pic* nf up gvin^ to 
bm mny hmtp tackUns Otm drtfHtn T 

Cmmarffn ffmtwm *« *• » ■ ■« , bvt th» »eor»iMdfmtntng»w*ftMil 

Ing up certain ladders ju«t lead 
eff onto the scrsen above - fine, 
except when you don't want tO 
go to ttve screen above, Geoer- 
etiy, 1 can't really put my fir^geir, 
ttwe's something about K that 
I'm nf)t too k««r\ on aod I would 
recommend ttvat you have a look 
at this tMfors investing the oM 
crtnJty stuff." 

# "77»ts isri'f fxarnaffs Ih9 most 
oh^nai of games tut It b good tun 
a/^fhesame, Lagginffltafoofxfthg 
i&fg*$h playing a/©3 fryjfJg to ^t 
out does ffBt BxtrefTwty frustfsting 
get trapped m srnatf spaces, so 
you ftave to atxfut ths game. The 
gnpNca a/v very good, each of 
ths characters is very wett <kawn 
and animatad and ths 
backgrounc^ an cOtourhi The 
aound&aisogoodt Utereafeatew 

effects during r/ie game and a 
iovBty rurre on tho titfe screen, 
future Knighf nsn'f fhe best game 
around^ me moment bur rr rs oar- 
tamty wigS worth a took. " 

9 ") tried to look at this wflh es 
open a mmd as po&sib^, beting 
in mind OfttHLiH*B past record, put 
unforiunatiy, I was somewhat dis^ 
Sippointed. The graph ic^ are very 
good, and well up to the usual htgh 
standard of ofmuH, but unfor- 
tunatly. the game struck me as 
being a very run of the miH one 
The most enjoyable thing thai I 
found aboul it w^ ihe way in 
which you ctraraclefs ^tops, 
knocks on the screen, and starts 
dancing if you leave him alone for 
too lor^ a period o1 time. Of 
course, H you like this sort of game, 
tfwii I think you'H be OK, ' 


Control kavs: left Q: hght W;up 

P;down L, Fire SPACE: use, U; 
abort, BREAK 

Joystick: Kempston. Cursor, 
Interlace 2 

KaytMard play: pretty slick 
Use of colour effective 
Graphics: detailed with good 

Sound: nice tune ^ you pisy it on 
the 123. abitbeepyonthe4eK 
Skni levels: one 
Screens; 160 

Gaoerel ratitvg: not up to Grem- 
lin's usual standards 

U«« of computer 






Qfltting started 


Addictive qualities 


Value for mpnty 




CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 21 

22 CRASH Christmas Special 1 906 

S*T*A»R*G*L*hD*E*R v^^a 

^B /'■iLffl'ny yMws. ttw planet of 
^^i^^Hpnla was al peace. An 
^Bi^MHirnat^ defence |y9<- 
tem. caAed the Sernineis. kapt 
unwelcorrte callers from outer 
space at bay. these l>ugie 
monoliths dfdn'l K^t quntions ^ 
tt^ jusi blew sway anyttitng ihsi 
they dtdnl bhe t^ looik of. 

All went well until the SentineiB 
destroyed a h an nl e ee Ikx* o< pre* 
toctedjnieipterwtary mlgrB to ry 
bii^ cefled StftrgUders. Itie Sen* 
(meto vwe InwnadUiteiy mprog* 
rammed not to blow these rather 
bizarre cieaturee to bits. Aiftwugfn 
ecoiaoicady sound, ttiis produced 
a fati flaw k> the Noventan 
defence systein — the ruthleea 
Egror» attadced in ahipe die- 
giMQed as Slarglklef^, ttHis logHng 
the defertce cornpulers . Onoe past 
the Serrtirteis. there woa oo stop- 
ping them, Nov«nia f«ljed: on tne 
Senttneii and {Id nol maintain any 
oomnfitJotMi^ fOFDU. So Noverile 
was conquered, 

Jeson and Kaiba, two Sentir^ 
repair worl«e<s, witnessed the 
dsett) and dssm/dion froni the 
saiB^ of one of NoMfiia's moons. 
The twio heroes embaitc on a mis- 
sion — to destroy Vti6 Invading 
allerts sirtaleharKM, All they have 
St ihetr dtspoeal is an obsolete 
musaum piece of a ^gihter equip- 
ped with lasers and capable of car- 

" Slwglidef, without doubt, 
ranks amongst the best 
games to grace the Spec- 
trum's screen , The Whole of 
the game is e^ceiferttfy 
done, and Its pr«s«iitsUon 
artd packaging has be«n 
SHSCUtod In a most profeft- 
siorwl manrwf- Thq loading 
screen sets the player up 
for tfre game-of.the-ye»r 
on any computer. It you*ve 
sa«n the Atari ST SlS«t|^ider 
thefi you'll tie smsoed at 
t)i* Spectrum version 
tMcause they're so alike! 
The soumi effects are 
entren^frty 9^od, artd very 
effective. The rwrnber of 
framea of animation is 
unbaUavatile — It's Jusi so 
MTiootli and fc no n wt l bfy fast. 
Tlia optlona are vast and 
very useful, There^ cer- 
tairfty a pot of gold et the 
end of the luiNano 

rylng two missjies. 

There are rrtore than stideen dW- 
ferer^t types of Egron craft 10 
destroy and dacy\ craft must be 
dealt wMh in a si^tly dHtaratn way. 
TTie action takes plac« on the 
btasted wssitos of wfiat was once 
F4pvenla, and the antiqualed 
fighter is guided around the dust- 
laoerk atmosphere using a oo-ordl- 
naie sys;tem which Jv^des the 
planet's suriaice into a ^kJ of 100 
units by IdO units. 

Two types of sight are avaMabie 
— fixed and ftoSttng — and a 
cfwioa is made before the Bams 
starts. Floettng aighta asftect the 
controlof (he tfiip— the AGAV'fd- 
tows' the ^gras. Fixed stghts 
njmain in the centre of the screen, 
and ttte sfinip must be martoeuvrad 
until tlie target apprars in largat 
square. An optional centering sv«- 
tem may be eviabled or disabied at 
the Stan of tfne game — automatic 
oeniertrig can be erected on either 
the vertlc^ or the hortzont^ axis, 
in all dki>ectK>ns. of not et lA. With 
fully automatic oenterbig, the 
righter returns to flying straight and 
level wtien it is left to its own 

Two worsions of the game have 
been programmed — lite 'slan- 
dard' 4$ic version and a much 
enftancMl l28K/-»^? vaniiQr>. The 
anhancod version includes 
digitieed speech {the dulcet tones 
ofm) Clara Ed^eiiay) athree-woce 
ttOi tune and mission* that either 
iriKifve destroying an invader or 
picking up some «)ttra bott'On 
for ttw fighter. Custom 

add-oTBi Include supv missiiss 
with rmire fuel, power paclts which 
temporanty dispenaa with the 
n«ed to mnM, and a rear view mir- 
ror Ipresurrtsbly so that the ancient 
craft will pass its MGfT!) Irr the 
enhenoed ven^. panioularfy 
taiplaeaani meanies amenoourt- 
tered on the higher levels, to even 
out the advantage whk^ the extra 
aqu4pm«it givM. 

At tito start of ttie game, the air- 
borne ground attack yefilole 
{AGAV) piloted by J^son ar>d Katra 
is nyii^ dcea to a repair d«pOt. 
These depots sa vital to tfie sue- 
caea of Ina mtsaoo Tttey (otate 

" Wliz neasw zoom? . , , 
Zap 2ap zap kapow! Budda 
tHidda tH»dda. this realty la 
my kind of garrw. It com- 
birfes a fantastic shoot am 
up with a bH of brain work 
tbut not as much t* 
StarstnKe It). Firani the wocd 
go it I* eiaay lo get totally 
enthralled in the wortd of 
Novenia, e^uCJaWl' If yOu 
read the @4i page noveletta 
(if you can tear yours*tf 
away ffOm the gamef) I can 
see mys«K playing thi? tor 
wi^aka. Graphically, 

Starglidet Is the best vector 
g rapn tea game to data — 
my oniy niggle is tftat in a 
game of ttiis quality it*a a 
aiiame that ru> one's 
worked a<ut a way of aras> 
ii>g object? and horizons 
that appear twhirtd other 
oti^ts. The sound t3 a bit 
disappointing: there are rvo 
tunas b«t the streets are 
well uaad. ff you are a fan of 
shoot am ups or vector 
grapttica tt>«n this tnmX 
take pride of place in your 
software collection. Go and 
buy it, you won^ ragrat it. " 

stowly, and the entry port on one 
side must tM entered accurately, 
at low speMi, Onoe ktsikte, dam< 
age is repaired and a missiie, if 
avaiUbte, is attached to tbe craft 
Each depot produces one misatle 
evsry few minutae. but tbaia la 
new more than one available 
each time the AGAV la docked. 
Before reiatirvchmg, the depot 
corriputer car be accessed for 
iniorrnalion on enemy craft. 

After rB-launching. it is vital to 
make a note ol ti>e co-ofdmatos qI 
tf» depot so the AGAV can retim 
when rtacessary. The orly vital 
oomiTiodity not provkiDd by the 
depots is energy — thki has to tje 
ccitected by ustfig (ha Indy^we 
power iinae w^ich criaa-CToaa the 

planets surface (ihey can be rec- 
ognised by I i)8 tail lowers that sup- 
port them.) CoQectiTig power 
naquin^ detk^ate rnanoeuvrktg, 
and there ane usually plenty of 
rrnBanias scattered arcurvi trying 
lo slop the AGiAV tanking up. 

TtK! AGAV'3 irtsinjment pafHjj 
mdudes hortnonMbanthat iiwaal 
the status of the shMda. rvserves 

of power ancf fuel levels, white (wo 
veriK^al indtcators give the height 
and apaad of the crah. The height 
bar fIttitMis red if the craft is close 
lo the groufxi and in disriger of 
oraafWig — hnting tfte grourKl 
dbes Ifw shields f>o good at alL 

When a mtsaile is iued, (he view 
is supplied bfy a ranwte camera on 
board tfie mtssile Mtssileshatie a 
\tmi\s6 amount of fuei, fly vwy fast 
and have a wkle turmng drde. 
Ckxtsequently, a rrtfssiie must be 
homed in on its target before the 
fue( runs out — so the target nmist 
tie fairiy close. QerveraHy. Ihere^ 
not usually tvne to circia iQund and 
try again . . . 

It takes three missile hits to 
destroy an Egron Starnlider As the 
AGAV can only canv two nussHaG 
at ont^ you've got (0 gp and firid a 
depot Witt) a miMAe rMKlK (tbck, 
and than fh>d the Stargideraoaln, 
even if you score two dirscl hits. 
The teiward cornes when an Egrcxi 
Siargikler is destroyed — m 'm- 
^ani replay' of the mcMnent of 
destruction appears on eoeen. 

After 1Q.O0O points have been 
Bcorad, ttie game moves to tfie 
next level whera (fie ^lon craft 
terice mora hits before beir>g 

■' Woweef! The tas( time I 
saw a garne that made m* 
go into ttie same sort of 
tqtaJly rrealied-out uttra- 
iimaxed mode was 

^^lUsr^tfike ii, also by REALDIME, 

Thts one Is even tMtter, to 
die extent that I don't ttiink 
i can find fault with It. The 
animated vector graphics 
are just sooo greaU The 
whola thhM t* dostkied to 
become a CMaalc. I thinii I'd 
go as far as to say that it 
this was in tiw arcades, 
then I spend a fair bit of 
lin^ throwing ten pences 
into it. H you're the not- so- 
proud owner ol a 48K 
maciiine, then I suggest 
that you go and buy it now. 
if on tf>e other hand, you've 
got a Pius 2, th«n tHjy thia, 
and ap«ncS ^hie real of your 
existence playtng H |until 
iti* f oiknv up, an ywa y!) '' 

CRASH Christmas Specianeae 23 


j»* j^Ti 



up, down. I&ft, ngh(, scsoeief- 
ate, dece<lefa1$. launch rnis^ 
sile. tire, pause. (12SK version 
onty: launcH ^p«r missito) 
JoysliclK : Kenrpston, Cursor, 
Inlerface 2 
Kayboanl pilip si»ci( 
Orif)lite»! ffKfedibie speed 
and ankmation 
Sound: gdtxt eftocts 
Skill ley«ls:on» 
Scf»erut: wraparound pley 

Qarwrai ratli^; It's han) to 
imagifva a betler slioot airi up 

Uve of computer %*^ 

Graphics 95 ,. 

PI ay ability 95% 

Getting atarled 94% 

Adcfictive qualities 96'!- 

^lue f&r money 92% 

Overall ss% 




)«• it 






i 00 

r n 



Tne f2aK version represents {fi^e 
wi entwncenwit on the 4W MTw. 
tt dieerves a eeperate crrticeJcom- 
mem and a revised set of ratings 

24 CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 





Um Of oorttputer 





Getting started 

94% , 

Addictive qualities 


Va\iia for mofiey 





"Stargliderofithe 128KI*f!ir 
far aufwrtor to th« 4aK, ver- 
aton and IrKteod to any 
ottw 12eK gam«s that I'va 
sawi to d«!«. I had idrff iculty 
believing that a humbly (but 
fat} Spectrum could aetj- 
■Ely [sroduce a gem^e this 
fSs^t and with -so many 
sound effects. Graphically, 
this is no step forward from 
the 4SK, excbp t tha t yoti eel 
8 few more na gties on 
higher leva^a. The sound is 
the beat tt>at I havq aver 
heard on a Spsctrvm; there 
is an eKCftllent David Lowe 
tuna on the t^A ftcreen and 
some worthy etfectK during 
play At>ov« all, thsra n 
Speech ttve like of which 
has never b&vn haard 
before on (tie Spectrum fJi 
•van knocks ifie stuffing 
out of the Atari ST varaianl. 
THa voice is recognlsably 
that of nice Clare Edgeley 
IVom nMNBtRD who ectwslly 
gives you usafut ttfts of 
information (like whan you 
H« going to die) during ttie 
game. If you are a 128K 
owner wtio't getting a bit 
f^d up ' cos there l»n't realty 
any n«8t software around 
for your machine thifi will 
restore your fatCh. Hal' 


Buy any sin^e or mulupack of 
software costing £4 or more and 
well give you a spwriaJ American 
FootbaJ] Competition stickoi 

Stick three of these on the free 
competilion leailet and you can 
enter the competition. 

There are more than a thousand 
prizes to be woru including the first ,^ 
prize of a two- week trip to America ^^ 
to watch a live Am ericart footbal] ^^ 

PLUS if you buy any of the soft- 
ware tapes from the W H- Smith 
TopSoft 20 which is marked with 
a red star you will receive a FREE 
SHEET of nine NFL team stickers 

Don't for:^ if you don't play 
you carft win. 


N* O* i>» F* £• R* A* T* U 

osfft-atu The Uampyre tas Apari from Nosleralii, thwe are 
been clragged qui , dustsd oiftSf rvasiy things for ihe poof mar 

dtfs. Those wt>o refnerrber the 
i DW ii B th Cenlufv Fo* film o* irw 
swrw nwTke w»ll know that No$- 
toratu was the onhy Vampyf« to 
have his deadly tangs tirmly in the 
ifont of his fTx>ufh, and ng.j at the 
stde iitKe it^e B»ia Lugosis arid 
PetwCushingsttiat wer etO fCXiOw, 

No$f6tatu IS divided into Uifee 
sectkwis. and predictably enough 
one section has to be oompbeted 
before the pi»y*r can progress to 
the n«)ct. The fifsi part ol ttie game 
takes place m Oraci^ta's castle 
Jbnulhan Hai^ef is an estate 
agsnt's rmoion. The Count wishes 
to mo¥Q trom his drafty htxjse on 
the hM. Whan Jonathan gets to t^te 
castle, his worst fears are realised 
BcNng a sfT\art mar . he rea'ises ttiat 
^f Nosfef atu nvoves mto ihe peace- 
ful town of Wismar, the inhal3«tants 
of this sleepy village cotHd soon 
become hrs urwrtting victims and 
turn into Vampyres themselves, 

Unfortunately. Jonathan has 
made a slight laux-pas. He has left 
the (Jeeds to the house on the am 
mg table tn the Count's castle, and 
when he returns they are gone. Mt 
Harder mvst recover these d««ds 
and escape trom the Courtt's cas- 
tie to complete section ofie ol the 

sewer rats and large rabtd wolves 


"This resl^ Is a very ifood 
game. The graphica am 
v»ry dfltailed: and originalty 
drawn. Things like the bet' 
nnd Dtt>er animals ar> 
^xtreml^ well aolmated 
which makes Ntafmrmto 
very pretty game to ptsy 
but there is much rnof- 
than meets the eye, li^' 
trap doon and secret pa; 
sages, wfitch Once (ounti 
open the whole game up' 
The game is very easy t^ 
get into, aM;hough I felt Ihi 
controls wars a touch unrt 
9pQnsive» consitferirpg t^" 
iMtS move at auch a fa- ' 
pace. Aftsr a very hard sr- ' 
sion. of ptayjn9 I found ' 
very hard to get anyvrtier- 
near level two. The opti«r> 
are fairty vast, althoijgh th. 
old game option provo' 
pretty useless. This is ■!• 
excellent variant on an ol> 


^ona than 

are all a poterttial threat as ttiey 
guard the castle white the Count 
i^es hts beauty sleep. These oea- 
lures wiH sap a 

energy if they tnake contact with 
ti«Ti. This life force is represented 
by on ever-growing coHm at the 
bottom of the screen, when the 
coffin 15 completed he d»es. Apart 
from these creatures, itie Co4jni 
has also coniured up hatiucirta- 
dona which haunt and tnCK 
Jonatharf as he stumbles around 
the castle's rooms in search of the 

Food can be ptcKed up along the 
way to repientsh his energy, and 
the cf ucifises. swords and candles 
wtiich can also be picked up aJl 
hel p to mflkfl his task a mite easier 
The time ol day or n^ght <s shown 
by a ctiange m room colours and 
by a ct^art at the bottom of the 
screen. It ta not ^sentiai for 
Jortsthan to have the deeds t»f ore 
he leaves the castle, but it he does 
have them it will make his task a lot 
easter tn the next sectwjn 

in level two Itie actKjr takes 
place m the town ot Womar and 
the player controls 1hi«e charac- 


"Atthough bearing fnttal 
Similarities to de^KjN 
a '^('.N :-', earlier release, 
A^exoii; tha gameplay goes 
much beyond the simple 
wander around and coliect 
yjed idea.The plot Is actu- 
■Hy very Involved end com- 
, «i. What's more, it's a real 
toughie to ployL The mast 
rwtabte ocouranceiaf ttila is 
when the bale attack you - 
realty go for your necSK, the 
little horrors! Despite rtot 
be able to get very far into 
the games I'm sure t'll p4ay 
It again as there appears so 
much just waiting to tie dis- 
covered. I have no hesita^ 
lion in recomoMfMling it to 

lers; Jonathan Marker again, tiis 
wife Lucy and a chap called van 
Hetsing Play can be switched bet- 
ween the three by usm^ keys 1 
through to 3, 

Hosferatu has been t^ed to w^- 
mar by Lucy's unique powers of 
attraction. While m the town tw 
takes good advantage oi the heal 
«hy poposation and begins to fettd 
off them. However, untiehnown to 
Lucy's husband and van Helstr>g. 
she is the only one who cari kill 
isjoeferatu, This rnakes things 
trici«¥ in the third seci«on, Ttw \vto 
men most m*e short work Of the 
htdxlreds of sewer rats which 


"1b begin wttfi tt l« very 
easy to dismtst Mosferatu 
as )u3t anottter filmation 
garne with harttly any coo- 
tent, but If you slick with It 
fgr « few goes I'm sure that 
it wilt absorb you as com« 
pletely as it did me. Graphi- 
cally this has to be one of 
the most detailed games 
that I have ever played, 
nothir>g has beefi left out. 
The characters move 
around in the usual excel- 
leot flEmabon fashion and 
use of colour i« understand- 
ably limated The aouitd ts 
also very good KWfth tet» Of 
effects BTMl a lovely tyi^ on 
the litfe screen. AJl in all I'm 
gled to see that riRA^iAH can 
still produce exce#ent 

swanri aiound, while at ttw same 
time fending odl itw inhabitants 
wtio have akwty been turned into 
^^mpyres tjy the Count. 

in section three the player con- 
irois |ust tucy The ot^f of this 
level \s to lure Nosferatu to Lucy^ 
house lor the Final Conflici. 
Jonattian and van Heising are still 
unaware ttrat Lucy alone can kiJI 
the V^mpyre and are united in 
keeping her away frorn danger. The 
two men rr^ust be locked m the 
house while Nosferato i^s Jured to 
Lucy's hfldroom where she must 
k^fip him wi)h her until cUwn, It you 
are sucesslui. the garr>Q ends with 
Nosier at us quick demise al the 
first rays of the Suni 


Con trot h«yK dafinalM 
Joyetk^' Kampston, Cursor, 

Kayboard pley: somawtwt 


Ute of ccriour: underBtandatMy 


QrBpHc*: detailed with good 


SouAd: tuna which C«n be 

swftched on or off ckiring play 

SkM l«v«l«: ttvee 

Scrscni: \M 

General rettng: kwe at lirsl byta 

Use of computftT 90% 

Graphics &3% 

Playabil^ty 92% 

Gatting stalled 87% 

Addictive qualities 92% 

Va lye for tnor>ey 91 % 

Overall 91% 

CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 27 



Retail Price: £7.95 
Author: KeKti Burkhill 

Arrywi© who Is remolstir 
faiDHiar wiih amu8«m«m 
arcadee wtn have heard of 
S^uce HafTi^. \n fact so imposing 
Is thts arcaci^ machine inai it 
would be vtMry difficult lo mi^. The 
arcade vei^ion incorpofale^ « 
huge hydnkiNc ann on which is 
mounted e eeel arxi a video 
•OCMfi. Apparentty il's quite art 
eMpar^anoe to play UnlorlLwmtely 
the Specirum version dcpssn't 
include such fancy surtdfies. 

Ycxj controi a futuristic soMier, a 
Soace Harrier, who is pitting his 
vmta agatrtst a^i nnanoer of nesty 
aiiflr» ¥wt>o are ihfestening to teke 
over. One man against $o luany 
seeoie a fairly tall order. Your sol- 
dter to equipped with a let p4ck and 
a poweriM qua This enablee him 
to rocket aoout et great speeds 
wtiile biasing away at the opposi- 

The tMsk: idea ia to tjlaat any^ 
ttiing ttvat hurttes towards your 
character from the back of the 
acs'een, wtiethei it's a mean and 
ugly nasty or the odd bit of coun- 
tryside. The person perspective 
action acrolb towerde the playar 
Mafairold rate. Al ths aliens zoom 
In from the far dtatarl horizon and 
ytXir soldier has to swoOp and 
dvck aroiiind blasting them out of 
ttie sKies. Apart trom the meny 
monsters there are also larxtecape 
features that have lo be avo<ided. 
Trees, rocks and large stone 
obelieks stKot out to rneet you and 
then must be manoeovied around 
if success IS to bo yours 

There ere sixteen heveis to the 
game. Each one is idartified tiy it's 

diatiiXitrve colour)r»g arxj ditlarent 
graphics, tfi the lalar levels the 
actioii ^ets CfiUitoHjilous with iosril- 
mate objects hurting at you. The 
Space Hamer must blast his/her 
wsy ttwDogh ell tt^ nestles on a 
parttoular levei, amaasing the 
bloiieat score possible. At the end 
of eech level there is a auper bad- 
die Of badcSee who must be con- 
qiMnti befora your bttle soldier 
eeta hie feel down on the 9THind 
again »id awaits tr>e perils o^ the 
next level, 

Although tt» majOfrty of the 
deriKxts in the ^ame are nasty 
thare is an exoflption. If you get up 
lo level ten, a cute cuddly dragon 
appears wtio is obvKKis^ very 
trier>dty. When he appears in the 
later levels yo*^ Sp^^:^ HAinor gffta 
to ride on he beck and together 
they wraetc fievock on the attack- 
irtg monsters. Gone is his powerful 
laser vid ihe Mamer and his 
dragonesque mala sirr^^ly dtive 
into the approaching rrmna te ra 
Bfvl destroy Ihem ttiat way. In fact, 
tHjge ttonus scores can be 
adtleved on this level 

Your Specs Harrier hS9 nine 
livee in the giame. Orw of these is 
kMt every time he gets shot by one 
oi the monsters. For tf^ose that 
know the ArCAde version mti- 
matety, ttue wtding is aK>ng the 


• "Wowf This game ntovee at a 
pacei The nm level i* fairly eeay, 
but even tt^t'* hecTtk; first tim« 
through, t>ut as you start to 
clock kfveis, things really do 
■tarl getting fasL The score 

FMcing up ro thm dfmooti »t th* rndtptttagfon^; a pr»ttr tricky 

table gava me a me^yhn shodt 

tffe flret time I »w it, but I was 
fairly p4eieaantly eurpileed wtten 
my scores went krto seven 
figures after ton minutes pley-^ 
irig. Although If s quite easy, 
SipSiCv Hurri^f iwit the worst 
Eim Conversion, snA ttHHigh 
be^ far Irom Itw beat, might Be 
vn>rth coneidering tf you're a big 
fanof tt^ej 

• "The graphics on (he 
vBfSiOfi iti«re Mve/s what p60ph 
Taiked aboiit ~ but the Spectrum 
i/tfsiof} has tried to fnaksthefT) too 
detmi&d. and ttm resutt iooks very 
messy Jndeed. / found that ft was 
very frnrd to see M^r wt& comtng 
up ttio screen at you — and ttie 
dUterence betwe&n the m toi w 
^fdobstedes was very Ht^ when 

MCttati i3 stif! tMtf *Tiri runpuf 

To m$ the Spectfum version 
shows how Ifttfe actus! g^na is in 
Space Hanier, / gof very bofed 
with tt attet cnty a tow games. As 
the seat away with it, and t sta 
woiOdn't blithe game." 

• "I really U*ted Space Hatrter in 
tiM arcwiM but only tMcause the 
macNne RaeM jMkarf around on 
hytkaullcs 30 you got a really good 
sense of motion when you moved 
about on screen (exp^ience not 
to be rw, 346). This is not at ad a 
bad version of the onginai. it plays 
at high speed end <t is quite com- 
pelling. The graphics are well 
above averageoul they do tend to 
get a little me&sy «\ tin-ies. Your 
character ts well drawni but I feel 

10 A city »t:MfH>, bur Ihr 




!■ .liJIi' 





^OCf^pntlEF KEITH 






'' 1 



he could have a few 
to corrq^leta ttie flying 
oflact. The sound is averagaish, 
there are no tunes and the effects 
ara mediocre onty. This is yet 
another good shoot'em up this 
teaue sean^ to t>e full of them 


Control keym: deflnsble, up. 

down. left, right, lire 

Joysticks Kempston, Cursor, 

Interface 2 

Ksyboanl piey; pretty damn fast 

Use of colour vivid 

Grapliics; omazirtg perspective 


Sound: the occasional spot 


Skll? levels: one 

Screens; siirteen scroilJng arenas 

General retlrtg: a near miss 

Us« of c om p u lar 75% 

QnpNcs 79% 

Ptsyablllty 70% 

Qettina started 7S% 

Addlcttvft<lu»»ttM 72% 

VthMformon^y 72% 

Ovmil 77% 

28 CRASH Christmas Special 1986 


latest smash Hit 



C0MMODORE64/128 CASSEHE £895 DISC £14.95 

Available from all leading retailers and 
in case of ililf icully send cheques or 
postal orders Id: 

NMC LTD., PO Bo)f 67. London SW11 IBS, 
Tekai 228 6730 


Retail Price; £8.95 
Author: Colin Ajayi-Obe 

Aconlersfloa batwBso an the 
super powtt9 Is b^ng hetd 
on the pienei "niefop. 
How owo r. Ihe sneaky Thefopl. 
haw ptans f Of Gaiacitc domjnation 
and hiive ^ub^ecied tha Earth 
Memb0fs to tlw Ibsropt's irrevof- 
S-Jbte Brajn Dram fnachiriG. They 
have been iLtrned from loyal Ear- 
(Mings into In^hal exiermmatcx^ 
wqcVing foe lt>e Theropi. Howsver, 
there (s ofW surwvof trom (he 
T^wopi's daslarfMy plans. Majof ^ 
A Tfoop^. Squad Capttki, Itas 
somehow avoided ifw Theropi. 
and now stands aione m a tHd to 
tax thuk evl) plans 

iht M$iiOf. must exteriTHnate the 
bfiunwaahdd Membefs, and 
escape from rhe ptarwt alive. TTie 
parts of hrs ^pjic&shlp haw be«n 
acattared an ovw the planet's «u- 
face, 80 before he can ewn con- 
templeta waving bye^iye to 
Therop. he must cofled all these 
pieces and assemble his craft 
again, There a/e a certain nurnber 
(n pwc^ of the ship per sector. 
Each piaca must be collected 
bd^e h« progresses io the next. 
It Mi^or Trooper erKounters one 
of the green Members, he mual 
light them at unamied combat, the 
acw a n automaticaJiy flipa into 
oofltbat mode. The action zooms 
in on the two fighiers. and shows 
Ihem gnoatty enlarged and in much 
finer detail on the screen. Using 
tl^ fetevant keys or joystick posi- 
tions. Major Trooper has to high- 
i^ick and punch his way to vtdory 
by draining his opponent's energy 
and atanmna. However, the Major 
haa to watch out for his own 
reserves, Thiere are two bars^ on 
the Combat screen. The blue orte 
I showing the Majar's energy and 
Ihe magerrta one showing his 
atanntuL Bw idea m to gat the 
OOPCX^fM^t's energy and stamina 
down to zero. However, if the 
Member geta the baner of the 
Ivtaior, then he loeea orve of his 
toves. Th^e lives are disptayed at 
the bottom of the screen as heens, 
and are araduaHy eaten away as 
Ihe MatoPs enaiigy is loai. When a 
Member has been destroyed, iHk? 
Major can D^en progr^s in irn? 
game- The screen than returns Io 
fee rtormaJ view, showing the 
characters and background in 
quite small detail. 

Apart from the MemOers. the 
M^jor a^ has to fight against the 
TTwofii, rtativas of this strange 
planed. These small yellow blob 
Ike creatures can on^ be 
destroyed by shooting ttiem. They 
knock over our hero and drain his 
anargy. The planet Therop js com- 
poaad of sheer drffs and large 
drops ^0 huge v^alleys T^ieMaior 
does possess quite good jurriping 

30 CRASH Oinstmas Special 


• "I really do wi^ cm. would 
make their mind up. Academy ts, 
without doubt, superb, but Or^ 
Vl/hat and this one, well, a diffe- 
rsfit matter entirely* The 
graphics of the fighting charac- 
ler« are excellenri, big and weli 
amlmatad- There is no doubt 
Inmy mind that the game wouEd 
be vastty improved if the wasted 
arcade adventure part was 
■crapped , and the me mory used 
was put towards improvement 
of the combat sectldin. Overall, 
the combat sectior^ Jnas poten* 
ttal, but the opthej- pan is a dis> 

# *'T?ws is tho first t28K ofHy 
Speccy g$m$ That I'v^ seen, irf tft^ 
/est are oif th0 ssme tjiuHtty ss this 
then i'H take back my old'n rusty 
1£K door stop Smciair any day. 
C'ftron CftL surety a *2 can do a 
Wf*e more fham thts. GraphicaHy 
fhe ov&rati eif&ct is shoddy: sm&a 
undetailed badty a/nrnAted 
characters and a ffarrsh use of caf ■ 
our. TTw soiiffd too li w&H betow 
average for the 128M, there are a 
^ew atferage tunes and minimai 
use ot sound e&^s. The g^tneat 
firs f seems as tf it could be tun but 
stter a few plays it does get very 

# "I was bemused with this game 
at first, btjt after some hetp fromi a 
cofteagije I got well into the game 

Mow hew thm Hmck d« t9*t eat at hmrw- Thw ttml »f Ttwhht, 
»ndm ttlt problem 

— I would have been stuck witt>oui 
himl As a game desigriBf] ■pecrfi'- 
caliy lor the *2 I w^ amarad to 
see that there is no Sindair joystick 
option — you have to define Ihe 
keys lor thie joystick — is this why 
it didn't get a Sinclair Quality Con- 
trol sticker? The game contains 
some good features^ suc^ as 
throwir>g the rope and the dying 


Control keys; definable; up. 

down, tetl, right, fire/punch, junp, 

Hying kick/ttok:]. high kick/pick i^ 

JojfS^ki Kernpsion. Cursor, 


KeytKard jptay: hard to get the 

hang of at first 

Use of colour uninspired 

tjfaph'ica: not much detail 

Sound: nice tune al ihe beginning 

With spot affects throughout 

Skill iavala! one 


General rating: most 46k games 

are better than this 

Uae of contputar 






Getting started 


Addictive quatitias 


Value for monaiy 





'''^ ' - -"^ fir MMi^ 

Kat Trap is the winner of the "Crash IVIagazine" 

'Genesis' competition. This game was selected out 

of 4000 entries and has been programmed by the 

top rated Design Design team, (need we say more). 

Spectrum 48/128 
Amstrad CPC 

Programmed by 


aw WORPLE ROAD. SWSDi. LONDON 01-947 5626 














vicrory fiouse 

14 Leicester Place 



By the year 2056 Star Wars Defen<.Tf^ 
Command was operational. Satellites 
patrolled and controljeri the skiea At 
precisely 1934 the Alien Force took 
over the entire defence system and 
turned It into a deadly weapon 
^ paring Captain hick Diamond must 
tenter the danger zone, smash throuqh 
Uliens and destroy the satellites over 
earth s major cities. Can he do it 

It's fast, it s tough, it's smooth, it's 
^dangerous Do you make thenrade^ 



Producer: The Edge 
Retail Price: E9.95 
Author: Bo Jangeborg 

Aboui d y^ar aftSf the firat 
Faiflight stormed the 
Spdctrvun gai^e$ marifOt, 
Bo Jangsborg and the teani from 
THi BMi have ootna up with the 

land of Failrtlg^t has been 
decaying over msriy thousands ot 
years, ev^f stnce ihe good King 
Avars who ruied Dvef thi^ land was 
mufdefed. When th* King w^s 
akain. Fairlight sJipped into th« 
gipcsm and e^espair m wttich it is 
stih trapped today. However, 
legend te^Js of a wizard who will 
OTNS day t>e bom to free the land 
I'Tom despair. In the ongmal Fair- 
Sght. your character, Isvar wa& 
tf^ipBirentty called and told to SMfc 
out lti« book of Light which wBT 
he^ bring Fatriight back to its 
fom>9f gkKY. Hovt:&/et, m ttw 
s*Que( rt becomes apparent that 
you were crueiy deceHvpd, instead 
of Sef gar you in f acl aave the 800*1; 
of LigtH 10 the Dafli Lo^d wt>o C|in 
now harness its power to bnng 
even more gloom and despair to 
the itrkihen land. 

60 Jangeborg has incorporated 
30 graphics like Fairii^t. Each 
object tias its own mass, and 
c^MV^ the laws 0I physics and 
gravity- For mstarK*. heavier 
OtJjeca U(e li^r^ boulders taka 
mom tfloft to pick up than say, a 
sms^i piece of food. Meauier 
objecrts will also Ira^ less fa/ 
when ttwy are pushed l^ian lighter 
iXieS- la var LS I nformed 1 n no uncer - 
lain terms it an object which tw's 
rying to Mt « actually loo heavy. 

\v*m is the character you ptsy ir^ 
Fai^A^f It. He must roam around 
the outside arvl inside of ttte Dark 
Tower. tJH jnq the foes arid guards 



.^-.■**: T-J--". T-^-."- 1- ■_■■ ' 

^. *" 

i Vj''.'- 




dft/ i^F ifc 

*» th*** ^Mrrmi* tying «raund j 

who are wailirtg 10 stop him m his 
mission, After alln if Isvar mucks 
things yp this lime as weiL tt)er« 
may be rto saJvation for FairiigN- 

Once again, Isvar ttas five poc- 
kets whhchhecan use 10 store use- 
ful objects in. lavar starts out the 
game with 99 energy points and 
these are shown ticking down 
numericaity by a counter et tt>atop 
of ttie ^?een. Food wit buck up 
his energy levels <f they get too 

Isvar must watch his step when 
he's trolling around trie outsida of 
the tower. Sheer diffis Bhelve away 
irtoinlinrty. Thi» power diminishes 
after encounters with dwarves, 
guards, killer woiverir>es arxf vari- 

oua ottwr nastie^s who p^itroJ the 
outaklB and inside the tower. 

When Isvar leaves one locatiori 
ary) moves on to another there is a 
^od pause whiie the new location 
flashes, ready drawn onto the 
screen. Unlike the first versior>, the 
screen doesn't 90 black for a split 
second, but behaves n^ore like^ a 
starKJard flick screen arrange- 


• "pBiriight II is far too much 
like ttie fir^t garrie, and even 

A cauFtyMnl within ihf iowff- D**pit* tu^^itt^ * bmrtfl mrOund, 
ttmrnr c*n mtHi put th* memnir to tttr mmr^nl 









^**->* r-*tv V*?jJ --ri J- J 
*-K.-7>; ■ '- V -:* I V *-. -'-1 

fJm .I'-f. *" ■£1'-'. ^ -ii'-t-^ 

tfiou^h It i« faster, the aecortd 
game Is quite txxing to play after 
only a lew gamea. Baskalty, I 
tMnh that Falrlighl only Jmpre- 
Mad me artd many ottief people 
bacause of its extremly detailed 
graphics tiut the (lama is much 
too 'ard for the basic Spectrum 
owner {wefl me atievstl]. The 
problema in FaiiiightHarm more 
obscure than the first and It 
t^hea much longer to g«t Into 
than the first. A decent follow uip 
to Fairlightf but nothing diffia* 

# "f ihofetf FaJrlight so / can Y nsafiy 

abotntttb. and R>ue you tho truth 
I'm noi Asfafssf cen see this Is 
no iV9i step forward tram theofig- 
irial, there is a t^fgef ptaying sfoa 
and ths graphics are a lot more 
varjed but noi essentialty prettier. 
The game plays m a very strrviaf 
way to the stacks ot other Filma- 
tiOn games atthough the ¥f6y in 
whicn dtfferen t obiects b&ha w is a 
cijt0 to^iCh. If you sre a tan of Fa«r- 
iipht then ivi aoubt tfits wiUaf^t&at, 
if not fihen I'd stay kwif dbor c/ 
this. " 

• "Ooohr Look at these graptiHcar 
Bo Jar^geborg i& certainly capable 
of producing something worth- 
whie, as this more than proves. 
Ttie only gripes thai I've got are 
the time it lakes to ftick screens, 
and tt>e speed with which ttie 
character mov^ wtien Ihiere are 
several moving items on screen. 
The inertia, and ditf&nng gravities 
of objects vanrtg I n weifyil 4 inely 
produced, and thie wh^ gvne is 
one that's we^l worth getting. " 


Control kaytt V-P up and nght, G- 
Ldown and left , QT up arwJ leh , A- 
G down and nght. SVM/SPACE 
jurr^. B-M fight, x-V pick up, 
CAPS' Z dnsp. 1 -s select objects. 
&-7 use aelMiled objiact, SYM+S- 
PACE paiHW flame 
Joystick: Kempston, but only 10 
control the movemerirls ot Isvar, 
everything else must t>e in^arried 
out via the keyboard 
Keyboard pMy; ard to gat ttw 
hang ui iniii^ due totns nuTTtter 
of keys used in the garrte, but vary 
smooth once this has been pw 

Lhie of colour rrwnochriQme 
Graphics: line detail 
Sound: airnosphenc tune ai the 
Deginning, but no SOurid dunng 

the actual game 

8fcW la w a ls: one 

Greens: 160 

Cienaral fsiting: good, but nothir^ 


Um of cotnputflr 








Addictive qu9lltie« 


Vaiue for fPon«y 




Christmas Special 1 986 33 




34 CRASH Christmas Special 1986 

C* A- U* h 5* E 

/■ t was |i^t amthef day in the 
MM office The sun *as hot as rl 
m strearrved in Ihfough iha ^*ene- 
tian blind, making zabristriipw on 
tfw ddsh. The wHote ctty f«lt «s if it 
was embalmed and I feH myself 
drifting off into an uneasy sf«ep. 
Suddenly I was awakened by the 
islephocie lioglrYg. W was a foxy 
dsnio called Lana She wanted me 
to meel her of\ the top of 1 he Hote^ 
floyal. Said she had something 
lmpof1«nt to tell me Fran^ciy the 
wnok) thing stank birt doesn't 
evefything in Ihis line of wort? I 
loo>( my hat and coat and sat off 
inio those mean streets on the 
cose of the Bali Buddie, 

MicfiosPHEFiE, the people that 
brought you Sf<ooi Daze and Back 
lb Skoo> has moved to The woHd of 
F^fymond Chandler for rts \aiesi 

In the 0anM Sam has to solve a 
caaa. Bf foikiwing ctuea and hd- 

dlaa along the way in true dalactlva 
fashion he has to try and pieca 
fogethar the facts and solve the 
mystery. However, snipefs ana 
inevttit3la gvigland haavies are 
oul >n toroe to get him. Uncon- 


"Just when I thought Tht 
6r^9f EscBp^ was afaoLrt b» 
far 0A th« arcade advsfitura 
could go, this comes along. 
Mora ptal, bflner gniphJiCfl, 
mora atmosphere, mora 
humour, In |ust aboiit every 
department this gama 
takM th« biscuit aa far aa 
I'm conc«rn6d. Tha 
Chandlaresque flaveur tt 
^at about parfad, beat 
EttByad in a tritby with a pac' 
kart of Uicky atrlke arKl a 
glaaa of bwrtMin by your 
ahJa, tMa (« ttw next bast 
thlriB ta baing Bogart. 
Tttara ara a hack of a lot of 
tmftt wni a kayboard over- 
lay or an icon av^am mtaltl 
hava liaan a big ha|p. WrHt 
I want to know Is how mc- 
nosPHEW can fo>llow this." 

PrcKluc^r Microsphere 
Retail Price: E7.95 
Author: Dav« ReJdy 

earned passers-by 90 about ttielr 
day to day busjness as buttets 
whiju eround Irom the hidden 

There are varkxis ways m which 
Sam c*^ fail m his mission such as 
running otrt of money or getting 
chucked off a very tail building by 
the Mafia, T^ Mafia may be f airiv 
eray to aNDld. but evarythlng m this 
game co^ta money, even walking 
eiXHjnd. The money acts as your 
enaf^y lavel. Sam starts the game 
with 50 dollara m his pocket but 
hjnda can be foppad up by some- 
rsaulting onto stray dollar bills 
which occasiortf^ float aJong the 

W Sam gattshot try a s^^iper, ihan 
S«n has to use a T^m ajd kit. Eight 
of thasa ara supplied ai the be0n- 
ning of tha gama ard once tttey're 


"About onea a year mcrds- 
PEK bnr\g out a gama, but 
whan tb^ dc appaar, ihay 
ara aonNrthkig to look for- 
ward to. Contucf Sam 
Cruise is graphically in the 
Skdo/ Dsim style, but tha 
•tmosp^ara is vary earta 
and oang«tsr-liha. Aa soon 
as fism Cruise's first mas- 
sagaa appaarad on ttw 
icr a en, I was aun that 
aoinathiin gaod was com- 
Ing up. Tha grSfihlcB ara 
auparb aitd the nwSt rvaUa- 
tlc 30 affacts Ifi any of tha 
Mknospihera games — 
thara is alao lots of colour, 
w«M laid out and not too 
hard on tha eyes. All asplr- 
htg daiactivas will lova Sum 
Crufsa, bthJ I'm sura K 
baa hit/' 

gone then S»m will have to gO to 
the hospital and the case Mritl be 
over Ho rtevw actuafly gets fataty 
wounded enotjgh to die, evwn 
whe>n he goes Hying oft the top of 
e buikding on the ery] of a Mstioaa 

BuHdings can be visited and 
actuajlv walked aroufKl insicie i^y 
SaritlfM adkMi kitide 0^ bvtkji ng 
la viewad through the windows 
blinds can ba piMad down and 
Hghts swttchad on and off. n Sam 
is near a phone than the phone 
icon ligihts up on ttta teiAe at ttia 
bottom of Iha main scraan and ha 
can mato a calL He onJy has one 
phone mjmbar at ttia tiaglnning of 
the game &nti phoning his otfice 
mhghl pf ov4da him wtth some use- 
hJl dues Extra phone numbers 
can be cotlected Lry toliowing up 
clues aksng the way. 

I( Sam gals framed during the 
Qiama than Qie polloe wH ooma 


**This gama (s Hm to play; 
HMra's le much to Hj Dia 
gamaplay Is very good. 
Conbasi is excallant, kaafH 
ing you occupied is an 
uivcfnrstalement. Gf8[>hics 
are admiret>te; lots of col' 
aur h«« baan used wall, and 
itia Shoot Daa typa 
characters era naat Loads 
ol things like the l^ghte and 
Iha disguises have tHtan 
pui togatfiar with thnitiam 
ttaniB e n to detail. 1 think 
fsatty have got 

aking and arrest him. Like all f)OOd 
prrvate detecthnsa Sam. camm, a 
large array of disguises with him 
and rt the police are hot on his Irarl 
then he can change inlo one of 
the&e at the press of a button. H 
the police get wise to one of the 
ihese disguises then the dtsguisa 
icon will light up at the bottom ol 
Itie screen at which point hai bet- 
ter think of somelhing eFse 10 do. It 
he does get arrested the the poUca 
are usually satisfied with hisdaima 
of Irwooence and release him on 

Points ere scored for the amount 
of time Sam manages to stay on 
the C^a. As his mortey icon goes 
down SO his experience point* go 
up. Useful clues and messaaes are 
scrolled Bkx>g the table ai the tKrt- 
tom of tha screen and ihese wiK 
help sam aiong the way if he gets 


Control kwt: Q up. Adown, 

left. P right b p^JmSsw bHnct, D 

^wiga ttaguba F Itae. Gpjdc up 

object, I Innrralion, k knocVuse 

kayetdoor, LMitch w'olhtght.R 

k)rwiidrol,SMrialBCi«rMrsai^, T 

gs« islHhorw. H hang up phorw 

JeyalkiK KeritfieiHi. Oinl», 


iCiltaanI trtijririi^onw*: 

uraauilto n«n wUh, t>ut aaiy to 


Ui« of ealoMi: May on the ay* 



tlitt taaildtne: 

Bcn anf twent y Of so toe lerge 

KrottHv ptvyifiowe 

e kwoi p herie gtirtB 

Use of cornputaf &t % 

Qraphiea 92% 

PlayaWllty 88% 

Getting sfailad 90% 

AddkrlKre quaXttitm S3% 

Valua far money $3% 

OwanM 93% 

CRASH Chri&tmas Special 1 986 35 



Producer: Piranha 

Retail Price: £9.99 
Author: Design Design 

nlM th« main chafaci«r \n 
HUUMA'alatartQama. Rogue 
Trooper \s tha sotri survivor of the 
Quatz massacre. The rest of his 
rieg)m«nt was systefnaticatly 
wipod out flUef botng betrayed to 
ttw Norte «nd Ition Mt to the nw- 
d«a of th« Sun Legiorv. 

The vid-tapes storing the vital 
evidence which Rogue Trooper 
orav«a wWi pTQb&biy hav6 ^irviv^ 
tha Hast di^ ID iteir pKotectiwe 
casino. Eighi of thesa vid-tapes 
must ba collacted and put safety in 
a waiting shuttle rartranapoilaDon 
to iho spaceport whan trn atroc- 
ilty of th« massacre can bo 

Thrae of Rogue's friends wmo 
died <n tha Quart; mas$acra *0t& 
9iOfed a1 tha moment of tt^air 
death on micro<chlps. These chips 
are now attatch^d fO Rogue's hiel- 
met , back- pack wxl girn, and each 
q[ them, KeJm, Gunmar aJXl Bag- 
man have drHerent pefsonalitws. 
These Gi buddi^ cajote and 
adv^ Rogue an ha roams the 
hkdeousty <^^3rrlarn4r^ed fstu E^h. 

The t4\j Earth has be«n oatn- 
pletal/ ravaged hy the effects of 
chemKial wadare, altfiough 
t>acause ha is a oenoUc creation, 
this only affectf ROQufl sJowty . Tfie 
Norts M^ are guarding thtidaBOJ- 
ate wasteland have to WSflT Spe- 
cial breathing masks in ordw to 
survive, and can be recognised 
because of this. As Rogue stomps 
around the Nu Eartti he can aittw 
avoid the Ncxls or blast them with 

Ms own weapon. Extra amrrro can 
be coliecled along the way if 
supplies get Jow. 

The marauding Moris are not the 
only perils faCtng Rogue on tfws 
r^ged planet. BMrare the 
minafieids and tfte atnofnated pill- 
boxes which shoot aniythir)g (even 
iskirts if they get tn Iha way)t vxJ 
lake quite a bit of btasong to 

Each trrm RogiLW rs shot he 
■oees five strength points, arid 
stepping on a mine will severeiy 
dent his T^^^rv^s-- This damage 15 
shown by the amouni of Strength 
fTO has teft. Whan ttiis strength 

level foacfws zero he will die and 
the game will be over, First-aid 
packages crop up now and again 
and wiH replenish isome of Rogue's 

Rogue s status is t^twnm on e 
cfurt at Ihe top of the mein screen 
Thte shows how much ammo and 
firsl-ahd kits he is currently holdir>g 
and how many of ttw tapes he has 
fourwJ. Pcunts are scored for any 
Norts kiKed and Rogue's strength 
is indicated as a percentage at the 
bottom of the chart. To the leh is a 
small map H shows up areas con- 
taining hiorts, the location of the 
shuflte, snd the type of ground 
around^ This is important , as whiie 
Rogue is ri some terrain, he is 
slowly healed, whilst the rad 
desert and other areas will slowly 
drain his sirerigth To the nght are 
the (hree chips and a small screen 

thm ruinracitr it fif^tty pmckHt witH nortft •» oM If pffvp hw^ 
b*H«r wj Ich firm i tefi 

/ra,'" ■■ '1^^; fqTl 

ffogu* in thp nart gf J IfgJMnJ, 0tl1 H»'t Oiit Otmtltkit*, moti*'tt 

faltU t LJHPUtt! 

i-ScorE 110 

^v.'tflnnQ 150 

^v:■:■:*t,ll5 D 

^^^ * Tapes u 

^ Strefigih 

f>iO' LiiiPb 





,„„„m 'z The Qfila SODd nart 
1 i5 a desd /lort 


jjti- ■ '■■■ " *1l/* '■"• *fl'. j/]j 



on which tfwir rne^ages and gen- 
eraJ rur^ning convYventsrv ^^ ^i^^ 

Ine essentuti vtd-tapes an eas- 
ily recognised and these', like 
everything else in the game are 
aulomalically picked up when 
Rogue walks mio them. 


• "< found that aft«f only a few 
goal t was only one tBp« away 
from fintehing the game. The 
0*ne is quite addictive at first, 
but thtg Boon wears off e« y<04i 
realiie that it rBSlfy Is a ^ary 
small play area, es tha acraen 
rolis around. AJI th« different 
types of area contain soma well 
drawn graphics but are all stick 
drawings, and lack any sub- 
stance — I stso fourtd tti*5a 
area* a Wt bare as far as baddies 
go. t would recommend thiv, to 
someone who finds gtarrtes hard 
to play — but for hardened 
players Rogue Trooper ia much 
loo boring," 

• 'T?ie game perfiaps isnt as 
good Of as compsiung as ft covki 
n&ve been Sfompiog around a 
fatfty smafi wrapafountt playtng 
ares searching for ttvngsandmuf- 
dering ffw o5d tiKKoe ^ a p/or 
thai 's boon usmd aff too off an m the 
garnes world. Theirs is an ovarii 
hck otpaltsfi to the game, Graphi- 
cs and sor^tcally thsrs is r^othsng 
in nogue ihat wilt raaa any eyeb- 
rows but I hey are adecfuate. I think 
this will appeal mainly to EfJOOAD 
<ans as, the aarr^ itsatf ts (airly run« 

• " Fioffue Troop^\^ an BKcetlant 
game. The perspective is very 
good, and though the variation of 
cciloir starts to hurt tho' eyes after 
a while, t eoirid ptay tf>is game for 
t>CHirs> 1 only have a small gnpe, 
and thflU that ItSs Irttle too easy to 
complete, and the finishing reward 
scfseri is fairly bonr>g. The com- 
ments by the biochips add atmos- 
phere to rt. and |h& game is fun 
9ven it you lorget the tapes, arvJ 
ga around l^iastirig Norts end piii 


Control keys; definable 
Joystkk: Kempston, Proteh^ 
Sinclair I nl efface II 
Kaytxurd pfay: responsive 
Uaa of colour: monocfwocne 
Qraphicst isometric 30 graphics 
Sound; spot effeas 
SkiM krvets: one 

Qanaral rstfeig: Good game, but a 
bit easy 

Um of computer 






Qsttirtg Btartad 


Addictiva qualitifts 


ValM for moMif 




36 CRASH Chnstmas Special 1 986 


^^Nothing comes close" 

A tla/zhng, supersm(X)tlL super fast spijce Loiiibat game fcaturin*^ unfxHicvablc 
colour screens and pulse raciiij^ action like youve never e.\|XTieiiced Ixjfore! 

48/128 SDectrum £7.95 

fflcif lech. . 


The Civtslrnds FORUM and not a sm^ii Chrtitinva card! What a 
diuppointmcftt — but it 9 still th« mic|«llii ot Maw«fnlMT. 10 th«r«'ft 
filpriy Of linw l»fl tor peofjte ta «end n^ cards f or iTM to hong up aba¥« 
the ttrefilace in my cotta^*. 

The big rush to g*t the Chnstm.» Sfwcial rvstty tn Hm« ts «n prog- 
■eta mi Vhm moment, so wcttioul turth#r mIo, OH writh the Vetlers . 
inti montff t couldn't f md a misstve thst r*ally davirvad tho C20 pf a« 
- ItfB tiope tti« quafity Dl Mtsrs tonproM* tft 19fl71 






W9 own a Com put er fanzine calfed 
peopio wofl4 in it: Jctin C^vid (me); 
Simon C^^«ft; Russe) Goul- 
bourns; 'The Packer', who packs 
In our mail-ctrder department ar>d 
man/ more. 

R ODfitalns news, tsttefs. hints, 
RevwwB, progran^s. and loads 
more and ^s available frofrt: 
ORDERS. Buggalol Towers, 18 
[^iton Road, Up Holland, WNa 
OHR,H costs 50 penoa a monlh or 
C7.D0 a year. 

h'S tMfii tc buy II for a year 
becauaa H you buy it every month 
you might not get a copy , . . 
Cheques and postal i:}rders made 

payable to the Spectnjrn Bug:, 


John Dttvtd, Buggalot Tawer?, 

Up Holland. West Lanes, 

( tjndefstand Hannah ties plans to 
take anoeftar loaff at fanzines esuy 
next jflsaf, so bitdding puttishers 
shotM make auw she has the 
iotsst i^ues of tfMir magaztrma. 

Stiff no news on the YOUR 
SlNCt-AiR famine competition — 
eyen though our b^oved fi^for 
en fared at the PCW Shovif fmving 
spotted a copy oi CRASH In the 
coliaciion of far^ines fhey used to 
tffiutMMt the competition 



Dear CRASH. 

Alter reading your magejine(s) 

S4nc9 you ^Started way t>ack then. I 

lelt ihat I shcKiW pen {type??) a lei- 


I have rvDttced fecertUy a trend 
towards rcrfe-ptaying. Play By Mitil 
and s<o on, 1 am in sotne raepocta 
tfeti aiXKJt l^is, Hsadty, role-pi»- 
«)g has knt Its )aai r a aaonaria 
lortjfn Most amsBBbme art eWnsr 
very poor QuaHty or houaa-baaad, 
making a bias towarda ttie pgl>- 
\islnv'& products. So whfy don't 
you publish propartv a RPQ/PBM 
Fnaga^ine? 1 m aunk wH be ntoeiy 
subscnbed 10 — ttwre in a need for 
it So a&ar rtice ol' MmwHta how 
about rl7? 

The P0M coMw Is, I admit, 
Merestlrra but it aawna lo make 
out that the profesatonal monef- 
maUM games are the only ones 
wo rth po th ariogatwut How about 
run tuy imtgrme, wma w» on th« 
wtwto tree, on^y ccsttOQ a atamp. 
They are by no means 'unprofes- 
■iorier but very mtor^img and 
enioyable. Ones I ptay irt are Toofi 

titiy warn omomomi The Land 
unhf aawHua end I am about lo 
lorn N;vu9hlr\ imofuvHMMc. 

So wtiy nod give the amateur 
umea art obOlatT How about mak* 
mg a g^maa directory, i^siirig ofl 
PBM gKrm, pnta and wtio ro 
cantiii::! In a AlmHar tehkxi to ih0 
softwve dtreclory In tfte firat tew 
taauaa or CRASH, wficti l^uad a« 
ttw games wrtttan bafort Iha 
iTtaouine was fiubiiahod, 
remember the one? 
Stephen Othw, Hul 

Jiat at the moment, everyone ts 
oancantrwting on LM — end you 
ihoukthmiv spotted Oitfoatiltfi^ 
aff mat sAbrt by nowl Tha Maw 
Year coUk/ bring same sorpnias 
an ffwFBU iVont, but The PpwefS 
ThatBefrnfyft^fneanythng, . . 

yeu furt one. atop Brvidon 
Kawiegtt m line and tat him at 
about I He'a atmdy coimad 
some 'ameieur''footbaM gamae ti 



I im wnting to tad you how aluya- 
mai your ravl«wera are, and not ao 
wiwinely bratatt m Pm4 BtM 
seems to think In his rattw craepy 
latter m October (hoping to virtn hto 
G30 01 schware]. But Fbat there 
«9 peep's liha rne wtx) evwy 
iTtorMh read your mag, see • 
CRASH Smaah. ttiintt 'oti a«at!'. 
buy it. pi&f H and think wrtat an 
abyainal game and think of the 
£1000 that has (usi been wasted 
A taw games thai spnrtg to mtrKi 
an: SOfstrike Z, lotds. Jack tha 
Hbdar, AanttdRarTT, Guftrt'Mtta 
t^ttghada. Batmrn, mntar 
Gamea and SvmmioB World, 

Oon'l try gtnino out of it by lay- 
ing I'm a rnteerabia sod who 
downt tike anythtng, because 
there we smashes wti^cfi are very 
good: Dyna/nta Dan 2, Robtn of 
me Wood, Quaaatron, EUte. 

Bomb^t^. Commando. 

Shadowflie and more, 

Bui you canr>ot QM away from 
the fact th«t your rvMawvs are abys- 
niil, «id I think taite too much 
not ice of it>a Produce* eg mnMAn 
Tor P0nisgram. ocean lor fiafman. 
OAnooni lor Sweevo's Wohd. 
Now can you imagirw ULraun 
gaiUng anything but a CRASH 
Smash? Wouldn't that be a sur- 
prla«? But I bel It won't happen no 
metter how abyamai itte games 
are that they wnta. 

mm \ think about abysmal 
Qames. Sopetbawt rorlngs to 
mhid, (85% indeed, I've never 
playad auch a ndicuious game). If 
any software tiousea are bsterwig, 
pieaaa write an- Amertcan FoQtbaH 
game, m 1h« »»>« sort of way as 
Matchdiv and World Sems Bas- 
ketbaH As Amarican Football b 
becoming evw more popular in 

EnglflrxJ I'm sure that a garrte like 
this would go down v^ty weil The 
only company I ooukJ see doing 

this would te OGSAH/MAOWi. 

I somehow donl ttimk yoo'N 
putsliah ih^, bui show this iattar to 
your mtewara and aae what they 

Mich Claniom« Wotaton^. War- 

P8 1 do think thai your reviews are 
very good, teog and detailed — 
I hey re just ALWAYS WRONG 

ALWAYS WRONG inde$ai What 
ebout the revtews tor Oynamita 
Oan 2. Robin of itie the Wood, 
Quazairon, £tne, Bornt^ack, Com- 
maiKto, Sh»dowfir«> 'and many 

Than yoit 00 on fo say rfiaf the 
reviews are very good . . . soma 
ifitamat tnooftsistefKy m your 
argument here. / think. No dOtM 
other readers wji/V wtsh to ttave 
thev say in dije (smrse. 



Dear Crash!. 

Oo I tuve a storv to tell or do I have 
a story to tail? Sitting comfortably 
are we, then I shall beoirt. 

11 all started a week Mfora laaua 
34 Dl CRASH was due to be m ihs 
shops, I usually receive my 
CRASH a week before the strops (1 
don't knrowif oiherfolktioalsohso 
as you can imagirw I was eagerly 
awaiting the ratlfe of ttie (eher bon. 
Well I waited stkI waited but it 
didn't coffie, i thought this very 
sirange, as CRASH have been 
very good m delivering to nn^y door. 
Anyway , as I was tninking over the 
Situation irt trie Irving -room, I hap- 
pened 10 glar»ce at ihe local r>e'W3' 
paper ar>a Gasp' Stvocki Horrorl 
on the front page m bold writing it 
said 'Postal $irtka Hris Dundee', 
Pulling my hair out In despamtlon I 
look it for granted that ttits was the 

CRASH Christmas Special 1 d86 39 

reason wtiy my CRASH hadn t 
been delivered, So 1 waited 
patient ty 'tri the slnhe w^^ over 
ttiinhina f would receive my 
CRASH any day, but, after a few 
days I Still hadn't rdcsived it and 
decided to investigate. 

More prob^enis Nt ma aa I 
COvkJn't find the piece cj( paper 
with my Mysthcdl Number ard 
when my Subscription ran out, 
Luckily I remembered I had written 
my number on an ofter In the 
magazjrte months ago but hadn't 
sent (\, 90 dtgginQ through past 
cop4es, I found my number arid 
fiBf n en^wriftg the Mystlcdl fomiula 

for firtdirtg out if your subscriptiori 
is running out, I added 1 1 lo my 
number wtiich started CP22, and 
found to my disrnay that it had 
indeed ran out and CRASH 
wouldn't be doming ttinouQh my 
door tJll I sent another cheque 
ttwough the post So bere Is a 
warning to afl o11i«r CRASH sub- 
scribers. Don't let this hiappen to 
you and always check your 

Luv arvd kisses, G Brown, 
DoiMnfield, Dunid«e 
A cauttooa/y fate fn^eeci. Mr 



Dear Sir. 

1 am wntirg in (Menca <jf the 
SpHBCtrum 128, and also lo te« P A 
Rosbotham o1 Gerswood to r&ad 
manuals and books before maJortg 
crap slaigrrjents atjout compuilers 
of whjcn he tnows noltimg atXKJt. 

t . If Spectrum^ (4eK] are so out- 
dated. Why do Kshware com- 
panies $lili write brilikant games tor 
them? I admit that ttie socnu on 
the Spectrum 4aK is not up to 
scratch but the graphKHS are 
impfOv«ng all tne iime. Take Light- 
force — sometiow ttiere we no 
attribute problems, and M looks aa 
good as anything on the Com- 
mode (whoops'i Convnodore. 

2. With regards to the 128'S 
souTKl, I admit thai the first few 
games lacked im^inetion. t^ut 
after buying Gticfer Rtder I forgot 
st>oUt thn$e. If you talk to the 
sound cfiip using OUT commarKJs 
you can conlrof Ihe Ihree cnanoeis 
m 128 souf>d and also control 
BEEP at I he same time. maww« 
you could riave 4 to S charmd 
■iound — better sound than ttw 
064, The t28 sound ctiip can pJay 
whil« piciureS' and text are running 

on (he screen 

3. I would also like to pomt out 
that both ihe 48 htkI 138 Spec- 
irums are more ' user ' Ir^endly than 
any of the CornrT»ador«j could 
dream of being. This <s because ol 
the old tjsBhMsned BASIC that 
C<Knrr>odore have included m thev 

d. A iasl word lor P A Ros- 
tKJtham. Qetore draggi — 
Sinclarf's name through the mi 
think about how many Commo- 
dore computers have been urisoc- 
cee^tui or crapf. On lt^ crap side 
there's the VlC 20. On Itw ums\jc- 
ceesful SJda there's Ihe Comrrio- 
dore 128 Mr Rosbotham should 
le^m to read and lisien before he 
writes next time 

Matttrew Martin, Cwmbran, 

A strmg rebuWaJ' of Mr Ros- 
botham s view$ irttieed. Matthew 
Another ienet from fhepeno/Mr ,R 
appears m /he FORUM this monttf 
— he antJCi^recr the outcry his 
last missive would d«rw»re . 




1 have broug h I C RASH si nee Issue 
Nd 1 and never had any com- 
plaint before, but Uoyd what's 
happening? Glidv^ ffider by 
dutCKSiLVA received a review rating 
of 92% for the t28K version and 
wasn't CRASH Smasned. To 
<|uote CRASH "11 on^ software 
hoosea would wnta gamaa tor the 
1 28 It might becorne as poplar as 
the 48 ' 

WeU come on CRASH, it only 
you gave 128 games proper 
raviewe. than the 1Z8 migtit 
beoome aooefjied by games 

Also, at tt>e too of reviews couitj 
we have art Indicsiion as to 
machine compatabHity as per the 
okj ^ys eg 4^ — 4B/12BK 
1 28K. at J have purchased several 
gamee r«v)«wed t»y CRASH whicb 
wH I not load on the I2fl 
I2fl« rule, A R Woodley, Basil- 


dOii, Eaa*x« 

We decided that puttim a CRASH 
Smash iogo on the Glider Rider 
revjew rrr^hl have tead fo conllu- 
&ion as .If was onify' ?ne T^3K v6f- 
stof! that was mvtfty of irte 
sccoiads. This month, you wiH 
noflbs, Starglider ffom Mmamo is 
a Smasih for botfi versions of the 
^nectfum and we have made thts 

As tor supffOfting and ravtavfing \ 
i2SK gamaa, cast vourmindbaix 
to Oiif review of Knight Tyme — 
^W first iZQKStna^' The wfto*e 
^uashon of machine compattt^iity 
13 cotnpiicatad by ifte fact that 
thofe have bean several issues of 
the iSdK macMne already and it « 
ditficuft to be d$tinitrve. All new 
gam^ should be compatible with 
most 128s and fhe 4S Spectrvms 
— It's the older games where the 
problems seem to Ue. 


As a subscntMr for two years run- 
nrt^, and a loyal fan of CRASH 
magazine, I decided to serd you 
this letter tocompfatn ebout a cer- 
tain review <n tssue 33 regarding 
AOOicnvc $ H&rn Coar^ i pi,«ii- 
itted ths game some tinw ago at 
the PCw show, and w»i 
astounded by its qualities In keep- 
ing the usar totally involved at all 
liMM by ttMiY0 tne pUiya and 
deddhig mrtoh taottos, •• welt a* 
by tradlna daais between 
matches, mm amend me the 
mo«l wn tM ucMtattng eech see- 
son Of the ettfstics. mcMJlng ma 
ptayer's ages, season record, 
oueirati record, super-bowl vic- 
tories and so on. 

On reflection, your adverse 
comments coupled with pathetic 
ratm^rs 'n the vanous caiegones 
baffled me compieiety if you cast 
your mind tiack to the foottM 
Manaffar game, one can find many 
annoying elements — each sea- 
son, pieyera' skilivenergy gel 
chviged and also the graphics are 
no better than your mrtsy review 
of Rugby Maha^. Vet Head 
CoBcA atleevt give* Ow user a tair 
representation of the game, if 
indeed it is only stick men 

While on ttie sutMect of canKiart> 
softi. the league ftxturae in Fbof- 
tiaH Managar team a tot to t» 
desired as a team ks only piaysd 
once and not home and away. Arxj 
as for ttie other teams scores, they 
dometimes reserrit}4e a rugby 
league mau^. hAeenwhrie at leau 
Need Coaon attempts to make 
some effort t^ printing out decent 
scores, and by randomising 
ieagu« fixtures so that there is a 
constant wartety 0( opponents, 
depending on league success. 

Anyway puttir\g ttiese various 
points aside, my main bone ot 
contention is that if you can gh^ 
(^dotbaH Managnra iOO<% review 
or thereabouts, then >/eiSd Coach 
ahouM Mlow ckjae beMnd, Before 
I sign olf , iriy persortel opinion is 
thM Heed Coach may lack some 
of the rules of Ameri^^ri FQott>all 
(such as 4 downs to mal<e 10 
yardsi, but I'll reckon fiO% of the 
fan^ of American Fooltull woukl 

k»He this game t suggeM you pick 
another waHy who at teeat Ufes 
American Foottull ar>d give the 
game whet rt dsserves.„J^ 

JT F Hpoley, Twickenham, 

The bast thka I can db in the cir^ 
fiumafancea, m to hand* over j#m- 
poranty to Dominrc Handy -^ our 
m house Amaricaft footbe^ 
affictanado and &ia dnvmo foroe 
bahmdtherfviawinQuastioti, ., 

rm atury jfief you tidnt ilka tha 
review ot Head Coach John — i 
can Bssura you tfiet ai the review- 
ers like Amoncan FoottttH arid i , at 
toast, am sun at the mtes and 
know plenty ^MUt ttie game. 
When companrtg tfui footbaM 
hbnagar to Need Coach, you 
muai realiae that there was a com- 
pietety different review team ttien. 
with a drfterent editor — and Iha 
magazine was reietivery new. 'you 
must alio take into account ttuit 
programrning techniquee and 
knowledge tave improved BirK» 
t984 The review ot Head Coaeh 
was wnttan as an assesanfent of a 
slmulitiQn game To be a good 
swnuCation sjiafne. ttw pn>gram 
must be vmtten accurately wtlh 
proper attention to the fiiee and 
legulaAiOna of the epori involved— 
and n hes lo be siMd mat Head 
OoaoTi la very knaocurate as tar aa 
nifes go — you say that (I lacks the 
ruia alowtng 4 dowra for 1 yartte . 
TNs is the backbone o* the whoJe 
game; ttie wticfe point off it is to 
progress down the pitch in trie 
t^fii number of downs. You also 
niy that itw graphics are as good 
aa, if nM better than FootbaHMah- 
agar, yet Ihe ratirtgt ar« worse — 
surety H an raviews were oompeted 
IQ old games then most new 
games would be Smashes? I think 
■5 it mucti better to co mpar e w4h 
present day stsndvds. As lo 80% 
o< American FoottwH tans liking «, 
i must dosgree. as any knowHedg- 
abte (an would be annoyed wHh 
theefnateunish way in which it was 
written. You only have lo loofc al 
*naua pawl aomawn's iitrngwcan 
Foolbag to aee how good the 
gam e could have been. iM^^j 
muM stteaa eonff that thecfiDCwn 
tlial appeared in our review was a 
personei opinion from A>Y)er(cen 
Football fans. 

Thanh you Dominic. 


pals If you 'dMe to Start writing letter^ toa fellowreadBf, ttete arv a tow 
peopte who d like to hear from you , . 

Rog«f Brown 
43 Victoria Road 

Steffw Randall 
77 Mansfe)<dl R<»d 

$41 raw 

Craig Hough 

1 Cor^lon Way 




PR5 7SD 

40 CRASH C hristmas Special 1 986 


Slnat ttfB b«(^fir*to qf 1 ess I ruva 
tMfn unnjOMSrium trylfig (o f*Kl 
im mier»-ffK)LOa prOBrani tor 

H«vtn| We d Sincta if RWMfth. 
B Swttuh d^tributof VKf ■ 
ngmbv of tofMm shopt in^ Lon- 
don. 1 now tum 10 CRASH s a last 


I would Uiut TO hjxnw ii artyone 
CH) gn/e m« a s4f9gesl4DO na to 


TM TS Vkstaraa, 9w*d*n 

Anjoiw our ifMrv aitMcr to hetp 


[>ear Uoyd, 

Warning: All spectrum owners with 
joysticits, printers or anything e<se> 
which uses youf axpanston pon 
pl«ase read on . , . 

I have sent fny Spectrum lo mum- 
COMP LTD, thr6^ t>nn«s (unr«liabl« 
Spwnrum). The first and secondi 
limo^ Ihey did a good )ob of it and 
I was pleased, so when I had 
another protjiarri I S4r^1 it to thorn 
again This tm^ when it came 
tsaok. horror ol horrors, I found a 
p^ece ol pnnter ptpat aayjng that I 
couldn't use my leysBck. prffner or 
aev/Vhng else for three months 
{trrat's why lhis)e<ner iS typewritten 
and not ihefmally printect): What 
can I do lor thteo morths without 
rrty perpherais? (answers do a 
pDslcard please . . . ). 
Trwor Wright, Ewyas HaroW, 

tfng itfcten? ovar tha mtpansion 
port when tt}ay've fixed a ^tec- 
trum. An ewful lot of tBuH$ *t* 
caussd by psopfe connecting Of 
disconnecting penpftefSis wfttfe 
the power is on. or wobbting the 
connoction du/mg a tranctic Ms- 

sion of aiien-iappipg. This tends 
to c^usa the tracks lo short out, 
and can wsutt m dtrnege to the 
wofks Qt the comfHJtef. 

I don't thiffk MANCOM^ BCtuaHy 
mean yov CAN'T use a pnnfst — 
It's more iikffy that f^ey meart they 
wofi 't rvpekyour computer under 
their thrm-ttfonltt wahwniy if you 
do plug sorn«th*ig into As eifpar\- 
si<jfi part. Whether this approach 
isentireiy 'fatr^is open to (foeStton. 
Any repaiir firms like to comment? 



G'day Spcxi!. 

I must say that I f^ni your magazine 
interesting, tuli Of hidden nries- 
saoes and cryptic kfiforniatfon. 

F'tinsiance, from papa 16? of 
your November issue rt^ obvious 
that PJUJkcc aorrwAiiE's Sac/ad 
Armour of Antffiad was program- 
mad down under in oood ol' Oi. 

Ah well. baOf to the old amber 

Cheers, Sruce, 
MarUnDunn, St Ajnne», Lancashire 




Electnc Dreams Sorrwar«. 

31 Carlton Crescent. 

Soifthampton. Hampshire S01 2fW 

Tel: (070a) 229^94 

f^, JuSf S sJ^f Antjpodwn mc/** 
nation jlWLlVDJ down' m ART! 


CRASH Christmas Special 1 966 41 



_i**tj.isr^ SWA vmwitf '»»a aa w 


> — S Sr- 

S* Si 


(*AWW*WjO*l4Wr «W73IM SJoHM*" 



tr TM ftoBOT? 

(rss TUCY eo 

pMTtHiHSi Ant VnS 

42 CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 


--^ *'r?t 





^ You are lei] 3 n to t he heart of the b izarre 
underworld ruled by the ancient Mandarin 
Warlord, Lo Pan 
^ You r m ission - to rescu e the beautitu I g reen 
I eyed M lao Y in Wo re she is sac ritic«d to a 
I demon. 

I Playing ALL tt>ree of the (ilm s great heroes - 
" American Ja cK ' the lad B u rto n . m artia I art 
expert Wang Chi and ancient magician Egg Shen - defeat Lo Pan and 
his unearthly body of supporters as the evi! unfolds around the anciem 
Warlord and his pact with a demon. 


Amstrad CPC cassette 


Amstrad CPC disk 


Commodore 64/128 cassette 


Commodore 64 128 disk 


ZXSpectium48,128K/ + 



31 Carlton Crescent, Southampton SOI 2EW 

Mail Order Electric Dreams Software. 23 Pond Street, Hampstead. 
London NW32PN 


Cteaf Uoyd, 

Hawing read all the complaints 
about ^D games, ultinutc, and 
the compiiiints about revievvers 
and how they review, ( decidod to 
compile ttio ctverail CRASH Hoi- 
Une Top 30 chaM for al( 33 isau^ii. 
and It turned out hke tKus. 

3 C^vnvnarKto B4% 

6 Lunar Jetmsn 95% 

8 E^vryor}0's 3 Watly 93% 

9 Jtn Set Willy 93% 

y: Match Osy 06% 

12 G/;osf£ n Gobkm 9S% 


20 Frank Bwno'S Boxing m% 

21 SBbrewuV»1% 

22 F«Mi0M»% 

23 Manic Mtnef 

24 Vndefwuftde 92% 
26 Zoom 

Z8 Hyperspons 92% 
23 Stafqusk&9i6% 

Out o( INi firsl 1 7. only 2 a»dn't get 
l1 Cf^ASH Smash, and CHJt of 30, 

only 7 dKln't receive his great 
accolade. Four of the Sev^n w^e 
so dose that peopte stwxildnt be 
cornp4ainir»g »t>out having the 
reviei*era names jinitLBfe) ne^t to 
iheir commenis, because iha 
'jjry' ot threa usually gel rt nght. 
The ottwr thrse games I do not 
ihmk w^re reviewWl. tKJt rt ItieY 
were I am certain itial ihey would 
have got eKCewJuigly htgh marks. 
t»cause Ihey were all very good 
games at the ttme Wiey wer« 
brought out. 

Then itTere are all the people 
who complain about ultimate. 1 1 
ytxj loofc at ihe Top 30. ultimate 
have 7 Dili ot tho Top 30 gaines. 
Who says Ihey don't produce brd- 
Ikant garws? the people wtwread 
CRASH voled for Ihis chart so you 
can't complain. 

The ttiree garTtes whteh have 
had rrtost oHheaiguments against 
them are ali m the Top 30. so 'sn i 
sitfpnsing that utTMHAre. and ol^ve» 
pompafHes like them, ate usmg 
this tormat- 

So atop complaining h0c&]jse 
rou tan't do anyih mg about it, and 
or a Change can! we have some 
constructive comments? 

*i interesftng stat'stfCiH ari^tysis. 
John. I am forced to agree with sU 
your santirmnts. Ths n&xt comes- 
pon<kfH, how»vof. puts tonvard a 
ditfetwjt vjewpomt . . . 




1 MiW Wim RObMt Havd«n'4 Mter 
in test monti'sCflASH. l paid out 
a iivef for games like Mai^acs and 
Escape which are pure gafbaga, 
Tlie on<y qitality the games tiad 
w&s the Oflwork oni the intay cards. 
I don'1 Icnow why people grumWe 
about gaentfA co$iing CtQ.OO — 
take 8 Took at some of the new 
bM<l9et games avaiilabie, I ^ve 
recently pijrdhsseH MaiacuifMan 
from HASTERTncsMic ttfid Prv GoK 
from ATUMfDi which are two ot the 
most accurate ar>d erqoyatTle 
games i have evor played. At onty 
f 1 .99 they are both great va)ue tot 

La$tiy, ^'d boMar gpt your 
comp's mnnion 9«an to by a doc- 
tor. The Sfi^in's Road spot the 
d(tT»rence connpetitton only 
seerrted to have one ditfefencef! 

(prolMbly a pnntBn^ error) which 
vns a Hhy den ofi the man on thd 
right hand ^da's headt 
Fioriakl Hencf^rgon, H^fnllton, 

Gsners^ you get what you psy 
for. Sorn0tim0S you ppt mors Jrtan 
you pay /bf — iin frte case 0* Kniflht 
TyfTio p«fti§p9 *— and oOter times 
yougetia$s — Gf«ait Spaoa Race 

Th^ i»oif of iHttwfKes w&snt 
reaHy the downjroddsn Mmiop's 
fauii — 3omeofw Up m APT ' was 
doing his vsry twst tO present the 
drBWif}gintt}emcstgcKgeous way 
«nof Sh^^ up. putting Ib^ s»r>0 
pctont tn htftoo. Wardsha\ia baan 
exch^ngt^, and th» oomptftttk>n 
fB-fun. Sorry for the ^^Or^in ft 
caused- - > 



Hawig tuat read Robert Starts' 
comptaint «n issue 34 atioul thare 
betnq no suppon <of th© opus 0»s* 
covary disk system, can I put a 
plug in for a club a few OPUS uatts 
hBw® siaried m our aroa? It's called 
the SpBcirum Ot^^a^vefy Cluti, fln^ 
we hope itial we can get enough 


I must wnte to you fwhieh I already 
have) coocaming competitions in 
CRASH — the pfobtem is agie 
groups. You see, although many 
readers of CRASH are pfeti> old, 
(17 + ) I am only 11,1 have been 
reading CRASH since Iss4je 1 , and 
have every tssue so lar. I love 
enteTiT>g competrtionS, artd I enter 
quite aiot of tttem, but now t am 
wonderng w^iether shoukj cairy 
on, because evary lime I &rtt^, I'm 
beaten by people who a/e about 
1 6 years older than me (especiatly 
irt drawing comps}. I have no 
chance. Okay, I am quite good at 
drawing and answering competi- 
tions, but rtot as good as people 
who are twice as old. I have written 
before about age groups. Thai is 
wtiat you need! [lO-lS. 15-20, 
20+). Ptease consider this point, 
becauea there ere other young 
kids out there! 

Nick Draw^tt, Buahay, H»rtf ord- 

A fGasonabfg point, WkA. f hav^ a 
feeling that omr CorrtpstftKtn Mtn- 
lon would panK if ¥ts tofd him thftt 
from now on ttmt WQuMbe Ihfee 
Bge groups fot every ootnpeiffion 
— the BKfra admirtistrsUon 
invotved ih 6tfKtiif0ty funnrng 
ttvse competitions tor Q\/sry one 
woukt ttg Gnoftnous^ 

As it is. we do try to have a mtv 
of comperition types, tnctudmg 
simptef worasQuares and spot th6 
dfffarertces, where age isn't fB^fly 
a bamer to wrnnrng, Admittedfy. 
f^e ofder you are {h& batter vou are 
likely to t>e at df awing ano we do 
try to fa^e into account ages of 
entrarits wt^en COfupilir^ thg tist Of 
runners up, I seem tO narriemtier a 
siK-yaar-ofd getting an tiooouta- 
ble menfkjrt ' m a Frenk Bmno Box- 
ing oompof jfion many moons ago, 
for instance. 

I'd be interested to tiear oifier 
readers ' oomm^nrs on tfjesubjiect 
of competitions. 



Deer Uoye^. 

1 am writing lo you In confusion. I 
recently decided to purchase an 
NLQ printer, and wiih it a "shiny" 
new wordprocessor. to replace my 
ageirvg Taswordti. 

In the search lor enlightanrnenl 
as to which wordprocessorlo buy, 
I delved through my CRASH beck 
issues and came up with ihe 
AuQuftt 1988 TECH f^lCHE 

I ttvidly pored over the pages, 
absorbing the wisdom there 
abounding, but to what end^ I was 
$til1 as uncertain as to the best 

Now I am wel4 aware that, as 
with most things, it is very much i 
case of sadn to his own. But surely 
havirug been locked m a broom 
cuptjoard tor a few days with only 
bread, water and a Spectrum {man 
cannot live by bread ah:?ne), Mr 
Handy coukj have come up wtih 
sorrxjihing les$ ambiguous than: 

At the eod of the Tasword fll 
review, "Thete is no doubt In my 
mind TA3MAM have now d^nitety 
got the top spot as far as 
wordprpcessors go". 

And then going on to Sdy at the 
and of The Wiilef review, '^Any 
selfM'flspeclino Spectrum owner 

mteresl going to put presuFO on 
sotiwara houses io produce ddk 
wKwara We are also tsswnq a 
newsletter free of charge with 
mainbeis" httm. tip* md tetters — 
so come on you orve users let's 
gel togcrttw and be a force to ba 
reckoned with. 

Anyone intsfffittad should send 
a 3ert-«WreSS«d en(/etooe to 
Specifum Discovery Ctrl). 8 

wtvo wants a wordprocessor 
should derfHteiy go out and get 

So wtiich IS It? buy bath and use 
them on alternate days? We mef« 
mortals look toward the omntoo- 
tent mega-beings at CRASH, 
keepers oi the 'Eye-ot-Oklup' for 
guidance^ Surely, since Mr Handy 
(maybe not so handy after al I!) had 
the Qippon unity to giva these pac- 
kages a good going ow, he could 
havei made a ciosiru raeommen- 
datton. and left thelmal decision 
S Young, Hewtlngly. l.ieeds. 

! thtnk the tinaf dectsii:>fi lis StiO 
probatify up to yov- Oofrnntc was 
ciearty ^rary rmpressed mth Potfi 
packages, and as 90rne|hir^ of a 
wordprocessor opifector, is the 
kifKi o( feffow wtKi wtHitd tmtife 
purchased both. . , 

Dam te0s ma that txjth pac- 
Acai^es can dnve a pnntgr throu^ 
ttte RS232 port on Interface T — 
and recMons that Tasword til 
woutd probably be the thenar bat 
for you, seeiinaayouaireadYhava 
Tasword IK Jntjs ^peaks a Maga- 
Being . . . 


Hsyrtfiam CrescenH, KetgWey. 

West Vorkshtre 

P»1»r LIRey, KeigMev, Waat 


And the very b^t at tuck wttti ihe 
citjib. Peter. You irnght bha to mn 
sidferpufttfigpiif mm Tach Tip^a." 
Simon <^etdwin.,Qn your mariinff 

ft'sf . . 


44 CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 



tipLflar f^fTW IKirn jumkmcmi*? 
rt, Nj why <M you *>01 condemn l*» 
subjACl matter? I ondoM a reCflftl 
lievww o4 the game (rom ono Off 
your rivals. CAVG msgaiifm. 
wnich shoutd hava b«en your 
aititmafl to mis appainsi gvne 

m your neitt naua. pait^n you 
shouid pent a Ml p«g« cotout pic- 
Htfa of a scsw from ihta 'sport . or 

rhaps Mi>d out «de<» ef a 
.ulifiglnl CRASH fBad0rsw41tti«n 
bo abiei to a<M wftal raaly happ«n« 
hefe. #flti ma eiOOO and th« 
GORE ivKl tfian matM up tbm 


R C FedHna, l*l« o* $h«pfi«y, 


Hnwn Like Tun Metcatfo. acUorof 

CS.VG wtio iH'QM lh0 mmw. you 

tm« 3 vaiid pomt abom titO 

to ^efena, but tcannatagree wtth 
/our aupjB**"^ ^ *irt r mvcn kka 
tiwng roU Mrfiat rr^ affrtxto s^ioufcr 

Mto mvumadi Oto Toro tacauss' 
i» «9 a eompuftar ipamia — a cowpu- 



PtaaM, pteaae, pleasa prim this 
lettBf tor nw or CRASH populanty 
ralii^ wkll 90 down by Cir*^ Thank 
ynxi. The reason I want you to pnni 
ii Is because i eeem to be tstt out a 
btl (A»^hhhhh). 

My cousin, naime^y Sean Ooran, 
got hs name mentioned twit» tn 
Is^js 34 — for the 'Joe Bug' caf- 
toon In Ihe FORUM and he wa& 
able Biao a superhero for MasH>r of 
Ma^. Ail this seems to have gone 
la ht& head. 5o much so that he ia 
hamdq dffticutty getting tfvouQh 
the (toot (sorry for stealir^ your 
joke jHShn) My pen pel, Jo^rt Wil- 
son is a regular Superhero and r^as 
glvsn trnnsBlf the nicMrhsme El 
Siipremo*. All this is makir>g ma so 
mad, and 10 <Marniined to get my 
noma mentioned in the most 
pcspular com^utw mag m ttw 

The main poml of my letter is 
about tfie poor stale of budget 
software- Why do so marry budget 
software hoifies market such 
lotal^ crap gani«? Most games 
Bfe hardty even worfh 50p n«<wer 
mind two Of tlvee pounds. One 
glowing example of crap aoflware 
was Bump Set Sp0» in Issue 34. 
Not one of tf>e ratings w8s above 
4S%, I itwik that spiaks for itself! 
Yet. after budget sodwMfi houses 
see their new release flop, they 
ralaase another crap game and 
watch it flflp too, Surely they would 
have itie sense to produce better 
QBfnes than ware dCHng richer than 
■inaoompuler stwp thatves wrih 
nibot^ I think that some budget 

I«rgam&viiinfcftiioesrtl0ofttyttiei r, TnilA 

viotsncm 0/ bo# ligtittng Hud it tU lunu 

fktne sO. iwe meif Haw fefl rf . , , c ^^rttm 
appnvmie to pma comrrmti • Machlo" SP*"^^^"^ 
You and Tm MB both enrnted to •Sup^tar US 
your optmo/^ txit rJS'wawirtg a Gold'Americana 
game and dEwigi notfun^ buf con- A^rka: £2.99 
demn tta sub(0ct mgtwa Oossir't 
seem v&ry passbve to ms, 0/^0 a««* «>ofl '3««^™***''7. 

gam» seams vwy negsiirve . :"^2I ^a bLitci<i*rirMi buiis 1 n 

NSW oooofefflmn. w9 irfwoW pnnf ?:",^ m o* «ftwire" t v« 

tvnttK ptctui^ <^ human nvM»- !ji!gn1or*ofne «""• 

■■ '""■— -'wairgiamBirBViwwBd ju*i >ii«ma «eaiitiingitie 

^ J - p*Cft*B <rf SS ,d,, of th« 8«'"« i» 'O ff« vou' 

ronune ivvtin me fBV»w of The irftie mitiKiar to buictwr the twH 

Qraet E»£8pe. and pictures o* the m the no«i •rtistic minner 

bomd.nQ «th MTt about every _,!^! S!^„t^J^R'S*r. 

^usanad 0^ — and US (i«4d 
magazirH *oulcl become a r^o^aihtmedaf 
catakjooe of horror and muBistW ^.rnsatvas Ktuaitv r *na»"Oi -i 
t1 Ttt^ kxiltad (or a Maral nwange ^f ,^u »« it^n oo the i>i«^iia 
behind ewyoamescenavio pt your locai aompwtvi ttor« 941 

Sadly. m«?y compulat games mam 10 ihb ii oW ■''^P*i' " „., 

mnd. mu«h leaa turrtuut and 
much lass 'de-aertarlisirig' Itun 
the «magie» brou^l into our 
homes tjy lelevtsKin end news- 

What do other roMera fetf 
about ititssublecit 


software houses Just about man- 
age 10 scrape up enough money 
to Keep their company going and 
my advice to them t&, stop trying^ 

Not all budget soltwarQ houses 
are like this tjH oour^- ma^tea- 
moMc and FWEaiRo at& two of the 
best around at the rrvon^nt. I 
rememt»f Mhen hasteatroiwc 
wrote games like Aicattaz Hany 
antlApoito 2. Now Itwy tiavecome 
(Xil with big hits with Unfversaf 
Hsfo and Lap of Th0 Qods as have 
FWOHND with Otti and Lissa and 
Ttvvst. Both of these houses 
dasefve the highesi praise, even it 
tliey f)o come off with theodd cr a^p 
game or twol 

Why do (K)pular budget 
software houses not advertise 
their new releases'' 
Thomas lilohnston, Cafricktef- 
gus, CoJUibinit Noftiiem Ire- 

No-Of^'s perfects Budget games 
^ve ^v/&f& tjeen a mixed bag — 
but ther0 S0ems to be a good mar- 
kat tor poor games as wm as good 
mms on ttw budget front. 
omp^ canststartly pOOf r^vi&wi 
ofiate. one budget fHXiaevmkno^^ 
Otis doing vsfytHC&iyttmrkyou' 
in tofms at voiumaof aalK, 

Obviously, tbera ia tass money 
to spend on pfodvctdevglopfiwfrt 
when you a^ onty char^ktQ a 
coupie of pounds for tfte fin\shed 
item, so its bound to be a matter 
of win some, tose aame'. 

Reetd the reviews before bvying 

Graphics J 

Sound ^ ^ 

VValua lasathanO 

« Play ability '^ 


Dear Uoyd. 

Please, please can you help us. 
We now think that we have been 
tipped off by a m^ji-of der sohwsne 
firm Over two monihs ago (Oc- 
tober 12th). my tnand Bridget 
Wolar and myself seni a total of 
£::2 ? 00 to BorrwARE wcmji MU LTD. 
I sent Ci2,&5tortti« Spectrum 12S 
version of Fatfhgtit n. which they 
stated in their ca1ak>giie as be^rxq 
available for «e>e now. My tnend 
sent for Knight Tyme^^nsi the book 
&MCt^X/n7 Macf^ne Language Fot 
The flJysotute B&grnrwr which ttjst 
herC9 00 for ihe Spectrum t2fl. A 
rrtorrth later BrKlgiel received the 
incorrect version of Knight Tyme 
artd she returned it to them 
immediaMy sitar reviving It. As 
the watfts paaasd wa began to get 
worried, stnce we hed received no 
word from the company. We sent 
several tetters 1 ihecornpany, but 
tfiey dtdn'i reply. So recently I bied 
to phone tf>em, but I tailed to qsh 

I've k>st mooey before wt^en a 
software firm uHrraorr went ban- 
krupt, but I have read nothing 
^bcMJt this mart order company 
going out of busiri«ss. Please 
Uoyd , you are our last hope of get - 


FMi up with onttnary fruH maehln* gam t it 

tV now ir 

Afrult machi^ia aimulatlon with the most up-to-data faatunaa, 
sound ar>d graphics 

FRUIT 2010 

'■'j for fruit trmehin» m)ip*rt9 to ^n fMmy*r9 
-■■■ Ti*m mo$t *dvmtic*d and ttalistfc truit mmctiinm MJmutmtlon 
FEATUnEt: Rejii rMbs - Gold RuaT)- RDuieti«-iiylesiambi« - £iOO]ac)(poi 
- Holds - eas)^ kBvi - Nudgea - HIQH-spMti S^nnift^ Rm'S - Sava Down - 
Largo GrHphics - Myvtery eon - USES ALL 4BK - \2 ditiftrani fruii^ - sunr 
sourm - Cash Run - MULTIPLE OODS - muhicfilouf - WAX MUOGES - 

Number board 

Please send £6.95 
which includes P & P 

Cheques or RO. to — 

646 London Road, 
Westcliff, Essex SSO 9HW 


Software from ROSSWARE 

CRASH Christmas Special 1986 45 


ting our rnor*y DacA I have 
ericlosad in thi$ letter detarls about 
trie company, Plaase could you tiy 
and contact th«m for me sirKe I 
live in Irelajidi arkd find h difficifN 10 
OBl into contact with companies in 

It would akso be a good idea if 
CRASH magazine had a coJumn in 
It which warned readsfs of Cow- 
boy' maji- order fimis and dodgy 
business pf actces. I hope to h«ar 
news of our money very soon. 
Thonu* Confto4ly, Ennjccorthy, 
Co. W«x«ord, Inland. 

Of\ dieari H's tMi news i have for 
vow. SoFTWAfiE wonto /nas gone 
into fiqukiation with debts of over 
£?5.0a0. ^nd tf my $xperiefKO ot 
such matters hofOs tnm in Vtis 
instance, you no^ ttave very Uttte 
chance ot getting att your money 
back. When a company goes 
'bi^', any money available to pay 
Out to firadWors gifSS to employees 
first, secured credtiofs second 
and then other cfsditofs. inctuding 
si^piiers and customers, last. 
Often, onty penniss rn the pound 
are pwd out to unsecured ere- 

ditors — ar»d then onty it fhey are 
very lucky. 

If might be worth your whHe 
dropping a tine to the person who 
has been appointed (iQuidatof of 
to register yOur dai/n — Mr tan O 
Taylor o! Smith Dova. 96-98 St 
James Road. Northampton, NN5 
5IZ1S dealing with the matter. 

Fortunat^y. the days when 
■eowljoys ' wifliw oommon in the 
mail order sc^fware marttet are 
iargely ovw. bvi one or two hM 
always teafound. Irtsverydttfict^ 
tor us to rapori an cowb<^ 
activiTiaa — oftwj firms keen to rip 
peopte off come and go very 
rapidly, ft you order software from 
an advertiaeiment piaa»d in a 
magAfmesnd end up lyeiryg ripped 
oft, you can always wfilo to the 
magaiine that ran the tdvailise' 
meni m quest*on and M0 tcfiaf 
ttiey can do atx>ut it. 

Aitemativaiy, there's the 
CRASH mait Order service run by 
Auniie Aggie — or you COutd try 
buying prtKkicts direct frtm} com- 
panies thst produce f hem it ttteir 
ad\/&is Inv^e mail order ctjstom- 
era- LM 


Hallo Uoydl, 

I Mt ttw iBBltFjd trMtfl HiyB nuiibw 
of tw mian wMmlvMiridtrvtand my 
Mttr In Issue 34 , and thinft that I'm 
JuM aitpaing 1t>6 Spectnim off. 
This isn't twe 

i think iti« bem way to ejtptain 
my vlmtpoM la 10 draw paraN«l» 
wwi •neither of my hobblw. cars. I 
own a 1978Pnncess, Nowthefe's 
rwthtrig wrong with my cat ^- not 
•Mryon* may Irke it, it may b« Qot- 
bng da. but rf still do^ ihe pb 
wfiMCh it W8S dnigrted to do. StTTH- 
tady, I own a Spoctrum — aoma 
p«gpl» <inpi«t iham, it's oenrng 
old. twtltsW works. 

Howew, wwaaomoons buying 
an9w car today, f woutdnt «xp«ct 
BWWi to buy 9 Princeas. even 'k it 
warn stiH avAlaibie — I'd expect 
xhem to byy a «r with « mora 
modem style, and more eoonomi- 
caf pettormarice. 

l&rrutsrty, I woukln't expect any- 
one' to buy a new Spsctrum. It 
oouki ba amied i hat Fti« spectrum 
f%tt S js a Dstter machine, t>Lrt my 
own view is thjit it's ^usl ttid otd 
Spectrum with brts bolted on. Put- 
ting a turbo and a tew ap<34lflrs on 
my PiinoiM woukjn't turn it ifflo a 
modern car. 

tf ttie Specirum Piua 2 had any- 
thing fundamenttiiy new eboui it, 
n couk) tM eonaldarad to be a 
Montego ralhar Itian a Ptincesa. 
but It doeant, n I taki in mry laist 
tertter Th« b^weM Sin of all is thai 
the i&K mown rwt luih^ compatF- 
bte with all the 4aX programs. 

I r^ave noin<ng against the 128/ 
Pkis 2 in ineory. i agre^ (hat the 
£sr>Jy way lorwvd m a wortd full of 
computer butts with lar9e 
software NtvantH. is to bmld 
madnines which are more modem 
and efficient, wt^le i>rworporaiing 
•mulatQri so thai old software can 
be used 

However, wfwre the 128/ Ptus 2 
ia^ down Is that M tsr'^l modwn 
■nd efficient, and Vne emulator ia 
far from perfect, 

So, I hope hks hiU cleared up any 
meundariitondings of my latter — 
Vh9 Spastmni is a line machine — 
but it is a crime ihat it is stKi avaiia- 
bie as a rww mectUne, 
P A Rosbolham. HadUngton. 

Acrme! There ai9 a ktt {^people 
out itierg who ham yal to eJtpan- 
erK9 tt*e tun of owning 3 Spectrum 
. . . what's cnmifiai dbcH/r giving 
them a chance to /cm in tttetunf 

Your anahgy atiout cars 
doasnt qutim tnid twe I'm afraid. 
The tiBs*? modia o^ fran^porr fcr 
piogntTts. theSpectnjm. mighl oe 
canskiervd a Hitie outdated nowa- 
days, buiittaeeiaeui^athirtg as a 
pr og fammen tiM counts when it 
In car terns, you could mat tme a 
sspeaaity it a eornpeunt team of 
mechanics tookedatleritandcon- 
tinued iu improve rfs performance. 

Take a look at the Starglldv 
review this ^aue if you need my 
more oonvihoiln^ , . 



Dear Uoyd, 

I itKJu^hi it's about time f wrote a 
letter to you. So I palnstaJklngly 
[good word thai. Sise LMLWDj 
analysed past FOR U Ms 10 try and 
find one indi^utable Imk between 
all the letters.. I found it: it's the lact 
that th«y all have points (heavy, 
medium or iight^t always points). 
So this letter will be different: no 

marier hK>w carefufly you scan 
those words ywj wool firsd the 
slightest hint of a point. No. no 
point in this sentence* Nor this* 
Neither this! 

■Well there you go tt>en, a totally 
new and refreshing letief. 
Tom Evans, Northampton 

PS Please pnnt a double-sided 
photo of Hannah Smith, suitably 
posrtioned Eknowonmean^ OOPS! 
that's a (XMiL 


Perhaps you'ie rnissing ttte 
point, and readir^g fhe wrong kind 
of magazine . 

Another year draws to 9 cIq««, and with it comes the th^rd anniver- 
sary of CRASH. The changes i have seen sii%ce firrt WMttiva up my 
Hormes tn the C^ABH otTice and Starting work on (tie Playirhg Tips 
cohJtnnare immense — for one thing the Towers Is now bursting m 
thaaawns with magazines and p«oplc, 

The only aspect ot C fi ASH that hasn't improved, to my m tnd , 1 s my 
salary. Maybe 1967 wtll tw a good year tor rr*. I hop* it la for you 
Don't torgel, Tm here wa^tin^ (or your postal missives — ancJ ttie 
more I receive, the tjetlef my chances of negotiating a pay nse! IWriie 
to mo Ht the address; LLOVO MAHGRAM's (rORUM. CRASH 

46 CRASH Christmas Sped all 936 


Chrittmafl conivs btit 
onc« a y«ar — and with It, 
th« CRAStI RM(l«n 
Awrardm. This Is your 
chance to toll iTiOfnb«r« 
of th« toftwvro Industry 
what you think of thoJr 
9aitw«i thoir profimm^ 
more and thftir adv«rtts«^ 
riiants. Vote for tho 
oainos, the pfropio and 
the adverts which jrou 
foot are worthy of praloo. 
Fill in the form over tho 
11*90 and oond it to ua a« 

fast ■■ you can so our 
Database Minion can got 
to work anarirsJng ih« 
reau Its. Tho first 10 farms 
drsMifn out of tho bag on 
2(mi Jsnusry ig87 — the 
closing date — will «sm 
ttioir sondors £20 worth 
Of software and a GItAAH 

The results should Im 
published In the March 
Isaue of CftASH and 
■hoiily thofvaftsr Um 
certificates of accolade 

will be swarded to the 
winning companies. Well 
then^ what ate you watt- 
ing fort Oet to M 
In each appropriate 
category enter the nante 
of the program and the 
software house for which 
you wish to vote. Please 
note; products must have 
a 1906 copyright to be 
eligible. There's no need 
to All in every category — 
if you can*t th In k of a su It- 
able candidate, leave the 

relevant category blank. 
Obviously the more you 
fill In the better the end 
tosuH will be. 

Once yo4i*ve com-i 
pleted as much of the 
fonn as possible, remove 
this page from the 
magazine (or photocopy 
Itl and send It to us. Don't 
forget to write your 
nante, address and T' 
9hlrt stie (smaM, medium 
or large} on the form In 

CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 47 




Till* A StMwmm Hi^nn* 






Trtte a Sortworv Houh 



fill* A Sofl^wnrft HouiiA' 






Title & SoftWAT* Hdusa 




Title A Softwar* H«n« 


rrti» « Sotrwire Hou» 






[ Title A ^ftwilre HOUM 




T"rtl« * Softwiir* HouK 



^^KrW P ^RV^vV^# 


TM* I Aaftwm Houh 




TiU* L Soffwtt* Hautt 







f 7f ^ 

Tiii« t Sattvvjine HduS# 




TIM & Sortwara »chjw 


JSn And, 



fw th« most outslandirHg programming achmvvmafll ot tsao 



SoftMsn HouH 

Pitta** Mnd thift torn to ZZAP1 READERS AWARDS. PO 
Box 10, Ludlow, ShrvpsMiv $¥fi IDB to arrivft no lat«f 
thmn January 201h 

Name ... 


T-Stiirt Size 

r4-!f-7irf«fTi + <-fc+i-t-!rin 







^ wl9i 



Movie Star, Comic Book Hero. Now making his debut on the computer screen-in 'Adventure on 
Volcano Island '*^', an all-action arcade adventure guaranteed to put feathers on your chest! 





Available on Commodore b4/128K cassette (£9.99) and disk (£14.99). Coming soon for Amstnid 

and Spectrum home computers- 

Mail Order: 23 Pond Street, Hampstead, London NW3 2PN 

T^r jt(D IttefeMjndCdfnicsCniup, Adivtsion iM Cjdente fndustrie* CurDOitalion. C 

liviiiinn (f»r All rinht* ">..* 

Th«r«» have been board ownfts 
about f oott>aH amj there ^Mve bMn 
Hsompuier gamos aboui footbafl. 
But never a football tx>ard game 
wtitch uses a computer, UrrtiTnow 
— c&a has come up with 8niS/i 
Qou^'s Foolb^t Fortunes. 

Th6 game i^ for two to five 
people — each player martages a 
team of foottMliere with the am ol 
rrwldhg lots 0f tTKiriQy and heading 
the toc^ttalllng world. Having 
pbnked themselviH down around 
a table, one of their number is 
nominated as computer oparHtor 
and another as banker, Theo ttw 
computer randomly -generates a 
•quad of footbaiiers for each 

A deck of foottseiier cards is 
Indixjed with the game, and eadi 
footballer is assigned a playing 
strength between one (awful) and 
flv« ^Mar&donna/Peie etc). Each 
playef's start-up team consists of 
one goalNeepef. four defenders, 
three mki-fieid men^ tfwee for- 
wards, and two utility men wt>o 
can pisy "n any position, 

OrKW th^9 computer has <m$m(i 

the indiividual strengths for a 
player' a team, it's titne to hum 
through the player carda and 
assemb^the squad. Some money 
is then dealt to the players and thg 

1lM compuler rolie the dice f^ 
each pfayer in turn. A counter is 
moved around a board, and dlfle- 
rant anions, must be tal<ef^ 
d^iending on the square a player 
larai on. MMiy involve computer 
genertftod fWKk>m evenls. and 
can range ttom harMly to disastr- 

Once oil players have taken a 
turn, matcties are played. Ttie 
CKxnputef generates the fixture 
list^ aiKl asks I he players to enter 
tt% iitrer>gth of tfieir squads. Each 
player anan ges the players in Ns 
possesion' and adds up tfieir 
points value to give a total for 
defence, midfwk] and attack. The 
computer thien works out a list of 
results, taking irtlo account team 

Fdotbaii FofturtBS operated in a 
aniglB Division of twelve clubs and 
a seasor> constsls of eleven 
matches — foflunate+y there i* no 
demotion. The name of the game 
IB aooring points {BrIanJ, and to do 
^iNityouVegoi to be successful In 
the Lftegue. or TTw Cup. After Vne 
first s^son. tfw dube go into one 
of (he EiiTooean contests — Cup 
Wirrms Cup, Europeen Cup or 

Thmeom^imtmfO&TUALLPtmttmKMm. •■ 



of prizes on oner. 

UEFA cup depending on their per- 
formanoe lest season , 

Deals can be made between 
managers for the loan or sale of 
players and In times of fharKial 
crisis players may t» mortgaged 
to the bank . Unduly on one Of tfw 
Auction squares on the board 
brings a new foottjaller onio ttve 
mark(?t: a card iis turned over on 
ihe pock and the competing mart- 
agers tjid for his servfces, 

Gate money »? shar^*^ oyi bel- 
ween teams each lime a malc^ is 
ptaywj and go^ into the funds 
held by each manager to tse spent 
on buying players, or if sudden 
rirtancial pressures ere caused by 






Th«f0otbBK-mad follows up at i 
havd a(p«Bd to sponsor a sportirtg 
hdjday of a irfetHTiia . . . tftey've 
p«B$ad on ■ ohaoua tot £: .500 10 
m, whk^ wa'w lodgad with our 
sOlicttOrs, Nbw all tiiat mono/ i» 
waiting to be daintQcj . , . 

Thekidky wtnnBT of ttils compet- 
ition In honour of Brian Cfough's 
FoofbaM ForUjnes will be able to 

■p«rKj ihe money batng h«ld At our 
ftolic^o«« on a hoHday AftywtMra ki 
theiwortd — so tongtamey attend 
a apofting •MnLIf you cvi bMT ID 
watt ttMt King, you coutd tak« a trip 
10 iti« OfympMs in B«fC«(orta, but 
tl.SOO shouW QO a long way 
towants getting you to Seoul. 
Fsnof MutcNno tfw Supert»wl 
from ttie stands or The lAiifwfcaai 
Cup down undor? 

ft you win, it's up to you wtiare 
you go — we'll do al we can to 
Mp you plan yov trip and saowv 
Hckatft. and nArtMntbor, Vwm'i a 
£1 ,500 budget to apond. courtesy 


You mMtt tfiMt we'd set a Varr^' 
biy dHllciM oompaiiMon to aort out 
a iMfmar . . . but not Atyou have to 
tk) la name the laat m« foott^aif 
teams to wtn the F A Oa end iT>er - 
tion the y^m In wMcti may won it. 
Jot your arowen dow) on the 
back of a postcard and ttieri wnte 
a law vifOfds, axpWnIng wtiene you 
would liiio to go if you win, wnk::^ 
apordng »^ni you would attend 

the sender of af> all-correct 
srHiy wftti the best <diolce or dastt- 
ftman and ivaaoci for going wl 
win the rijGfX) iKMiday prtisa. 
Twerrtv five rvmara-up wM be able 
to try ma^ hand St aurvMng In tie 
cut and thiuat world of foo3>ali by 
playing a o o m p H m en ta fy copy of 
Brian Cfotjgh's Foaitait Fortunes. 

So get your sporty thinking t^pi 
on and wtvz;: thoise entries tn id 
Towere, PO Box tO, Ludtow, 
Shropehin, SYS 1DB before 
January ig0T. 




KBACK AT 1 986 

Anottier hectic yaar has all but drawn to a close in CRASH 
terms, and the last pages of this Christinas Special are mak- 
ing their way from the typesetters *up* to ART. I am left here 
putting the finishing touches to my annual review of the year, 
before I cycle across town to the Grovei HitI headquarters o* 
LM to make my contribution to the January issue. It has 
b4«n a viMY t>uay year, and I f orsee even busier times ahead, 
t only wish my pay increased in direct proportion to my work- 
load. . . . 

Wrthout doubt the pf evaillrkg trend of 19&B was (or coin-op conversiofts, 
vvTth the fH94d beinq led by eutc (Capcomj and h^^agpne (Konanti), As a 
result of the success of sijch convefsions, Koitsith Have rK3w decided to 
go ft alone, foreoo licence royalties and c<ipitalise o^n the tmrnense cofn- 
merciat possibilities of 'sourdng their own product' to slip into the jargon 
so bek)>ved of the trade. 

The trend towards IxicJgei gn mes was drfficuH to avoid spoiling durmg 
the year. A host o1 rtew labfjini wet^ launched, mosi o( them oofnin>g frofn 
^loblishied 'rnainstream' publishers, and most of ttwm turringi out 
n^ediocre product — alttiougih there were a few bnghi spots on the 
budget i^ori. 

It has been an interastlfig ^ar, endirtq with aark rumours ttu! at toast 
one ol ihe giant corporaiions thai have been ac<5uirim smaller software 
houses (another '86 irervd} i9 pfarnmg to leave the marlkat m TftS?. What- 
ever rumbitrtgs ttite move may cause il' it takes place, the TV, film, booit, 
paraoriBJity and toy tte-irvs \ook set lo continue almost unabated. The 
vfewe on licerce deals expressed by the catxvas team in our feature on 
peNTON oesiois later thts issue are very intereshng. . . . 

But Oh with the apprajsal of 1 966, a year which saw Ihe departure of 
Clive Sinclair from the home computer mart<el, and which produced 
some vintaQe son ware as well a sorr>$ games thai ihave already been 
cast into the murk of the CRASH Tcrwers celi^ir. r>ever to see The light of 
day again . . . £ome m^ght even argue thai they shoukj never have seen 
the li#H of day in the first place. , , 


The Christmas SpecW for 1985^. 
which is really Ihe January isaue. 
got Ihe year of^ to a good stad for 
NusTERTROHic. who coMectect a 
Smash for Spsii)Ound, scorir^ a 
very respectable 95% overall This 
was a good begiinning to ihe year 
for progfamnter David Jothss and 
hte cute character Mag^c KmgJil — 
and il wasn't to t>e hus ofiiy Smasti 
of tt» year . . . 

The year also began auspi- 
ciously ILMLWD) for Walsall- 
basM soiitware house eute, who 
eoBededone Smaah for a surprise^ 
game w*hich they ware sent from 
out of the blue: Rolisr Coastsr, and 
another for the first ol many coin- 

op conversions ihey were to pro- 
duce during !f» fioio*Hng hwelve 
monltis! CommMndo. In fad, eljte 
had decided to go for a pladng in 
the upper echelons of the software 
indusi ry dun n g T 9&6 — and during 
the year they released a k)l of very 
strong products, concentrating 
mainly on coin -op conversions, 

The end of ^9B5 saw wkim}- 
ocn's brave attempt at improving 
th-e Spectrum's capabilities wlln 
the iauncii of the Mskro-Pttjs. an 
jnieitace thtf induded a ROf^ . and 
alkmed programmers to write 
larger games for the basic 48K 
nwchine Sadly, the firsl (ar>d only} 
game to appear on the Mikro-Plus 
syuem, Sftadow of tfw Unicom 
wasn't anything ternbly special. A) 
£14,95 it was expensive: retailers, 
however, didn't get to make their 
siandard percentage of the selling 
price — the hardware add-on cost 
over £4,00 to manuiBclure — and 
it wasn't a very atiractive proposf- 
tlon to the trade. The whole con- 
cept, greelad with enthusiasm in 
gome quarHers and as the answer 
to piracy in others {a Mikro-P\iiS 
game coukl onty run with the 
hardware, and each game needed 
its own special interfaceii, lizjled 
out rapidiy. Mkro-oem were left 
with an embarrassingly large 
qfuantity of redundant units, and 
antered 1966 ItCkmg their corpo- 
rate wour>d$- Innovelion doein't 
always pay off . , . 

Ahor one of the longest delays 
in software pubfishing history (but 
not the longeslfj, pss released 
Swords arrd Sofcery — the 
innovative Oungeon-exploring 

oame they had been wonting on 
for an embarrassinly long penod 
of lime. Defei( Brewsler was 
Empresgad, artd the game duly ool' 
Eecied a Smuh, Later m iha year. 
Role "playing purists were lo 
attack S&S in the Signpost, but 
thera was no doubt that Mike 
SltTipaon had broken r^w ground 
and crammed his ganw with artifi- 
cial intedigence routines. Still no 
news, at tfie end of the year, of the 
promised eKpansion rriodules lor 
dung«}n eHpkyrers though . - 

Lrverpudiian software house 
Com loiiowfKj up ihtiir oKcellent 
Noc^a of Vesod with Robtn of the 
Wood, a ^aphicaliy stunning 
arcade adventure. They ilien 
began to put themselves on the 
software map as ihe producers of 
quality games — an epithet that 
thei:r sister company, thob never 
quite managed to achieve- Cornci- 
dentaiiy, Motx}t Messiah from 
JU.HHIABAT1M. a new company, was 
also reviewed in th# Chnstmas 
Special Early in the New Year. 
OOiH and M.»usATiH were at legal 
loggert^eads ov& graphic routines 
^ a little dispute that was quickly 

C live Townsend, a newcorriier to 
t he Sped rum programmrng scene 
groomed by iHlficiJ-. waded in wilti 
his first game $abor«>r. and col- 
lected N$ first Smash. What a start 
to a programming career* Ihbhht 
alsio stepped into the CHASN 
Smash Hall ol Fgrpe with a neat 
shoot em up, i/ecfron. which was 
to emsj'ge later m the year as a re- 
fetesn from m^wm. 1 986 was to 
be a yMr ol corporate acquisitions 



Chnstmas has become a land- 
mark for the soFtware industry. 
Obviously, people are sn Ihe rrtood 
for spending money dunng the 
festive season, and software 
fiouses tiavE} always rushed to gel 
Iheir best products on the ^telves 
in time for the shopping txxxn. 
Last year a lot ol games missed 
the 'peak' selling period. arxJ to 
quite a few people's surprise, siill 
sold refftarkably well Again in 
1986 > games continued selling 
well thnHighout the year — we 
heard raports that even the slump 
in demaixl dunng the summer was 
hardly noticeat^le. 

The February Issue wasn't sfnn 
of Smashes After living on ten- 
terhooks for rrtonths (ever since 
Jeremy 'I want a Zoid' Spencer 
firat talked to mmhtioh and the 

fLtCTIMMilC PCNCa. OOlWAffVj, we 

were ftnailly'tr^ted to the finished 
Zpids in CRASH Towers. To a 
being, we were impressed, award- 
ing the game 96% overaii. I have 
spotted one or two voioa» of dis- 
sent in my maUbeg ^wa tfien , but 
looking btck 1 1^ maintain that the 
game wat ■ major achievement, 
Qrm of the better toy tie-ins. that 
shines I Ike a beacort above TVans- 
fdmtefs. tor lr^ian<M . . 

The new wukhhe, run artd owned 
by ociAH — who purctiaaed Hie 
name from amongst the ashes of 
the original detkacle (UMLWD), 
also kicked into February wiith 
some powerful products. Two 
aoirt'Oo conwereior^ from the 
Kor^ami arcade achieved Smash 
status. Yie Ar Kung Fu and Mikle. 
Imaoihi nranaged to iteep up this 
pressure Ihroughout the year . . . 

An unbroken track record was 
maintained by utTiMATi with Gun- 
fngtit. which used tt>e same 
lechnjques as Nightshade. t>ut 
included a great deal more in the 
way of gamepiay. Sv\fgevo'$ Woiid 
finally caught up wtth oyr dead- 
hrtes, and was finished in time fv 
a proper review In February— fiav- 
ing been treated to n&less that two 
piaviews in the months before as 
n nearad compietjon The game 
was a gentle dapaiture for omv 

52 CRAS H Ch f istmas S peci at 1 986 


Qoru — ft was mora of an arcAde 
advwitL»re tlian prevK!u$ relaeses, 
so much so that Greg Follis 
described it as 'a pwce of 
wfwmsy', More radical depanures 
from me pNuzzte-trttsnsiva style of 
prooramming wefs due from the 
bumy tno ialef m the y&af , , , 

A firustratingly simpke ^arne 
tnmti from Spanish software 
hOuM Omauh;, courtesy of ORfM^ 
UH, who also 'import^' Rocco. 
one of Throe boxing simulations 
ttiat Vied with each othw \n (ha 
Spectrum mg for supremacy 
West Bank tooh the reaction -lest 
type ot game to its logical Smil ^ 
all you Have to do ts press one of 
Uvea keys lo fire through one of 
ttMW dOOfS prBaented on the 
SCr&9f> Shoot Ihe right person or 
object and pointa are won. shoot 
the VMorvg p«rson Or a bomb and 
lives are lost. Almost mmimaJisl m 
its simplicity, the game proved 
migMily addictive. As a budget 
gam« it would almost certainly 
t^avfl b«6n a Smas^. bih at ^7,96 it 
«amed s respactatrie 84% 

Heoartlad by some as the best 
of the bOKrng simulations, achvi- 
OEM's boxing oam^ was endorsed 
by Barry McGutg^ain. Alithough it 
amved months alter Rocco and 
frank Bmno entered the ring, the 
taSit trairiing appeared Xo give it 
tn WJQft. On \hs adventure front. 


ACTTvsioM did particulaiiy w«ll wih 
MtndstJUtjQw, whicti Derek fecom- 
mended heartily to anyone wtih 
ttie vaguest interest in actventur- 

The Ides of Maf ch provad^ favoura- 
Ua lor HKHO^EH — itiey ttaoMf a 
(HmibC rocnvory Irom the Mfero- 
PIm setback by pumping thrM 
gwnw onto the marKet and col- 
lecfing Ema^Jies lor twvo of them. 
Sir Frad wa$ 'imported' from 
Spain, and the endeann^ cartoon 
{^tifyvcs comiiined with tncKy 
gvneplay had the hefo knigt^ try- 
ing to fescue bts damsel in the 
mTddie of a game which became a 
Smash. Three W00k$ in Paradise. 
«hiCh proved to be postiveriy the 
kaX of the Wally VVMlt flGpiw {SO it 
aaoms. at least) atoo ooiecfad a 
Smasih. Another laKRO-acPt game, 
an m- house shoot em up vaguely 
Had In to itv TV series behkr>d rls 
m&, Batt!9 ot r/w Ptanets, fared 
sJightty less we^i at the hands ot 
Qtir reviewing team, 

The lasted team at OEtcttm 
MttQHi also paraded two ganws 
in ffont ol the CRASH (oysticKs — 
Hi* toNow'up 10 Si)0<fowftr9, cal- 
led B)igma Fpfog and an ornginai^ 
inuftl-tacetted romp fBaturiT>g 

tudget masters HAmBrmoNK: 
provhded a rapid Illustration of the 
way in h^^ich 'cheapies ' cars var^ 
in quality. They lof towed up on 
their Chnst-mas- Smash with an 
appalling irttie gartie called t9S5 
(this would henMt tMen rnore aptly 
titled 1 aasji and ttio more respeci- 
able Souf eia Robot. It j ust goes 1 o 
show that naadtng reviews is highly 
important when contemplating the 
purchase of budget lilies. 

Two companies that wefe to 
fade away quietly dunng 19S6 
appeared tn FROMTLIfJE: ccntiul 
soiLTTioM who speci^ised tn 
'Budget' budget games <most of 
their caliitogue had a retail price of 
99p], we^hed in with a modlocfe 
strategy game called Juut 
tmaginB, while heilu oaMM 
revealed Ihew approach to com- 
merce with The Trading Game. 
Neither impmaawl our tame 
strategist, Setti M^ter^on. 

Fmfsifio , who hAd beort quiet for 
a while, popped out with a re- 
tuned, machine-coded verSHjn ol 
Rtm^tonei. which they had snap- 
ped L^ wtten THc OAues woaksmop 
decided that publishtn<i software 
wasn't a rote they wanted lo play. 

shidge monsierg and slime b«asts 
antitiad Cosmic iVar To^. Both 
games mtssad Smash status quite 

In fact. Liverpudlian companies 
featured very promir>enflv in 
March — OCEAN turned m ^lamPo 
and NOMAD, achieving parallel 
ratings of 79%. while imajqiiw 
released the wofk of a Hunqari^n 
programmer in the form of MOVIE, 
gairiirig not an Oscar but a Smash . 

In fact, releasing games <n pairs 
seemed ail the rage. Ocsmn 
Dcsmner Simon Br alteTcompieied 
wori« on Fofbidden Planet, which 
was m eHect a follow up to Da/k 
Star, and Graham StatfonJ sant us 
a production copy oit211?^, the 
game whicti staned canine hero 

Two Comrrvodore specialists 
also released Spectoim gam«s 
Ystba D0bbs Doo appeared on 

OufCKSiLVA 's label and was wrrtten 
by the TASKSfT programmers, and 
wiZAflo DtvEuOMifHins, the com- 
pany set up by Commodore star 
Tony Crowther, gave Specirum 
owners the benefit of a conversion 
of Wniiam Wobohr. They didn'i 
regard it as much of a beneftt, it 
seems . , , 

hi^Ch was positively a rrvonth of 
'2's. Two adventuie games ware 
Smashed: Lord of tfK Rings and 
iVorm iirj Paradise, the third part of 
iB/tL b's ^iicon Dr^am tniogy. 
Two games came ^om thie us QOLD 
stable, ofw good one poor — 
Winter (Safms and Zouro respec- 
ilvefy And the Wond War Vtm 
strategy/wargame that put you in 
control of Britain's airtxxirne 
defences during the Battle Of Bn- 
lain, TTww Finest Hot/rwas looked 
at twice, by both Derek and Sean, 
coliecting a Smash from 
FROf^JTUNiE. MinnonsoFT com- 
pleted the Spitfire piclura for avid 
ians with the release ot their flight 
simulation, Sfpifffire 40, which 
20omed up to the hoady he^htsof 
a CRASH Smash. 

Mel Crouctier, the man behind 
D(HJ$ Ex Mw-Nna end Ptmania 
amongst other Ihtngs, came back 
from a short aeW-nnposed exile 
resflflfching tnto new riardware 
and the software possibilities it 
opervs upH to produce ID for en. — 
an unusual, taxt-baaad ttfiteiiain- 
ment In which ttie ptayer had to 
coajt and cajole a frightanw} per- 
sonality hiding in the Sped^um 
into revealing details of its pasL 

A few week games amwed, 
including some budget titles and s 
vary tedious football quiz, bul all 

ttifngs considered. March ^as a 
very good month (or Spectrum 

Not a bad month for the Spec- 
trum Itself, come lo that We took 
a Iqo4( at tt^ r>ew 129K machine 
Bit Clive launched on the puttie , 
and the speculation as to whether 
it would t>e a success began, fslow 
that Chnstmas is here, rl thftOOn- 

terits of my postbag reflect ttia real 
wor^d there is ^stiii plenty of specu- 
lation about the viability of 
Amstrad'^s reiaunched lSfi, tfw 
Spectrum Plus Two, 

CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 53 

spectrum, CBM 
Amstradi £6.95 

Victory House, Leicester Place; 
London WC2H 7NB. 
Telephone: 01-439 0666 

Can you save the day? 

TWO or multi-player 

option, training 

mode, league tables. 







Whafav^r dd Wive$' say about 
■ho were bufirug this month -^ rl 
dcwsn't hold true Cor games, 
SlVtou^ Ft rained games at 
CflASH Towef:^ thw« was only 
one Smash in the shower. Elite 
turned in a »trarahtforwad 
iftplflmenlation of BorribtacM, 
tAich wa$ d^otid al f nils bul deU- 
CJDusly piayabla, Not a case of 
piMhing Ih* Spectrum ro its limits, 
but a vBfy entertaining an<l faith- 
Kiihf etficuted convefston 

A trio d oarnM from nnEBiflo's 
«xaNad 'hot' range turned o ui to- 
be fwt'SO-h&t. Wottl amof>gsi the 
bunch was Gefry The Gefm, a 
gVTiQf^OfVifH — wellalnghttl^en, 
wnN-wom puerile humour — whicih 
ladted in t^ playtMiity department 
and attracted a uery tuhewami 
45% The duo beNrid Cosfa 
C9pef^ Me«$jrs Msrsden and 
Cooke (remember fecAntotoi 
Ted7] got a brt warnier and ool- 
leded 64%, 'Hotrangewise' aa 
Herbie i-fy^3«ftx>le Wnght of 
nMMv mi^i so easily have said, 
the lead game was RsspuHn. a joHy 
3D romp aeainst the f crrces or evH 

Star neiivcomer lo the $oftware 
worfd during Apm was Richard 
Walsh > whose homegrgwn pnog- 
rarn Frafth T>w Flea warmed 
everyora's heart, and earned e 
very feapsdabie 57% for the 
novicd piQQtamftt^. We havei^'t 
hanrd from Richard feoflntly. but 
his last stated intention was to buy 
anjOmpikftr and start wntirtg games 
that run in machirw cocte. 

Julian Rignal), ooe of the Spiky 
Haired Ones ' Irom ZZAP! who ter - 
tanm the Competition Minion, 
fled a guest stoi by hooking al ths 
new games released for iha 12BK 
Spectrum and found himsetl 
gentty impressed by the 
capaalhies of ihe new machine, 
PTMe indeed, itom a dedicated 
Comrnodore afcadester. 

As |tiir>gs turned, the firial review 
fW the rather strange SLtrftng 
game, SuffcAan^ created by msh 
software ^tjse hkw conemn, 
was rtoi as dtaparagirtg as maek 
people in the Towers expected H 
to N. Perhaps the psyehotogical' 
effect of U9ing ft rather sidy-iookii^ 
plastic surft»ard dtdn'i have as 
detrimentat an effect as we flrst 

supposed. , . - The ueti cohcifts 
advertiseiT»ent hti an aU-ttme tow 
in terms of artwortt stemdardis, 
while thfl<r promotional Sweat 
Shirts hit an all time high m the 
oiloe, Isn't life 5tranga? 

The new sua arn. now owned 
in name by arous press sonwAfC. 
chipped in with a couple of bod9el 
games, ttie best of which was t*w 
rattwr tweety named Sodoi' The 
Sqtc&w it\ which yoM v^ere 
tnvolwsd in asking marauding dra- 
gons to go away- WelL Go Away 
The Sorceror wouhJft*t hawe had 
much of a nr»g to it according to 
euo warn supremci, Peter HoTme 
- - . iRotelDCOntributeb little to the 
woHd of budget games, bulflaalm 
of fmpoisitfilftY contributed 
noihing positive to tfie gamu- 
playlng world or amolasoft's ere- 
dibility. At £1,99 h would have 
been a 'f&ry weak trtte, better 
suited to retease back tn the pre- 
Issue 1 days, but at t7.95 in 1^6 
it was lucky to collect 1 0% overall. 
For the same rrKHiey. AnoLASorr 
were offering Thmkl. a vary com- 
pelling K:^on-driven puzzl« game 
designed by TMMwa. or for a 
pound mora you could buy Skyfox 
from the same compaiiy — a very 

competent flight sirmjlalor. 
Pertiaps f^^fT} of Impossihitity 
was AfWLA«oFT'3 Apnl Fool jOke 

Ottisr disappointments for April 
(apurt trom Flobm Candy's face ori 
lt» cover and all over his Playing 
Tips supplement) iricluded a r^w 
ttt»B9« ^Om OtCTMCMCAMa who 

tiad got off to a reasonable start 
with 7, of rhe Mask and RidtJi^f's 
Den. W>n(er Sports was iess tftan 
state of thie art, and arriving ^ It 
did almost in parallel wrth us qocd/ 
tPYx's Winigr Gomes, a newly 
formed reputation was dented, 
QCade Rufwrnr, from eta. was 
another dtsappcMr^tmanl — thia 
ttme for fi^ tana. No doubt the 
ibcence was an expensive one, txit 
the product it inspired wasn't , , , 
wetl, waisn't inspired. 

Overall. April was an interesting 
month, which saw a wide range of 
software released including a foot- 
ball league strategy/simulation, a 
couple of puule gan^es, a show 
jumpiThg Simulation (from aujoata 
— who nssested the temptatlcin to 
get their product endorted and 
ended up doing a reasonat^ts fo6 
on an offbeat $uib|ectj. a aurfing 
simulation and acollaction of more 
usual, run -oft he mill release Most 
embarrassing game of Ihe rrK>nth 
fwd to iw TranstofmgrS. reteased 
by OCCAM and programmed by . . . 
OCHTOM omam^ Not their beat 
worit by a tong cftalk. 


t^ever cast a cicut 'tii May s out' 
Tftf grendmcMhar uaad to remind 
us aJL Now we'v9 entered ttie 

Binary Age, maytie software 
houses should update the saying 
and make sure that they never 
master ' til the bugs are out. May's 
games were bug-free, and 
afthough rather fewer In number 
than orihar months, they tervded to 
tie rsAher higher in quality. 

Lttd Smash of the n>onth was 
llW aagerfy awaited Starstrkg ll 
ft&m tfw Masters of 30 doini hol- 
ders wrth Simon Bratt&lK HiAirHtf . 
According to Plan A, Starstnke It 
was due for retease before Cfinst- 
mas. and tfw tno at isALTtME 
invested a sjgnifk;ant sum adver- 
lishng the fact Sadly, as is so often 
the case, deadlines slipped aftd 
the game was ready for release 
{wi^>out bugs) Mverai mortths 
Later ttian scheduked- 

f^OTWttwiiMt. It went down well 
in tfie Toward, eamir>g gasps ol 
admiration from every reviewer 
who saw H on ttw C'RASH office 
Spectnin-is. It was claarfy worth 
the wait. As I Sit in my cramped 

ofl^ penniftg {weH Hermes-^} 

theae words, all the reviewers in 
tfie CRASH office are cun^ently 
gasping in admiration m front of 
anotf^r ncALTiut game, this time 
Starsfkief. released by RAiHBino. 
They hiavsn't lost their touch . . 

ULTHUTE reteasad their p«nulti« 
mate game lor t986 — Cybsfun, 
whicti duly scTHped a Sma^ arvd 
i04neO ariother Konami cooversion 
from tHAomi. Ping Pong at the 
90% rrvark MatchdBy program- 
rner Jon Ritman launched his siich 
3D verston of SBtman on the world 
via OCCAM, intpressirva Batman 
fans ^erywhere wrth the gloS3 
and attentjon to detail mvesiad »n 
tfie program. And oncMUK's com- 
bat game, w^y of the Tiggr col- 
lected a creditabte 9i3% which 
pleased the firm's bo&s, lan 
Stewart, and meant tfistthe tie-m 
With Knight 8ooks and the Way of 
the Tiger aerits of interactive mnjia 
fiction had pirid off. Three oom- 
pertles had very near misses on the 
Smash front: ouKLL atili haven't 
completely forgiwan us for spoiling 
their untilernished njn of Smasries 
by awardirtg Turbo kspnt B6% 
overaff; Mihe Danteb of duoHL 
Winced eudtt}ly when he pttonsd bi 
to discover that Affack of the KWm 
Tomatoes, the first of his Golden 
Turkey' film lie-ms. had jusl been 
pipped at 89% whiia muum 
remained inscrutable at»>ut the 
88% awarded to their conversion 
ol Konami's Green B9t9t. 

Rather unusually, a game from 
ATLAMtia got a doub4e ratingl opin- 
ion was so firmly dMded m the 
office as to tfie merits of Stiiper- 
oom. a. hacking game, that it 
received 86% overall AND 2i% 
overall. Nothing like breaking with 
tradition . . . 

Another combat game, this tirrte 
a simuibon of the poiniy-stick 
school of Karate, was igiuncrfed on 
tt>e world by tMnftonecFT but failed 
to add ffiiymngi atgnificant to the 
genre. ExplodlOQ Flat seems to be 
the classic m this Held, even today. 
Afwther Itghbng g«me, lf^ tirne of 
tfw bomtft and bultots variety. 
carr>e from jujjqata. wtio dared to 
mset euTE, holders of the otficial 
Commanclo licence, with VWxj 
Dans Wins ii which firwJiy 
appeared on the Spectrum screen 
after some legal wrangling. With 
licertces being experisive com- 
moditi^. the precedent for 
defending game scianancs an<j 
concepts was set — a maror 

C RASH Christmas Special 1 986 55 


d«p«rtur« rrom th« «ariy days, 
wt>»rt I can rementbar a host of 
'ck>n«$' app^afing arouriid every 

'origrnal ' tde^. , , , 

Electwc dmcmhv 9Bt otf on the 
path to film li«-ifts Mtth a d'tsap- 
pointing rendition ol Back lo the 
Future, whrie on Ihe itcflnce front 
Mswf Hsadrixtni broke the bamef 
to amve on the Spectrum. Deti- 
doualy differ eni , lUAmECH decided 
to Mcsnce a frorit — Samanlha 
Fox's — wtucti appeared in p«xel- 
lated iorm in Sam Fox's Stnp 
Poker Sorrw commertatofs 
suggested thai utoLiaorr shoukj 
have been awarded that parlicLriai 
licence - - - 

The first ol the LuC<i5filiVi ^fldTie* 

appeared from AcrnnsMW in I he 
shape oT BatSbiazm — another 
delayed reileasa — tHJt this time 
Dr>e wtitch vvas greeted with a 
nmsaum of apathy, and atlantb 
<id fhair best to squeeze th9 i^si 
drtbblsa c^ humour out ol the CS in 
Jftvwsngi? Qt ths C5. 


Halfway throu^ thft v«ar, and the 
June issue was v«ry tNn on the 
ground as regards ficence deals 
md t»-ins OciAH's game ^boul 
tlm Izard-ai'kenis ttiat stwrad in the 
V. TTw Voung Orvs from 
and ttte belatedty- 
ravwwed Fnday 13th from gofe 
mssters dohaiw were ttie only 
games that feetuned characl«^ 
who hwJ appeared on screens thai 
wereni iittached to a computer- 
There was nothing special about 
any of the three, and tn fact The 
y«jng Oiss was a fair old disap- 

An octet of Smashes appeared, 
tnciudinglhe first e^^ Smas^ for a 
1Z8K game — Hnigfit Time writl&n 
for UMtnmmontc hy Dawd Jones 
(and latw to appear m a 4iSK ver- 
sion). Phi! Churchyard, e reqular 
conlFJbtitor to Playiog Tips 
POKE wise, collaborated with Paul 
Shlrtey to producfli Spindizzy 
Which ooiiected a Smash for luc- 
THC (MBMM. and made up for a 
OOUpto of mediocre releases from 
the Southetmpto4i-based com- 
pany started t>y Rod Cou&ens. 

Twoadvanturesotne ganiwacol- 
laetatf Smuhw, Hmvy on the 
Magick from Derek and Fiedhawk 
from itie reviewing team. It looks 

as If OAAoovt^ are go^ng to tie giv- 
i^ I heir advwiture/puzzfe games 
a bit of a: roat for a while as tr>@y 
corwentrate on i heir arcade lat>el, 
but HCLBOuRNc HoutSC released trie 
foflow'^up to Bsdr?aw*f, Kwsh just 
in time for a review In this Issue. 
And second time around. Derek 
Brewster ^ets to evaiuale ti>e 
caped (or should ttiat be feath- 
ered?) cmsadar's deeds of der- 

Mr Masterson took the unusual 
step of re-SmaaHng Desert flats 
Irom eck wtien it amved m \2BK 
form — ctaimir>g ttiat h«'d torgol- 
len first time around on tti© 46K 
version I Arvd tba issue corxdudsd 
With ihree more Smashes — ULti- 
ture's last game of 1986, PentAg- 
ram. onEHLH's vefttcaliy- scrolling 
ptatform vanant with yet anolt>ef 
ball as hero, S&yndef, ^d Qu&iat - 
rod from Steve Tumet on Ihe mw- 
s0i«s Label. 

As months go, June was quite 
high quality — oniy five games 
received less than 60% ove«ait, 
which indicated I hat a summer 
slump in gam«s of quaUty iMas 
gang to tie avOKled this yaar as 

Large and complicated arcade 
adventures were flavour of the 
morith dunng June: A"nT waded in 
with Core, PROSE went all robotic 
with MantrofSK, and Giass prog- 
rammer Paul Hangreaves com- 
pleted the monster game Tarrfald/s 

A pair of Seque'l^ came uiider 
our reviewera' rrketaphofical rrnc- 
nascopee — they WaaAMen High- 
way from vofmx. tfia fellow -up to 
Highway EncountBr, but bisiiked 
Mugsy's Revortge from mgl- 
BOURNE, which was only saved 
from a IrashifM by the fact Ihast a 
free copy of Mugsy was included 
ori the tape. 

Des^te the awful artwork in the 
adverbsement. Legend of the 
Amazon Women proved to be a 
passable beat em i^ from usooui. 
while the budget wm ol the sam« 
enterprise offered tfie pseudo- 
mystical Secret Qt L0vitstiOf}. 
which failed to r^ above Uie half- 
way mark in per^nlflge lerrris. 

The Telecom team al fihewro 
went hedgehog crazy with Spiky 
Harold, biA fajfed to take advan- 
tage oT ttie licensing oppOrtunrly 
on the doonstep of CflASH Towers 
— the Briiish Kegehog Preseva- 
tion Society htas is r^eadquaners a 
few miles away Irom my home and 
i regularly encounter ils leading 
light, of»e Ma|Of Adian Coles, as fie 
construe !s htfJe ramps lor the 
spiky creatines to use to darrtber 
out of cattle gnds . . , FtMMRQ's 
other June omring, rattur lata for 
th6 event ii parodied, was T?w 
comer Game, a space romp 
loosely based on tt>e arrival of hial' 
ley's cornel — which t^ad tumad 
lail ^-id travelled deep into sfoca 
when the game was raiaasad. 

Time and; celesttal bodi^ wait 
for no man, and nor do Amortcen 
Footballers Afl the ra^amatazf 
surroiinding the Sup€<tiow1 had 
faded in the memorv of Channel 4 
viewers by the lima ocuw got to 
the shops With Bupertxtw}. 

Unexpected amval of the iiKinih 

award went to AD»cmi wtw carrw 
to CRASH Towers without Kevin 
Toms, withioul FoQf^ll Manager 
and with Kinsi/ a culeiumptng game 
ttiat won the t>aart of our Qirlie 
Tipsier, Hannah Smrth . , . 



The summer season t>egan with a 
quartet of Smashes — and fdur 
very different games they wer«. 
Over in adventureland, Derek was 
knocked out Dy tcvK. «'$ Pncs of 
Mag^ — a folkjw on to Red Moon 

— vrfiich sands the ptayer on a 
quest 10 learn about the mystical 
arts, Derek insists that aacfi of 
LEVEL «'s successive releases con- 
tain ttvat JXI more ma§ic, in terms 
of what they can do with tf>e Spec- 
irum. Another cUHH^CtCdliVOp con- 
version left the BJic stable in the 
form of (Miosis 'n' QobSns. and 
marketeers extraordinaire 
DOMMw, finally collected their first 
ever Smash for Sp^tng, sony. 
Stifling imageei. A very simple, 
and indeed ancient cortoept —the 
^IkJing block puzz(e — ^ainod a 
new lease of life. 

Could OREHUN gel the hat -trick? 
In May they had a Smash, In June 
another. July came, and with ittfw 
tefftWa antics of a w^ked cherac- 
tar who could ^ eesJiy tiave been 
the creation of an artastwoWngfor 
THE BEANO. Jjick TMWJDpsrput 
»t\ ini^rest^ng ^lani on the arcade 
adventure format. amused 
everyoru and did irvfeed cotlecl a 

T^ree games that everyone had 
great e>tpeclations for also amwed 
thts monfti, and each of ttiem 
proved B disappointment. Bfggies 

Irom liiWIQHIQfT Oansmly hadn't 

been flying an urHfercover mission 

— the game was tied m wilfi the 
film of Ihe i$arrw name, and the 
tevet of promotior^ and publicity 
which it received meant tnat few 
people could have missed its 
impending anivaJ. When the game 
c&rrte m to land, however, ri proved 

lo be quite unremarkable After a 
good siK nxriTths' deiay, Hct> 
BOuAHe HOiiMe released Rock 'n' 
Wrestle, which had kist the rock' 
on the way to ttie nng and, without 
ttw endorsement ol Big D«|dy, 
had vary kttto to oHer. Jtiy was 
also ttie mottth IhaJ we loc£«d ct 
the game whtc*^ fsH sfiionest of 
eKpectat»on$: the most contenti- 
ous game ol 1 966. WoridCup Car- 
fxivaf A mq^ liosnoa deal, a large 
box cramniMl wftJi 'goodies . a 
caae a t te — a cassette containing 
a mflrginally rervamped foott}»li 
game thiat onoinaiiy appeared on 
the wmc label and was now very 
long in the tooth, 

A hgtTKffui of budget garn^ 
amv«d, most of them m^iocre 
tHit Snodgits itorr, sjmmwlcrs ^ s 
sort of detective game — took an 
unusual approach stvi proved 
very piayahte. F wi— gertered the 
txidget arena with a combat - 
decathkJT vanani Hips& Master, 
and ttM adventure scene with Sea- 
bissa DoKa which somehow cap- 
iwed the imagination o^ Darek's 
readers, and was to appear m his 
letters page on a regular basis over 
Ihe next few months. 

FRONTLINE looked at a pair ol 
rjames from pss, one good, one 
not so good Theatre Europe, a 
game wiih a rather sensationalist 
subject, was the better of tha pair 
and seeiTied likety to encourage 
playQrs to think about the implica- 
tions ol nuclear war, involving 
them as it did m making deciSiOf)S 
about the launch ol nuclear mH$- 
^^f»s. Everyone nrtakes mistakes; 
■ . fS psa's' wrote Sean Master- 
-Mtf about iTwa Jima. You can't win 
em all* 

Moiecule Man from wluter- 
Tno»«i& and Etpirnox from hikiw- 
OiM offered quatrty fare lor fans of 
(he ercsdo adventure, while had- 
TtcH's cunnirtg space game, 
which was tied-tn with an 
asif onomer. ttwew new ligN on tfte 
arrangement of our universe, The 
Pfanefs managed to oombirw oie- 
nvsnis ol arcade, adventtjfe arKi 
educatioriai games and presented 
a comiplicated and slightly daunt- 
ing chaiieng^^ to the pJayer who ^ 
off on a mission lo — y^. at least 
that pail was standard' — to save 
itw Earth from desffuction. 

56 CRASH Christmas Special 1 9&6 


The suPHTHir ol this ytiar was 
noUiing spectacular — mByt>e 
pPGple kapt ret^smng gannes 
bttoaiAfi itYene was nothing mof e 
ptaasan^t to do? Whaiovor the 
iMSon, we were flooded with 
budgiit titlias this month — unfor- 
lunatety ttioy were nvoatly gnin- 

Games involving ballii were 
popUar in 199£- Apan from kk:k- 
mg lh«n and hrttirtg tN»m m spofts 
siTitiations, they also had lo be 
bounced, roltad and JLnnpeb 
thrn^h hostile l^rain, Bobby 
BaBmg from tmC EOOC rolled Out 
into the M^iapiane^ thi$ month in 
search ot hi$ cousins erfd found a 
Snash on the way. and an 
anonynxx^ football negotiated 
fife, nasty shafp pms and twxing 
gloves arnoTigsl a host o1 other 
nasties in MwioRscrr's fttp screer 
arcade adventure Action SfftUiM, 

Pumplun lans got their chance 
10 gtnKe Dac^ i"^ C,^vt(^ri?n it, 
ftiMi's sequei m wh^ch a oute 
bouncy pumplr«in (nearly A bsS. biit 
nol quile) hod lo mako his way 
round a flip screen castle in the 
best arcade adventure tradrtion, 
coHectloe Ihe wherewTtha^ to 
depoH th9 evit Keg. Artothisr 

FineBMO Ijpefhapft sfXMting Sean 
Mssterson's favourable com- 
menls about an old tmo shft 
game, Rebet Star Ratdefs some 
months ago), launched a 
fevampad verskm on Iheir budgel 
label and cottacted a Smash Tor 
their troutrie. Spotting a gap in the 

marltet enci l>W filling it, (? wittioyl 

dOMbi, me route to commaiciaJ 

Two quality arcade adverrtures 
Jiteo collected Smashes: 
fyrBCursfl from HCwSOtM (n whuch 
a targe S<Xith American temple/ 
tomb had to be explored 'Rtuders 
ol ttie Lost ArV" style, and Hearr- 
tVN^ from OCMN who by now had 
handed over the headaches of 
putMist^ing games to rw m am a and 
were concentrating on wrrlirtg 

The first Qam^ arrivec} IrofTii the 
n«w iHtdget label launched at 
chateau iKnsewiofl — ptAvma — 
they were met with an almost 
unwiJrrKHfS iukewarrri reception, 
despite the Mip-Hop padkaoinQ. 
Our very Own Derek Brewster also 
met with a poor review for his rww 
geme, Cort-qyasl which appaared 
en mtmmameCi MfiD I^mI. 

Acoi^rieof denes potted iheir 
neeee abov* the ramperta — 

JkUJMTA'a m»om label turned in a 
tgk TBTKlition of the V^zartt's Lair 
theme with Labyrinthion, sarrnng 
60% overail, while ariola$oft pub- 
lished anottier game from Dave 
Harper. Toadrunnsf. which bore a 
vetv stnkifiQ resernblar>ce lo his 
earlier work for GLEcmic eweahs — 
FSrcfdiet's Den, Electric paeahs 
themselves gave film the- ins a resl 
tc release H^aciir, which puts the 
player in th« roie Of a hafrasaed 
American official dealing wWh a 
terrorist incident. 

Even ttiougti tliey collaborated^ 
with OCEAN, usGOLDdhdn't n^anagie 
to do a particularly good job or\ 
their conversion of the ageing 
coin -op Kung Fu Master, and 1 heir 
second bud^t release on the 
AMcntcAHA label, Subt&ranean 
Ntgtitmafe I urned oyt to be a bit of 
a bad dream. 

The lush to budget sottware 
dKJn'l Eippe^ totie producirtg any- 
th^nig $p0<;iaL with mediocre fKo- 
ducts Uam Ki^.'^TL^^-nottccBtttuu. 
SOLUTIONS and mljuitw WlinQ the 
remHir>ing review pages. . , . 


Thir>g8 quietened down over Sep- 
tember, but at East Oil was able to 
do the cover he'd been waiting to 
gel to grips wrth, ever since he 
fward that Dan Daw was ooHs way 
from vwoftt Deeprtft i«pea1ea 
reqt^sts.thetaamitt wwan aifnply 
hadn't allowed a sJogle earfy 
screen shot oui of their program^ 
ming ctiamber. and when the 
l^vna flr^aiiy amved it wb$ a corrv 

plete mysiefv Momenii^ after 

It had loaded it became clear that 
the g^me did justice to the cartoon 
hero and a Smash was on the 
cards VmoM's other oame Aslan- 
ttc CtialSenger (which gives the 
player a chance to control vmoiH 
supremo, ocean racer and litter 
campaigner Richard Branson) did 
leu well. Maybe there should have 
been an arcade sequence in the 
park with one ol thic^Ha pointed 
sticks , , , This was a good year 
for MMHO-OEN, but perhaps a 
slightly had month — their new 
gan>e which intj-oduced 'Teenage 
Superhero' Rtcky Steele rr^ssed 
Smash status by a slnglto peroer^ 
lage point to the dfaappclntment 
of all down m BracicrA^I, where 
Walty Week is in comfortable 

Hod Bowkett's keenly-awaiied 
(ofiow up to Dyjiflrrstte Dan was 
completed in time for review and 
lived up to expedat ions — another 
tairly straightforward ptatfajmn 
Qanie, but one with so many 
added touches that a Smash was 
InevHMila. And two Smashes were 
awarded in the adventure world — 
One lor The Boggit, a delightful 
upoof on Tolkien created by mita 
4 ar>d published by cm., and 
another Smash for w«;eismvE's 
adventure-writing utility. The 
GfHphJc Adventure Creator which 
weni on to laite ttie hofTwgfown 
sdventure world txy storm, 

Flight simulslor fans were 
treated to ACE by CASC*Ot , i com - 
pany whose reputation was 
f Duoded in the budget compilation 
markets arvd which moved towards 
mainstream games put>lishing 
with a very neat airtxwne combat 



Saving film tie-Ins for later m the 
year, nacriNC PREiUie went an^ua- 
tic. producif>g a whimsical under- 
sea romp by the narT>e Of M^nuncl 
Madnass, and an aqueous version 
ol Pan? fldrome written by ham jam 
and called Xarq. 

Rupert Bear and Darkgermouse 
Stanwl in games from euo am 
and ■MfwLERS respectively, but 
failed to achieve superstar slatuSn 
while Santa Claus made an unsea- 
sonaliy e^rly appiearance m a 
game from *lpma oueoA, the 
budget lat>el created by en.. No- 
one was Icitely to leave out a glass 
of sherry and a couple of mince 
pies for this FalfierChnstmas. . . . 

After the problems they a)QMfJ- 

enced with Th$ Young Ones, 
oFEPHeLts decided to stop publish- 
ir^ gam^ in tfieir own right, and 
irslesd corceriifate on provvdm^ 
a programming and conversJOn 
seni-ice for other companies. Tuiac 
had t>eeo completed t>elore the 
Decision was taiten. and duly 
appeared on itw waouiAOfT latiel, 
winning some admiration for the 
graphics, but breaking no new 

?roynd as an arcade adventure, 
ranch aoftware house uvoa- 
flAHES did try to break new ^ound 
on the advent ure/ro1e playing 
Iront, but somehow l(»t dIreCliOfi 
along the way with Mandngom. 

As the September tssue was 
being written, companies were 
gear ina up lor ttte Persor^l Com* 
pulffl" World Show and seemed lo 
be saving the best lor Iheir stands 
. . . with a massive preview section 
compieled. the rest of the CflASH 
team departed for otympia leaving 
yours iTuty to hold thie fori. 

CRASH Qiristmas Special 1 966 57 

On touH tw f^uf 

Itear opBB tha wrapp: 

liner, load-up and Itk^.fllEfifSOlIl] 

Remember "Wten you were, or siffl are ! , a. punky paper bqy with 

a dream of slingtol a motor on your tike? Well now your a real 

mean mall iSan and yI^u^re got a ten%iDg truck wtLh an 

explosive debveiy! Your the only mail man left on earth and 

there are plenty of baddies who are determined to make this 

your last post! So pack your punches and dont forget. . . the post 

must |ettbroii|hl 

OcGcn Softwore 6 Cential Street Manchester M2 5NS 
felephone: 061 832 6633 Telex: 669977 Oceans G 



The Persorai Computer Woi>d 
S^ow. as aFways. was an event 
and a tian whng^e all ttie leading 
ights of the software indijstry 
IMraded tfwHf prcKnises tcx Ctinat- 
n\ft$, CSVG cartfuRy av»dad 
aar»ding Mei^u Ravenfiarrtft. 
bespits a hard-fCHjgtit stpcker war, 
■he cartoon lip^tar failad to 
msienahse leavii^g the SI>Qw Hoor 
to our own Girlie Tipstef Hannah 

Trrviaf Pursort airived on Ifie 
ootwAK staixl at the, and 
coUdded another S«riash for tho 
martuMMfs in the October I ssue — 
liter a period m the daldrurns (as 
tar S9 ratings go anyway), domaiw 
»eemed ma to maKe tneir friark, 
iuTi cantimied tti*^ coirv-op cori- 
innions, Ja^hcJiIng Pap9t1>oy9tvi 
f 943 — F^t^peirbOK came remerka' 
biy doM to b^ A hit h the rat- 
Ingi, whB« lh« gmvnt consensus 
0^ 9pin^ ^unour^ding f ;^^ wes 
that It was an accurate conversion 
of a rathw dull gama. But euti 
wasn't led out — Scooby Doo, a 
dffferent vsrakrt to ttw one or>gl- 
rtaiv planned in tale S5 — col- 
lecied a Smash . Oominai^on of the 
HOTUNi Charts sMmad to be 
WfTliim . . . 

Mlsr i biirly long absence Erom 
its aeene, vCfrrEX bounced tiack 
With a ball garrw from Costa 
Panayi — an elegant 3D puule 
cum Hn;Bd«-'Bdventure entitled 
navofufjon which completed the 
tiio ot Smashea for ttia month. 

Another bevy oif budget games 
acurned n for review and were all 
poor to awtui excapt tor L^ ot ttw 
Gods from uAsriRmoNK:, which 
fol lowed on from One Man and His 
Droftf and collected 80%. 

Tennis from iimqw got s poor 
lecaption — itT« best of ttw 
Konam« coeo-ops hed already 
been converted, but the reception 
that Kmght Rkier received was 
even less favourable. Despite itie 
inttmiinably long wart (and the 
release of an early, completely diif- 
terent game ttwough a mail otdee 
catalOQue) ocean had very little to 

The seedA of controversy were 
sown m two reviews — H^gd 
Coacft (see the GhrttmaB 

weren't ternbiy ^mpraeaed with our 
review and fell that we hadn't done 
the game justico , . , The lavoura- 
bis review Sthko Force Hamm 
dttradfid did Itttie to moUtfy the 
f^^ewcomers niUNHA certainly 

got (twJr teeth into the software 
market, kicKing. off with Trapdoor 
and Stnk0 Force Cobra and nar- 
rowly missing a Smash with Oori 
Prieatlm's ooiouTtui interpretatioo 
of the TV ser>e« starring Ber^ and 
a host of strange creature con- 
fined below the trapdoor. 

Th6 Spectmm Ptus Two moved 
cfoser to boirvg reeiity ^ sampre 
machinos had beer\ on display at 
the PCW Show, but didri't get into 
the shops until much later. . . . 


Once again, lots of budget ganuts 
came under scrutiny, and dttspile 
entries from HAamrmofMc and 
AwcfvCAMA. FinEBiRD lead the fiekJ 
in lerms of quality wrih 
j|5on>bsca/a, Hof^ymst Days of 
Your Lrte (a Wally Wee*! clone — 
maybe the tiero's m retirernent but 
ttw format si ill lives), OWi »iXfiJ$^ 
and Thnjst Ttw Telecom team 
were let down a little by Kai Tern- 
pie, but no-one's perfect, espe- 
cially in the budget world . . . 

Smaller compafiies led ttw 
Smash field this month — JXjflELL 
provided a vary unusual 3D gome 
with an eouaHy unusual title, fst 



Worm 8lov^ A Sparky, Q*PiQBin£ 
treated everyone to an artnt>ute- 
ciash'tree shpool em up, and «• 
impressed our tame stratagist with 
MipoiiBon At War. iNf^iGnAiyes, 
though tiy no means a small com- 
pany, carrw very ckjse to a Smash 
with L'Attaim Vers Cru£, as did 
otWHUN with 7Vaiwa/<9r and 
ARKXA50FT With th© onQinfll con- 
cept of Deactivators. 

Strost Hawk finally got into ttw 
High Street and proved to beadis- 
appointmer^ but rpot as ^mA a 
disaf^joimmant n AfijpM Bfdm. 
Asiehx was another long awaited 
game that proved lesa than won- 
derful, despite the protracted 
devetopment time, and isivouiwi 
Houat did nofhingta improvo their 
senUy slipping Image t^y reiea^g 
Canqu0Stadof, a cute t>ut unre- 
markable arcade adventure. 

Controversy t>egan to rear its 
head again, when we swarded 
Glki&rffkt6FiSrt^t^ for the 1 28K 
machine. Out didn't make a eong 
and dance atwut it becau&e ttw 
48K game only nwriled W% 

Ariother bumper 164 page inue 
was planned for December, to 
cram m aJI the game reviews that 
we expected to fiave to cope wiih 


With Ctviatmas fast approachir^, 
software twuses began reveeling 
thoir prime progrsma. Out of aorrw 
ttvrty games which v^ looked at 
laat month, only trvre scored lest 
than 60% ovaraN. Alhu ohcoa 
9onw#iow don't seem to have 
penetrated the tudgel market with 
quite the right approach — ttwir 
games have oonsHSiemly failed to 
achieve good ratings. More 
Omega than Alpha, in fact, with Or 
What collecting a mere 1 7% 

CoDCMMTBs entered ttw 
tHJdget arena with a p^ie oi titfes, 
which received a warm reoeption. 

Otherwise no ntajor sufprisos as 
promised Christmas garnets 
arrivatl for rew^w* Another 

tvwilw months ol CRASH ISTORY 
w«a ruled off m theladger, and the 
^4ew 'yeat awaited aagerty- 

CRASH Christmas SpeCtal 1 9S6 59 

ON THE SCREEN Is back yet again by popular requdStt 
Once more we bring you a seiection of ttia very b^ in 
Spectrum 'artwork'! Loads of piccies came in the past 
few months, so if you don't see yours fTwsre, tfien try again! 
Anyway, these are ttie best of the ones tiiat came in 



Ml tht m^ht thai 

Kujdtt, tolcMdk 
who hicwM hwi Ruefc 

^:^*'s. I 


Thii prtttf cartaai B 

4Hwtytfnf't fa\iisunU 
chirartrT, and 
nftlkm^h winnr 
iuwmaik, kwyt^ 

ofdftMrmtoii wry 

•2' %^*i-k Mf'H^'^J F'^*»%m 5m. J •:*►« »• 

EmrHtJofifasi mmsjf 

netttmg JMl a dm 

Hfedrattw hifnffon 


60 CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 



finished wnmm of 

dSefrd mq^ha, Uui 
KTttn miiifiiatatd 
<m rtf Art Amnion) 
4tik. DaimiBm^tf 


(J»ir «M (Inpninf (I 
ittrnttm ifrcauie qJ 
at! tht fMfUml 

arralhng ntUiha^ 

krmnatk ruittcTt of 
tk^^ltt.l thought 
tk^ ihi ^(Kt it 
cresltd IMi oat- 
knt /uHlJlH|inHd 
Hi thf my tfiot it 


ii^si iHmdJa^na- 

Jtvw inf KVittt tm 

twt t^CXt Fr^\ 

CRASH arvrr pif. 
iVT* FriJiif Uth. f'm 
■vt nnw aioiirf lAr 
purplf hhid, but ikr 

tien toJMaititvfTy 

eJidii Mia ri hdi tern 
used tBfrigtttenmiety 

fn^n ZZAP and 
ihey'vt Uvnturwii int» 

Hitehmk who g/tt 
tkt prints our 
furthat fiunj!: cstf 
tnitulor ui Owhttti 

ofadkhe tn ccmpv 

m dmiatifSaiBn wr- 




totfy cittirf Aian 
hfldf fmm Amdalt 

TTwt'j yjttr lot, then, Kgep tending tham tn, btil remember that ifytm 
want them ient back, then you have to jtsmp the emvhpe that you tuant 
it unding bach m; and mube jure tj!ie U^ loads! Ail jmnteti pkdes^ 
biw up into A3 infuli colour by WMMB. inatGsrs of the Art Sft«*o. who 
*pofl»r IJfils page very kindly. Send "em ^ Into 

CRASH Christmas Speciall 986 61 

TO A £1M 

1 copies^f 


50 CHUCK gliders 
to lie won! 


Star0K^isa great new game that 
puis you firmly in |t>e dnving seat 
of ao AGAV — AirtMfne Ground 
Attack Vehicle, vi antiquated sub- 
Irght fughtQf craft prodijced by 
DIoziw Industries Rahpird are 90 
s leased with their iate$l Qarr^e, th$n 
I ' 'iy arealfenng a radio-controlied 
gijdef 1o Ihe Mfinw of this compet- 
(tkon, WTiat do you have to do? 
Draw somethtng'' No. Write sorrw- 
thing? No, Not a words^quara 
please — anythrtg but that! 

Ohmygosh ... Not a spot tw 
differeoce (with hopefully j&orne 
djffefwxies marltjed in?) No. Min- 
ion haa finally bfoken the mouJd oi 
compatitlon writing, and 
ptoneered a new sty^e comp that 
anyorifl with slightly nirnble fingefs 
and a handful of lalent can enter. 
What you mu5i do is to take arr A4 
phece o( paper i£97mrn x 2iOmm) 
and design on aeroplane by FOLD- 
iNG the paper to shape (gasp! — 
what a revolutionary »dea. I hear 
you all cry). Get youf entries into 
Xhe post, to wing their way here by 
the 20th of January. Lee. Graeme, 
ttw Girtie Tipster and I will then 
take your designs to the local park 
and put them through their paces. 

The paper pJane that proves to 
be best performer in distai^ce and 
aerobatics wiii win a copy ot the 
game, and a rerrwte controf Veron 
Vortex ^dor kn for it$ designer. 
The cofTipleted kit has a wlno- 
span of over 8 feel and is maoe 
from fitxeQlass. Runner-up prices 
wiii 5e awarded in order of merirt, 
wrth copies of St^r^Hder and a 
baJsa wood chuck glidsr kft going 
to the tan naxt best entries. There 
are atoo forty more mmi-gikjer kits 
f o go to Itw next best aircratt . 
Send your finished entries lo 
Box 10, Ludow, Shropahir*, SY8 
1 DB, to anrve here (uncrumpled rf 
possible, otherwise flat, witli 
detailed folding instructiona) by 
the 20l;h ol January. 


62 CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 




Daizk ScepTRe wiLL Take 
you B€yoN6 ycmn wil6esT 
imapiNaiTtoN to a l2M.d of 
INFINITE possiBiLiTies aM6 

UnjirLess A6veMTURe 

1 7 








It's the ultimate Christmas Present and you 
have the chance of either one, two or four 
FREE games OR a free dust cover to keep 
your SPECTRUM, no matter which _ 
machine you have, nice and warm! 

Go on — subscribe to CRASH and gel somcof iht- 
hottest packages around? 

Nt)l only will you gci free games now but if 
you quote your number in future subscripiion 
offers you can gel games at specially reduced 
prices as well as the 10% off all software ordered 
from Auntie Aggie, 

If you are an existing UK subscriber then you 
can si ill lake advantage of this offer by buying 
any one of ihe OCEAN/IMAGINE games pac- 
kage deals for just £5.75, Ahernalivety, you can 
buy the CRASH SMASHES M package for just 
£6.95. Sorry, you are not able to buy the dust 





t i!,>.'if any cne of that brand wfH 


64 CRASH ChnstmasSpecfall 986 


s A KNOCK oirr 

; r*™ (UI1 Js you i45tc Pffi m 


CpWfJi O/n/irt Chime om ^fiht twf 





liw cverift>w 

WORLD Seft1E5 

T,. Utvi ever iHl*« ^^ ^^^, 



A fijl!v vufvMtH JD itdmc 
m.iktrtt!gfejc usfof jimmhpfn. 
^'"■fvrt 4t,ji Sinn pic -to- usf- 
ti oris, Hunt out the du«, volvc 
the puEnJcs, jthj mjke yuur^rlf 
■s hcrq. 


Camtr «J ihe hit sd-fi kjjp 
oprrd. Eliminate ihcIiMril^js 
thry prrtwrc to take over tjfjh 
in scjrth oJ fiitJtl AIJ fruMfdi- 
inn dttjQn its you tombai ijit 

Dear Subscription Qutcn, T>fni*e. 

I' vcliwn buiy tlckinfE boxes tolcU you what I'd I Ike you to Ho lorincl 


( i ¥cs p1e*se I'd love a copy of THE CRASH SMASHES It free wilh 
my »utncti|MHi« , , < 



V« pinte rd lov* ihcfoUowlnjfrH- wtih mysubscfiptlon * . , 









Yt% plH»r t'd Ipvc the folluivinic Frrc with my sulncripitoll . . . 



{ f MOVI£jiid V 



V« pirasf rd Idrvr ihr foltDWiiif! fr« d«st ccw<r wtih my iiubioiptiun 
4SKCW( )4aPluiOR( ) l2»KaR() I2» PluiORU PLUS 2 



PiV#ftft di^i^A My Ac c o unt Hk 




• k*****9Ajm »**■ 


I Am » new suburibrr Andrnifltwc a chtquc/poitat order lor 
LW.m, made payable lo NEWSFIELD PUBLICATIONS. 

1 am in exUlins ^ub&rriber but would like lo lake ad vanlase 
of your offer and rncitiu a chequr/postal order for £3.73 for 
one of the packaiie deah from OCEAN/IMAGINE. 

I a m an rxlill ti(t * ubiicrl ber and wou I it J I ke t o taki^ ad vanlaf c 
of your offer from GREMLIN GRAPHICS and enclose a 
thrque/|KriUl order for £6.95 for ihr CRASH SMASHES 11 

Send your payment to CRASH Stibitcrtpilon Offer, F«tn1r*V, 
47 gravel Hill, LUDLOW, Shropihire SVd IQS. 

CRASH Cnristmas Special 1986 66 



From one of the UK*s leading software creators comes the 

finest collection of game compilations. 

From the finest software houses. 


Pan the horizon, eyes peeled, for the 
most amaztng coUectlDn of 
characters and events - an earth 
bound catastrophe from out of 
space: high (lyirig. fast moving, 
Iraundng balls; a rurtivc furry 
mammal dodging the law and a robot 
out of control and out of his mind. 
Excftement, fun. game appeal.... It's 

SlMthe lot. 

Gremlin Graphics 

Bubble Bus Software 

Gargoyle Games 

AUigata Software 




Star quake 


nonty on the Run 

S«»«vo'9 Worti 






1 ,' 




Watch out for the invasion not Just 
from space but the aerial 
bombardment of a bouncing ball as 
you grapple with the antics of a 
comic roboid and underworld 
supermole frantically on the run. 


Colourful encounters of the 
extraordinary kind Enjoy a futuristic 
shoot 'em up in sd-fl terrains or 
mysterious star systems. Go on the 
run with a furry little mammal or find 
yourself "jump sick*' with an 
effervescent ball> 



jj orj, . 


Qultwlng Falcon 
R«ach for the Sihy 



A unique opportunity to enter into 
combat as fought through the ages 
— hand to hand combat writh muscte 
and sword: the aerial skill of Worid 
War It flying; precision and control of 
jetpac and handtazer and the 
thrilling e?(citement and power of 
21st cenlug|spaceflghter. If you like 
a challenge these contrasting 
gameplays will put you to the tesL 








Mofity on the Run 



Crog'i Revetkge 



^ — ^ia 






From stone age man to 2 1 st century 
space hero, with brief stop overs in 
the lawtess West and 1980's to 
master the antics of an irrepressible 
bouncing ball, this rivelting 
compilation provides power packed 
excitement that transcends lime. 

Light years ahead forCompilations 

Star Games. Alpha House. 10 Carver Street. ShefHeid. SI 4FS. Tel: (0742) 753423. 




Ourtn-house Musical Maestro, JON BATES, 
casts an eye back over the equipment we've 
been looking in TECH NICHE this year and 
comes up with a few recommendations on 
how to choose, use (and fuse) Itf 

Judging from s«veraJ corv^rsa- 
lions I had about a year ago with 
people m so-called 'hey posittone' 
in the compulef and mjs^c trade, 
1 986 should have been the year 
when Quantum ieap& were made 
in home muaic/mbCro leclmology. 
Well, it didn't quite happen with 
t5e big bang a lew foiics expected, 
bul fust wart and see- Mr KiiM 
waxed lyncai m November about 
MIDI and how an eesiiy accessi- 
bte creative concept' for music 
and sound on your Spe<;1njm gets 
Closer and dosef, and of course 
ne (3 nglit. 

But where does that leave us 
now? What do we, as oriiinaJV but 

higtvty tntormed people on thie 
leading edge of this techni:>Jogy 
bo'' MovM ^hall we get ready to 
greet this new wave? 

When consi'dering the music 
modules arid keyboards on otter 
there is 9 tot to bear m mind- Let 
me attempt to ^y down sonie 
guidelines on whet to look tor im 
equipnrtent and s^jpporting 
peripheral devices Jusi for good 
measure. I've prepared a joily fes- 
tive hat el terms and what ihey 
mean — |ust m case you'd forgot- 
ten or are the type who gets 
plTa;sed by eager musiC'-shop 


A3 you may have spotted, I have 
wittered on about MiDi in TtCH 
N9CHE lor rather a. long while now. 
Arty music interface or music 
keyboard r>ow must have ttiis lacil* 
ity If It Is going to be taken safi<^ 

Otherwise it can very quichly 
become reckindanl as il cannot 
become part of a ^gerejcpanding 
system, Japanese companies fiKe 
nouMD and vamaha have l>ro<ught 
out some very smart MiDi proces- 
sors and control stations in recent 
rrtonths. Ttiese enable the user lo 
doddle about with MOt data 
straama «d inrinitum, end :e route 
and raproceas the ori<gii ai infor- 
mation. Now to me. as a computer 
bone^ad, this seems. wOrtdeHuL 
but t'm quite sure that to a bes- 
pol^e Spectrum programmer this 
Is real trivial stuff. 

So Ou ssf fes progams de MlOt 

mf9C tout les fadHtios? Dans mon 
pipe dream if I know anytf>ing. One 
of the btggeet prvblems m the 
wtxsle fteAa of music and micros is 
diet there is a large cultural gap 
between oomputer types and 
mu94c bods. And vary rareiy do the 
twatn meet. If I put my musician's 
hat on fair and square, quite a high 
percentage of pfograma have real 
glarrtg errors thai make them 
mustcaEly a non- started — sort of 
muso-ufffrtBTKity. To a m4cro usier 
with an tntef est m music 1t>e same 
program could at first appear won- 
derrul Of course the reverse is 
equally trua in that micro buHs can 
corr^ehand data streams, com- 
mands and aJi the associaied ter- 
rn(nolo9y quite easjiy To marty 
musicians this is aH Moms Danc- 
ing, and oats m the way of ^^uaUy 
Saying, Someday soon there will 
} a union of the two oamps. 



6© CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 

Tilery 3t9 s«vei^' MIDI inidr- 
facoa atMXit rH:»r the Spoctrvra now- 
adays. As many as we could lay 
our hands on have been reviewed 
in TECH NICHE ovef the put 
months. So Tar. they haue all been 
mutually incompalible — in othef 
*(yds the software from ore iniec- 
tflcs won't run on anolhsf. This 
inay make financial serse in the 
$hCMl term, b<i1 evertually it will 
ytrangie some cocnpames wlxi 
may be very good m one depart- 
mertn but lose out to a larger com- 
pany wrth a wider but tass spec- 
tiCtiAr range of software. 

ey tM^ of a qutck gufdeline the 
good oW faithful xi^ svttTtMA M^on 
JHWiace H still quite good value 
tor money, with several back-up 
Mflor VIC sequencer packages 
now avaiebie, eHhoogh the Step- 
Time is slow to use and leaves a bri 
to tJ6 desired gr siphicelly. The &m 

is also quite g>ood on the real-time 
s^de, although a bit pf Icey and with 
soma funny qutrtts that can cause 
the program to Crash, froeze and 
Ueoeral^ be qyite f|i, The interface 
also supports voiced editing 
softwara. Thuiosyslem last month 
\Ara$ very COrripre^nsive 3S a real- 
time recorder and note editor, bui 
although folbw-up software tias 
been pton^ised, none has aa yet 
been seen at CRASH, 

As ragards an overall n^usic util- 
iity. my money so far is on the mm/ 
FLAHE Music Machine, although it 
will tse interesting to aee now 
CHEETAH shape up neitt year — 
thenr MIDI interface is almost ready 
for release. I have a leel^ng (hat 
there is going to be more Ihari a 
little competition Isetweeri ttiem 
. , . Neither of these con^panjes 
D^ar synthesizer editing software 
as yet. 



Ob/vKnaiy, the great thing dbOfUt 
MUX l« the ability to hook the 
Spectrum to synths and tone mod- 

Ljles — the latter being the guts of 
the Aynth without the keyboard. 
Now It so happens that the way 
tiling are In the synth market, 
there is not much entttusiasm for 
the user creating new sounds. This 
i$ for two reasons Digital synths 
■re nwa awkward to program 
be^se they use nurnbers and 
IkI*: the old 'hands on' feel with 
r«al controls. Tt>e second is that 
U^ synths only have a 1 7 (or so) 
c^racter LCD display in which the 
user has to 'window' at»ut 70 
penpherais to create eac^ sound 
— even more in some cases. What 
is more, some penptierals will 
affect each other, So an interface 
that supports software to edit the 
sound of your synth on screen is 
well worth beanng m mirid 

If you're contused let me take an 
tttanpiti The niost popular Synth 
In the world (,so we are told^ is the 
vjiMuu QX7. This la irideed a 
faberoonte instrument end it 
ooines with two ROM S containing 
64 voices aptece. And you hear 
these rrHjre than any other sounds 
t>ecause DX's are absolute piglets 
to program. To make matters ntore 
tfeptessing, you can only dump 
the voices you have created in two 
ways. One is viia MIDI to a storage 
devtce Of you can invest around 
t60 in a taumk RAM 


With an interface, software and 
Specmjm the task is actually fun. 
Tt>a XH and nm interfaces wiit 
both support sdit^ and voice- 
dump sonware so your fibrary of 
sounds can be created on screen 
artd Ihenn damped to Microdrive 

or cassette for cheap and easy 
storai^. The same goes for drum 
machines which are often nol too 
easy to program. The CASto range 
of CZ synths sutlers with the san^e 
heartaches and they have even 
I>ss3 storage space available. A 
CASIO editor and vo<ice dump with 
an additional 90 voices is available 
from xni to make life a Irttle t>etler. 
thourgh. T^e casu CZ101 is a 
reasonable biiy at £295. arxJ il has 
the ability lo talk in four voices at 
once as weii as tjeing abie to pro- 
duce some pretty neat sounds. 

It's sad to say that the British 
marttet is sadly thm and sparse 
compared wrth that of America. 
Because of the proliferation of cer- 
tain micros and the greater marhel 
over there, the USA enioys a wide 
vanety of editing software and 
hardware, together with many 
other okever devices and cornpos- 
itionaJ aids. 


One further thought is that if you 
are not parttcuiarly bothered atxwt 
playing from a synth Keytjoard you 
could just buy a tone rriodule. 
Some of these can be program- 
med from Specirums, son»e sim- 
ply can't, or rather ttwre ts not a 
sufficient market lo support ttw 
development cost of the software. 
Most Synth nvanufacturers make 
•xponder mo*jtes. but check to 
turn if the one you want can be 
programmed from your interface, 
if you are really fanatical, xni sts> 
TiMa claim to make up softwa/e 
tailored to your needs — but 
expect to pay a rctascxubte fee tor 

MiDi IS still in its InfarKy t>ut 
expect to see a far greater variety 

of utilities for synths ar>d micros in 
the near future. The f^fllDl specifi- 
cations offer a lot more ttian we 
have seen so lar. incdut^ng auto- 
mated detuning and retuntng, 
stereo panning, reverb and echo. 
muHi -tasking from a smgie com- 
mand, fit1erir>g, altering com- 
mands — and IheoreticaUyH all this 
can be done even with only ona 
keytxnard and suitabte software 
and hardware 

Just as this isaua was about to 
go to press, more news from 

CHnTAH arrived — the/re aboul 
to launch a slave' Keyboard thai 
can be linked to the Spectrum via 
their MINI (not MICH) interface. 
which allows the fnusician to edit 
and create computer generated 
sounds. It's a polypiionic unit with 
MIDI out. a five octave rar>ge and 
pitch bend facility. All this for a 
tiasic pnce of C99.9i5 and an extra 
£29,95 if you want the Mi Nil inier- 
taca. With luck . i should be able to 
take a cktser kjok ai cxttah's 
MK5 keytxjard next Issue . . .. 

A Bozo's Guide. 

Tfte sIkA way to do rt ss to have one 
of the 4-track cassette machines 
which giwe you plenty of scope 10 
overdub However this cou^ be 
beyond the bodgei of a lot of 
people, so the thing to do is to get 
ihe sequencer to take as many 
tracks as the program will allow. 
When it s all edited up and m good 
order, record rt tfredty into your 
cassene Try to avoid recording 
with a microphone at this stage as 
rt will indUH~e more noise, unices of 
course you are singing as well 
Don't unless you are really desper- 
ate, use your data recorder as an 
audio recorder — these usually 
have a frequency response known 
only lo British Telecom phones , 

Go tor the best tape ytxi can 
afford, not o4d data tapes. If your 
machine will take ctirome tapie 
then use them — they have a very 
low lievel of background hiss and 
take a lot ol stiCK m the volume 
department. Always check yoor 
sound levels so thai at its loudest 
your piece |ust about get^ into the 
recording level meter's maKifflum. 
LEO'S ate bettfer than VU meters 
which are a bit slow on the fast, 
loud sounds that often conw from 
computer-generated music, KJaep 
all audio leads away from IranSfor- 
mers, TVs and other sources of 
hum like fndges, microwaves and 
fluorescent lights. Check your 
leads every now and again to 
make sure they are r>ot br^en or 

All recordings loenefit Irom a lit- 
tle reverb, it gives them a more 
lifelike sound rather than a bone- 

dry hard sound, If you can ttoch up 
a second Spectrum with sampler 
you could use ttw reverb option or 
the second system. Bowaje, rnost 
of them are noisy and don 'I give a 
true reverb eWect. It could be down 
to borrowing a dedicated unit 
whk:h will probatjiy do the fito 
more efficiently and with 1^ 
noise. The real McCoy is a MO- 
tnterf aoed Digital reverb unit which 
caJi be linked up to your sequencer 
and told what to do and when, all 
in real ttnne on playback. 


One ottier point as the Christmas 
tree lights tuse themselves ariid 
yours&lf out of existervce — most 
recording gear and amplifiers can 
survive very nicely thank you on a 
2 amp fuse. Have a look on the 
back of the gear and you will see 
the power marked somewhere in 
watts. Divide this by ttw numtwf of 
vofts on supply and presto. tl>e 
arripefage rating. 

So my synth, which by the way is 
pretty hefty, consurnes 1 10 watts, 
supplied at 240 volts wh>ch means 
that if only uses .4 5 ol an ampere. 
Most 13 amp plugs crwne com- 
plete wrth 1 3 amp fuses, so atxHjkJ 
something go ami^ rt would take 
over ?6 times the fuse rating I 
should have before a 13 amp 
would blow. Get the idea? It's not 
very well protected. (Maithar are 
Sinclair transformers — Ifwy hawe 
no fuse in them at alt! Read your 


Well there are sevefal. Owing to 
the limrtalions of the sampling 
rate, which m turn is limited by the 
amount ol memory you have lo 
play with, the sampling — the fate 
ai which It listens to ihe sound and 
chops it up into bytes — is sksw by 
the standar<ls laid down by dedi- 
cated samplers. Therefore the 
reproduction can be marred, 
especially at higher frequencies. 
This means that tots ot thought 
Should go into ttie design of the 
internal filtering, chips and thingies 
ihai remove the hiss and smooth 
Ihe sound out. 

As y«i Spearum based 
samplers still suffer with 
background hiss So far, no-one 
has got the Loop' facility quite 
fight. A true 'Loop' should be 
seaml«ss. You should be able to 
hold down the key and ttie sound 
should go on endlessly and 
smoothly. Sadly this is not the 
case, and rt does rather render the 
micro sampler mto the novelty 
category as yet — reducing 
looped choir and string effects into 
a chorus of machine guns. I stress 
as yet' because ttw soft and ^ 
fiardware houses are t>eavenrq ^' 

CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 69 

away to correct ^tit. 


> do worider, thoL>g^ to what eKtarit 
Ihey actually carry out market 
research, Also. ] wondef how h^fd 
they look at dedicated sequencers 
andearnplefsfroma user vid end- 
pfoduct pomi of view to see how 
their own programs car\ besl be 
presented. The actual ineclianica 
of (he hard and software may well 
be f\r*s. but m some cas^ the usee 
ie left stranded with a lack of 
flnesse in the fecitnies, as m the 
DATn. Sampler reviewed by yours 
truly in this mortns TECH NJCHE 
Having igOt your sampJat. wtiet 

are you goiog to <io with rt? As per 
the guidel in^s , qo for one that can 
be inoorporateo aspart o1 a sequ- 
encer system, preferably MIDI 
Thfs meafts that your sampled 
sound can become part of a cre^ - 
ti«e piece of wori< and you can 
boild a whole vista ot n«w sounds 
intoacompoaition, The great thing 
is that It doe& nol rely on rrnanual 
dextenity — just a pa^r of ears and 
a fertile imagination. 

Sampling the actual sour^- First 
step. Throw away the 30p mic- 
roohone that corrwa with the sam- 
pler and t>eg or borrow a supefior 
one. With care, sarnpfers should 
accept a direct <inpu1 from a liAe 
source — the ime out socket from 
a tape or record deck The Music 

Mainline took umibrage at this and 
reproduced a kiud nasty hum 
rather than tfie sound desired — 
the PATEL actually has a separate 
line iriput ctianner. 


After you've giggled yoitr way 
through sanrip^led raspberries. 
flatul&>ce, Frank Brunospeak and 
Mickey Mousespeiak, you m^y get 
more adventurous. All sorts of 
sounds can be used — ai different 
pitches the sourvd changes com- 
pdetefy. Vou could try sarripilnQ 
home-made sounds — t>kwng 
acfoss bcitties, tapping glasses, 
saucepans, tins or slamming 
doors, twanging rubber t>ar)dsand 

so on — ^ or use any rmjstcaJ msifu- 
tnem tftat is lyirvg at»ut Souirid 
effects records can be bomnwed 
from the hxai library and C^ torn 
records can be pressed into ser- 
vice. Here a iihle bit of care is 
needed as it is really better to get 
a note that is one pitch for the 
duration of the sampihi, WMh peti- 
ence st 43 possible to ladiaTe wfe- 
rent instruments and voices, so 
that files ot choirs and orchestral 
souTbds can tM built up. The 
cfieeky approacti is to either sam- 
pte sounds from omther dedi 
cated sampler or to pif»ch one of 
th« audio cassettes that accom- 
pany low budget samplers. Again 
you are only hindered By the imits 
o< your own imagination. 





AFTERTOUCH: The modification of a sound when the 
keys of the synthesizer have been released. 
ANALOG: Usually a term applied to older synthesizers 
that use electricity (voltage) as a means of creating and 
controlling the sound as opposed to digital sound creation 
by computer, 

CLEF: Sign at the beginning of the five lines of music 
indicating whether it is high or lov»^ in pitch — in tnjth it 
indicates which line or space is G, F or C. 
ECHO: The definite repetition of sound. 
ENVELOPE: The shape of the sound in volume and ihow 
it changes as the sound continues. 
EQ/GRAPHIC EQ: Short for 'equalization'. A highly 
advanced set of tone controls that can select a small part 
of the audio frequency and boost or cut it as required. 
'Graphic" equaiisefs have alt the sliding controls on tJie 
front ar>d they're the most popular. 
FM: Short for Frequency Modulation — a way of synthesis 
used primarily by y*maha. One wave fofm affects a another 
to create a complex sound. 

LOOP: Repeating all or part of a sampled sound, usually 
without the join being noticed. 

MIDI: Musical Instrument Digital Interface* A universal 
standard for digital communication between digital instru- 
ments and/of computers on many levels. 
MODULATION: Modiiying one sound by adding another 
waveform to it. 

MONO PHONIC: An instrument that can only play one 
note at a time. 

NOTEi One sound defined by a particular pitch and length, 
OVER DUB: A term used in recording. A second or sub- 
sequent recording added on top of an existing one to 
enhance the original. 

PATCH; The settings required by a synthesizer to create 
a particular sound. 

PITCH: The height or depth of a note measured in fre- 
queficy — sometimes related to the footage that would 
produce the same pitch from an organ pipe. 
PITCH BEND: Raising or lowering the pitch of a note, usu- 
ally only by small amounts. Often achieved with a variable 
control on an instrument. 

70 CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 

POLYPHONIC: Capable of producing several notes and 
pitches simultaneously. 

QUANTIZE: 'Rounding up' — a processor 'listening' to a 
real-time recording, and sorting the timing of the 'lotesto 
the nearest part of a beat — depending on what has been 

RAM: Random Access Memory. Usually a cartridge that 
can be reprogrammed by the user for patches or sounds/ 
rhythms and so on. 

REAL-TIME: Recording the events/notes as played. 
REST: A designated penod of silence in the musical part 
measured the same way as the notes. 
REVERB: Short for Revertieration, Gives the same effect 
and ambience that can, for example, be obtained in rooms 
and halls of differing dimensions. 
ROM: Read Only Memory, Usually a cartridge that con- 
tains factory-set sounds or programs. 
SAMPLING: A Means of digitally recording sounds that 
can then be processed and reproduced in a modified fomi, 
becoming a sound source in themselves. 
SCALE: A pre-ordained order of notes that can form the 
basis of a piece of music, 

SEQUENCER: A device that records musical events by 
means of memorising the information required to produce 
each note or event. 

STEP-TIME: A sequence of notes programrried indivkJu- 

SYNCHR0NISAT10N (SYNC): Running two or more 
devices interlocked by a common code; eg tape recorder 
and Synth, drum machine and synthesiser. 
TEMPO: The speed of a piece ol music, expressed eittier 
in musical terminology or in specific t>eats per minute. 
TIE: A musical sign that joins two notes of the same pitch 
together producing a longer note. 
TIMBRE: The quality and tone of a particular sound. 
TIM £ SIGNATURE: The numtjer of beats f>er musical bar 
at the note value of each beat. 

VOICE: Another name for any sound tfiat a synthesiser 
can produce. 

HAPPY CHRISTMAS; A common greeting, heard mostly 
at this time of year. 

QnttMn Ooocti'i T«*« CrtcAwt 579 


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ikmindl I BndCKi I ptot 

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Itnar Ending Story ooffloMlad 

B«ch to Shoot zorrtpietta 

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Monty on ttw Aun completed 
ComTMndo Are^i 3i 
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pwni in th» »ta«py rnaii^et town of Ludknur mt cowered with gen% 
mkig sfiowfldk««, ju^t as th« rriiicrvants ctrung up on th« gik^bet 
■ra touched d«4icat«^ wfiti the i?oz«n ting«n o4 th* alc/a pnciplta- 

Thefe, its Chrlunostlme and I'm gstttng all lyrjcal. Sa« you alf in 
leer wltti mora Slima«tAr$, ao long as tha Ludknv MaNa don^t tty to 
ran*gatM»1h« gibbet contract aqakt. . . < 

Lorth of MdnlglM complatcd 

Full Throttia 1st 

Pap*f4ov Saturday 31^1 

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Batman compteted 
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Matchday Mon 1 -Oon iritemaiiorHi 


C^rt» Counaall, H«dg* End. idirth^ 


Qboala 'n' Qoblina 418.000 
K uigHjt Ma itar kavei 3 56.000 

WWerM OuplNHbaN won Myid Cup 

PA Cup won Cup 3-0 

Moon Cratto 37.000 

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M4ltla 3rd Um^ thf u^ 

Barry McOutgan Mel Bany, yahooj 

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Stariian Grid Maatar 
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Monopoly 30,000 poiinda 
tianlai Mattsaon, Somtiolm, 

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Knigilt Ridar all tiva missions, |;H->m> 
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Pins f*ong bent CPU on laval i 
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Atlc Atac cornplaled 
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McKitv on th* nun cocflfMtd 
TapparSpaca Bac 
Sab<^ WuH corfipMed 
Buek Rodgan La^«< S 
JamiaSumal Edwin ,>oay, Latoaatar 

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ehrin 1lO.»»0 w w yu*** iiwn wHth w rftwMf fwr 

civ*r 1 jTHin, an yw c«fi IM tv« af til* iMty IkBt In 


fa no BMir ordNf crt * t» a *** Iffc^Hwd. ht i— 
ilCH OHOMd In itw rnMMt In aiASH or 111* 
#***# prtw. lt*o**kl yoM Mw fiy gum t«i an 

prtcsv.j! Jist rtn^ dw niiiviv#f ^ 
iind our Aaff Mrttl 

■Nsccxmm (SMLOM r 

Afijrctna may UM Mlvwitas* or Mh dkcoiiiK 
CQUpom fm Mi« tofm — € 1 ' 
ttwrt era, «nd SOpaffontonvmrth P«er« Ittwi ttO^ 
Additktnally. CMAIH r 
■utomatkatly AmlrlMd «o furttMr < 

ordwwl. Mta mall* >«0 tfMfiflM 4 
•nd pipcklng (wfchln the UKj 

NMMng could iw iliiifrtM^ — ftJI liv III* farm 1 


You Mfarrt 
from the 
Largest Range 
of Software 
You I 

Could Ever 
Wish Fori 

Name ...... 

SutiscrJOer No 
fir appik^DteJ 



Telephone Lucflow I05S4) 5620 

Pleas« send mte tnt followtig items: BLOCK CVITALS pteawr 

Ptcasc ncrt«t some SDfhvsre miewedm^y not be available untif bfflease 
ctate ff you ^re in any doubt about avatlabitify, pte«n ring fbn. We 
cannot be heki fesponsible for df'lay^ fesultiniq irom Jate csf noo-rjHeaae of 
Trtles when reviewed of pieviewed before ifieii otficiaf feieaw dates were 


* * 





*^ORt THAPi tiO 


)NE vtiifclMr p«rord« 



ioftwarr i-iciuw 

<ir KnpiAin rrui piXCi «1d mclMdr VAT CKi^ 
tnihin. no rrur^F Fgr po(t«i0paatig Irwdrinr 
OK. CiiUamm in C um WHH tiiepg tfUMld 

OKMr Ek^nV', ptriK ATTC lint w (Tui wr 
nuir aAAv on ixisu^ r«n 

pq5t jiqi*f >p«ytC*fto 
WimUBiiliiii III Hi 
00 not lend any coniQe 

Sub Tout £ 
less Discount E 



FtoaM do NOT WKl^H t*ii« form/pmywnunt wH^t mny other carreipondvrK* to CPtASH Magaxin* •dHsrUI, H ft Wtll OMijf 

d«Lay prtKeiilng yc»ur order arKl mmy rnulf It) ton. 



Mega City 1 lives on the edge of disaster. Only the constant 
vigilance of its Judges can hold bock the wove of crime 
which threatens to engulf and destroy the city. 
You are the law! 

C64 £9-95 






> ^ I 






WtewlMHouH (Putilistosl Ltd UebOtirne House &{) Higfh Street Hiinplon WidK Klnqs^on UfianTtiaine^StfTev NTI 106 %lepr«ne: (0*1 (9i4339l1 Mex; 435425 MaRSOFocs: (Q1 )943ZaSS 



IMUw iwi Biid Kitt, 


£ ISO for 6 months! 

Gel rvad by OOO's 

of Spectrum owners! 

Advertise your service 




t%. VtUi E1«, 2X Pnntir EtS 
M kx + PP £1.80' 

£180 ror 6 months! 

Get read hy 0001s 

oT Spectrum ov^ner^l 

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£180 for 6 months! 

Get read by OCOV 

of Spectrum OHnensIl 

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spKkwi npiirt 


M tnt relHHe ufvt» 



Fitft. rttotiflB ftnnn. 

fl80 for 6 months! 

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of Spectrum owners! 

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mClMM Htf&flUli 


C1TO0. iiH MjtioM men. M prtu* mduM 

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17/41 SIssit S«Wt 

111 whip 15 TIM 

«02t'«Z2 44TS 

Ripilfi to ^KMit. Coflnodac BBC m n) 

'Stwr mate on nqiMft Rik i 

CIHO for 6 m<iiilha! 

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snnu ooMniTBts tn 

■ wM lMS 

Sinctiir. Donwnooon, immu tnd BBC 


For detgils of «lwftiiMg in this 
sfldion. contact Nick Wild on 
(0604) iaa Of uttm ra him »\ 

P*fwsti#la Publicaiio<ns. 

1/2 King Streel, Ludlow, 

Shropshtn, stre me 


£1S0 for 6 months! 

Gel read hv OOO's 

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jhytl,T1 H 


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76 CRASH Christmas Special 1 9&6 

HmMM are n^nly proud of their 
iMsst Smash Fm^ord which has 
you Qnidanaad in the land of 
TcifOt. Naturally erot^h, you con- 
trol the hero. Sif Gal^iheart the 
btave Firelofd- He's searchtrtg for 
the ingf edtenls needed lo make 
the Spell of Elemaf Ytxtth which he 
can use to trade wth tf^ evil 
QMer who i$ dofTtknstInQ Tofd 
She sweet-talked a dragon into 
gMng her the F^imftone and has 
gained the power io hurt frrebalb 
around ai will — nrbch to ttw con- 
tteiTMltlon o1 the doAntr<pdden 

An Elamal Youth spo^j couid go 
down rwnsrkabty well at CRASH 
Towert. If i had one I could make 
vome ntlW tradflfi with the hacks in 
iheCMSH office. 

Just think — the Doc Mader^ed 
OnO would be able to go back to 
the day4 when his waislMrw, like 
tin Me, was under 30. and Oti 
RfltulBnce Better cost perifiies a 
pffrt rather than pothnds As it is, 
the poor tellow IS waiting in the 
queue for the oaihchair used by 

ttwedilw ol AMTIXL Mr Kidd 

would be r>iore than pleased to be 
Bbto to zoom around on a SMX 

As tor I he Girlie Tipsier. Hannah 
Smff , well she'd be able to spro(r>g 
RXind With carefree abandon 
knowing thaii a whole host ol 
urhbretlas could still be lost and 
endless square yards of otiice 
fkXJT still remained to be covered 
In n>esB. She couW abandon her 
diet ol Spnng Water and lemon 
PwTtar — and mayt>e even splash 
i dn?p of the el ixtf on her collection 
of hciusepianis and maite them 
green and piantv again, father tharr 










brown and wilty, 

Ben Stone, the offioe poeer with 
rr>ore labels than an addinaealng 
mac h I r>e doesn 't reedy need a 
dose of eiemai youth as he's far 
too bouncy as it is. Skipping m to 
work in tt>e morning adorned in 
desigrMr dothes. ihei ever-youth- 
ful 5en would probably regroas to 
p^ysctwol days if tie got he 

meresi whitf ol potKjn, Maybe 
Young Stone woukl go down weH 
with an the moiharty type? ai 
software hoioea and we ' d Qei Jots 
of special deals to pass on. Mind 
you, no-ooe woy W partk;ulady 
relish chanoing his nappi^ . . . 
And Lee Paddon mtghi kiok 
youno, but his appearBnoe m 
merely a wcfxler of modem sci- 

ence ~ after years slaving away 
on an obscure ^urrial all about 
gianeiectncal translormersand a 
speni on Yocir Computer, tse came 
to Ludlow and suddenly found he 
had to look young arnj dynamic to 
keep up wth Stone and Spiky 
Haired Ones in Ihe ZZAPl otOce, 
He oould sav« a fortune on the 
monkey gtand trastment he 
spends half h^ wages on — ar>d 
woukj certainly save a splash or 
hwo of potio«n for hi^ motor tiar. so 
[| could be reiuvenated to that fee- 
tory*lra8h g^eani> It once had many 
years ago. 

But what do you have to do to 
enter tt^is competltkin? Give me a 
lis^ of what each rT>amt»ef ol Itie 
team would offer in order to be (or 
not to bej the owrver of the youih- 
gtvtng txew. Rememt>er. each 
nvniitit of tr>e CRASH start can 
only offer rrw one item in Irade for 
the eWxir — and there's onjy one 
dose of ttw potion, so you must 
abo gihn ma the reason why you 
^ihk that particui^ (lersonstiould 
receive it. 

The besteSt entry, in my humble 
Mhk>nopinion,wilfwinthe sender 
■ Sony Walkman with extension 
ueelcers together m&^ a copy of 
RnkJfd. The necKt f)w« entrlaa^ in 
order of merit , wiH win the senders 
a copy of Fi/siord plus a cassette 
racktend 25 runrrers up will coflect 
a copy of Firelofd plus a poster! 

Send your entnes on nothing 
bigner that A4 {which is 21 Dmm x 
300mm) to YOUTH CLUB, 
CRASH Towers, PO Bok 1 0, Litd* 
low, SfvopaMre, SYB 1 Dfi to 
arrive hare no later than January 

20th 1987. 

CRASH Cmstmas Special 1 986 77 

MEL CROUCHER begins a long-running saga detailing tbe ad veniur^ cJa Fast 
Food Salesbcing «f Ihe futurr — TAMARA KNIGHT. 

Thrciughout 1^87 « Tamura Knight's ad venture will gracv the pafjrsor 
ZZAP! — tHil **e¥inx as it\ ( hmtnia.^, thert's u duuble dosie to gel yoy goini;. 

Before: wr start, Mel Croucher would tike to Ihank Sid Smith for the inspim- 
tk»ii of lin intergalactic salesman travelling in ro^ue tdeporteri ... 

God know% hnvv ] can tiunsmii ttiu. But He 
ref UMS to (ell Distanl »$ ever . Sfime i Ki nx i o (Id 
with rclativitv antl the phoiK htll, Whicn cip- 
lain* why wc ve justi piikrd up a party polilical 
by a Mr Muvsmlmi (mm wimetimc called Earth, 
■riw tuititr'^ L.O.U.S-E, My niiw:. Living On 
Urtcmplijyable Serving Employef , The iimc is 
ik>ui , but vou Mc atill iiiKn, H(» bum. LauK» ax 

78 CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 


ijmbioiic wiih wami-bkidded liie fom». 

Right now I'm f)OWcr«l by tht human 
dcthtiu of your He mine, Taftiafd Kni^hl. Her 
lumc. In return for her Hosier function, 1 
hIvik her, H)H'c MDall myfteho, wvc worlds, 
ihai kind of ihing. [ am yoarStfmjftBliei, it 64 
quid per K. That's QK by n>c, bcifif millenma 
ifiio vour future. TTie compound heiealxHils 
makn me belter paid per word than Jeffrey 

*M the moment Vm diagubnl •$ « 
birtlraiark on her fetlock. IVs aUx 
h(iR> rU move if it K^ embaiTasstng/ 

Taimn Knight ii otic in a million . She works . 
Ai a ssalcsheing Im Macdonalds, I he Galactic 
TckpoTter Corporniion. Step tnio a Mac- 
donakU on Anorexia, pay your due^, and i^lcp 
ouionTurdiu-CHnis. S«nan oul^t MaciLk)nald&. 
Never bothered wiih lelcporiAiiun research on 
orgutii: mailer They juM encode you dtg^italty , 
rta^Acmblc ^ eupy ai yi>u a! your dtnli nation, 
drop yiiur oriHinal through the Rtx^f (if tlic 
btHtih ! dnd maite il into somethmg caHed Ham- 
bLteer* Nt?at,ch? 

Of course, Tamara can't (ell hef dient» about 
Lbe btugert- Some of them may be vegetarian, 
OrOyiny§ans. In fact, if&tie is ever about to let 
the truth uip, t am preprngmmmed to blow in 
bet ear. t work for Macdnnald* uxt Sbe's my 
fourth Hmlew this tncmlh. I've been with Tarn- 
iriii two hour^. She's ncrvnu!». V?iy. 1 am alMi a 
penonali^i^'d neutron bt^mb. 

At ihc mnmenl I'm disgut!u:d b» a binhmark 
on hcf fettock. Jt'si nice here. I'll move if it gcla 
emhamsung. We're heading for ihe pbnct 
Pynifknd. in lbe Nmlalgia SyMem. atward the 
company buggy. It's an Am&trad. Che up, com- 
paci, but it tc'itds to overheat. Pynkfk^id i^ a 
iDueh assignment. Inhabited by primitives edd- 
ied Hypces. of the Tribe of Mynler. 

ir&'a toughy becaujie these Kypee^ have no 
UK for tra^'el whatHiever. Jiutl st arrtund hap- 
piiy c'hafitine their 'iacrred *ord, heyman'. I 
ikrh'l think Tnmiirii Kni|tht is going to U«i the 
day. Let TTW ^nugKlc up for ;■ s^>ft touchdown, 
and . . . ! Great l,enin and MacCarthyT The 
Am^tiad ha* been hit hf a slnkc and discon- 
itnued by « Cornel We've been remaindered. 
We are going . . , to . . . Crash! 

Hmm. Crashed into a resinous brown moun- 
tain Half volcano, half Howe rpol. Weird Tam- 
iraKnightpicksbcnifirup.duslshcncIf down . 
uisme what io do. SelM 1 lell her. That's what 
we're here for. Eipun or die. (I'll see to th&l). 
IJiiiicji. I'll pupal e inin a hoil on your neck so 
you can blend in with the nativei», iqualting, 
itHind this muuntain. Tamara shouliKts her 
lanpik Tekporter and wiibble» off on th<nc 
ofpnic pfopul»run uni1> of hcri 

'She ettcta tb« Tekbooth witli a Sick 
of Um wrist and a stupit] littltr creature 
from the planet Blulac, I turn into a 
hamiwarl fof &afei>. Doo't waat to 

Why is ihc giggling;? Why are Ihe Hypeea. 
c)i anting! heyman Ganjiir'? Aha! This holy 
rmiuntam vcems to be (.;illed Gsntar, So does 
that one over the re. Ikmc alt the oihers heTcstb- 
outs. Mv Hosieu Und your Heroine) strides 
liOwards^cT punters- Not notion^ the mountain 
Niowint i». CMd I tell yoy she m myopic, dyv 
leiic and friendly? Dfnt't worry. I II wnrfs in 
mill the pkx laleT 

She fates a stumble , grabs hold qf the nearest 
Hfpec, ihoots him full of Dumbo^me^an, just 
ihe at tr>min|t camp, and flashes htm that 
devaslaling i^milc (if hers. The punier ignores 
her. He and hi^ paH are di«u:ssin^ why it is ihai . 
whenever a computer is c^ndowcd wiih above- 
human intelligence, it thinks fur a few htturs. 
tad then vanishes to an unknown destination, 
It's ■ long discussion. About four gcncratiofls 

The mighty Ganjar mountain h getting 
uflcomfortaMy close. Gaining ^peedT The 
Anntntl gouged a sore with a bkrc head on its 
uimntit, and it ain't hap^. Ai i matter of 

fictiufi, it wants to«quUhTwiMra, and me with 
her. Fofgei the sa\^ patter^ baby, Move ouif 
As the tfypce^ nod on in all thii ckdlemenl, 
one points loWiirds the lumberine muiinlain. 
'Heyman, they sure can move when they're 
hun^ ..." 

'Whal'tl I do, Ijou-sc'^f Tanura grits, armpit 
hmn dinging tighl wiih fear. Escape p^an 6o6. 
honey It s the only way out. She erects ihq 
Tclebiiolb with a flick of the wrist and a stupid 
little creature from Ihe planci Bluiac. I turn 
Jnlo a handwart for sjifetv Don't want to burst. 
Tamara kij»cs me. t feel the eanh move. Tlw 

f;,real Ciiijar if about to crush us. It** thtdow 

She jumps into the booth, sticks her 
Alphacentauri Express card in lbe slut, atvd 
docs something predictable. Panics. Will she 
make us inio hamburgers and let ouf new altef 
ego*, escape offworld^ Will ihe freeze and let 
Ihe Ganjar dcviiuT u^'' The voice of Muuotmi 
beeiniio hector. The Ganjar hitiy the bot:>lh I 
make an important discovery. I like her Her 
finEcr hits the button, Ahysiinia. 

■The plot thins , The moving cursor writes The 
digjlal duo diworporite. 'The booth is tranS' 
lated into tndusf rial confetti. The moi^iniatn hits 
Mohammed. I hear both of kk. screaming a.^ ihe 
trap-door opens onto ihose nhaip mmcy bits. 
Suddenly, ns^thing happens The nonth recon- 
stitutes, t change my form, by way of celebra- 

'She swallows hiMf whlcli is bow sfae 
landed this Job . . . ^ 

I am m;> longer a ?imal] brown wart on Tam- 
ara's hand, but s<irncth.inedis.tasteful in her tefl 
car. She !<.wallows hard, which is how ihe landed 
thii jiob, upcns. the door, pcek« without A 
niotnum ndduk hedctms, then gralK her deli- 
calely veined throat , and hauU u^ into a recep- 
tion shed. A Macdonatds Welcoboi embraces 
us, screaming, ' Welcome to the plariei 
Amnesiat A real nice place to . . . ei, thitigy 
, . um , - ' 

it releues her quiverings and trundles away. 
jcnichtng its memory banki^ and its inicrfacc. 
A Stobway transports us through Retinal Kon- 
trol. I never noticed what beautiful brown cyeii 
Tamara has. Onwardii lo Ku&toms, where a vie- 
ious Seruinid snapi. 'Anything lo declared 
Tamara is disorientated. It s not every day she 
c«apc« bur^rhood. She hesitates, 't don't 
kiHiw. your Honour. I didn't have time to pack, 
due lo tny uwn murder What is my allowiincti'^'^ 
The Scru'toid ;:^yckers its antennae uid mutters, 
i don't remember . . . ' 

Now il leaps onto her exposed shoulder, and 
pokes it ivCiinner in her ear "What's this . . 
stuff?' It means me "Which system have you 
teleftorted from'.'" Tamara is nervous, 'From 
the Nostalgia System. Sir. This substance is a 
Hiuvenir. In no way co«Jd it be a LOUSF. neut- 
ron bomb advisory unit. By the way. can I 
inleresl you in putcha-sing vtiur very own Mac- 
dnnalds Tctcporter botun^ Save yourself ihc 
trouble of i|iieuing with (he criminal classes, of 
software wholcsjlen." 

[ whisper to her that she is wasting her litnc. 
According to my filei^. rtobody has ever left the 
planet Amnesia, and what is more, there arc no 
records of anvosic ever visiting it, and what is 
mo&t. Ccntrafdata has fufj^lten where in Cre- 
ation it is. 

The Scrutoid is still peering into Tamara 's 
ear. Bui it cannot remember why. We &link 
away, A hokihoarding Kutttes after ui, sinrfmg 
'Piu± up all yet caresi an' woe. Milk ot 
Amnciii!' I ask what intelligent life forms hang 
out here, but naturally it does not remember 
We leave the building, turn left at the police 
phone boJK with the who was here' graffiti, and 
Utilnw » sign feeding 'RnLildly Go'. 

We enter aciive wiih a golden key . a Hobbilat 
empty lamp and magic truss in it, squcese 
ihrough I he secret lunnel. ajid arrive back 
where we srarled. 'Welcome to the planet, er 
. . , whatsitsname!' screams the Welcobol« *a 
peal nice place to. hmmn. lo . , . er , , , ' We 
avoid the Slobway. and 1 adviie my Ho«teu lo 
Go Nufth, Why. IjiMiae?' she sighs, 'Because, 
my dear, it's titrte for some (pratuilous ux and 


Sure enough, as we pass urKkr a flvover 
marked 'Flat he Ed. Polans and the North; no 
poncy wine bars for 142 light years", she treads 
on i pair of jij^iijiggabytcs. Oui into the half* 
light of Amnesia, where a blue moon hangs 
neither here nor there We follow a vcllow brick 
road, as the wind lashes Tamara 's body, whip- 
ping sharp sand eveT)-wherc. 

A weird castle straddles the horizon, with (lie 
words 'Weird Castle' in ihe b(.)rcalis. No m.atier 
how far she walks, the structure is as distant as 
ever. E snuggle into her ear for warmth and prc»- 
leelion. aj. iKc freering storm abuses her After 
a week or so, I reahse that she is crving Poor 
ktd. What a rotten fir^ assignment this is. 

** . . . it's nut that I am wretched, nr«d 
to go weewee, have a bomb In my t^ar, 
luid no ^cs commksion Trom Mac- 
donald^/ 'What then, babes?* I ask. 
She wiQce»^ -Tve sot sand in m; 

' Don"t bend," I soothe , 'I know (hat you ate 
cold, hungry, wncked with (hitsi and hictiu i 
fate worse than Imagine in the Weird Castle, 
but IcKk on the bnghl side ' "It's not that. 
Louse." she sobs, 'it's no* (hat I am wretched, 
need to go wee wee, have a bomb in my«irtaad 
no sales civmmission from Macdi>nakH,* 'What 
then, babes'.'" I asjc. She winces, 'I've got sand 
in my pants!' 

Should J consider changine my form to help 
her oui'.' Should I consider Ihcit this is a family 
publication, and no edttot is banning me after 
only 14^7 wordt^ Should I memionthe fact that 
supvnntelligent computers keep maierialisinK 
inym nowhere and heading oft lo the Weird 
Castle at high speeds Should I start a weekly 
rag titled "Bang"? 

*I feel a£ much affection for her u; Is 
pos&jbk fpr H neutron homh to feel 
towards Its patbetk human victim^ 
and resolve to help her.' 

Tamara Knight h abandoning hope: and try- 
ing tn gel the sand out of her pants. I feel as 
much affection for her as is possible for a neut- 
ron bomb lo feci towards its paihctic human 
victim, and resolve to help hcT Shecu]lapse^ in 
a wind-lashcd sobbing pile, awaiting death, or 
a bus. 

Every par^ec or so, an above- human-intelli' 
gencc computer materialises from nowhere , 
builds a wind-powered hovership, and heads 
for the Castk. If we could hitch a nde. life 
would nol appear so terminal. 0ui the little 
devils are so smart that by ihc time Tamara 
crawls near, they're off! I calculaie that the 
chances of slumbhng across a newly 
materialised machine are so remote that . . . 

We trip over a newly maierialisct) computer. 
Tamara instantly sits on it. slJo.iLldk. 'what a 
lady. Whal a klutz. As its wmd-'ship takes off 
the computersqueaka. 'Genoff me. you hurnan 
parasile. I haven't come all this way to find Ctod 
lUSt til have the likesof vou si I on my inlerfaoe!' 
Tamara iiEhtcns her gnp. and yells back, 'Re- 
member the First Law of Rt^bolics. Cause me 
no harm!" 

The electronic pilgrim make« a very rude 
noise, flips the ship on its back and drags Tam- 
nm'i buttock along the yeliow bridi road in a 
most unladylike manner. The Weird Castk 
looms. The speeding computer tries to shake us 
off. as «c head for the cnlry portal, just below 
that great whirling eiitractor fan. Tamara is now 
hugging the machine to her bosom. 

'Gcrroff me, vou organic bitch! I can't set 
where I'm going f" ' Kf member the Second Law 
of Robotics,' 'Tamara gasps, 'always obey a 
human!' The htlle computer ducks, dives and 
snarls, 'Poke off, flesh fcaluics' I've «>mc here 
to forget all that old scrcendump. Unwrap your- 
self before we ... ' And sure enough, ladies, 
gentlemen and Newsfield readers, ihe ^hiphils 

VlHftT Ntyrr?/^— SEE Pfi66 I&& 
CRASH Christmas SpeciaM 986 79 





1 runners up each 
get to choose ^wi 

Ian Andmnv^ bossman at Hcsnm 
haa.laiinf:hBdBbrarid-new sdvan- 
turs ]eiM by th« name of hedall- 
lOtt. TNs rN9w (abat is going to bs 
used to reteft&a ^rras wrm«n on 
Graphic Acfvwnurt Craatof. tha 
Bdventurs-wriiing utrily his com- 
pany re)«asod a f&*t rrtonihsa||0. 
Tli« fir^i two HDMujJOH tiil«s afv on 
tha stortinNg blocks and should be 
in Uve ahops avefso soor — 
ttioy'r* called Winter Woodetiand 
anaApactm Goki. One's sal tn a 
cold clime , and tfi« other is set tn a 
land where the sun tnafta d<ywn 
mdrdldssiv Now ' s your dnetCA lo 
cotod a n^y holiday; hot or cold 
. . . k>t«rested7 

80 CRASH Christmas Special 1986 





Oh, ao you're imafeatad vn you? 
Rl^. soQino as iKCHnvc ore w«l1 
known lof tneir adventures what 
Uncle Ian wants you to do is ans- 
wer a little adventure puule that 
should get you tmrWdng a tiX later- 
ally. And hera i1 js: 

cH your 

'Yoti ate S/tting in 
blank TVscfe^. You> 
Nofih and fiixi the h 
drops ttnd you'fS in WintW Won- 
dertand, so fo warm up a liWoyoii 
Oftter E to go East Wow. you've 
found ttv gold — Apache Gold 
tfwT ia. Wtwopoe, rtchas beyond 
yOijr cfresrns' D0Ctdfng to head 
bacf^ So fOijr TV, you input the 
af^xoprjate commarxfs to fwtum 
tha way you carrm. ' 

The £000 holiday 1 
qu«8t)cHi is . . . Q 


CooJiuaed? Don't be, Just think 
about rt. Carefulty. And no, tha 
answer's nol 'nothing" — rf you 
though It wa$ you're rtesdin^ m 
lotaity the wror>g dir^ctionl Any- 
way. whdn you think you've got 
The answer send H to HOT AWD 
PO Box ia, Ludlow, Shrof^Mr* 
SYB 1 DD to amve here betor* the 
8lhof January. Or>e winnef from 
the Thfee NEWSFIELD magazine 
gets to chooM £600 worth otttdtt- 
day — 'fancy Sunning yoursa^ on a 
beach or would you prefer lo go 
Skiing? Mot Of ooW, it'a the win- 
ner's choice , . . 

Ten CRASH mnnorsHip get to 
choc^e, too — not holtdaysbut an 
HccMTnrE game from the foNowIng 
list: WmtarWbftdarivid.MfiiKtm 
Ga(d. Moon Craata. Splat and 





Clf OS 
O'fIS qfi . 

f '; out fc *^- 


t*+V. k*'^/J 


.''-■.V. '.' 



,R^.AWr«ice.Wa^«WS9 8PW.v.. 

;Sl Ml 





f ^ 


The HIT SQUAD have 

yput together FOUR . 
\ No4 / 

^\ Blockbusters / 
V\ for this new/ 
^ames / 
\ compilation/ 



^ . Featuring: 

'-^\ JUNGLE COMBfll 

*\ and of coufse . . . / 


'*\ All in one special / 
|\ twin - cassette / 










wo worfds - the mirror fmoge of each 
other, touch in space through a 

n© Is posHlve, good, lammar - ouf World: 
tfrie other is negative, evil yet unnervingiy 

heir Interface - a time window through 
which objects and beings can pass; 
contact has resulted in the beginning of 

i estor© our Worfd - stop the invasion, but 
do it now, for as the exchange acceler- 
ates, the time window grows larger - 
domination Is a handl 






6 Central Wj-eel.Mjntheiief M2 SNS- TeJ. 061 834 i9i9 •!«*©(: 649977 

20 copies of 
up for 

Just QUI from eute isths wondedul 
Hit Pack, Q bfend of foor of th© 
finest computer ganids di brought 
togQtti«r on one caesstte it s got 
Airwoff. Commando, Bomb JAcf( 
and Frank Bruno's BoxiiKf. To 
celebrate auc^ s preetjgioua 
release Eun have <l$ciCl$Cl to run a 
corn.petit(on *rih [en P^sonat 
Stereos up tor grabs, e>ach accotn- 
panted to/y a fm P&ck (best lo let 
your computer listen to the cas- 
sette, ttioogh!) Twenty runner up 
prizes ot Hit Packs ate on oftar too. 
Good ah? 

But you're gotng to have to wor1< 
fex yoLtr p^lze arKisirK^e th^s ars 
such fi*cs prizes I'm going to ask 
you to help me. M Vtm moment 
thwa's a bit of probtsm at ttie 
Towers and tfs name is Sampler, 
rnofe commonly known a$ £1 
Retardo the Database Minion. Tba 
poor boy has got s bit upset 
racafTtly ovef ttw continual iea3Jn>g 
and baiting he's had to put up with 
over his dress (rwnjsense, Sump- 
tar's dresses (sorry dress sen- 

sibilities) certainly ven't subtle: 
bright pinhy flairy Iroiisers. ooats 
ttial look HHe SellafiekJ surplus 
anH-rsd jackets and socles that 
newer rnatch except 'tn tt>eir odour . 
These are Sumptsr qualities and 
such a rtbbing he's taken from 
thoea ToMars lads that ha's 
crawled Into ttia cupbomti for a 
pood suth and a oy Into the dean- 
ing lady's pinnie. 

Well what wa need is sornething 
to coax htm out of his catatonic 
state — I can't even get ifiio the 
broom cupboard myselR Tliis is 
where you come in. Wtiat we want 
you to do is to make an audio tapa 
up that f can play througti the dow 
and get him out of the cupboard 
with. You c:an use any tactic you 
want — tempt him with lots ot 
lovely promoea, threaten him with 

the most loathsome fiale you can 
imagine, or just otier to buy hirtt a 
pint of Old Flatulence bittar. Any- 
thing yoy want, just keep your 
entries unoer 3 mmutes long. 

So aJi you've got to do is got B 
Retardo out of the cupboard and 
you could fFKJ youfselt imng down 
the high street with personal 
stereo and a brtll new Hit Pack to 
feed intoyouroomputef . Ju ^ send 
your cassettes to SUMFTER 
Oun, CRASH Towers, f>0 Bwc 
10, Ludlow, Shropshlra tm 
1 DB. Ten best entries win a stereo 
and a Hit Pack, then twenty nry- 
ners up collect a Hit Pack on its 
own. Make sure your audn sHorts 
am VB before ?Oth January 1 9fl7 — 
I want lo get into my resting ptaoe 
avny from all the nasty revtewar?! 

84 CRASH CHristmas Special 1 986 


^ 30 COPIES O 

ThB ever-fto-kmpnessive Mr Witcox 
fwho's a vety big cheee« at bjh ) 

B» suocew of !i*8 company's 
aames. H«'t loohing forwafd to 

Christmas wheo or>e of euhTb 
Jatest and areale$i games. Sp»c9 
Hvriar, will be on tha shelves of a 
shop near yoii^ 

As ths goma wljl be amvina just 
In tirnc lor ttve festivities, Urtcie 
Steve has donned ^is red coat, 
taisewriibkers and Ounkjp welWaa. 
H« may look rathw- silry as ^ 
difmbs ifito his Lotus. Esprit, but 
hel appear vary aaaaoTkal . . , coe 
lw'& offering TwoBMX bika« astop 
pnjtos in this VulatkJe oompethlon . 

B«ing the season of goodwill to 
man.,er.,per9onkl;rbd, Unda Steve 
does (9a\isB that lots of people 
can't fit onto one BMX bike (or 
•van in one Lotus Esprit f« that 
mettarQ an tfurly n^iners up will all 
be able to ItviM to the speed and 
daring of dnving arourxj a TV 
$cn»Bn> Ijlowing up tt>e alKs^ns and 
sawtQ the srrtka populuation of tha 

Fuviy old worid you find your- 
aalf In, playing Sfiaoo Harrief. I 
uMan. you go to aJi thie trouble of 
hiring, a ahipi and filling it full ol go- 
luioe, all paid for out of your own 

pocket and rn-one really seams to 
mind the fact ifiat you may tie 
bkiwn into your constituert atoms 
and then there'll be no-one tett to 
feed your cot. Ah well such is Irfe 

Space wars. Huhl Good JjOb it'a 
rx3t lof real . . , It's a lot rrtore fun 
zooming along on a BMX biKa 
doing stunts and imprfissing 
everyone alae on ti>e BMX track 
wWi your akitta as a ridier. And 
there a r>o chance of having your 
cor^itueni atoms spread acrosa 
the oalaicy provtdir^Q yov make 
sure to vweer all the right se^ety 
gear, • 

Inspired by another Eun hit , our 
very own Oi Fray hias come up 
with a BMX bi:king scene — and as 
is his wont, he's cJrawn two ver- 
liions, Spot ail the differences in 
the second picture, rmg them 
round in t>iro, compiete the entry 
form and wtwa rt all off to ma. You 
ooukj be tfie envy of your fner>da 
sooner twi you thiok! 

The first two aJl-conrect entries 
#111 earn tt>eir senders a BMX Bike 
like the one illustrated he^e as a 
'just rrussed Chnstmas' present 
from (Oily Steve at cun tut he' IF try 
TO send it rourKj to your house 
rather than fill his weUi«9 full of soot 

trying to get it down your chimney. 
Thirty funoera up are set to collect 
a copy of $pace Hamer . . . Cbs- 
ing date is ?Oth Januafy. so you'd 
battv make i\Pii I have alt your 
•ntiii* by tt^n Sand itt^n to me 
at BMX BIKER, CRASH Towvra. 
POQQx^G, LixUow, Shrop«hlre, 


CRASH Cliristmas Special 1 986 B5 






Everybody knows that you can't run prog> 
rams for one computer on a dtffemnt make. 
Everyone, that is^ except Tony Brewer, 
inventor of the Speculator — a brillient device 
wtiich turns a Memotech orTatung Einstein 
into a near- perfect impersonation of the 
Spectrum! Simon Goodwin tests the amazing 
Spectrum emulators sold by syntaxsoft and 
ponders on incompatibility problems in gen- 

I'M MSI (t, MNt It MVta. You 1 

tttm th# orlftaul ta^ Into to ElncWn 
or MmioMch, tnd they nir is if tlwy 
had boHi ipadttlly {HDonmnicHS fa 
thai tyitMn. Hot in muring leap for- 
mnl htr SpActnim ownsn — but If § 
■ timiclhfniglv mmttMicu, 


Up unVJ new, incocnpaitillMiily tiaa ruled 
iiocinfiuterintJi^ Wittmurt soiVar e, 
tODOIlWler IS jU5l d pUstiC d«Or $to$ But 

manufacture nave to ma)(« eacfi new 
machine as chNp awJ feature -pactod' 
85 iXRSible. &MT popiilaf ittlcMM nw- 
riBS«fiits B wfiol* 4*t 4f CttnpWnittt; bflt- 
wG«ri hardwM) «d software, cost and 
quality spsMf wtf comptexlty Eact) o<f 
tttese owipfDmises cfian^ (lie way that 
a mactune mu&t be |>fDOfanim«<l tot it IQ 
oCftain besJt r^utts, Modem sottwsfe 
;hish«s every tiraod Of COtnpulef ^ Its 

Sirtce ttte limits are dtffertnt for every 
machine. pfogram$ for one modci vvgnt 
run or ottier systems. Saftwrare hotises 
spmd a fortune c^nfing and re-wntjng 
games tor difl^rentsyitems. Thts doeso'i 
always work very well . , Sometimes it 
(Joean 't work al ad — the drfttrence t»1- 
wsen ttie computers is just Ido greal 

It ks HHl^ectiffl to conveft pn>QfBms 
ftwn one t)esl-sell!r>g rwacJiins to 
inooief After aJI, computer users have 
$imUHr tisiUA and tend to nati tie same 
tdntm. tMfl kf tuk mdiiMs won't 
tpMk eoone anoiftef R'sit>« poople with 
ten popular m^nmes who gei a raw 
deal Ufiles5 i lew hufidf«<3 Hvtisamj 
people buy a new mactiln«, it's Just non 
wortfi tfv ettoft Ql fewr^ng pnognnis for 


So t^l«^es a vtctcus dn^ Progfams^ 
don't g«t converted AttM iMra's a txg 
demarid from users, and — unless Diey 

86 C RASH Christmas Spectal 1 966 

are very tirave — people don t buy a 
Computer bll QUre't (ots at softmre 

T^ere are M) wtys to break thts KMp. 
T>ie ntosi succes^l tactitique, so tar, 

lias been lo rmke Ihe computer s»Bm 
itx^ a 9»i deal tfuil people buy it any- 
way. In esserwe tttis ks a tontWence trick, 
tKit wtien H wiHics pmper^ ttie software 
arrives before peopfe realise thoy'ya bmi 
conned If thtstectinikiiLwieQoingtowwIlt 
yiou must make ttie machifw cfHfiip arKi 
Irendy — and inevitably, thefptbre, 
incompatible. You must also spend a. fof- 
tune teling people about It, and whippirtg 
up Ifi4 enffmaasm vi programmers. 

LuckUy, prpgrammefs ttnd le be very 
gullible Between 19S0 and 1463 Qive 
^ncm 00! ttw mirture rlflftt . . Sawe 
lt«n comp«t«on rias incressed, trie pun- 
tefs have been tauflrt a few rvew 
buzzwords, and the only p«M}(>le who Itavt 
kiept up with nha bome market are Aian 
Sugar. o4 Ameirad. and Mn Tramiei 
ongmaj^ owner of Comriobofe vd no»iir 
leading) most of tfte same people In a 
sMmmMHtoMUtart Corporation. 

They boVl tM on price, lim and 
lortmost. aittiougfii Tramlet wou^d tave 
you believe ott»erwise Real mnovauon Is 
ovt ot tasnwn As Adam Osboume put It, 
h« wtio lEves at trie leading edge of 
lechnolofliy t% des^ned to "be sacrificed 
upon it" Osboume proved ITiis by exam 
p<e — tic set up ihe first tamous portable 

compiutef fimt, wNCi) (My went busl 
Every year dttm 4f nWnMtadurers. 
large and small, try Id break into 0^ 
mkro market Alas, tfils vkmus ctfCle 
catches all but a faw. 

Almost everyome in hm trade has a 
vested interest m keeping converskn 
overhaarfe down, whkch means limWngi 
fie number of 'nit' machines. TtHs fast 
makes a lirt' even more pnoflteWe, 
anoouraijing more manufadurers lon^ 
into the maiiiet like lemmings over a cfiff 


I saki ttat Viere were two ways out d tfie 
viclws dmte- You don't fuve to mnnvate. 
tt Is possible to carve out a niche m ttK' 
marltet tiy seMng a copy of someone 
else's madiine, and t^ng advvitaije of 
fiwstifvg software — b«t ffaS s a nsky 
business For a start your ntachmt wi 
be considered MttsNortsA. wheffier or 
not Ifits really mattefS Secoridfy, you'll 
fiave f>ead'on oomi>etrtion. from people 
fllreatfy established m your market. 

There are three ways to MJumer this. 
af¥{ to succeed you must use aN three. 
Vou ttave to xtveftlse Itke crazy, undercut 
comiMltot' prices, and try to add some- 
itiM to fM fPrmulB m order to make your 
voifanitlli out and seerrr new, yet still 
atMdhffty cofl^tibte. This is a very 
expensive busines. 

Amstnd, Compiati, and Oftvetti t^m 

^an^bltid aind won — many otTiers have 
tailed m me home mcvt^ the presstf e 
to innovale. either lo cut costs or improve 
performance, is imense. Mami^chnrt 
have troubte making even THEIR OWN 
new mactiines i^mpatitMe witti meir pre- 
decnaon. When Sinclair made a muur 
Gfvange to ffie Spednim, putDng i new 
kirtd ol iow- power KigiCimy mm Isaue 
3 vertion. tt>c> ti FTY crianges krmlwd etop- 
ped many popular games. 

The brmiafliltHng about the Spednim 
Plus uns eat it toed EXACTLY the same 
wwkiaifiidH nMV-Msiwi spectrum. 
w (NV%dMy StacMr vne fonnd to 

make real changia^ llMlt MOdMl orm, 
to catcti up wttfi the competttlon. Ttie 
Eipectnjm 1?S compaltbility problgnis 

Ttus dilemma atfeds every computo 
ftrm ki Vm interests ol axmpadlbil^. 
Cominodore's new 64C macfklne r>aa a 
diabolical BASIC mt^pretH Hit iMb 
from 1980. The new model Is inltBd M) 
the grapliics and sound of t9a3. The 
need Iw compstitHlrty Has ^so hetd beck 
Alan's XE machir^ — Jay Winer's 
desrgn wasway ^lead ol Its limeiin tjirs, 
but It's looWng pretty bred now. 


it should be daantwt R la very dHlaii to 
make one computer axf^oMs nMA 
another, This Is esoetiially tme it you warrr 
to njr bsl. i^impthcatsd flitt-otttiean 

paigrams, because ttMt tend to take 
vlwtage of twdwane ff^ria. Yet the 
SpecuMr For the MeimMch, and t^c 

Spectrum Emulatpr for Tatun^'s EJnslein 
machine, realty work. You can njn com- 
ple» progiams such as (HiB, Station and 
Tonnoo Low iMMl iFuiri Ihe orf^nad cas- 

The txkxKz arv samellmn a sUgMty 
dllerent thadie, and aonw pro^iains nn 
t MUe more stowly. but the oanws are as 
good as any corrversion migH te 
expected to be The Emuiatofs are 
beslgnedi t^ Toi^ Br«*w and sou by 
sftnump, a ByrrHey fim ^ — roni- 
caHy — spedsises in conwrijog piog- 
ranv between mactwies tte hard way, 
Werttlng ihf cnle Hne t)y Hne 

The Memotedi SftfcvtgWf costJ 
E29.9& aid plu(p seojrety Into the let! 
hand s^ of tfte M e moto ch . achSng only 
B couple of centimetres to the width oi 
the machine ft uses tfia ports thai are 
already Jxiift mto the computer. 

The EJnstein model comes m a bigpar 
case — a kind ol iunwr iLmcfibcBi;— and 
costs £49 95, mainfy because 1 coittlns 
sound and cassette vrterracas. It tmQi 
from the 'pipe' — aii,3S en edfla-cowec- 
ttr with an IDC socket — ai ta bKk of 
he iracMne. Rather si^ikly. Tabng 


buta pnjblft m s f FKrth^ied lha( Oii&f 
ThcnvBcn's Oecaffrfon rari a EitOe sJovriy 
ind unstsadity at times, but it was slitl 

Plug tfimai Jn fi» th* r»il««vrrf 

have not put 1 'P^' ^ ^^ l^ftest 
machine. IM EinsMn 256. so Qivt 
CMcnm won't support a £^u^^ until 
tORWom pTDduco an adept»r i^/ha) did 
I Mtt about mamitscturen tmt^ unablfl 
iDiiBr oocnpatUiie witti Ifwnsehns^ 


The HTHilatixs went thrauQl^ a long wcf 

lortwxB (JevetopfnetTl process. At first, 
Tory BfHwef admits, he tftooflht ft COuW 
nut be dOM. ButfttpBrsemrsd. and after 
a !i«irii< hwij worK Iw'tf franapof) tu do 
■M most eo^}Jne«f3 wkM hiw consi 
ilmd impossit)i» H4$ solutian wnn't worh 
wii il nMcfOS — It mdw upon the tact 
M Vn nnctiines us? tti€ same pnces- 
SOT for Instance — but it bridoes a rnaa- 
£iv(Qap nonettwless. 

Tlw SpoctJtPtiir e a muctuft of 
lunhnre and sonwarv it uses two cus- 
turn logic anays artct a ?K memori^ to 
Imponarate tfie Spectrum ii,eyboart a/td 
ciiaMa port wd to trtwitf the 9artvv«r« 
that mimfeatiM Spactrum s dispUy &4K 
al RMM 4s rMMtod. plus ^{»f3i£ vtdec 
mflwy. Tits onuMof pn^encte thit 4SK 
kmcNTrat Spsctnnt RAM, and packs new 
nncttine-CDde to ermtete ttie Spectrum 
ROM and istm teatufw into tl» femain' 

TdbvoW copyrfj/ft prabtems, Tcny has 
oompte la ty rv-wriittBFi tt^e routined 'S\iX 
uft bull-in to Die Spectnim irte cassette 
c«te B hnpravKi, lor Instactte, and can 
BaeMy tie adapted \a ccpe nvflti dtFfaifnt 
itfeeds — but It stW ettMiaisa the ftesii 
inf berdflf ml a real SpBctiun. Routines Id 
fiM cuanciefv dear tie acnen, tead 
ttt hsyboeifd and to isn can be catled as 
rarmal, M ihs code U changed le retleci 
Sn dMerent riardware Some pails iif tfH 
Spectnim ROM, like tfie Itoktlrfi-piilrt 
calculator, vt not used in commefclai 
softiHQre. so a new emulaiian code tvaa 
been sJQfled knto that 3{Hce. 

The ^Kf/m mA ff« MemotecTi bMh 
ine a Tescai iMkumsnte vKleci chip, 
ralftw tiaft the Spectrunns ait-purpose' 
custcwn ULA The Tl ch»p is also uSeiJ in 
MSx computers, so a similar ernuanx' 
coiiW. m ttuMiV,. run on those machines. 

The Tl Chip can produce Bw wnw 256 
by 192 dot /esotution ss tfw Spectrum. 
but their ttie i M em Wa n t e ends It fs rwt 
menyirY- napped, sio Oie processor rias 
to Wk IQ Ft Character by cTunciarVirDLiQh 
'ports'. Tills matcBS It fnucti sinirtr than 
Ifie Spectrum, but Tony bsi tound an 
hgenious quHl; which allows him to 
update arty sijitt) of ttie screen SO times a 
second, furvnelling Infonnatlon from I3ie 
Spectrun's dispiky area, wftere t\s 
OBflws put n. mraugh Du ports, 

Tonys tiectronics gerWaie approp- 
riate bming stgrknt;. 3n<;1 a ?mall chartge 
IJ tne k>adir l«ts Nm (jtrNi'mnnie Mtvch 
t»arts 0* the display are uodateo most 
Offten, For instance most 0<f the action on 
S&tiofi tBltn place in me top two thirds 
ol the display For Station. Tony"5 code 
rtff resales the bottom (tiird less often, so 
that the mt ol flie displey is aJmnet as 

Cokxir It M^ loa. becauH the n {[!$■ 
play chip meeds eight ttmes as much col- 
our mlormationi as ll« Spectrum does 
Tony's code d»cte l^e wtwie attribute 
ond and only transmits cotour MoniHion 
for psftt that change- TTis seems to work 
very well In practice. The Spectrum's 
etfhl cototir? are mapped onto ihe closes! 
shades in it^eTlcMp'tiMMIlBOf 16 The 
hardware detects etternpits to change the 
SpectTUD's border crtxir and re-directs 
the Jntormaten. but it can only da tots 50 
tHnes a Mcend wtven a (pme ^ runrtin{i 
In general anri9MltM<aou«llt, but tt 
rules out the 'oiOMr W eUtects that 
spce up a tew Spactmnn {|Bm«, 

The 9^^^yL emiiwan worto md 
enomh. aWtaugh toere is a certain 
anouiA o< eitra fliclier, and the gadgot 
does noDilr^ to cure ttw Spectrum's attft' 

same lauits exist on toe Spectrum 
versKNi, but they're not as otivwus; as 
Toty Brewer says, "The Emulators 
eccentuste ffw things whM^ aten't doFie 
lien well on the Spectrum " 

Sound Is handtod ^vou^ a tiny beepof 
In (he Hnsie* bci — tm, it's sup- 
posed to ennylite tite Specfrwn , ksnt m ', 
said Tony TM Memo*och fe-directi 
Spectrum, ctlcks to the computer's sound 
C^), ghitog odd effects at times In theory 
I wedd be [Hssttiie lo emulatu alt of the 
KtoMtHitiects tTom a Spectrum \2B 
Qame, but the I ?B posftt QWf pWfthinU, 
and toere sre no plans to do Ha al the 


The system must be sel up hi drtTerwit 
ways to 0^ be^ results on each garne. 
ao you are km^ied to a ceiiam fange a 
CttMtto or {Hak supplM MT) toe 
emiator oonuins £ode to handle the first 
^ eames: further compitatiorts ate being 
prepared , You have to load the game Iram 
a Spectrum casaete at firsl. but you car^ 
then Q)py It to HemottclJ Of Eif^em dak. 
to speed up KuKting. 

All programs on *e emulator wOfk 
with joysticks or toe cursor keys, and' the 
keyboaird wodcs much lice norinal — ti/b 
rtf^ hand shift key emulates the Spec- 
trum's Symtnl Shitt You on also turn 
sounrte on and DA, and (Mat anir game, 

Ttie stBrtar-pKk upports 20 poptiv 
but ralh«r o*d lities vfunua/m Keith 
Hook de^'ends the {tfutces, saytog. "they 
may be old ganiai on fie Spactum. but 
ttiey re new to EtoHalR m) Memotech 
uHirs ' More recai Mb an bemg set 
up, but there's no t^Tispect of a untversal 

emulBtori Ifils wss a great relW for 
Michael Gaut, a humble conversions 
prooranvrw at sfNTMaafTt 

ApparenHV the bigoest problem setting 
up the Sf)#aiiiia 10 «n»t i (fame Is 
gettirtg the code Into iDamery; most 
games AOMdimi use Hck loadeif which 
nly on tie toiiCI Spectoim han^mra, so 
aapeclal Memetech w 9nitoln loadar 
mot bi Mtttm by Tony Brewer. GeMng 
■it acMi Osme to run 13 ■ ctoch by com- 
partson — niosl of the time i| just 
bmtMS aaHng tia speed at whkd^ drtfe 
ram anas of the screen are KittihML 

There may be a aoUon to fie cnaellB 
protitem It Spectrum code coutd be sold 
(at an approprtaie phcai ort Memottcf) or 
Einstein disics, il cotjid by-pass ^ c»- 
setts BliK^ Thus wjuid need tie approval 
of toe ortglnal pubHshers. tM thtogs look 
quite hopeful at toe monteni. 

One quBslton still remams. Do 
Einstetnefs and Wemotochit^ adualy 
want to run SpectrufB games on tWT 
computers^ As a CRASH wittor 1 1h|* 
so, but a secondhand Spectrum on^ 
costs about f 50, and 90 per owrtof Eltt- 
lein users are said to be business peopit; 

Otortd Sal of Tatung dmsn't expect 
many axwerts from trie SJnc^ stable. 
"The Emulator is si entariCHiienl tor 
the ^iRststn not a replacement fbr toe 
Spectrurn, with d«ks arvi so on. There 
are a numb«r of people wfio want games 
on the Einslein, ann] now they can run 
pfO^fTts toey otherYnse coMWn't" 

STwtuioFT s Kaith Hook Ml ttttt 
Menwtech and Einsiato uaan would be 
too proud to buy a Spectnim — but they 
mlgjfTt tiuy an emulator "People wtn've 
got EInstatos wont buy Spectrum But 
they'd Hke Hhe sdlware We're letting 
them rWi on the back ol Ihe Spocmjm's 
populanty '^ 

For Tony Brewer It has been a fesctoat- 
Irig. If rather unremimeratrve, friperl- 
iDent. "I dbn't toing there's arrythng that 
can't be dorfe wi^ a con^puter. n you 
Ihif* aOoilt It", he said, HeshouWlsnow' 

spienuM cuuMEs available oh 


Arcadia fmagfne 

Astronut Software Projects 

AtfC AtacUttmBte 

DT's Decathlon Ocean 

Flight Simulation Sinclair/Psion ^ late vefsion onJy 

Gridrunner Qu1ck$iFva 

Humpty Dt/mpfy Artie 

Hunchback Ocean 

Jefpac Ultimate 

Jump Challenge Martech 

Laserwarp Mlkro-Gen 

Manic Miner Buq Byte 

Potty Pigeon Gremlin 

Protect Future Micromanlt 

Spectif>0de R & H 

Starion Melbourne House 

Stop the Express Sinclalr/Hudaort 

Tornado Low Levet VoftoK 

Trsxx Quicks ttva 

Twin Kingdom Valley Bug Byte 

The Hobbft Melbourne House — Einstein only 

Elite Rrebird 

Airwolf Elite 

CRASH Christmas Special 1966 87 





88 CRASH Christmas Special 1986 



Christmas time is always busy 
here a1 tti« lowers. There'll be no 
carol sjrain<g fof mettus Chnstmas 
. . .troubidis.i don't expect I '11 get 
anything in ttw stockk^g I haiyg 
hopefully hOftf the h&icb of the 
brocmcupboard dOor — either 
Sama doesn't dare come into the 
Towers or the nasty reviewers 
&r>eak in and pmch aii my goodies 
nr9t thing cm Chnstmnas morning. 

The fotks &i tjtt^mM ofMWKa 
have got some super Chnistm&s 
pressi^s to give away to readers 
thi5 year — lot&of mu&cai goodtes 
and oamea too .. but you'll have 
to tie^} tna with a litt^ probtem if 
you wont to collect a priie. 

1 made a terrible mistake. Ian 
Stewart, the bossman at orcuuh 
seft) me a Chri^sy car!^ aJong with 
the intays fof four oremlm games 
thai he thought I'd like to give to 
them up m ART to use m a comp^- 
tion Tf<xjt>le ts, he put tham all in 
a brown envelope — Just like thie 
official' loo4<in^ brown envelopes 
the rwsty reviewers use when they 
try to ftCfiffi me, Imagirte my panic 
vman I first opened one ol thiese 
lettees to find a Final Demand for 
C500 for non-payment q1 a btll for 
Cleaning materiais supplied to the 
bfoom cupboard! I was worried for 
hou r^ until I noticed the sn iggenn^ 
gt?ing on in the reviewing pjen.. 

I've had all sorts of nasty sur- 
prises inside these offldal-toofeing 
anvelopea over the paat few 
mornl^ — fake warrants for my 
vrant, paternity surta naming my 
pet hemwer — the lot So I've 
taken to taafirtg up offK^iai -looking 
envelopes the moment they are 
shoved u ndef my door. Hence my 


I suddenly noticed. amor>g tfie 
bits on the floor, ttw pteces of a 
Chnstmas card, together with lorn 
shreds of some game inlay cards 
and the fragments of a (etter. I 
markaged to piece together the lat- 
ter. And discovered that Ian 
Stewart wants to give away ttome 
very nice press^es indeed. 

Top ol his last of Fes.>i ve 9oodiH9S 
ts a Philips compact disc midi hi-fi 
system. Mext on his Santa list irs a 
Sharp Ghetto Bla5tBH^ Then he's 
got a giant jrftytjag waiting — waft- 
ing for someorw to say which live 
omEtu^ gamea they'd like to riave 
put into rt before rt'a posted. And 
l:wwity five more wtvetopee ^e 
waiting to be filled with a sirigte 
OREiiLM game, . » « 


I've asked art to amnge for tM 
the bits of Christmas card and 
game inlay to be placed deiicateiy 
on this page —just like they fell to 
the fkxir when I ripp^ the 
envelope and ns contents. Can 
you pi/t them tjack together again? 
Cut em up. stid< am down on a ttit 
of cardor papef, fill in the entry 
form and whizz your re-assembted 
COilage to meat CRASH GREMLIN 
mailing sure itib jotjs's lime to 
aniva by 20th January I9fl7. 



ift»ifHi*pa*»i*ii«ii*iiiP*i<iii#lit**iitt#PiKpi ■■■■»■« 

Tick the five games from the following list that 
you would [fke to receive if you win the giant 
Jiffybag, and circle the one game you'd like to 
gat if you are a runner-up 



CRASH SMASHES I (Night Gunner, Spy 

Hunter, Dun Darach, AJIen 8) 





CRASH Chnstmas Special 1 986 89 

===^ The dffriclally ertdorsed game ti^ 


Sequel to the hugely successful Hung Fu simulation. 

Bght more deadly oppooents to combat as you deweksp your Karate sJSls and advance to become a 

blach-belt master. 
Atrttientjc fighting moves with 4 different locations create an outstanding and realtetk: atmosphere. 

Jmiaglrw Software (1 984 )ljmted- 6 CflTtraJStfWt-Manche^ 8343939 









AW quoted prkos incJucie VAT, post and packing (UK dniY). 
Continental Europe and Overseas, ple«$e add £2 ^xtra per 

Form in t;»p,t^i^tm*- SlM »LJ M LJ I.LJ 

a Phase send me , . . , CAASH T-fthirtft) at £4 SO ««eh. 
a Please send mo .... , CRASH Sweatshirtls) at E8.95 each. 
D Pfease send me ... . CRASH Cap(»J at £3.95 each. 

" Please send m« CRASH Binderfs) at £4.50 «ach. 

Name ..,..,„ ...., .*. 

Address , , 



I endoae £..,... made p4vat>te to '(^lASH* 
Cheques or postal orders only, pleai&e. 




Oliver B«y <^^ ^i ^Blowing colour, 

and come caijhinv ™^^ J ^, 

tube tu^h^l *Ir!Sc^ndVATmdusive). 

for only t*'^ 

4. "ZOMltESOF 


£2.S0 EACH 




FlejtH send me thfi fotlowing Otivci Ft^ RoMHti) 


1. KEPLER OF MARS (£2.50> 

2. METRO FORCE 1 (£2.50) 

4. ZOMBIES Of THE NIGHT (£2.50) 

I tudoae £. . . . diequ« or po«tal ord«r imde pjyibk tg NewificJd 


Pleue nolv: ofd^n outeldf flutitluid UK, plufet idd CI p«r Elm 

iTifHin^ ■■■i«-f'ni-iii+i+i-rit>i-i*'i-i-ii^i+q»'i-ri-i+iiH 

Addra&a .,..„ „ 


+ I't1t#-l + l + i-a + ltl-ii«i-a-kni-k + i»a-kairi«ii 




Mtntf CFvMiTi** twthful Playing Tips, readers. HOpv il'i anawy 
whHwyou an. There's nol^mg here in Ludlow, tiuttheo wrs oeneralty 
9«1 lgiM>rQd by avnrythirtg living u p hivre, weal h«r t rvclutJvtJ. 5i>gh JV« 
got a tembto cold as usual Talk about counirv air being heallKy, i 
ikm'l think! 

Anywn^, we've been m»kin<g the oWtce took a brt fettive recently 
Graeme went out and bought a lov«^iy Ct>rti«trn«!t Tree «fkd awifyone 
Ml CRASH helped to decorate rt- Unfortunately, despite my weming 
mfha last IsxuealKHit testing tttelstry lighta before actually plugging 
tSern in, there 'f atwdyts someone wHa doesn't H*ten. This time it was 
the failtiful Com|i» Minton He plugged Iherrt in and Awrtchad on 
There was a loud pop and »ll1^li9hlatn the oHice went oirt. Ml over 
1Sm buildrng you could htmr agoni*md shHelimas people almost tell 
Ofit th«m«*4wei t« get to Itia Save key at »ll the computer «creen« 
Mwnt bianlc Ot coufse tt was nothnnQ io do with me , . but being 
CMumas nO'Orta wat really very upset and I «pent the reat of the 
morning trying to gitt the Corrvps. Mimton under the mieUetoe , , . and 
bay, do*ft t>e blukhT 

I hope you lihe the airay of festive tipe and POKEs Tve got th« 
month. Owing to tlta Ctirictmaia »c heduie* averythlng haa been a bit 
hectte so I hop* ttter* ervn*! any mistake*, but you know wtiat iHts 
leslive spiTit can do to you (hie)! 

Thn Top Tipster Itiim month iv Marx &stlit tof hi« ittghly detsMvdlip* 
on Inhtira tor. An amaf ing amount of game play m ust have gone mto 
gettiriQ right tttrough thia game. Mo^t people at CRASH, and ZZAP1 
for that matter, coviklfiit even gat through the first section' Top Car- 
logf^aher* ara Andrew Payrw and Paul Barretr who Mril in the first 
rnap Of The Ure^t Escape. Thanks lads and I f»ope you doni mmd 
shartng the prize tMtw*#ri the twp of you, tiMt I take it you are the 
best or nvates arryway! 

Enough of this whtehno and on wrth the bumper Chnatmas Spe- 
cial Plnying Tips- 

tmiDium POKES 

Urtt&um, HEWSON'S Latest hit 
own* muat be on* o4 the h« rdest 
•hovt "am ups on the rnarHet for 
■gaa. Trytrig to r^agottate your 
liny craft over the the massive 
Dreadnoughts and knock out 
the opposition at the &am^ time 
to no mean feat. Anyway, yoiv 
praiyers have tM*n an*w*r*d by 
Chrn Wild who lives near Old- 
ham In Lanes. Chria has sent in 
some infinite II ves POKE* for th* 
dastardly little game (yipee says 
Lm Paddon who's been playing 
the game for weeks and atlll 
hasn't got beyond Orswinought 
Three, he«, hee) (mind you glril« 
tipster couidnl get through 
Dnadnouiiht One ho ho — €0) 
Slmpty type this program into 
your Spectium and press RUN. 
Une 106 ghre* you Infinite Itvee, 
but tf you're feel^ realty siUy 
then enter the eKtra line: 
106 DATA 62,1S5,50t1 M76 
Tliis R)«anfi that you c«n fly 
4mMi ahooting Just the statio- 
nary dbfacts, and no aliefiis wiil 
come and gat you. Bewara this 

rotiUfte ftoesn't always work If 
you're in two pi ayers mode. Any- 
way, here's the ell ImpofteiTt 


11 READw 

12 IF w = 999 THEN QQ TO IS 

13 POKE add.w 

14 LET Bdd»add1 : GOTO 1 1 


100 DATA 62.255,55,221, 33,39 
lot DATA 244, 17, 125^,205,86 

102 DATA 5,4S,243,62.2S5,S5 

1 03 DATA 221 ,33,0,64, 17,0 

104 DATA 1fi1,206ya6,5 
106 DATA 

es^^ jsa^rA 30,02,1 es,50,3s, 


10 DATA 195,80,253,999 



Here's another Ufldlum routine 
for those at you who want a 
r««lly «my |H« during the game. 

Not only do you have kYflnil* 
Itves in this vefsion, but you 
won't dl« when you collide wtth 
the Orewinouglit and you won't I 
snutf It el^wr If naity alien ships 
biff you or nf a mine sneaks up on 
you> Using this routine you can 
quite happily romp through alt 
the Orvednoughts and see what 
the rest of the geme is aU atwut. 
tf however, you're not into any- 
thing qijllte es namby-pamby as 
this then use the other PQKEs 
this issueas theso give you 
Infinite lives, but it's i^tJtl pgssl- 
i^ lo d^, alth-ough you won't 
kwee a life 111 the proems*, 

10 CLEAR 62719 
30 LET w«ight=2 
50 FOR i= 23296 TQ £»«4 
60 READ a: LET TOT- TOT + 
70 POKE Ko: LET 
weight!^ weight + 1 

«0 IF TOT<: > 247462 TH EN 
100 POKE 23363,0: REM RES 
COLUStON (can't be idlled by 
Ntting e Dreednought) 
110 POKE 23Sea.O: REM ALIEN 
(won't be Mlled by allefis or mis- 

laO PRINT AT 21,7: "START 
130 RANDOMIZE USR 23296 
1000 DATA 4»,0,»2, 221, 33 
lOin DATA 0, 0, 17, 125, 2 

1002 DATA aa, 255, 55, 206, 86 

1003 DATA 5, 40, 23e, ^1 , 33 

1004 DATA 0, S4, 17, 0, 27 
1006 DATA 62, 255, 55, 206, 66 

1006 DATA 5, 221 , 33, 0, 

1007 DATA 17, 0, 1, 82. 255 

1008 DATA 243, 205, 1 89. 5. 221 

1009 DATA 33, 0, 02, 1 7, 
1010DATA 164, 62, 2SS, 206, 1 BS 

1011 DATA 5, 62, 1,S0, 168 

1012 DATA 152, 62, 2, 50, 147 

101 3 DATA 53, 1 96, 80, 253 


Robert Moran and Richard Cow- 
dery from Hamworth In 
Mlddl«saXf wtio sent in a cheat 
for NfghtTwn Rmtty In the 
November Issue have come up 
with another little gent, this time 
to help you ttwough Electric 

Dreams' Oand^ 

Load in the third tevel and 
while you're running around the 
maja you will come scroas a 
room wtlh no eittts (Apert Trom 
the one you've just come 
through There is a generator in 
each oomer end a l ine of objects 
et tf>e bottom, if you shoot naiS- 
1^ on th* screen and destroy 
all the generators by shooting 
th*ni, than an amazing thing will 
hepp*r)- f^Kt time you play ttte 
game, the topgenemorB will be 
replaced with KeyeerKl treasure 
which will be a great help to you 
on the next maze f<iow there's a 
thing. So yaa, boo and sucks to 
Rhrhard end Robert's schoo4s 
friends because It is them^ so 


Chrfs Jetman Turner la still hetlp- 
Ing you with your querkes about 
programming etc.. However. r»e 
does have one request end SO 
do I. Chris Bsks H anyone wants 
to correspond with him cQuld 
ttiey do It by letter and not by 
'p+Tior»e or personal spfwer* 
ences. Apperently he's had 
some pa<ifi4e turning up at hks 
pub and haa&lin^ him tor infor- 
matiofi when all the poor Lad 
wants is a quick Parriar and a 
i«sl after a hard day replying to 
•II your letters-. 

And rd be i^ery grateful If 
people wanting to Mt In touch 
iMtth Chris could do rt directly to 
this address and NOT to ma at 

Ta from ttoth of us. 


Terra Cognha I $ ofie of llw latett 
budget garnet; from kjde masters 
artd quite a few people seem lo 
be having trouble getting 
thorough H. S<t in ca se any more 
Spectrums ar* In danger of 
being hurted through bedroom 
windows, here's a program from 
Jonathan Davtas from 

Blahopston In Bristol which iaHII 
do all sorts of useful things to 
the game. Type in and simply 
delete any umvantsd POKEa. 
After It's all been typed in prvss 
RUN and play Ttrro CognttK 
tape trofn the BtatL 

10 PRINT AT 16,0: 1 WK 8; PAPER 


LOAD '*■' COOE 1 6364: LOAD " " 


20 POKE 50615,0 : POI^ 

§0616,0;: POKE 44486,0: REM 

htflnlte fuel 


4S427,n: REM n-^no. gt lives 

40 POKE 46004.0: REM bHlntt* 



CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 93 



kmnrmt&r by US Gc»«d ^ rather ■ 
brlcfcy gam* to do w«H in. It c«r- 
talniy oava ui wnth gyp« In tht 
CIRASH office wrfwn w<t wtf* Uy- 
inii td ml«w It Marh B«tt[s, frotn 
Ctwhrwtord In Eaa«x c*i1*{nly 
dkJilt hmw any troubl* QvtUng 
Hweugh H Ham arv «cHTi* tlfwto 
act you through MUiilafi cHta wnd 
^pnkHi Two. N«k| month I sh«li 
■ii you how to e«iinpl«t* t}>« 
find chapl«r in InffArafcM-and otf 
coun* Ihara'U b* a m«p to hft(p 
Mu «« wd Just IIM this month, 
Qood Luck Cttptsln Z««p. 



1 . Afttf take on aet AOF to 72.6 (a& 
ihown on tactlcBi m«p) 

2. Koep AE)F «fcin potntine 
upwards^ no nwttBnMfiBd tiappora. 

3. AecQiQfRloi to moR (450 knots} 
and th«n presa Turbo. Now you 
^iQuld be skkmming akyig m 650 

4. When snother sifcrsn apoeers 

on Ihs screen pms^ 4 th^ $ and 
type "Requ9sl intermaticr". 
Sonoa of Ihs pUots will be allUes 
and aom* y^iur most deadly 
■nemiea. Narafo a Uai o1 who's 

Whlopia, Haym^, Qiznw, 
Nip Wi . Seth, Dwezie. Gonfvsf To 
th*M reply "'Infiflrstof " 

Boor?«r, Scum, Rhtmbow, Zippy, 
KomtBi, Buzz, Wisnto, RanJ«, To 
You rinm obtalm CPU contact first 
$. Never opan fira unless you 
made a meas <A tha pesaword. 
6, LantfrTg-Defcraeao ihruat to 
mtnlmum (SO hnoi^ and push for- 
ward on iioyatick Ull eltimeAer 
imchaa 0. if jrau have rrude a suc- 
oaaolul landing thvi Inaart alcte 
Iwo of the Ism and proceed to 



1 . Whether you'ro Irtskle or outside 
a buttdng, shweys approach thQ 
guafd (you'll stand (sss charKia at 
alerting the others). 

2. If ytMr papare ai« un^atbf actory 
I mm iedlat^ prawa the SPACE bar 
and switeh apray the g» grarade 
as the ttwd before he r»ea the 
alarm. Than laave that acraan 

I. Nev^r w«8r the Janitors untfomi 
and don't bother u^nfn the mir» 
detector iTi the lorost 


1, Uaive Bcneen (A1) and go lo 
fC;^. Appnjach tha guard arxl 
then go to the top of the screen 
end walk along to tha qkH of (B.2). 
Go up Into (8.3) erKt left (nto (A,3). 
Approsd^ the guard at the top hght 
hend exit Qa to {8,3) and enterthe 

2. Fonmrds, up Ift, left, uo, right, 
guard, up, guard, guard, hght, 
guvd. aearch boxes Torgrertadea. 
h0ht, guard, down, search t^raw- 
ars lor security card, op^ guanl 
left. fliATd. leil, guard, left guard. 

guards down, guard, flight. 


I,- l.iF»" 

A 4MMS *»«M. 
Lf U« {fM* Hl«t| 

gufffd, down, left, entar, lift down 
and out 

3. Qo to scraon iA3i. (^uard. goto 
guard outside bujicfing in (A,3) then 
enter builfling. 

4. Up, guana, up, guard, up. 4«tt, 
down, left, down, guard, r»ght, 
guard, ga tQ akM ks the wall and 
hokj tha foystick forwarels untii you 
hear {h« tone and light above it 
tuma green. Now go ttadk the way 
you GaR» not rorgetting to 
approach bo4h guanls and exit the 

5. Go to (a;?} Approach both 
guards and «nter ttw buUdlr>g« 

6. Entar lih (down), left, up. up, 
guard, s/docv should be open, 
right, guanl, inv. camera, take 
pnoto itry piressing fira, inv. pufMra, 
1^ > guaf d, down , down , IgfII, up in 
l^fl and out. 

7. Now go to the txiikiing m 0,2), 
find the security door (open), &iter 
itte map room ar>d take phcibo. 
Don't tor^ to dea^ with the 

i. Now go to the buikfng in (Ci). 
Tind the three map rooms take 
one pholo In eacfi When yoo've 
ptiotogrephed ail fnwe map rocuna, 
return to the chopper for mission 

Thti is really easy. Simpty follow 
the inetru^ition for Mts^ton One . 

1 . On leaving the chopper, swi' 

to Mine Detector mode. Keep your 
finger on the lire bjrtton wt>^9t 
mmlng around on screen (C.3) 
S. Ftoat go to the building in (C.l) 
and saaroh lor ihe security c^ 
{whipoia you're there atock up on 
your gas grenadea wtiicti can be 
foundin the ammo roonu}. 

3. Now go to ttie tHiilding In (A.S) 
and find tifw securrty room. When 
you gat thSfa inaerl the card, 

4. Next go to the building in (A,3| 
and go to the labratory . N«(t to 
deak three Is a chest of drawem in 
in tNs bs the Invoiiblity piM. 

5. Take the pW to the ceti comain- 
ing Dr Ptrinees In ttuikilng (A.3). 
Once Irtfde the celt you must go 
up to Dr Phineas and push (or- 
ward& Phineaa la in a bit of pain 
becauao ho keep saying "Aro we 
horrw, JImbo Baby?" (Sniff, sob) 
S. Go to the lab agofn in lauikijng 
CM)- Make sure you have at Ieas4 
fivegaftgreriades. PtBnttheboni& 
at the table. Swttch to gaa (renade 
mode and apray any guards you 
conve acranon your way out of 

7. Go to screen {3A.£) vid raiwn 
to your helicopter with theea 
instfucttors; (A2> Guard (don1 
forget to be in papers mode). <B»2) 
Guard, (B. 1 1 Guard, up into [0 3] m 
mine detector mode and over tl>e 
chopper, You are fKJw raady to 
progress into Mission Ttweo. tjut 
that^a all i'm going to give away 
this monrth, so yDu'H have to wa^ 
unH Febnja^ to complete tha 


A couple of issuMi ago ■ aakad U 

anyorw wanted ar^ sp«clfte 
POKEs/tlps on okl games to he 
printed In tt>e mammouth 
Christnias Special. Moat peopte 
just wrote In tor tips that had 
already be«n pubUahed in 
CRASH, but for some MHon 
tttay had missed buying ttiat 
particular issue. However, here 
are some cheats for some 
CRASH games which got away 
tro-m the POKEIr>g end Tipping 
fir>gers of Mr Candy, 


Atttwugh copious maps and tipa 
were printed iff this game, I donl 
think ttwre have ever been pny 
POKEs lalthough I expect ytH^'H 
al! correct mo in yoyr hundreds 
H I'm wrong!), Stov&n Febvre 
from Havant in Hampshire 
decided that h«'d send in th^ttfl 
little POKEipoos for anyone 
who's still having proUems with 
the game. This PtiHCE gives you 
infinite lives and enahlas Rot>ln 
to wsndair through ieafey gladei 
and ovef dappling brooks to hit 
haerti (Mntent . Type MEnOE"" 
and stop the t«pe @iher the 
header. BREAK and put the 
POKE in after the f^ANDOMtZE 
USR st«tement. 
POKE 4601 1,0 

94 CRASH Christmas SpeciaJ 1 966 

Top Gun f>uts you in the filli'ter pibt'i sfiac 
of an F'H Tofixat 

Vector graphics dM a split screen allow t or 1 
pla/en to pUy head to head, or against che compute r. 


Your armameflts in this nerv« Eingting aerial du«l 
are heat seeking missiles and a 20 mm rApi4 fire cannon. 
Can you feel the force! 
Top Gun mavericks! Enter die clanger zone. 





Ocean Software Ltd.. 6 Central Street. Manchester M2 5NS. Tc icphone: 061-832 WSS.Telex: 669977 OCEAN G 









Those everso nice peo^lm at Elite have sent 
in this handy map of Scooby Doo, Just the 
first Idvel issue, but there'll be more next 
issue. Promise. 








-JTI Jtl ^t 


WItti C0bf*, th« gam« after Syi 
vestor Stallone's rww btockbus- 
ttr Mm about to graca th* 
stracta. It i««fnad apt to print 
thia aolutlon to fimmbo. Lota and 
Iota oi paopM wrotfl ^ asking for 
POKEs or tip*. T^ismhs to Tim 
Gough from Morwteh ytHJ com 
now comptota th« gama H you 
follow thair tipa corroctty. 

Only use ttw knife wtiflfi you havft 
to. any otiTflr weapon will attract 
too ffwjdn atieritlon. Find the roc- 
ket launclwr as It is essential laier 
on in the game, Pick up weapons 
for hiflh scores. 

8k}w up the brklge thiat leads to 
tf^ecamp with a grenade. Entef the 
camp and switch back to the knife. 
Run up to the prsorHsr tied to the 
stake. When you get ctose enough 
he is automatically fred. 

Straighi ^way switch to the gre- 
nade, This weapon is the best loi 
close fighting. Make youf way 
North- East until you see a fence 
going upwari^ to your left. Follow 
it nexthwards until iit ends. Go 
arotind tt. Turn left. Canry on goino 
wQst until you hit anothof fencs. 
Follow this fence south go aroond 
II and turn north. Foltow the leno^ 
upwards and tuim north-east until 

you come to sriother fence which' 
rs Shorter than the rest. Follow it 
northwarc^ until it ends and then 
turn i>cirih-east and you wfl) fir»d a 

Chmb into the hel)Copt«f and once 
you are aiftxxne, switch to the roc- 
ket launcher and blast everything 
Insight. Sorme of the building can 
ba stxit twico to eam you extra 
points. You can land at any tielipad 
marked with an "H" 
Ry south down the Jeft hand skJe 
of the screerk and Land on the 
he^ipsrd inside ttia compound. 
Lfsing the grenades go east until 

you come to a bamboo hut. Ham 
switch 1o tt)e knife and cut thepm- 
oners free, ^k>w peg it back to lite 
hfllkcfiter and f^ north-east and 
don't forget to avokj the Super 
Chopper on a suicide mission 

Land on 1ti« helipad and njn inio 

(he hangar to compiete the mis- 


Phil Churchyard has taken som* 
time off from decorartins Mt 
Christmas tnt to svnd nMthMt 
POKES on funs 194Z TM* 
arcade conversion Is prvtfy 
dkfficutt to stay alM^ in, so thM« 

96 CRASH Christmas Special 1966 




Gaiivttn. " -I Idlest r«4ease 
W35 revidwed in last month's 
CRASH. Those marftuding 
fobolb in the game make it quite 
dtfficuli to gel onto the higher 
l«vf»ls. However those Induslri 
ous HackiKs 'rtHii Haxtjy and 
Poch1ir>qton have been iMWtnfr 
owef Iheif Speclrurn's again this 
month arid have come up with 
hnfmile lives to help the ha&sled 
Police Chief. (Is there no Stop- 
ping the lads?), Oh, by the way 
thanks for the cutting about 
G<?rg«aus Poutmg Loilrta, 
S fM; i.iiF I. Isr>f >i rww Tipster of the 
female p^irsuasion (Ha, ha). I 
don'i hnoiM about another G<rfie 
challenge though, hardly seems 
wvorlh it realty. Anyway, do 
Sinclair Usft have 9 tips secbon 





40 CLEAR 6S53S 


60 FOR r^ 50000 TO 501 St 

70 READ a: LET TOT TOT w'» 



too IF TOT 145^192 THEN 



1•^0PR^NT «1; AT t.T; "START 



1000 DATA 

Z£1, 33.203,92,1 7,?34.e,62 


Z55,55.205.8C , 5,46,24 1 ,243 

1020 DATA 


1030 DATA 


1040 DATA 



79.195. 194, 

*060 DATA 

33. 135,252,229*51, St. 17,145 

1070 DATA 

252. 1 , 253 ,2.33, 1 45,252;6Z 


150,237.79, lM.t3S,2S2.33.14S 

1090 DATA 

252,1 7, 193,1 36. t. 92,0.237 

1100 DATA 

1 76, 33,21 2 . 1 3B.34.a 1 7, 1 30 , 34 

1110 DATA 

221.1 33,33.202,138,34,229, 1 3a 

1120 DATA 

33 , 239 , 1 38,34.249. 1 3a ,62 . 1 9S 

1130 DATA 


1140 DATA 


1150 DATA 

21 7, 19&, 1 7.201 ,255,237,83.93 

1160 DATA 

255. 1,1 6.0, 237, 176, 195.243 

11 70 DATA 

254 , 33. 1 95. 1 45.34 , 1 04 ,^1 1 .33 

1 180 DATA 

2 1 1 ,0,34, 1 0e,2l 1 , tft&.0. 1 61 

Aod thflt's rt, bwnh 


Nicolas Wood t^iinhs Gafivaa it 
"brm'\ And tHcause he's been 
playing it to death over the past 
few weeiis he's sent me in some 
tips for thfl first two levels. The 
more .astute of you wilJ notice 
Ittal (here are also some Gshvan 
P0KE:» this issue as well. You 
krxjw. sometimes I reaiJy thinit I 
spoi) yoy ^ . - ! The really obser ■ 
vant of Y&i will see that Nicolas 
also sent in the Frost Byte tips 
ihis issue. Coo. he's really been 


Go right to the first upwards statr- 
case and get IN) pyranwl Go f *ghl 
and down Iha n«x1 statrcsse and 
laH off tha edgt. Keep ^Qirtg lott 10 
Die nesct pyraniid and then mo^w 
ieTt again and fall down then hole. 
Move ^ti >igain and tRil down the 
nem hole, ihen down ihe rwjtt hote. 
Keeo movirkg l«fi \a the rtext 
pyramid, then move left again to 
ih^ mcanie iar»d SttQl it unliil i| 
flashes. Then go teft and up the 
next staircase SIxkH the mearae 
uitiil ii too flashes and mow« ktto 

live final section Keep movng h, 
thqn. left lo the glanl Demon's Lft-r 
11 you have the Arc Biast&r at tbt 
Btu<i Btor tvleutralrser itwn jump up 
arxt shool that dk>de If ycuhaveri'i 
then scurry back and get a 
pyfamid Move nght and jump ijp 
and keep ^hoofing the d4jrTw>n 
Once you have shot all four pani^ 
O' th« den>on. Galivgn wiil move lo 
the next (evat. 


Gcj i»(t rind lall down the hole tii«^n 
go righl and fall down the ry^xr 
hole Go left and pass I he metmif' 
using the method explametl 
in.^^el OfVB. Go down Ihe next 
staircass, Go,len to tfw rwnt 
downwards stairc«s« an w»lh 
down n Go nght and (»« otf the 
edge. Go fiqhl agaif> uolil itw rw?)!? 
staircase. Go past H ar>d pick up 
the pyramid. Then m back anr: 
dOWTi the staincase, Go right ther 
down the rwxt staircase. Go left 
pick up 1t>e pyramid, shoot Iho 
fneanie and enter the linai seclwjfi 
Tlnen go left to the GianI Demon s 
Lair and shool i| usmg ihe same 
melhod aa In level one. 

Nicolas points oKit thtit levels 
3,5.and 7 are the same as level 
on* artd levels 4,€.and a are the 
*«m# as lewel two So now you 

POKEa For inflnfte ihves should 
maht ttiings ■ bit eosiar for you. 

10 CLEAR 84000 

ZO PRIWT AT 21 3; ■ ■ START 1042 


» PRINT 0,0: INK T: LOA0 '>" 


40 POKE 65332^40: POKt 



M FOR 1-65520 TO 65527 

70 READ a: POKE U 

1000 DATA 62,33.50.247, 
1 010 DATA 204, 1 06,47.204 


Chris Jetman Turner Tias tak«n 
some ttrrw off from answerir^g 
your latlers about POKE 9 ar^ 
hkac icing in genaral. Tt\m r»st hiaa 
obviously dof>« fvim good 
bacausa ha'i conrte up with this 
Wttt erograni tor ojrell s Turtto 
&pril, the gam* Hiat Just, but 
only just missad out on baing a 
CRASH SMASH. Forget tha 
Infinite lives POKEs tiial hava 

baan pftnted batore, Chrla has 
now coma up wftti a program 
wMcdi 9IVSS your Tufbo Esprit a 
naw axparimantal stwll, CMt 
tells me that Lotus are doing 
soma rasaarch into supar 
strong twdy shafts for tfveJr veh- 
Ickti m tect wttlch this p r i>gra m 
takas fUll advantage of. It' s short 
and swaat so you won't waste 
any tiriM In typino it in if yovi don' t 
(tha wttat It doas. One thing to 
take ktto consideration is thai 
the hack wtll only wo<k with the 
naw varslon of Turbo Etprii 

which Is ktcHMtad Wi Htm Big 4 

10 PAPER 0: INK 0: BRIGHT 1: 

BORPER 0: CLEAR 26624 

20 LOAD "" CODE 16394 

30 PRINT AT 6 ,0; : LOAD " " 



SO POKE 60514 'g.O 

60 POKE e0S73 ^ g,D 

70 POK£ 62434 ' g,0 



CRAS H Chnstmas Special 1 986 97 








m 4 

, 1 
m I 











THE • 










■ v^O-LtVL 







Onl^ a trtcklvof foliitioosforthtm 
Qama hdw* wrhntd of^ my (f«ak 
h*ti tt CRASH. Otm of ttM nvora 
Ml^lbl* waa this on* from Chartla 
Morgan from Croydon In Surray. 
Cti^fll* mana^jwt to escapa wftfi 
th* Compsu and Pap«rB, but 
than may ba other c^ofnbint- 
tions of objad whjigh wW sl«o 
work, ao !•( me *(now M j^ou dl*- 
covef any, Tha gsm«'« ra(«ttv«l<y 
rww, s« I won't giv« away th« 
•flMr* solution- 111 Mrv« ttldt for 
Ito Nibniary l«»u«. But I'D p«9S 
onanough tips to gat you quite a 
way Inio th* game and past 
aoma of tfioaa annoying Had 
Harrlngs ttiat keep cropping up« 
Here is a list o1 objects and their 
usaa. There are three Keys 
ahogen^ier. Then first key is easily 
fouid In t^ room nent to the oalts; 
uS^ Itvto key yOu vdll gain access 
to mofB rooms cootajmng a Ger- 
mart Unifortn. Thts Is every useful 
because ff yov wear it, you can 
explore out of bourtds roorns wrth 
a reasonable degree of safety. 
Ort;Jiriary soldiers will not carl you 
off to solrtary but beware o< (he 
commandant, he's a pretty cool 
guy and will show yOu no rnercy if 
ha cotctws yoti, Arso by continu- 
ously dropping BJid picking up the 
urvHorm you can restore yOur nag- 
ging energy and moral levels and 
Boost you score by 50 point s every 
lime . h is not advFsable to be wear- 
ing the urtrlorm when you escape 
or e^ you wHi be ahot as a spy , 

The torch will be needed to 
explore ttie underground tunnet 
for lt>e first time. However, H you 
map th^m than you can do with- 
out A good place to hide your sto- 
len ob)ect is eiltier under the stove 
in yoiir own hut, or in the red cro^ 

The wire cutters are the most 
useful object in the whole oame, 
and without them there a ro 

The bar oi dnoccy acta ea a 
great distraction. Ju$t give it (dofi't 
drop it) to a teiiow prisoner and 

he'N attract tt>e guard's attention 
so that you can do a tnp^e, back- 
wards, hatf-twist somersautt over 
the fence. 

The compass ia absotuta^ 
essential in order to aacape and 
it's fairty self oitptanitofy what you 
do with itf 

TTia Red Cross parcels are a bit 
of s mjlacance. Vou ortly get one 
parcel a day, but there is a way 

Ik I J . . . 

«wiL Temped tfwuBh t am u> 

w«ifWtMd. Ut ma aiplain. A 
tww tauH ago Qg,^ ^,^^^ 

D-down. Ptl-i*Ek up ^ 


'*»2j!^ "*■ ''"* W*^ A"5rin 
™^2«»^rtiy r«cue, Hat. in 

™«tor thnwgh tfM M^ to 
«™*w<»* poor ihuffilnc Sid 
Th^ run from tt*, rtfy SwTrf 
ma (pm* b#cije» r cmi^ 

theoka.xxX)( ^^ ^^ 

J^V: fttacwee I'm too lazy w, 
•»• In ai th. full J!Si5 

^ fSeSS?. ^A?r^'W-^- 

nwr 3 OF THE RACK. OflQP 

HU PART 5 OF THF rtAryt 

rSckTI' '^i'AHT SOF the 
^» *,'^;P "-.LPU RED KfV 

DROP S^ Jr^5!^' ^'f* '>-".«. 
^°^e^K£^TON KEY. DflOf^ 

OSP^' UL,D. DROP YRinfau 
WY, PU p>iftT 2^7>He Rir? 

Jhope «« paitia, «, aatWied now. 

around th^. Gat tt>e first parcel 
that amvas and hida it soiriewhere 
really sale Then dallt>erately get 
caught doing somehting really 
naughty and mrown in the nick for 
the nighl. When^ you are released 
the ne^t morning another parcel 
will anrve and so on unti.1 you hiave 
aH tour. 

The shovel is very useful for dig- 
ging your way ttvough ons of tna 

blockad tunnels. Chadte says he 
only found two tunnels: one lead- 
irtg from urKler his stove and one 
from inside the poriiTwter fenKie to 
the room where tfw shovel la 

Charlie has aerrf In Some mor« 
ot the solution, birt I ttiink ifi 
octly fair to i^t you work th? rsSl 
of the game oift ior youf** i w»> ^ 


As it the cheat mode »nd th* 
map printed last month weren't 
enough 1o get you through the 
game, some p«opl« have ewen 
takt;f% to writing tn to beg for 
POKES for Universal Hero Hon- 
estly, you people have it too 
easy you know Anyway. s<nc& 
fV-i Christmas and %tnc« somo- 
ont> rook th« troutjls to «?nd it 
into me, here's a routine Irom 
- and Kevm Gale from 
Goli^shead. Tyn* and Wear for 
infinite liveii and no monster 
movement for Universal Hero. 
Now you really ought to be ^Pie 
to finish It you know. 




4 LET CH-1 ; LET TOT -0; FOR 
c- 32768 TO 3?8M; 



BEEP 1 ,0: STOP 

SPRmtAt 10.6: PLAY UMIV 



7 POKE a2600.24ei POKE 

3ZS01J 51 : REM inlinite lives 

e POKE 32ffi)S.a: POKE 

32606.131; REM STOP 



10 DATA &&. 62, 2SS, 0. 91 , 1 7. 
12S. 0. 205. 86, 5. «. 241. 33. 29. 
128, U,9&, 91.1 

1 1 C ATA 1 3. 0. 237. 176. IM. 0, 
ai . 62.0. 50.0. 0.62. 201 . &0. 0.0. 
195. 1.131 


This split-level racmg game incorporates all the excitement of the race , 
track, in fact many racetracks, as it features an icon-driven track 
designer that allows you to construct your own tracks as well as select^ 
scaled Formula 1 championship circuits. 

One Of two people can play and have their own 3D view. Some 
'ingenious programming has made the feel of controlling the car^ very 
'realistic, and you can even bump and push your opponent's car if you 
'want to play dirtyf 



Available for Commodore 64 at 


and coming soon for AIVISTRAD CPC computers! 

^auMHK* ISA Htmnms nwnf JWWKy jkm wj ne m rs t n? o .m cofmsfiis wfifJtwo tw<rt6«i>Hi**ii*i**iijiimiM*n*4riiiinrni>itiiiw 

Please send me a copy of SGALEXTRIC at £9.95 


Address , 

Please make cheques and postal order payable to Virgin Garnet LH, and post to 
Virgin ikines, Z/4 Vernon Yard, PortDl)ello Road, London W11 2DX, Please do not post 









Human /c/nd/s under threat -from SK 









Another maftsJ va wad ot tifM HMl 
maps univttd at CRASH Towsn 
from Tha M&ga Team of Tlpp«r» 
froni Stok* On Tr*iiL TNi«« 
lal«<ilwj biA largely anonymt»j« 
lads (or mavi3« ev&n ladaltts) 
hi¥a now crack«d fiflEHRO's 
DruM and hava »««it m« a ¥«fy 
p«ttab49 map with m«M Hp« to 
K&ornpany ft. Qut am t «v«r 

R|>kns to know who yOu *tft7 
mm? Yap? Ha? 

Cwtain weapons wofk bettw orv 
cartam creatures in Orutd. For 1f»e 
Ghosts. Ltsa water of fire. One hit 
will usually firtish them off. Tho 
skatBtoTQ don't really like water. 
QMt hrt with iNd will M iham. 
However, tt you're usjog ottwr 
weapona It will taiKe three hits to 
firifth frwm oft, The Bflotle hales 
fireand oria hit wtth ii will add lo it^ 
hasty demise. Other weapons lake 
three hits to kill it, Snakes also hate 
(ire (three hits fof other weapons). 
The odd Wraith or two have the 
same dislike oi ftrey sutistanoes 
but as with aLl the other creatures 
ttiey take threie ijiasAA with any 
othvwaapon, Raliack^hate water 
(one hit] and the Devii (eek) hiatas 
«iectriofty (one hrt as welt). Those 

r^Sty I&tirni0$ htatQ' f»r$ biit take two 
hrts and three of anythting else. 

To get thfough the swamps on 
tavQl three and over large areas of 
Vampjra faces it is much eastet to 
use a Chaos spfiill . To complete the 
garne you will need as many 
chests as possible and don't |ust 
tiare off to the nearest exit. Goiem 
13 of greatest use on levels six end 
9g/nt, tHJt he will follow you from 
hnvi siK into level aeven. Oat as 
many keys and Ch^oS SpfltIS ft3 

po^&^>ie. The ratings in the garne 
iso you know wtiat to aim for are: 
hallwit. Apprentice, Acotyie. Seer, 
Li^e Seekers. Spirii Master, 
Pbtlon Master and finally ifw 
greatest accolade of all, Light 


H&t from the pen of Sean Murpliv 

from Harrow ar« th«a* tIfM fOT 
ttie fir^ three levels of Onttd. 

a&fofe you cross the river on if>e 
first level rt ts safe to use water on 
yO(jr er>emies. However, after 
you've crossed it you most use fire 
because most of your assailents 
will be t>eettea. aave your Gotem 
for level two tsecauee he's need<»ci 

•'.} aSM 



. ■ '■ "'I 


o B V « a 1 1 


Id is-^ 

B 1 1 

^ ■ 

4 %m mm 

IS Q' ^ " ^ ■ 

oD^a mT 

a bit more here. 


Open the doonwHIi Itie key and go 
up and thien ritfC Hare you win find 
a holy per^grem to restore 
energy. Beware of yelknw squares - 
tfwy are very deadly. U% your 
Golem right at the beginning of thie 
ievei so as to save on as much 
energy as possible twcause 
ttiere ^ a mean section later on , . . 


Go nght and up tO the first chest 
amJ thon go tiack end do the same 
but to the krft thrs time, Vou will 
a maaa of t>luie th^ngummies 

aTNj mi^ use the chaos spell in 
order to get across rt Qno* you're 
across this you will see two mora 
Pentagrams which wifl very ktrKJIy 
restore your lost ertergy. 

Mr Murphy rechoTts he's actu- 
ally got further in the garna ttven hia 
tips suggest, but I think he's 
btufling. qo lets see the rest of tf» 
(evels. Sean! 


It aayv on ttia Inlay of Drukt by 
fiREBirio that tfw Golafn cannot 
be controlad manually tiy a aac- 
OTKi player. Bu^ Peter EUson 

Irttm Chaahlra ha* ItHtmt a way 

Sei the control to Kempston, and 
tt»r tjegin tt» ganw. Fiod a Oolem 
spell and cast rt. Pause the game 
and "A KEY' ' will t>o displayed at 
the top hght harKi side of the 
screen. Press "P" and instead, 
"Joystk*" will tte printed- Mow 
unpauae ttte game. The DruJd can 
now be corrlToAed with the keys 
and the Gotem can be controMed 
wrth the io'^t'ck However, tht 
gotom cannot now go onto 
another lievel without reversing the 
prxKeedure above and gating it to 


If you'vv bought Bre.ikttiru by 
i r^ Gi'irjthen you'll iilrcacly ttnow 
about this btntent bug. Wh«n th« 
game was loaded up in the 
C^ASH off ICO to t>e r*¥i?wed 
»ver>on« discovi»rod Itw bug 
,in« about 30 second* o1 ttrst 
playing xha garrw. f4o<one could 
bciievv it when w« found out 
It wasn't a pre- production copy 

.ind Wits JM^tUilliy .« IllllstlrMl 

gam«. It you'VfCr ro»d tin- n-vnw 
(his i&su« Ihcn you'll ii>' wrM' it^ 
this Uttie gem. When you (irsi 
Stan pl^ytng the gtim« press the 
jump key and you'U t»nd thnt you 
can leap and spro^ng through 
the entire game, even over wfilef 
Hfwi through thm iitr n^hi so the 
end arKJ nil ttw rwisty men with 
ti%nk*t will have no effect on you 
whatsooverl Vou dort't Score 
iiny pcMHts. thouqh. 


Piotovt Whiicombefrom HartfleM 
Heath k\ EsMx tias sent in some 
starter tips for Dureil'^ latest 
CRASH SMASH, Th«r|iatc>a. THe 
game features a nasty dregon 
wfvo famfugas around lookirig 
for Vtrgini to eat and mayhem to 
wreck on anybody who cornea 
Into this path. In case artytiody'a 
fiavir>g lavara problems wrtth 
getting started Ihcas bps thmM 

coma In vary fundy. 

One of trie nrsi hazzards for 
nwiafos to encounter Js the 
creepy cava. Fatiir^ rocks must t^e 
dodged to heip the c^agon stay 
intact Once out of the cave you 
can cortcerttrate or htassling t^ie 
natives. The hurnans can be 
nested up and huried to their death 
fcoiTi a great heighl. Knights can 
be pkjci<ed off their horses and the 
horses then used lo crush them. 
Groat fun! However, the townsfolk 

CRASH Christmas Special 1986 103 




WiU r«fUlll#te by hurting rocks and 
Jiv«lir« at TTiansfcks. Gr««n rocka 
can b« plucked fronn the ground 
ifthare ts quite a t«chniqij« to this; 
■ny as low aa you can 90 that 
Thafutos' paws are actuativ 
touching ttie rocks, He will now 
pick thsm lip). These rcKks can tw 
dropped on th«p«0f)tttOkiH them. 

N«Kt you win oomt to a «tr«fcti 
of water, Over the water ts a door. 
9lDmp up to this ard biasA Away 
with your firay breath . After a short 
v&iH6 the boor will dtsintargfata 
and you wiO be able to p«sa 
through. Over the next stretct? of 
peopl« you wll see a green 
woman, Avoi(^r>a the spears artd 
other nasty objects whtdi are 
bet-rtg thrown at you, iend and ttie 
womart will run up and jump on 
TTMnaftis'a nedc 

Mar mom paopte and a wnvM 
C8va Is a secfion with very laroe 
and deadly bees^ Tbese are quite 
tfk*y to (^ ttwougih. if your Cfra- 
gon's heart is still beating after this 
buzzing onslauglit you li come to 
another stretch of water Fly right 
to the top of the screen. Dor't go 
downwards or e4se a big and nasty 
see monster will rise up and get 
yer. Keep going over more bees 
VQ more people L»ntil you reach a 
cava lui of sptdorB, If Thanatos 
can manao0 to land, some white 
«£i(ddra wd appfr. Tbesa can be 
pbhad up and trapped, Eugh. 

Keep going aiKJ wt>af» you get to 
a door haft bum it down and at the 
last moment run back out of the 
flra ard youi see a girlie tied to a 
std«e. However, a galant knight is 
on hard to protect fwr. Foikjw him 
and pluc>i hjm off his mount and 
drop him. If you're faelina particu- 
Isrty vindictiive you can atso pick 
up his horse and drop thai tool 
f*>w walk up to the girfie and eat 
har (how rotter). Your energy will 
now 9Q up because you'we eateri 
and yor lunmy is nice and full. 
Happy turn makes a happy dra- 
gon, you know. 

Go back to the gate and wa* 
through 1I Fly orvwflKte and you'i 
see a spell book Laid md ll« dlr> 
1^ on your back wffl go and get It, 
but be careful because she can be 
klHed. K^ep flying until you see the 
edge of the castle. Here, a two 
headed dragon is waittng for you. 
destroy him artd you'll eventuafly 
coma to a cauk^on. And that's as 
far as Robert's got. 
Next issue there may t» more tips, 
but only jf anyone's got that far! 


I dont know what It la about 
Stoke On Trent, but it certainly 
»««ma tci be th9 centre of the 
Tipping Untv^rge if the number 
of letters I receive from that pari 

of the workj !■ anytfilng to go by. 
Andrvw Widiams erKJ Joz Bentley 
from Stoke fiava aanrt nw a vary 
pretty hkI informative bookfatt 
*■ riKHTt Bark's trials and trttou- 
latktn* in the game Trmpdoor. 
|.«st month there were some 
tlpa on how to get a Can of 
Worms and Crgshad Eyeliallm. 
Anyway mon leetla frsrtchlpoo 
c^tefm, ttwes munth's leetie 
■deHcflsee for you to &aveuf J> a 
teeUa something cailad Laa 
OaufS Sautfi or as Berk woMkl 
say, Fried Egg*. Anyway, aneouf 
Off this yolklng and oauf with the 
tipa. QMiclde. 

Pt;t ttm frying pan onto ttw stove in 
room 4 before you start maktng ttw 
can q1 worms. By the time your 
Great and Wobtiiy master asks for 
tfiem the pan will be nice and hot. 
Get the bullet from room two and 
drop it in room throe, Ixtt not ori 
tfw trapdoor. Open rhe trap d<x>r 
and wart untii^ a purpte nasty pops 
its head out slam it quicHly before 
anything eitSe can come out, Once 
th« Ego Bird has been let loose, 
put the buBei on thie Trap Door and 
wait untit ttie tsrd comes dose 
Then, open the door and up v/hiz- 
£es ttie bullet, stroigfn up the poor 
bird's parson's nose (eowch) and 
watch those eyes tKilge. 

Shut the trapdoor qu>c^ or the 
builet w»lt go pkjmmeting back 

down it. If you do loose the bdlet 
in this way, fear not according to 
Andrew and Janrod, drutl or boni 
(7} can be used and even womis 
win work providing your liming is 
ftght- Once the bird's eyas start to 
bulge get tt^ pan and put it urider- 
neath the t>ird. So shocked ra the 
t>ird at havirkg vanouS obfects shot 
up vanous private parts of it's 
anatomy tf^t H will lay an egg in 
the pan. 

Repeat this process until ttw 
bird wants to go back down the 
trapdoor (don't blame it). Once It's 

Eput the eggs on the stove, 
cook pretty quickly but waH 
the pan flashes red. Wait a 
few seconds before picMng it up 
or else Berk will drop it tMcause 
It's so hot. Put the pan on the 
dumt] waiter and send It to 'inn 
upstairs to receive a hefty bonus- 
To make ttie Soiled SUmies, go 
down to the cellar. When you see 
s pair of eyes pop up out of the 
water pick then up and a 'orhble 
slimy body will be attached to 
them. Drop it in thie beaker which 
should have t»en fetched from 
room two and put in the cellar. 
Repeal the process until four icky, 
yucky slimies aresqulrmtng inyour 

Pick up the bealwr and go up 
into room 5 {the room witti the 
weigtTit in itj. Oo tothe far right and 
pun the lever until the weigiht IS fu Uy 

If you're already elite • • • 
there can only be 

one more challenge. 


104 CRASH Christmas Special 1 9B6 


raised you must have droppeci the 
boaltar to tJo tMs), Pick up ttie 
bwfcerand go into room 4 the oo© 
with the stove, CHiflb the siaifs 
uniil you reach th« top then turn 
aound and tip the shmJeiS into the 
cwklron below. 

Qodown tt>e Stairs and drop the 
bfl^tflf, Push the cautdron dbwn 
0\e stairs to the very bonom of the 
scnMfk aod then p<nitlon it so that 
the right hand comer Is r>ot past 
0w end of the dumb waiter. Tt>e 
cauhtron shoukt now be ctose to 
the right hand bottom edge of ttie 
I screen. Now go into room three 
I arid open tt>e trapdoor, if a little 
green head pops out, leave it 
open, rf not then s1aim it quickly. 

One* the mobde heater is out. 
close the trap door and go to the 
Side of the cauldron. Wait until the 
(lasty stops turning , ther push up 
end jjet out of the way ol his fire. 
The cauldron shotild now start 
srml(ing. Repeat the process five 
Of six times then rnove into room 
five {where ttie weight is}. Move 
onto Itw bottom right hand oomw 
then up tfie step- The weight 
shouHd crueh the nasty, if not try 
agam. When the little heater iis 
deed (shh) pift the cauldron onto 
the durrib waiter and send up the 
boiled siimies to 'im upstairs. 
If you're on the super berk level 
i then when you've prepared all the 
I deticasies for 'im upstairs berk 
[ must t»dy everything up which 
me«fis chucking everything down 
thetrwxjoor. And that's all there is 
to ill. wier he has done this a sale 
wiM appear. II the weight is drop- 
p«d on this it will break open. 


ThOM Hackers from Haxby and 
Pocklk>oion are being realty 
oiwrly mduatrlous this morrth. 
Must be all the Christiniis spirit 
floating about [slurpj, Ariyway, 
here we some POKEa for OWJ# 
•TKf Ussa to go with tfie tips 
printed last month. No tips this 
mon^ I'm al^ld, so you'll haw« 
to wait until the Fatinisry Issue 
In the brand, spttriking New 
rear. Coco. 




30 CLEAR e«35 


« FOR f ^50000 TO 50067 


« POKE f.»:N EXT f 

70 IF TOT < :> W73 THEN PRIMT 

"¥W«OPS" : STOP 

» PWIIT * 1 ; AT 1,7; "START 



1000 DATA 205,08,5^1 ,33 

101 DATA 202,02. 1 7 ,255,255 

lOaO DATA 62,255,55,205,80 

1030 DATA 5,33,125,196,17 

1040 DATA 21,03.1.14,0 

10GODATA 237,176,33.140,190 

1 0BO DATA 1 7,0,260, 1 >£9 

1070 DATA 0,237,1 76,e2,19e 
101^ DATA 50,42,33,195,247 
1090 DATA 82,49,0,0,33 
1110 DATA 0,0,0.0,0 
1120 DATA 33,0,0,175,34 
1130 DATA 39,134,34,9,1 3S 
1140 DATA 34,2t9,1 34,50,41 
1150 DATA 134,50,221,134,50 
1160 DATA 11,135,49,120,230 
1 1 70 DATA 1 96,1 75,230 


To go with the routifie for InfFr^He 
Rv«s is for OHh and Llssa this 
Iseue, here's a cuts little cheat 
fOf the ganw. f^ss PORTCUL 
after the menu choice and you 
w4ll find that Odia can now zoom 
arourtd the screen like a cute 
lurry artimal posessed. Thia, 
natwally, makes things a whole 
lot eesler wh«rn plsytrtg ttie 
game. Thanks must go tote Dar - 
ran Martin and Kevin Gale wtto 
Rve in Gateshead, Tyne and 


Ttie Hackers from Haxtjy are cer- 
tainty proovirtg to be both For- 
mldahle and Industrious. In fact 
1 would almost go as far as say- 
ing that they're tt>e hardest 
working tippers who write to 
me. But I wont because I'd hate 
to be called a creep. 
The Yorlt shire Wonders' latest 
1 contribution is infinhq lives artd 
Inlinite twang time for wikbo 
Qew'S frost 8yie. Thaae wlK 
coitie i* especially useful for all 
those lary people who can't bt 
bothefvd to use the tips alao 
prkited this month. Aftar you, 
iads . . . 





40 FOR f ^50000 TO 50060 


60 POKE f, a: NEXT r 







1000 DATA 206, 96, S, 221 , 33 

1010 DATA 202, 92, IT, 2SS. £55 

101 1 DATA «£. 255. 55. 205, 86 
101 i DATA 5, 243, 49, 0, 12d 

1013 DATA 33. 197. 93. 17. 70 

1014 DATA £54. 1 . 230. 0, 237 
1016 DATA 176, 175, SO, 9, 255 

1016 DATA 50, 161, 254. 50, 227 

1017 DATA 254, 33, fi, 191, 34 

1018 DATA 75, 254, 33, 144, 196 
101flDATA17, 33, 255,1,53 
1029 DATA 0, 237, t76, 49, 
1021 DATA 0, 195, 70, 254, 
1023 DATA 02, 175, SO. 13, 132 

1023 DATA 50, 14, 132, 52. 37 

1024 DATA SO, 206, 1 42, 1 06, 1 46 


Last month I printed some tips 
to get you through the first two 
sections of (Iaro^ivies latest 
CRASH SMASH, Lightforcs. And 
as pf^omised here's the solution 
to get ^ou through the OfUtai 
Ratforms and the Ice Planet 
Once again these tips corrte 
from The Mega T&am from Stotce 
On Trent because no-one eise 
has sent tn any tips for the last 
two levela of the game. Shanve 
on you! Anyway, thanks tads and 
off we go ejjrtn Don't forget to 
use the 1^ Iram last month as 
reference or ffwse tips wont 
make any sertce. 

1} Shootabte asteroids 

2)Alien formaticxi (e|i 
(i) Stay in the middle as the 
asteroids subsicfe. Shool as many 
of ttie s*K as possible and be care- 
ful as these aliens will evenf'uaJly 
become low enough lo hit yoj 
(li) Sarne as (b), 0) See alien forma- 
tiHsn 8 00 the Asteroid l>etl 
m Same as (b). (li) Asteroid Beat, 
but move to ttie left of tt>e screen 
(iv) Destroy the descending aliens 
and move a littie further lo the left 
to lai<a out the remaining three 
aliens as they come down, lol low- 
ing tt>e circle, move to ttw right of 
the screen immediately 
(v) Same as (tv) but move right 
instead of left 
(vi) Same as {JH 

3)Unshootab4e Asteroid 

4) Two sets of dllfereni homing 
aliens (use weave technique). 
When you come to the life locaiof , 
stxxjt the rniddie two away and 
continue shooting the homers 
through the gap as the other plat- 
forms get in the way of your mis- 
sHeS ft you're not careful. 

5) Alien Fomtation (0 

(i) Move to the left of tt>e screen, 
shooting. Step up to avo^ any 
stray aliens that reach If* bottom- 
move to the right! 
{il) Same as (e) (v)i 
(iii) Same as (i) only move to tt>e 
right instead Of the left - movelefti 
(iv} Same as (ii| but nxi ve to the lell 

6) Shootabie aliens 

7] Alien Formation (g) 
(i) Slay at ttie bottom, shooting 
^ii] Same as abov«. juet inverted 
left to fight 

8) Unahootabie asteroids 

S) Shootable asteroids 

iCn Alien Fomiabon (h) 

(i) Move to middle, shoot *• rtmtf 
as you dare, then mavelolheiif|hl 
and hop op to avoid stray homir^ 


1 1)Homing spheres 

1 SjAlien FomaliOn (!) 

Si> Same as (e)-(i) 
ii} Same as tt}-(i) 

fiil} Same as {gi-(i) and n^ve to 
rrv)Sameas^— Hv) 

15) ShootaWe asteroids 

14]i Alien f^ormatton Q} 

(!) Same as [g)-(i) 

(ii) Same as (eHI) 

{■if) Same as {hhP) , 

t S) Homing Spheraa 

16)i Shootable Asteroids 


This IS ths same as the |un0a 
pla^wt. only with different alien 
graphics. Use the exactly the 
same strategies 

Generally try to shoot as many of 
the ground installation as you can. 
initially use these tips by using the 
pause key (o) in between each 
numberea sectJoci. 

i noiict tn.Tt C&vO ti^ye t>&en ktnO c*nough to men Hon me in ih*if 
ptimphifil aqam this tnonth. It's (he .ige old i\ory \*m ^sid Appn 
rflntly I don't qjcisI and dear olO h^eiissa does, Ho. hum Anyway 
C&VG, as you obviously read my Tips p.icie. you will be ple<ks«d [o 
leiJrn that the Doc Mfirlened Pubii^hin^g Executive And I wil) bo jour 
noying to Lofldon and priymg a viSil to the otiicos of C&VG to cJeiir 
ihi!» sad matlcr up once and tor all Wc wiil miik^ <in appoiritmcnl lo 
^aa Ravingdr.iTn and f will personally slick it GtrFie Tipsier stick«f on 
hor furrowed bfow If indD&d rt oven cm^U — along vvilh one ol your 
own Bug Hunier stickers. We'll then claim our priieslor the wackiest 
use of your stickers. 

If, Ql course. Meitssa doesn't e«isi (yawnl I hen I will stick the 
^ummy articles on Trrn Mel calf's forehead instead. In fact we arc 
prepared to visit C&VG any time at her ccmvemence so anxious ^re 
we lo meet her! Whenever you're free Mohssii, ju^t lot US know, it's 
up to you! So just namffl the date and we'll be there — I ell ut which 
day you're NOT having off in January! 01 course there'll bo photo 
graphic «vid«nce to documeni our viS+t which wiH be printed in 
CRASH m due course. EowchI' Sorry, just had lo pinch myself to 
make sure I was s1»ll here! 

Thai's It. The iast Tips of 1966. 1 hope you will continue to send iti 
your maps, POKEs and tips in the sam« quantity in 1987. All |hot 
remains is for me to wish you » very Merry Christmas and see you in 
the IStew Vear Keep Iho^e lips pourin(3 in lo: KANNAH SMITH (A 

CRASH Christmas SpeciaJ19S6 105 

Chroiiictcs of ihe Land of Riirlighl 

■m^ ^ 2. Trail of Darkness 

FAIRLIGHT II : the making of 

software history... again 









■ HfirfilllUlNUlf ffj, 




Kdhdi an not i 

This a nSi ovwfy sorprtsing, as 
th«y httv4 mads thiHr rmme by 
rMptng iVHyon« to ptvy 9im« 
anci out big(^ wd b«tt«r soon* 

trm n oflMvating ma tuccmat 
P* tnttf mte ot w ilct>loyiiBtit — iht 
UMR ftmumiy — whidi is 
nUapwl te> fit tfv pstm of your 
hand. No wm unsightly ibksten 
■nd tfiiQbt)J n g Vtutibs ttianks to 
lU flrgonomic WHO. 

Th* HCMft ibcit te orw ol tti* bfl4l 
ycu can bvqr, to (v n I can we. t 
n«w«r gut * fifwnc* to hav* vtf- 
fUng txrt the wont in lust aboA 

pl«. Al th•)n«ttck•pww*l1gp^■v 
Htv«i m ttw lalosi up'lD tha- 
rndmitt D mi g nw comfjutar-MnkHi 
w«ai' — ihvy soori tn* vttf imm 
of T - Shirts c«npil«t« wMti Dnignv 
■ogu, Jlbi look at Btn SlonB, tor 
■n»tBng*< Tlw mo«( up to dM* T* 
Shift mm < have itftung allha back 
of my wari^oDa is a nnga^ antf 
TucMr Fan Cut riwt thai Auntie 
MaU ^w* to ma. (Sh« {kin>t 
#ant to waar rt haraaM and flfve har 

Wha) I HKiuid do wnh itfl T-SHrt 
looe UNiX woutd ba srtvy of aA my 

Mandi. Saiwtruna that i coUd 
wHr On ■ ihkt around the Ofh« — 
rd b« iha only panon tn Vm 
Jowen u tttri r tQ Oaaignar mmton 

UnlofttfiaMy^ I tmn very lew 
Ideas myaaif ma not beinp bita 
aad wm oieeainie kind of ttsiwKi 
■arqe aa the other offioa irandtes, 
I'm gong to Isaw Oh hanf aiortt 10^ 
you- Deign a T*SW| lega lor) 
and I nn^ manefpt to penu8d» 
01 to palm tt mte a Qpnrient Tbeti 
Id ba lA^ Fashionable' H your emiy 
■aw* MP the first prize you'H tw itie 
pmxt owner of an oeua Dnk Dnve , 
a printer and your wy own tuwn 
Spttdking loy&tiOL. Twemy run- 

Iv-iKjucffig' pDytbek lo ntako 
game-playtrig m e? ttiai rrudh 
a i iar on 8ha ftanda ■ . . 

Put ynjr <Saa«gr» tor ihe iMmate 
In minmneeQue w«ar onto ar M 
piece ol peper and sand n off wit>i 
(twioly old 6PO to arrtv* tm* by 
»» 20lh of iantfry 1007. Donl 
(OPQat 10 put your name artd 
addnMs or the oecti <3t you vitry 
and oif name arxl addreu an ilw 
(iwn o< ttv v^vekipa which 4: 



TwM^PO Boa to, Ludkiw. 






Qus H£S£> *k4s ji*i 'Aapuf m wan 


EM^rr rt^ Acr/ew any 

o. ''Slay^. - . A/vr JSayv ' 

V\^7tH H^J 







^ * ^w f fifty jT/*kp foR yL..fffM Hi aoti'/ 




I . 



t BOffVihi...! 

W, rt«f r/ JIM J WM 

rt^tii^tATt Ts ear ML 
























soy; *Wi&v ym iQauti 



' 1 1 ' 

^i'/'^ smff-f. » 

> iiiw#/ 



»- JT' 

^ au- 




^ S^^OtfK.. 

fJfl *¥" 













108 CRASH Christmas Special 1986 




CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 1 09 

Part II ^ 


-^f^i*" ago- f^^***;? S*tf 

tneciianceif ^^ 

■■"■■■" 'oi.»*'s'w^"oii'i.;p 


, itie irnflhl 

by a lew 01' (acriicH 




courtesy of 


on offer! 



'■ ' '■ ^^S.u.r^^r*^'-'^ ARMY NEEDS YO 

•« IN? Stiih^ 

lied day G. 

ixi twtnch is fh« si2e of Itw 

yn vtt< rp 'e.iding)i, and send^ iht^ 

'' wfiowJhec^"°J'*l'mfflew. PAINTY ftEVENOe, CRASH 

* ^^ ^^' <*'>enTjr Traintng Camp, PO Bos »(J. U*d- 

■^'TWTiy low.ShfopshireSraiDB Enlries 

' J ,h,,J '^' ,'^^** """Si arrive befoffl Januarv ltw> 


a artlsis 

itKF chance to pailicipale m the 
Ego wars Thirty ruiv^ers-up go) lo 
co«ect a cfxrcitfuorrUry copy of 
Itw game, Ooguo Tfooper 






i I i i » 

r: . ■ 















1 ^ . 








With over 125 iftfferent screens. 300 k of programming, more ttian 1 ,000 sprites, you take 
ointroi of The Last NInJa with an option of sixty different moves if you can find the right 

Fight Samurais with swords, pit your wfts against different guards or fight hand to hand 
against leaf ate experts. You are armed with stars, swords. Ninja magic, nunchhus, staffs, 
spears, even good iucit charms to defeat evil. Find the tlinjitsu scrolls and kill the evil 
shoguh. dragons, bears, dogs and other such evils that will try to prevent you. You cannot 
fail, you are THE LAST NINJA. 

Avmtable from Jan 31 on the C64, Spectrum, An^rad. Atari ST &ecX) 


3 P«vlt Hout«, 29 Halton Gerdtri iCI N eDA. Tet. 01 831 7403, Tetex SSeeSI /HBTS. 

Albumsl Books! Games! T-Shirts! 

Courtesy of ARIOLASOFT 

ALL Up For Grabs! 

Ew watch CENTURIONS'? tts a 
great cartoon featuring some 
r^l-y rnighty il'>4rOQ4 Who are 
always rompmg around saving th* 
(Jay: ihrea clean- living guys arird 
one $yp©f tido, <Jedtc*t&d to the 
detervce erf Earth. Evsry Saturday 
morrwif] alien hordea attack our 
home p^anel. and every Satufdav 
mon^ng the Centurions save us alt 
from $ fiata aaveral times worse 
than death. SqmtkIs Nke it'^ make 
■ good computer gatrm, doesn't 
It? Well ihax's exactly wtist 
mttuMm tfw* — at this very 
momertt tttey are converting ttie 
inticaiind advonturcss ot the CEN- 
TURIONS Into a ttinllins new 

In Ilw meantirrye AmoLMOPT 
tieve decided to dcx^te seme 
goodies, kicking off wtth an 
Mouiorr Goodie Bag corYtsirklr>o 
b« dbums. three books, four 
model ani four swetl T-Shirts! 

Mere words alone canniot dascrite 
this pnze, so ti^e a look at the 

fkrcy on this page and gasp away, 
wenty five T-Shlrts s/e a^ on 
offer for runners up. lntenMtad'7 
Weri t'm going to make you work 
for ftiia one. Haf e's tt>B competi- 
tiOfi . . . 

Despite ttw prestigioys title of 
CRASH Editor and iha matunty his 
job as Big Cheese PiJbNanng 
Executive requires, Mr Kkld b wdl 
into CENTURIONS. You Should 
see him run up ftf*ddown the office 
shoviing 'Pmiwr Ertremer, pre- 
tendirig the office dustt^n Is an 
aHen robot. Biff* Bap! Bopf he 
goes, laying mto ti^ tun with a 
nvnic gleam m his ey a. A few kicks 
and a punch iMar the awil bin is 
detMted — no kxiger wHI it end 
the lubbish hordes tyrannise the 
oftlca. The Doc Marteiwcl One 
therY poips into the toitet with a 
smug hxiti on his face ... to return 
ttvkty seconds iMar in his mild 

manrvered ClFtASH Editor secret 

This is all getting a bit tedbus as 
Mf Kidd ' s entice do tend to spread 
nit>bish about the place, and 
thouph or Doc Marten's CEN< 
TURION imttations are entertam- 
iog to sey ttte least, we do value his 
abilities a bit rrxve. 

This is wt>ere you can help. The 
plan is to booby trap t^ie office 
dustbin in seme way so as to give 
Graeme a real shook the neuX tune 
he trtes to do battle vwith it, K tias to 
be a big shock though — hopefully 
a big enough shocl; to cLtrtail his 
bin bashing career orvoe and for 
alt. Just design s Graame Kidd 
fngHerter that will sit nice and 
innocently in the bin until attacked. 
It should burst into scary anima- 
tion ih^ momen^t he stsrtg klcHng 

Servl the design to me. The 
Oreator of ttw best anti-Kidd 
devica wlll have his or her effods 
rewarded with an AnioLABOfT 

Goodie Bag. The best of the raet 
will receive ooe of the twenty fivt 

So get Cracking and send your 
emrias to STOP MR DOC MAR- 
TEN pfwrnwo ABOUT, chash 

Towers, PO BOi 10, Ludlow. 
BIWtHnhlfe SYe 1DB to cimve 
beltora the 20th of January 1967. 
Doni forget to wnta your T-Shirl 
si» on your antiy together with 
your rtame vkI address, so we c^an 
send the r^gtn si^e prtze if you win 
. . . eniftes without a T-ShIrt size 
sirnply won't tie valid! 

I Ha 



„, Po«t Code » 


CRASH Chnstmas Special 1 966 


Hotline Top 30 











erai jack the nipper 


7 141 EI^ITE 


a am lioktforce 



























22 aa} MOVIE 


23 (f 7} DAN DARE 












29 (-} URIPIUM 




Adventure Top 30 


.iV>«^^ \»*lii ^*-. 

M<fK>'» frm7> Surrey; fto6#rf Wc- 


JW I'i I riHiCEH 


A^ctiPenture T%>p 30 











e fa; the hobbit 







10 M kentilla 




12 (tm REDHAWK 













10(20/ DUN DARACH 



21 (231 SHERLOCK 


22(14! TIRNANOO 

































/^eoi'o /y/ ^////f~ 


Uwttsd: liom the Alan CoTp»iitan 



AA RAVE '4 supBfb version of an arcade dassic' 
■ . increditjl^ addictive gamepiay 

AMTtX ACCOLADE £iecttic Dreams amazmg 

corrversion. . where hypetspatial 
wireways have been snfested with 
marauding aliens. ' feaily is so addictive and 

■ The most effective shoot 'em ufi 
the Amstrad has ever seen ' 

E C 

Available on ZX Spectrum 46K t28K + casseUt? (?7 99) Amstrad CPC cassette {S:9 99) and AmsUad CPC disk(ri4 99), 


Mail order; Electric Dreams Software, 23 Pond Street. Hampsiead, Lon(Jon NW3 2PN. 


1 ^^ 

^B ^ J 


1 >^ JL 1 


' j^ ■ ' TW^'"""'^*- 


^*^ ^V ^Hv^^^^l 

^^^ rF 9 









traifwd »s 

^Yi^ek W in tofi'ff fl fn ar eaitf §gi. arKt « Siek 

yMoctrcuRfy ei^)^i«« and toeornsa k«f»r of raflBi, 

' ttw Iwati young unNini enter Cw VkikNxlrofTin 

NMdV ooe vntf a hafi of yMir Eirth famt 190, 1 
w«s Miri ofl a mtssknn, A mtsskKi thit hn cauud 
nw orail pikn and pliys.iolci<gical diiTuge '— dwiupe 
wtildi ks toyond lh» caiM^ilities of my ilitp-boanl 
nwdtputH Id npab, A miBlon wtiich requlncl n» 


to dtecowf a mcfnbar of your pathttfc ipAciu who 
i*» truiv wofttf e( 1 aEhoteiliHi to Sh Vlttood- 

I niid« tfl tfm. tlWfDr aftw wrMng in oiM. /I 
minor (MHuncUori in my nsviflMhMHN campiMr 
tNMdi ^ imMid Id kiftirHlying nidi tmall hamlfh 
M ttlOt« lflll«Wt»d by y<>^f ^MdM) rrsuttKl in my 
Ifrtvaf tn Hw crftlcp^ c-l n T.agarine dwratwl ta C«ri- 
iiKKlort'&l gdmef-pUyir)^. Mavmg esUMi&tHid COn- 
tKt iM^ tlw bKkwanl boingt <h«t I vnciNintand In 
trH ZZAP? Erfflcai, I a^ tbeuf «a«0vpriiif wMcd Of 
them was the better playw o\ gimM — and my 
pratihHTis bagan. TTw vita •gQh««ntii€ CfMturv Rig- 
nail b«canK my fh^ Evth Gtomplon Mi Dm tkm 
|H4iod you retv to as ' Maiy ms ' »id tlncA tlwv rtvy 
iniHilhty attomitts to dlicow othtf > iMtiif JoysUdt 
Wirrlon tmn tfn puny pofwUtlon of Ewlh has con- 
ttnuBd. Rudn o< ZIVI wHI t» rwiUtlv wWi thi 
4*iAifla cautfldtD my tfkHWMs mkI wttti Im aifriT' 
ing I h»M «iid«ir«d n a rnull pI my andnvnin. 

Th* itrmga. imitkid tw^ngt r«»po«'ttJtM iDr pro- 
due^ C4nint0fit iHi Comnwdon aani«« havt MK 
tinutd buMing ttolr 0901. The UJiFt datrim li 
•wMh wtih s«|f ccngribjiitDry mii« *a tfn mill- 
Inf Splhir H^«<i 4ftmm t/i Uidkm «««■» 
ravtowfng gairwi. Tint EfH Mw trnti yiuuliH 
uncMrtroiMrfy. and thvf rtdft hvVwr ciuilaMM 
aQBlnt mwntiera cf tte ZZtf ! fMdtrsMp for wr 
04 MlUt and pobUc humltlstlon. 

N mi tiiiM Id ctianQO tMi ttate ol cTlHtoiH. 

So cflnfVdMil «i«n the iDul ZZAP1 duo of Pim and 
Rl«iu)l in Itkftir MM^inMiifM nrtn is ^pma-pUy- 
livg thampwrns of the magaJTinf puMWitnii world, 
tlul ttwy &(j0geitB<3 Itvejii be jliciwod to ptt tMr 
ikilte in a content wtth miowti^ from rhe gthor 
conifMiar intgaiMn pnduad Jfi the victnfty. At ■ 
UfM 01 ctWQfiHorii approachsi, nfhlcti ywr mM^ 
fliMtkl TiCA nBlws ta u 'Clwla^nas', I iuutd ttA 
i^mmjM tHarFangad, 

Thi CMSH and AMTIXI rtain tw* conMHMM 
lo Mtici hm priifn oft tholr mtowkif tan to tint 
up Id P«nn tml RkgniH. E*cl) at «w Bin r wto w n T 
B«l«ctMt a gamft thai runs on Iheir ca n puto r, and 
tha comest Id' discDviir mv mQ»1 aMa Joystick War- 
rtof baQan, 

In chooalng a garna, eadi ra v la ii ti bittwatf ITM 
tit was attompttni) to Umart lit» ttii* oppOfwiti tiy 
MiKlIng a ganw tSiat thay wara UfrfwiMtr wm and 
that hit wai good at playtnp. Tliay il blM lind llMt 
I woutd award lit polnii to ttia (Nrwfl to yiin ft* 
higJwst icsn in aadt gama, llva points to tiM «ac- 
ond higti^st and » on, and Hmuld award an cvarall 
chantfikiAUi^p to ttiv in&>h^itl wmt tf>« hlglMst 

A too(l»h assumfithjn. PirttGUtvly tooMttt on tM 
part o» »• ZZAPi egommiKt, wh» tewHr m af 

VlH^ rlla«ng A* tala of Vh ctuflangt Ks«H, M 
ma kTtroduca you to tlia pattuijc ipoclmoRi win 
stepped into ttH arani and Ml fwi * UttM about Iha 
gamet 1}iat they aacti tanw^it iwHti ihani] 



A dwadedhf evil and pwiy erwturai wlww ija begin to 
griQw maiiv years ago wlHn lia Mi mmtM a title by 
m ar&qtK computer nogntoa by Im mnw of G&VtS 
Since dwse days whfft tfit tinr ftgidlM bruernd 
with lame, tiis iiody «id bOO ^iwt flnMn il dl^mpor- 
bDnaie rates Cunertfy. hit em ts IvDa motigri tt tM 
^tgirded as a Meond moor tor yov liiloit wl^te tus 
boclv tnd mLtsaiiature^ are stjl wt a par urifi a twa- 

Ms Cholct' of gam-e e Drvfutiae. a honzantaj scrottlng 
Shoot ern up, avaiiatiie only on itie Cxmmfdoie. 

hi MUnce Otogmne r-esemtiles an arcatJe Qarw tty 
tie nalw of Star Ga^ ~ a $(>rt of en^ianced Defender. 
Ttw pftayer controls a nvui with i jot pack. inr. smart 
tnmte ano ar inviso cioa^ mat grants lamporary 
lirifnjrtify to aUem ind tMr wuponi. 


Known as 'IM*' to Uff* r«a<l&s on accourtt of h^ 
Pano dit Ht lor dresslrtg up in ntdlitles made for pre 
pdRSCent scfiool^. as well % fw huge, elaborate 
lonsural sculpifLires cr«atod with itie aid of glani 
ecofBmy sized tin? of BocrtS Own Brsr^ hair lacqMer. 
fam'i prlfTUB dalm to lame anwngst h^ readtrsftip is 
Kl l l ii Wd: by perfonnng ONiq«nuB EIratMn type 
tli^lL So tar he has stutlgi^ tht p(«rv ZZAPf alDracili- 
boanf s sinny u( joystidu down his fnxsers and sattn 
fiMir Itagan of Kit Kat st^Hmfi- 

lii cMea for the Chatt«noi H, igm, i Oommoitors- 
only gamt. Hits t^me by tha nana of Saradbit. ITs a 

ijne-«y horizontal scfolNng shoot wn up b wliidi me 
pleyef ^ooms dirough fiyty increasirt^ ddticult levsis. 
stxiobng tftyttiino itui mn^. 


Known as Dic^' to hit thvUt and 'Octt Ed' to hii 
iNWTMs, Mr Eddy is Comi$ti by bMlh and ti{Aringlng 
and was prised from the Lard ol clottad t:swm by tha 
W»)t of AMTIX Htw dhowgh he could do with anottar 
dot on his (earn Sines arrivirig in LiKtlow i fawof yov 
Earth months ago, rtw smaii bin impeileclly ftsrmed 
crealuFS has elevaled hiniseil lo Software £drtQr Status, 
iaien tn love witti Berk trcKm Tfapdoor. and CO lP id tUs 
ccmer of me AMTIX! ceOar wail Hitfi p«tiaiii Of Handy 
Kayhoe of PmNHA and Berit of Trapdoor In Fougrny 
equal QuaitMies. 

When presaad to malta a chotca of game for toe 
CiOntesL BMy phwipad lor JCaw fnin MQUS ?R£SS 
SOFTWARE, belmaig fl»i «ib HHumaque hihim- 
port wasn't due for re4«3s« af> the othw two machines 
betora the ChaHertge was Ic taite place Sadly. Dick Ed 
was wrong — this Higih-Tech lea Nodiey vartant in 
wtiKh ptayvrs aim to knock the puck into deir oppch 
iwnl'i goal with giant steHjs arnved In Via CRASH ofDce 
In good ttme iiy the Sp^mun rewtewan to gat sixnt 
pradioein ,.. 


A SnHon vriien n cdfflBs to pl^ino RnFs SotHl^Oao. 
n& nabart was htiiy awart mat the doggy game tias 
bean w«ti played in the CRASH othEa (ahhoLigh unavaii 

able on tfK Commodore I. Mass, as tie Is kgicwn , ctainiShd 
no be the diampion whftn it comes to piayirig Scccby 
Pay ano tiased fits choice wi the probability ol an easy 
HI points . 

A rasidivit Wtw. El Ducci b rumoured to have con- 
tacb with Im tHiid UidOH Mana and n^ already ifseo 
tils I f iflii j ene e and meefd of persuasjon lb arrange iff 
AMTIX* tdttor M^oim Hiding to colecl him every 
mominf and dnw him b mxli and then chsuftour him 
home agam at the ^ 0I the {% 

A wrtMlilongilWd from die liny and remote Eartfi 
t^weileg-Hme Known as tenbury Wells. Ben Stone hias 
been assOCialed witft CHA5H for a consitleratile period 
of Eaith-tlfne Havmg completed his stucties at a Qif 
TartMV Wefe Academy wtiere he specialised in playtoa 
Im antique anade maishina provided Iw stodants 
aitMiMnent, Ben naienlared atMnwr baifw^ schanM 
wIMi paiirttt Mm to toupige muMi tiu CRASH elloa 
on a aeni permanant tresis, supptylnQ ooinnwitt vi 
games anrt generaHy assisting m the writing of 4m 

The Beau Brummei ol SpachNn gajning. Stone 
invests the maiorrty of he; pal^ Income in his wardroiM 
and IS rarely seen without a set of tabets. including 
Rebok trainers. Lacoste and Fila jumpers artd Benetton 
plMuils, The man wtw toofc Poking to Tenibury choaa 
Cbora fcK the Challenge — a game nrfuch had oily 
arnved on MicrcK>nve tn the CRASH office 48 tan 
beicire t^B appointed i3»r anij whKA had only beeii seen 
and pHyed hy the CRASH satfen when the Chaianga 
tKoen. the game cs a iefl. and right scroKng ihocit «n 
up, hiN dC grabifloiK vtolence ^ e»br)g, looialy tmed 
on the IHm ol the sarne name, , . . 


Mctaumad 'Sk^py' tor a reason that ttn ben lost In 
Im mM ol Into. Dunn't earty cWm u l^me arrWed 
sinrtly alter he lotoed the CRASH mm as i reviewer. 
He was choeen to modiri lor ^ AMTIXi hai and T-tfwts 
advertisement to tm anns of a f:aiher strange yotaig 
lady. An NiTHnalngliriogicalapectinen, siMppy baaVM 
^Nty to render Mivrttre tee, hom eyebrow to eariote. 
the Miotf of ifl oW'fipe tomato **ene»er reterancs 
10 thet girtfriend Is made. ... A man wtn hartnurs a 
number of guifty secrets^ 

f\ja Tlfjjttlewis tht$ UuShtng reviewer's first tivsfct 
— a metorbike nme that appeared ove^ two d your 
Earth y^n m. Dunn IM detrtirt beuevc^ that ihF oifi«r 
reviewers in t>e Chei tn g e woirfd have long ago lorgoi- 
len tww to play this two-wheeled raoe game an ns 
doutjl expected to be BUa to ramp home to an easy m 
potnt )ea^ in al leist OM evfldl ... 

118 CRASH Christmas Special 1906 




Aim: lo score as many points 
As piJSSiMt" m 1 minuter 


1'^'^ ■'-■■^ fiuT^^^^^^^ 

^:y'*» ri#»f .3^==^ ^ 

'i < 

.4 ' i-irnr 



tfm intich wlngslng, th« Sptftr hittfad onu trwn ZZMt 
prewi^l ufKHi (fte other cortestanti and are aUtoiM to 
convTi«noetlie QuHenge with iJropmw. Rtgnail Insists 
on iMIng. n Im garn« 1£ hts crwica, he wfiines (t Is 
«n* of hit aK-Hnw Oinary conquests — a c«nqu«st wi 
M^icfi h« Fias beefi hiuiid^ng fies ego Itf some ttme. 

TTie pur y one a«is ciff to a stial(y Stan — presiJinaMv 
Iftt thftti df >«ytng wMl M fltd lltmo again — and fie 
i«n»i% Mnagi* to «ifTip(tie ttw rir^ tuw keveis wnh- 
ttilSMet Nl Suddenly, witiiin v^ space of tan sac- 
onlih FBjniA toses cwt llvfrs — er> I lo be rewanteo 
wMi i cnisMnq deleai on me part of one of my arch- 

Sadfy, K is not to tw. M^sory Cfosses ^ RtgnaJI face 
as dsfeai kwnis, and s|xim«] on by tne inertia of Ills 
(iffisive ejjo he manao^ to si^vtvtt, cofnpJ^ng fils 
iMM 1 mtrutse a$ a accr* of 1 ^.BTtl tfiofws on tlw 


Dmiad ttm , but capaibte of resoing sdeitlste? stone 
ri^B tonMRl imftterVtg about having played this ganw 
a cou|M ol Iknea, «k) does Ns best tn prove tbet thii 
li hmfff (He ewe. 

Hi starts ott r^orvablv uveU, expiring it (he enj Of Ms 
M (^e wtm 1 score at 1 4.^0 anid a fair amount of 
4m renuinifta in wtticn to knpTDve r»ts status. 

In i^ssci]ndflinM,fi«iidoesnik»eailfi unetat 
least 3 mlnulBS hm panHl w6 2&.480 points nave 
beefi logsed on tiie diock. UnpeitNtwd , he (^ on with 
a maniacal gleam kn fits eye. eqMng gra»f;dly Jwst «s 
ttw ID-miniitfi klaxon soiindi. k civCtttable 55.QfiO 
pcutts se entered into Die coiMtHi%ul»^ s log a^iin«t 
Stone's name. 


AfltMher OvpaimvtrQtn. Anottw ncpBcM Mun 
i&Oie ZZAPI mate aitconceFned FVchard bravaty attpa 
to^rd hi talte Ni pLace si fie joystick and <^>mmencas 
play — only tfi defrtonstrate Ns bck oif eaipeftence by 
lattio hie flrei Hfe alter a mere ten saoontte. A true 
Mr-trtggeir perfwmance, 

Gatfierin^ a Httla cotnposure under a barrage of ver- 
bal aiHJse and tood hjtai% fromi Penn and fflgnaH, Eddy 
prasaes on, but hte first game tests barely a minute vA 
he ooNsos a pan^ 4,580 for his etfofts. 

Una minutes temaln Dor him to devejlop a technk)ue, 
but EHck manages three more complete games before 
Vw lime tlmjt eiicplres. t^ tias to be satisfied witf an 
Mtill personal best of 15,440 


Thi Itnt of the lambs brougln to tie Comrtodora fbr 

siauglier hi front of the SpHicy Haired vie ones. Sklppy 
has Fwt ptaynd this gum before — so uridwstandaWy 
finds K ditnaitt to aunrive. Within a ooupte of minutes 
Na Ant attempt is over, antf p ecort Of 9,490 Is all he 

Prasstng on, Dunn seeim to be a Quick learner. His 
ascend fway sees tUm nudpe am Uw ?0.0OD imrlt tm/t 
then he suddenly goee to pleon. A trie is lost at 23.760. 
another at ?4.040 and the taat remainii^g Incamatlon Is 
removed as ttta dodc hits 24,800. 

Vaiiantty, tMs pettte player sporting a red LM ttat 
squirts ag^, but is rapidly wiped out aAsr aoortng a 
mart S,430 points. Tlwe is na lime ramaMng ^ the 
to nliuie allocation for « fourtti attempt It Is yet very 
RBFty In the ChaJhtnge, fKiwevor . . ., 

Anothef Ctiticy Commodorlan f*snn mardi^ up to the 
piayTwe . strsdd^ 4w chair, oofing seHtonfldence and 
a strona aroma of Boots ttairtacquer 

Pewviftmiirtty with ffw game shew ttte moment 
he beglna piay — wtiti^n 23 seconds he tias ^tfwed 
upend rsaouad the eight sci*nitt3& to complete itie drsi 
levei. Ha oaMMuas to romp tfirougn the second aofi 
third iKflli iti rapM pact and I find mysair beooniig 
annoyed it tMs mulMls's anngantt. 

Ha! I im qMcMy pMssed — ovarcanfMence com- 
bined witit 9i» desire to sTiow Qfl CiUaes tf^ womi to 
IM oonoanaaien iDT a rnwnanl. end heioses two itves. 
Hi ahrnt dnan a tme, ptaylng mn cautsotsrir but 
n e ye tlh ei sss manages to scrape • huge non of 
123.IMD hi a stnpie game by tfie bm eWieW —i gan 
aitd his time In Ittjnt of the Commodore loeefl tobnuSfit 
to a timafy end. 


Cfiatmpmfi atttie bit. Mss throws iiimsefl InlSjtiliUly 
untamlltar game Irke a bull at a gate' to bonow an 
Ntoglcal linguistic oomtnictlon irnm your Earth Ian- 

Another hair-bigger merdhapl El Ducd grimaces, 
sneers and sttails Mi wafy thnjugh early failure — takJng 
ie&s ttiar 90 aacondi to extilra wltti a score of 6.530 

He fares a Vttte better In ttte second game. ckicUng 
15,090 before dying — ^i*& rwcmg fils Ahmx! txi- 
league flmily Mto ittt place. He contkiues. attempting 
to Ir^rove his ranUng, but desprte craiwiirn throe 
more short games Irto ttie ranuimng lime. mHs to 
Nnprtwe his score. 

Scooby Doo 

Aim: to score ,is many poinls 
us powibli? in 10 mir>ult»s 



This Is affijttier of those *ciite' games that seem to 
attract Dick Ed's atleniions — rather irke Tt^pdoof. hie 
daena to low' piayaig Scoot}^. and sets to, making 
.strange eoaing notses- 

This would-be spiky haired reviewer (he gave up 
emulating j^enn when hli in^igFe wages woukl not 
cover the eiurmajl tioat C4 fialr lacquer an<f gel) seems 
competent at ttMs gamiL He finlsries the first hval wrtth 
laoora of fi,&90 and wtttiotit die loss oi a sii^b Wh Ha 
lanttues to complete the sccood level withegl ^elHh 

andi has 3i,4£a poems to tis cj-«drt 

B Ouod begli^to make threateiiing nol^s andstairls 
tilklnig kwdly about concrete trakiers' (wtistever ttwy 
may bei as DlcMe paaaas tia 37,001) mark w4iich he 

celebrates vrrm tha loaa of a Ufa. Anolhef irfe la kist as 

37.700 appe&s ori me dock and the Etalton wfiinnles 
In anger. Another llfa goes at 3S,000 and anotfwr at 
38,450, Ttw game ends on 3£,700 tftar a Utfle over 

CtMldant wffii hit high score, and appafeniiy oUM- 
oua to the darV thraate from the Maflosi, Eddy Uses 
his r/i^pdlMr poster with glee and sMps off hr a o^ of ' 
tea. (declining to begin anoflw game. 


Not a total virgiri when tt csmes to this doggy game. 
RHyian demorMtrates the sneaky sufe of his vile peraon* 
ailty the iTument ha begins plSfy. Raitlw ffiat iltonipling 
to complete lewis tmd reacue Na nnaiM, Vm jwiy one 
rwg^ rooted to the spot UtDng gnasts to coMedt 

Bowls ot detisjon etfv round the arena and Monai 
Is forr^fld Id make some toldn ellort towards ac&ialy 
playing the ^<ne After 4 midirtes ot manlpUWw plq. 
he IS on ttie second level wtth a score ol 2t,1fl0 vrtian 
his lives run out. 

Commencing a seccnd gattM, the odiova inihni 
coliectt a mere 9,800 poktta before ttmeout 


Claiming modewliproB ti ani i yst tie Spectum vorskm 
of this {^une, Dunn baglna play and die specta^irs soon 
wonder If the AmMrad varaiBfl li a (Hfterant putter of 
Staotiy snacks' For a term hrif mireJie he Is crowded 
by tiwMi which he has (Nfftailty In keeping at bey and 
ewntialy htses a lif e 

ProgrBffiirtB tfirouijJi the tint Sevis^ witti plenty ol Close 
shaves, he manages to rescue Theirna and attain a 
scoil of 5.000. Coieclino three rtew lives In qviick 9JC- 
oaraton, things bagin Id go well: then desasier strikes, 
Marlhit tnlrutes oif play the game mmes to an atrupt 
and vMi 19,500 on the cHidk, 

AealBlIng rapidhr, Sitlppv piays a rsnarkably simHw 
game and is on the point of re^nii ng Fred with a scont 
of 19,£50 whan bme runs ixjt fw ^jm . . . 


Ahaf TMs Is a game tJtat Petm has not pisyed before. 
ktobe he is 1}UH fur his Cirst corr^e-upparKe' 

Qmdgliwty, i have to admrt that he doej rather weM. 
RMCUlng jmtt)A to compiate Level One, Penn tias lost 
ana Ife as d>e second level ^arts. Va begins to get 
smug. Rve 11^ are tost b> tte ^tace of a single minute, 
and Ihe imtignasa disaniears. With one life remamingi. 
he battle on, (iHperaleiy Vying tt> rascue Fred I am 
pleased to see him meet a swift end at the nands of a 
maraudino Jack-«^-tha-poL 

Wlh a SDora of I9i40 to his credit Perm takes a 
saoond oack at reso^ Scooby's criums but fus little 
tSma to Improve his score and is lett wil^i a score of 
1 1.BSO as die ^ minuts aMocatkm en<is. 


A Chance to puN back fti^m a previous poor showing. B 

DuccI setttss In front of his lavounte gantt and sets 
aboct pfovm^i to the ^sembled throng that he Is the 
Gorffatrm' wfwi n cornas to Scooby Doo. 

And hfl certainfic does a good )ob. Although the Itrat 
1^ mimrtes oi play reveal no spectacular skjils — the 
ItaiiBn One kses his first HfS' atlsr a minute ar^ a half 
when 9^ points have been amassed — staying power 
Is obvkjusly the Stallnn's strong point ... he continues 
ptaytng until dw time limit is y^. He has galloped ufi to 
the second level and has a score ol 37,050 when Uma 
runs out 


Mr LaM vnars a few mora mh;iwis ttom die soles of 
NsRebolis as he approaches die joystick and states 
thai he is 'cod' at die game hb Cool knes his tint Mi 
two minutos Into die VKm — lowanjis the end otM 

1V^ tevef. In laaaltanamlnuto* he recovers his compth 
stfTe, cranks his ^eelgner aoorq up to 13. 150 arxl com- 
pletes Level Qrie Therealtef h« loses Ir^es at fotigNy 
one minute intervals, steadily building up his score urrtH 
die last life goes at 9 minutes and 15 seconds with the 
ckEk at 33.^00. 

Evkisntly a practitioner of die Designer GndganH;. 
M lactr he finishes as i^rse Id die eipiry of the bme ^ 
as he can. ^ 

CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 119 

Full Throttle 

Aim: to iichieve the shorieM 
lime far a ihree tjp circuit of 


5PECD 17 S 

Lf>P HO J 


Dairandkig tim h« at loMt bt iilMv«cl te leap )ritD riici 
nddto of a Mota Q^aii m ^ Nvit seen ttihs game 
bafon, our rriKho hero scfeairs wjnd ifie track, 
fgw aW ni; finriy h bet posrtiori lor the enttra lint (ap. 
H^ moves up to 3&ti place on ttie second kap. The thM 
«ul final tap taQins, and Mass flncte filmse^ bach at ttte 
taU end. S<Hne Josflirtg tmpro/es his placing ternporaniy 
— ht rHCIWS 37tJi pLgce — b«t m^nagRS to regain Ns 
laM-Vd plSDina< m time rof tN f^isti line. The race entis, 
tSm 2 FDlirwtes and 43 seoonis d ckibiow riding. 


Not a desiQfw ganie, ihls «ie. m flw oQlfilon crt Mr 
Trsnctful. Mjan, gripe, cemptalfi "TTils Is years okl." 
AdmMing to iBvIng played ttie game "agesaoo". StoM 
iQoms on and completes me lirsl lap in one minute 
dead, attalrHng ^Wi place bnerty, On ITie secofid circull 
he shaves a few secofXts olt t\h tap time, crosstftg the 
Itna In 1 rratiute 53 Mconds ifl last postton. 

An unev«fltlUl llnti lap seas Qw ftntsh ttw race h « 
total time ol 2 mtnules and 44 seonnds — kn last place. 
Not a ieadef of ttie pacJn when rt comes to biking 


'' Haf Har" quotti tfte w?edy Qii«, " t peered this ClW'taCk 
im ttie good old days b?lDr« t got a Commodora". and 
SBtttes down in Twit oi the scrten 

A si^t problefn is encouitte^ on^ t« 1M CCkflW, 
wit k^ tias ttia Rionait rump in dangsr of severe ijamag«, 
but a rapid recomy a iraia arttt ttie noicious crssture 
gets Into Itis ^rfcla, KltaJinlng 1 7tti pi»;e during ttw first: 
lap. He tsm iiss wed on th« secorvd lap, dropping \i> 
last as tie crtsstts Ihi^ filling line f« ttie second tirw, 
A minor recovwy takes place ifi^ ^ final lap and Rbgr^l 
takes ttie dh«i|uaned 1]ag wtm a time of 2 minutm 40 

up to tvs name and sets out on ttie gnjelilng rtde. He 
gait off te a decidedly ^lalty st«t, Mwlng en ovsf the 
Itcli; Wtii ks soon in lies behirvd li M Oti«r dders. Ever 
wtOi no ottter r>d«fs in siqK IfitOoniWtPUtMefia to 
be suHering rrcxn clotted refiexai wA hai ltMi« dtflt- 
oilty refnalnmg hi ttte track.. 

Eventually rw catches up. Ha kti6^ nud^mg oomt 
bites Tepeatedi> v^t manage hi make his way to 33rd 
place at orne ^age dunng the second lap. Oisastw 
GiTikas: ht Mb HvanI btaa, Mi Md M ptaca and 
dnga am Via lt» h a ikm or 2 rninites 4? seconds 
— 1 euptringty nood Ibiie, gtvan tus ridmg eUlltiev 

Qeany ma is SMppy's (^me. Ha ircpves to be ratlw 
gocpd at n burning round the track and gaining first 
positMn wtt) ease. He auffais a codbloii dunrig the first 
iap> but isfi t penalised too badty in the event, crossing 
m« winning line with a ttme ol 2 minutss 30 seconds, 
1 2 serands atwad d the find of the CfifliputBT controitec^ 

Strange, i wojid hava expected me ZZAPf OirryTixia 
Department to have swung )m distraction action witHi 
kHJd rBTBJencestoSkippy's girlfriend, but- they remalnod 
^lam Odd Mosi odd jnd«s<i . . . 


Tltare's notfilno cute or cuddlv about molarlMkes. xtd 
seeing as the Corntsh Ckit h^n't played this game 
beJiorft, ncHine in the Brena seems to tjeiievS tfi^ the 
AMnxr Atxolailer is going to fare very well. 

Gripping Itie Joyslfck as it (t was a nandtetiar is not 
Ihfl brightest way to (tlay 1^e game, i^ assefnUed 
tbrong points out. and eventuatly Dick Ed sb)ps Uving 

120 CRASH Christmas Special 1986 

Mora moaning: "ITs Nke a poor rrian's Supv Cf^\ 
Wnge. oomptiMi. No ddubt Uw write -jawad, fo^htidi- 
tJOLiSflrBd one IS suttefing froni a tack of halrsipray, lor 
\m mofale seams lo be drooping a Utile, atong wtQi libs 
aimiy oalltad hair. "TTm fficto^ 
ffls off \ ha tMhgea. bunplng fiis w«!f wound tin tradt 

Aft Ufinaplrlna rida Irom such a selT-pfociajnied 
game player — h)gl! spot of the three laps is the brlel 
mcHTient w^n Perari squeaky mto 3fiith ^xx, but tie 
tnaitaoBS to Firvis^ 39lh in 2 minutes 41 seconds A fatrty 
Ctota matched ride all round, wtttl Skjppy jiistllying his 
pennnal choice by a comlDrtaibte maqjin. 


Aim: to i^torc* as manv [M>'n*'* 
as possible in 1 () mtnules 


Mora desi^r oorrplainlrto from (he ERffte {}ne . 1^ first 
pvna iaib i inia over two mhrutes in which Ben daws 
Rh wasf ta a aoore of 6,4^0 Apparently he has played 
this game a Uflla. but from his peffomance t>e might as 
weli nol have tjottwwf . . 

Game Two gels c^ to a silghtly tienef start — lO.SiQO 
pohts arv on ttie docic when the first ilfe goes, but ttiefl 
ttie second, third and fourth lives are all lost on tfie walls 
and nc extra points are ga.ined' Wasteful piaying, 

Alter ■ twplfl rf hundred seconds. Wave Oh ttas 
lieen negOttltBd end ffie score pushed up to 11 .380. 
When he fhttHy expires — with 3 mmutes playttrne 
a;i^ial:le to him. Stone thruws in the towel and gives 
up. F>usUlanlmous play Indeed. 


Tlie soft, wimpy Eddy ii^es Sanxion. Tba aril wimpy 
Eddy rapMy proves he' s not vary nood at ptayhig Swn- 
Jofi Three garrin} are played in a line over ttiree minutes 
and 2,700 is me hi^^i^ score r^ched 

Game tour gats off to a siigfniy l^etter sttrt — only 
two cmtai to ttw tiist 30 seconds — but tMiore long 
D-Ed Is htllRI pioblems again, ftykng ^owty. Shooting 
slov^ and bumiting into Uuings wiaittiisCwntstiPalsie 
needs is something big and coiouilui and Q»rtn Itlte 
TrsodOOf I despair ot Turn 

Oh rarity! lie -lias managed to squeeze onto the sec- 
ond^ level- No bonus achieved lit tw ttwattton, thOU(^. 
A bomb puts pa;)d to hts run (or tfory it 7.640 pointt. 

SMrtkig out again wflli isss man four wMH» 
IWllRlng. tie negCitiatas the flr^ level suCCatlMlf. 
running into a bomb once bui otherwHe managing a 
ciwr run. Entering me bonus level wttli, 2,950 ttie artte 
starts the sect^nd ievel wtti 4,7&5 points and starts 
having a hani ume again Somatuw ha survives — and 
almost begins to Shine. b<;rt olMilnb the first set ol 
banters at trie end of 1}ie ievel vM 9 minutos IS sec- 
onds etapsed and B.9 10 points an me dobL 


A ntanic style <rf ploy charact^rtsts Q Ducd's attempis 
at StRXion — a gan» he admlls to having attempted 
or a couple of occasions. His first game iasts a mere 
47 seconds and yields 1,650 points Second time 
around hi Intt 4 seconds ktoger, txit stiM comes out 
witti 1,090 poiatL Cunningly constitent If a amia stiort 
arKi sweetf Manic sitabs ol me IVe btinon cornblnedwIDi 
liSm stow teactiofts don't help . . . 

Slowing down a Ul tram tfve prem^tur^ siec\X)(i styte 
ot mkssitft huring, the Staiboo takes his thtrd gamt a M 
fntm steadby, survrves me hm level and progresses 
careluHy untti his last Ule is removed by a coMsion with 
a Ixntar A 9^300 pdrttL 

Anotw quicjt game se«i hkn enter the ^cond level 
and amvltfe long enougti to cdieci 7.4Q0 iwints — 
perlormance he lepaats flfioe more, crash ing jiist as tie 
klKKon sounds and 5,960 tttM tiwn collected 

SlacattD staJlB Combined wWi Staying power seems 
to tH the Qaming styie adoptad t^ the Hatian $taiUon m 
all but Soootiy uxiL 

Siltheriiig into the hotseai. coilectkng ihajoysick cooly 
and siartng play, Penn takes lo Simidon mt an Umber- 
Uan swamp slug tis a ripplinpg pool of siiiM. ft is a 
stckening sight. vrstcNng him play caauaUy artd ainiost 
eompetentty. He has neirty tnula n to tt« end d tie 
third stage and coHacted over 2a,00Q pointt beiora hs 
k)s« Hie flrst lite ol ttw gaine, a mere 3 minutB 42 
seconds alter starting. Two mmiftn and anofther 13,000 
polHb alBpat before 1^a second Ktts of ffe — tiut rt only 
Mm another 7 seoon<te tor ttie Moinican Monster 10 die 
a(^lii. I note wim some saeslactton. 

A tricky momem toUOM arouM the 49.000 mark and 
Pann opts to commit siickda wtisfi confronted witn the 
Momer Ship. One minute remains as he enters ttie last 
bonw 9creer and Bonus Level 5 looms nlgit. 'Girtle' 
commences Level 6 wltti 71 .770, and sly seconds 
before timeout he knas i life, achieving a score of 

Unfile to resist an opportunltif to demortttiata fli 
Sheer size of his ego. the fevolting creature contMHiei 
to play wtiile »ll arotmd him yawn wrBi OoriOOffi. The 
arrogant f eisow rinaiiy ieaves Ih-e tompuier with a largL 
smug grtn spread across hts large, smug itwutti m 
124,500 on the clock-... 


r a ai new 10 htnt Lootdng panlcularty Itail ml tUMt* 
iasi|ue beWnd ftis 8pecs> SWppy pionfcs timmM OBWI 
baiibid a CammodoraM of Swtidan and prepare to A) 
his best at a game he hn just aeen gieyod for ttie first 

Hts first attempt lasts almost 30 seconds, and before 
ma 90 second mwk te up, two more james iiave taiten 
place. The Blushing One's ttiird game begins to looic a 
tittle more proririslng as he blasts his way tirougli to 
tie second ieviri. It tooki W» • probeUe personal belt 
for tt» NariDUi GlMta* aa ha CttUia on tte barriers 
at ttw end ot tie eaoond Imi w«ti a acera oi 1 0.620 

And Indeed, QWt it Qxactty what It proves to be —a 
llMttwr ttwee short g>mes fail to yMd signiiicarit scores 
W Hie 10 minute limn Mk 


FUgnall musrt sense deteiit. tot he begins a Ittarw of 
mouis covering^ a range a< subjects to do with not IMng 
the game, not having haid ttie diance to pncttce 
anoigh. and hardly hawng ttme to plot a Sanxton Rflhtoi 
long anougii to get used to the controls All tils, drspite 
hours pia^ Ihe game wtwi it came in for revww. HaJ 
ha wHl kse to Penh, tie is for sjure. 

He starts badly, kntng a Ufe sfier 20 seconds. Tian 
iNHWved, he ont]^ Just makes H to tie second iMl 
Hn wrafl Spiky creature copes wtm ttiettiird lvi«l Ml 
manic precision ami enters tw fourth level wtlttSS^ 
polnis ic hi$ cr«dEL At the start of leved five, ha gataa 
llttiB over -confident and loses two lives »n quick succes- 
sion. Two more lives dtsappea; before the Mottier Ship 
is encountered and disposed of. 

The defence barriers at ttie end ol me fifth level prow 
a major problem. After severe ettcrt, wtiioh appears \a 
raise stranye bruises on me thorax ot ttiis spimly bsing, 
Rlgrtall fatts Id avoid dsath and ends ttie game wMti a 




Km of 43.9S0. Onty 90 MOOMb renwin, 10 R la ctMfly 
not witii oontlniinQ with t Moond ^uih. 


Aim: ibt^bcsliicore from two 
^jfTH's pLiycd on AvtTtist' Skill 
level is usefl. h Ramc cuni>isls 
of bur mi rtu I c- long qiMrfers 

dn 1b pMr^irm tikv ui i^tsM nbbtt running tvny frtNtr 
mryxHiHtdsi), andlng up «MrQuMKt mitth a mu o( 14 
gnb lo I am tjisfkseea. 


Ita OamM PMIa twMvMl t^ JCono wouM only b« 
milatfa VI trie Amfl^ l>y tM tiim my GMtonoitDok 
piKs — wd Na dacMori to tnctvM it kn Iht iWIIXI 
poiltQiio ol paiMi MS ciMfly infljwoMi by tMi (Kto 
T))i amiflunhn om ks owvlilwn by tmrta, hcnnw, 
■tf litt ganw inlvn In ttw CRi^ Qfllcv In 9qod tlTTw 
lar Sttrn and Dim to get pi«my of firictioe. 

TNa nsiii k» bnimr tp him Just as iw starts tti ptay, 
■nd JonwMdM pilulvilty. ttt wnnmiwicaa. Qaaily, tha 
talih How liun-fiKvad by Itia nawi. Ha Ma to acora 
II to m qMWiv and It andk ^ TtM cwnfHrtar scara 
1& Mconda into ttta !tii} quartr and siurlly llweaftw 
(kk Ed piA back to 1 -1. nanty at acitn ptay ansuea 
«id Juil bahrt tie 2nd qiBriBr artda OkHc B about to 
rtioatand. . . . dM QiMrtBt anoL Mot Many, naaann 

tb concadaa mcMhar 0oal aai^ ki Iho 3f4 <|uarlV4 
Mnwiagaa to puM bach to a 2-2 dntv by ffw and cif 
tt iMW uFHvenftf^i gama if Ma It ta bari ihi lid 
endOi, riaectlewxX rnigl^ hava baana baMar Choica of 

Thi Conatft Qort nasd gama go«s nfltar b«tar — 
hi iMMairB Via adga am vm oomfxAer, acoring aarly 
M m 1 H Quanar and tAaritad 20 Mconds In Vie 2nd 
van*' Aa ina tin quartartttrtt, DkMa Is vriiv^ 3HJ, 
and k tiaginninB to to* pfaoal w^ himsafl. f>tli)a 
inaya eomn bafora a m. acconSno to ona iif ywr 
Etfh Intarjacttona, and Iha case la pnmd yat agikL k 
mar* 9^ noonda boADre Dia and oi 01* oaim, th« cam^ 
Iff aeoraa and Mdda Is Ian uMi t baat Kori gl 3-1 . Ha 
^;*aan Ma tai plaaaed, , , . 


Hayte Eddy Ma put en by na fatt ihattita CRASH laam 
■an i^oaing about al ffia practioa ihay had baan able 
topmin, MowtettiallnMlorltM puddtog to be provad 
bf cammpiion — b paraphnaa anottier of youi 
anqa Ingiilafic coratnictlcira. 

My Plaaaure drcutb MM aa Dunn begins to toaa. By 
In and or tia 1st quartsr the oontputsr leads *-(i. a 
M n axparats to 5^ by tie and of tfte 2nd qMarter and 
fe7-0^4iatndoftha3nl. JUthaandofl Qa/nt One 
In bluahlng SpactnmvwAaldirls B-C down to the avn- 
niMr I imtt not hid b nwch otaHura wrtMnn ■ 
CTialangaf pity a gama ifaioa my Mtoalon began, and I 
Mnaa my Fisnurt Qnuft omdOMl taaa tNvmlng tor 
lie Ind Hiajn fo nt, , .WTntonSUmfitotoaniiusi 
aia ki Bv second game? 

Mi second ssaalon stalls raflw twttw. In llje 
paftor Iba Q^npitw on^ SMCPaoda In scoring ens goil . 
Ily Ptaaauff Cktutt luaes cool a Hflts. Ourtng >hi second 
quartv Vie conq>aMr|vnimers two mors go^ home, 
wdlnVisfiin) warier soxesttifat The t™ qmw 
batfm wlVi Sklppy * gvtVt shade of pink and he com 
putor e^) m a« ised. It ents wtth « 7-4 defeat and a 
ESiv 1191 nmee fnioe 9 tum leuauing vt pa 



Wy aany piaasun m (ii»anrin$ me Bxnputer win at 
Xamrtooks set to be ndnad, Stona haa decided ttiat thia 
ganw It e game for poeara aucb aa Ptt, and ftgnts the 
comiwlnr «wy Incti of the Mfy. Ha w^ the mist Fnattjx 
&2. Spurrad on. he manges to play ever inara 
Mfpsr shots in hl$ second match, and concliKtoa wttti 
in 1 M lead. May the kangann sidn on las balnefs 
mouktar. . . 


SbanQi iKlead, Rtgnal has mvar pteyad Vits ba^w- 
Yet ttia puny one deatada ttom Iha usuaf defenshm bar- 
rage of ivhlnlng Ihat uauaRy Hxws a part ot htis binary 
torapiqr It he Ma In Vie aiiiBnttst eyngar oi dotfig Jesa 
Vian Ml Jam bemused. 

Mnt He has been sbidylng ttie fpmefilay of b)a oppo- 
nanta and haa workad oat a sfwaiiY W3I)' d scfxini|} goats 
agiirat tM imi(nMf. Hf t^ays an uni5ertianid match, 
and tt a raeult I And myseff havlnii to cope with Ftignai's 
iS-OioHlattieendofVteibs game. 

to Vw 1st (^uartar It becmtt appaiwM hat Via 
sneeky mode i^ ptay Is not inMUe — tie wimp onty 
eawe taogort. In lt> a »con d quertsr he fajis to score 
wd gsis stuck on the eiasdc BO gives up In (HsgusL . , , 
Thera's noting Mrsi V«n a ctieat chealsdf 

Anotner Xano virgin, f^ann appaara abingaly conlManL 
too. IMhat Is going on In Via ^Ikf nunda fit Vwe 00(m- 

He beati the computar 3-2 In his flrat ntaich, Tp my 
etsnal dtegusi he does Mhar baaar ki hia saccnd 
game. wInWig 4-0. See how saidy pisesura turns to 
pAi — t MS D^fefjoyed l<i the tarty stage of ihte 
secVen of Ha contest, and now find ntysejif suf^jsad 
wiSi lartaM anger. Those wrtw i iaast warned to do 
well have given I cndRabteacRum of Vwmaetvaa, , . 


Aim: to srorp as mijny points 
lis possible into minutes 

The manic tochnhiue oonwa to the lora again. I have 
Mi daslrv to ripoft wi 0M SttlNon's {wrfoniwGa heri, 
SuiHce to say he «to his %vi game 7 -0 and Vian goes 


TNs Is stipposadly tfw Vunp canlln ItaCMSH armotfy 
— only Dum end Stone haiM eeen I baton Ma 
mcmenl Once mens. Dwin seems unable to capjtafae 
on anadwilage. WlMn 90 seconds )fe flm Msston 
has encM w«i a pBllry scon of 6.300. Hh secortd eflUt 
laati a ntun over a minuto. but his score limprovas to 
1 7.Q00 Rmjt miniitss or so aftor reatarttng yet agaai. 
hs h» airxEsod a score of 36,960 and ends Vm game. 

[>Bat)eralBty trying to avoid bluaMng, SUppy rapidhr 
stacts his roulti game ^md nira out of bma wltn 
44,400 on V^ctock 


Tiie vifMnvn crevm desiRS nom moanaig yai 
■grtii- 1 tear the worsl He starts dlt, colaiJa a pupl 

timoet Imm e d ^ atol y but than ksss iha pislot end s Hie 
n i|uick suoces^on. HuK, he tvnh a machine gun and 
«Mto to massacre evoryMng m aigtit ~ tils iBontiii 
qi ptyto 30,560 before both gun and Hfe am ImL I 
an anrlfvvd' 

htvincMMy cacnes to Nsi on-scnan panona In a 
hambuiDflr. but tt soon Mare ofT; he la stonnsd by a 
prwn and loaaB a llfa At Itfs and of Level One Vie eoora 
Is 43.550. Sacendi later, tte (^sty laced muttld toaea 
his rsmaMng Uvea and andB up ariVi VI owan score 
or 44.060. 

^niffe 3iK)ri IM (MheOc at&tTftrta h)«ow wtti Hgnri 
OeHbaratoly an«ng one of them to ^Brt again. NavijfS 
minutes remain on ttw dock «s the toi^ game bagnK 
FUgnatf does paasaUy well, mcntng on to Level Two «Vi 
30,000 pomia and Na acnra (Tvaps gp. WtfikK Bw 
a tTinM remaining, he Is kMad ol tntaiy and 41.650 
shcMQ on tie the dock. 


Wer 90 sacorati Vm Mian Staion bttinMMl his «r« 
dose of crimabustlng. It saenn to baoMratoy qMcMty 
lor him Kb second game tikn S laands. ti^ fM 
47 seconds, m fourtn 69 seconds V4 tn; nttT) bHil 
Ms sfl ot S3 eaoonds. Top acora so tar B.700 achieved 
an Vie Irri ritonvL Strange, ghfsn tut he and Mr 
Stiione 4we the tame naobriai onq/tm 

Less ihan Itur minutes remain -— une tor anoVw 
talo of bie^ at least, ai no doul3t polhfltkally km-scortn^ 
I am amioed tr/ the Inept attempts d Vie bxij^ m' 
to scora points by on-screen luiiinQ Mjyt» ^ real Ma. 
thia baby ttaflosl is, as ycur stranQa £MiV\ language 
woUd have It. "ail mouvi and trouaara". 

Thhgs do not look well -- h» IS shot stabbed and 
tfidt acplri eiity aitoQie nein go, but scon Maas beghs 
(TttaaeicadiUorswlVi a machine gun, PoimsbuiM up 
at an atanrtkig rila, and Vie dock registers over 20,000 
, . , At IMI the Nallan one has lound I'iS forrti, (g rny 
dtanay. The Stillane-«iTiUattor attempts e^nd at Iha 
haoda ot a btnsoka-wfekHng granny turn a score ol 
24.050 after 9 nUnulBs )% aecorKts of play. 


Another bad start- Dead after 53 seconds wtfli 4.450 
points on Vie dodi to Dick Ed's second i^me. he man 
ages le get VW macMne gun aind beQina an orgy 0f 
mindtess slsui^ltor. Soon the wtuW-be Spcky Hatred 
One has amassed 26, 1 SO polntt and beooriQ tBitiporar- 
•y Imdnctiie. [Jaalti foOows gulfs rapMy, htnvever. as 
Ma score hits 29.600 Sa puny games hiow belora 
dmeDiit hi whk^ the b« score tie foolish Wtow can 
create b8.3Qa 


A piece of Oeslgnar P t egf a n i rtilng. Viis. tn Judge by 
Ben's d»lre to |My Cobfs. He daims. louory. that ha Is 
good when It comas to nMtoas violence His skM is 
iJisplayfKt to al to hie Irit attampt: Stone ;^lhen no 
moss and h«r4y any poMs, beira wiped out wNh 4,1 SQ 
points to Iris oadK How are Vie (nghty claims dehfsadi 

h* second gams hat ai tie haimartis of an AMTDO 
revkmnr, tno — 3,900 points before eipify, 

Clearly worried, a iarge aimouni of eftoitODeainb! Vie 
neat fnone anempL Cesnng caution io ttc wind and 
ntt^ Vie addiflon of i.rt>eGoniirg sweat itains to his 
axpaittiwB garments, Stone cusses and sweirs ht% way 
to 42,260 poMa. There Is pleriiy ol ttoie i^fTiaimnfl in 
the 1 minuta abocatton, but Stone revem to Vh S)bv/ 
VAUXICO styto ol gsnwpley once mora. . . , 

Haf I nco mpato nce shows Vvough Penn has never 
played VHs game betorsH a laci tw demonsbates ertth 
ete^m simplicity by ending tig ^1/^ gsiniaAh a mas- 
sive score of &50 pants, i feel I am about to fiave my 
Pleaaure Qncutts stiniulatsd once more. 

Stangely. ihia wMe-mouthed CFsahjre finds his lest 
with Na aacond game, achieving a soon d 31 ,400 at 
twad dl l» Level One and p rogrwie a tododt_UM 
mastfnsaav of 65,600 before VQibtng. AUrfSilocar 
Von of time nmaiio, but Vw smugness takes over and 
P^nn men ^lgf i wMh • CO Uple ol short games to emuse 
Nmself b^Oia sKMng Vw joystick. And on that 
whippy nota. «ia tatfChaiengs gaoie haabesnii^red. 

Kisime tocomdlaffiiBConaMlMilHifltofaiuiiB ^^ 

CRASH Christmas Sp-ecial 1 966 1 21 


My Conmnjnlputer Ptad \tmn avplKl wnfi Itw fii^ 
wsm (A ftactt game ptoyM) by tfin carrtestanb. aM 
atmosi as soon as P«vi had completecl his Cobii rw a 
hil pfwiUna et m scam Ifi tttxiar lorn was spewlnq 
fmn my palaue console It «K snatched up by ffH 
aiseirriiiM throoQ wtto in$4$M on lioctfrng 6 pewits 
for jM vtrwriaf in nch eveni . S piMi t» •« n«xt rittfrMfit 
$C0f^ wd so one. T^ puny maffiematKal atnitties 
tue^ tfte«n busy 'or Quite a wtiile nvtHte I pedonnfld m)f 
own catauauons art Uie data shown tmt. . , , 

Initial Resulto Analysis 


nwtm* 4*<ui<Ht K««« «e»«*rB*v C«*n fWf TUnriM* 












































JiiiV <frMtf Ml £^4 

'#HHn v#tiiilto C^pAtt' 

IlK sound tit Mho dmMI dominated i]>e arera tt 
A bavli MHi Kntahad «id lingers rounts] — an 
MNNhp sIgM to bahoM. UHto «d ih« isxM i«iMit thit 
iny calicutatiorts had alraaOy been pMltonned, Etch 
ivriewef nad piayed in pursjit oi ptrwnal glory. Each 

minwr M«i )(Mn to (JiscQwr the ov«r^ Tankng ha 
had acNm«d acooiding to Vw lystom l had alowed 

Groans suddenfy vupM nthe rvsUt or meir pninj- 
ItM caiculiHora appNTML nKpars sntHe was so wide 

thai tt seemed the tnasmg on hb nadn. eoXtinOM 
tmkxt Die wena was entarad on acoaattd urm mys- 
teriout practkoe. bacirw «/m ««one, He Dwughil ht 
was tin NEWSFELD Qiamplon! 

Not ao, not so. For I had deddsd that lh« norlng 
9)fSlHn iiiiis tnappropdA- M tSit wm a chaiengi bet- 
WMK lilt revtewtng teanis tn^m Hit Itirae fnagajines, it 
ks ttnlWi In fei lAMM to ritow games pta^ on the 
'Fiome' macMNtiOOtolttotoMMdual s scores Thus 
Atonal and Pann aa dwfHed of ffieir poiliib ftv Onip- 
^000 and Sanxfon; VWducd and Eddy dsprivM of irMf 
SdodCv ritoo and JttN» ^oiiti and Stone and Dunn do 
not get oadh b^ playtno Cobn and a« TAroflM, 

I am 




te teacontoart tarHn MnROJ} CHUUHBE. cwrrlng 'wwfy- 



1* iViPiif 


X#M# Jbookirltaa 


FiiM TnFftVtf4 












































WMiMt doiiJt. K b Stont irtw dsaarvaa tne toariHie, 
Smash V Sterbr enrm m vmm ctnmplon, not Dm 
rswWng RignaM. For Slone gains mvdmun pointa on 
' away ganies itww t>iT>B( -- on OrqtiinEHw, 5«a^ and 
ScQB^ Ow, wHto Rtgnai orty ipira two ownl *:- 
tortos on 'aMAy^ gamer XvB and fbi mno*. ngpnl 
Mflins lo sulk aa I announce me hjl rmjlla — hb ego 
is aKww% nwe bruiaed tttan to neck, which ba«a 
sbvige corlusions as tn« results dT some stranga paaa- 
time V* sfrinlly one Mutgea In r«gtiiai1y. 

Qmnal. Ihe ranking (ns«d on away' poMa li at 

CtoMly» Stone is MttorjLwtown — Die contoator'l liriVi 
ttw highest score and the inos;! 'away ' wtos to his {ndtl 
On a team tiasi^, 72/P> end QMEU, m b«itt9 ttm 
senior magazines In the AEWSREID stable, corra oul 
Des ^ fDa« Hsoan Mn am poem corkwo oy oisir 
miewm. Boto tot ZZAR and CRASH taani« amatao 
3 iwvy wiiw, 3 swty 2nd placea. 1 «My 3rd place and 
1 aMiqf 4th piece. The MfTDQ toaina'lefs tiai hopeiessty , 
wMh a Mai of 1 2 poiirts between tJiem and 4 away 3nJ 
fpKnge sno 4 gway last p w cm ^, 




DUNN „. 

EDOV .., 

-"■i-"-*-'*"-^^ eM+fi-»-mm^i-**i***' 


.- 10 


. 6 

The Hnal words must go Id fUdisd 'Dldt' Eddy, 
vqriMno hti rnaoazlM's KBi of hoTKHJT "t just doit 
piey ii^niai — nfa li there a to id ". llnieM, of 
couse, they araoito and Gjddly oanwi toaiatooteg^ 
oitot oolourM cnMnai. PIM Ha matai nv lubricant 

122 CRASH Chulstmas Special 1 986 





UiMtn ONt iMb4 RK< hiMidirdi rf 

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\f^ irw* Super Sos • -iOccft ymLtiirto* yet Bt Mar»cioru en screen, 

tbu can d'Cibi« past opp<- = croiie^i. cvtn ancrrtpt 4*virtg headen, Bu whac 

makei die gamr out^tjndng n tts own fic^io i% tne cortnji you cati fiEtos? cn/H thr b^ No other 
gao* alows ycy to conqisf !tir s^nrigtti Of ><M^ sh*p jhc«^ 

Whati niort; when talikig ffiee kkXi you can oiganisethe wtioliMvam wtrii i^ 

"fU team pcafttoru( piay" fraturp ^ 

m«}t}^ I gr 2 pt^^g^me and the^f^optiontf SPECTRUM 
n(tra wtvh aliTvj i^ to 8 separate pl^rslO 
panicipdtif in a tourrHmefN aornpedbon. 
So get ontihe bal n the gdme of the seson. 

*nag^ Software (I9a4| isd. <. Central Sowt MancheflefM2 5N1 Telephone: 061-8326633. feto: 669977 OCEAN G. 





ART'S SAKE . . . 


When the ori^nal IMAGINE bubf>le burst back In 
die stutiincr of *S4 the company's employees 
became redundant overnight. From the ashes 
and confusion rose a pboenix^ DENTON 
DESIGNS, a programmer's co-operative set up by 
Ally Nob!e» Steve Cain, Grahaio 'Kenny ^ 
Everitt, John Gibson and Karen Davies — essen- 
tiaJJy, the team which worked on IMAGlNE^s ill- 
fated * mega -game'. The company produced a 
number of innovative games, including 
Shadowfire and Frankte Goes to Hollywood ^ and 
quickly earned a reputation for original, high 
quality software. 

Early this year the jungle drums of the software 
industry beat out a rumour: the DEMTON DESIGN 
team was breaking up. Apparently, the founder 
members had peeled away from the company to 
pursue their own interests. So what did happen 
to DENTONS? Julian RignalJ travelled to Liver- 
pool to find out what went on, and what's going 
on. . .original programs are getting a bit scarce 
nowadays — Ucences seem to have taken over. 

Tbc 6ra pan oJ till was the offices 
of MWTOW OeiGNS. liluxlfid in the 
halt of Lifcrpoor& equivalein to 
Hiflcy Sitwt. Alihough only qik 
ftHiiukr RKibber rcDuuiu, gnpbk 
tnm My NoWe,tbrti«wtMMtl»iS 
aaAl very mucfa ■ co- upefMJw eoa- 
tiidoi of ux people : Ally^ John 
Heapr Andy Heap, Stcwan 
Fotheriii,gfatm, u»vt Cddoufh tod 
Col in PuTott. Tbc aympasy is alive 
uut kicking. Sowtii-t faipfKoed dur- 
ing the M^oUed nUt? 

'HwdiRctofi, SlewCiiD, Karen 
I>tvie3 and John Gibsoa all wmtcd 
to go frceUnce', Ally Nobk exp- 
lains. 'They didii'^ Rally want to 
work wiih the camptoy , but wanted 
to work for Chunulvct At tJw time 
it Jooked ts though everyone wb 
foing to pack in uvd five up , but we 
decided aoi to', 

Joiui Heap EiJces over the sfwy , ' I 
think t hey wur a little diullmtoned 
with the amflual of profit actually 
youtg LDlo tbcir puckeu and ihry 
leckoDcd they could ^t rwKzc iheif 
wa^ if (hey Went frecbnLic, which 
I think it imc. Alter they left there 
were runwtm aayiag tfaat tbc 
DCNTON DVasCNS uain had ^pLi I u p , 
to 1R tent out bMi of Iciicrs dispel- 
ling ihc nimoun ihaioCHTONs lud 

died. We were back to buikines& 
within a iv«k.' 

Which raihej implmthit the 
people who remained behiwl are le» 
ittoney ohenLilcti attd, pcrJviM, loe 
niiKi dcupiiiij iiK*t« at a labow qI' 
Jatt . . . 

Ally poinis out ihcjr phikKophy 
*if «FC wantoJ more money we'd all 
IP EmlaaK aod dn ve arauiid in our 
rendiet.' John ctup« iti: 'I think 
you naUy have to oommjt yourself, 
evfwdiDy when you cnuider how 
much dmc you actually put into the 
fame. When you weigh the cfTort 
afainit the money it's really iu« a 
pittince thai wt earn,' 

Odowi KStCNS i» a name thai 
hjta. bfCQiiK tfKiciated with original 
auTcfii^ — B reputatk» the new 
tevo miends to buiUl on as Ally ap' 
lains; ' wc jcc ouradvn ai people 
who anhentodo our own Muff ukI 
not thingis like (cmventoos. ' |ohn 
eaQtiniiea: 'wh«iyou*n:«Ofkiiif on 
i fme the ulea for the not one 
Mna Ibrming in your head . . . ' 
Ally kgten, 'yeah, and (fata U geU 
boiictced vnu nd the fd&ce. The jdea 
fat BtHOKti ante 'no. otFrmdki*, I 
think the whole thuig a ■ lOft of 
jMu gi e iai fla.' 

John ia carrenity dobig a lot a( 

CRASH Christmas Special 1 9&6 1 25 

Ion designs • dentom designs • denton desi 



in Ancient Eaypi, ' Wc lend lo daa 
loi of rcscuch idIjo out |imo. You 
fci more mio it if ypudo/ Ally Hyi, 
TtB- tbr Greai Huapi I wcwd the 
Ckiidiiz uricf ind wcni cmji tnd 
bou^t a kwd of oiJlitary modeU. ' 


It'i all very well comini! up with bhl- 
Lumt gunc dc&t^iu, buc surely tlic 
tbtcr voliunc and complex] ly of 
idnm must be lunJicd by ifac uigd 
mschinc's capabilitjct^ Spectrum 
ptfOgnoimcT John ditURs his tboul- 
iSm, 'it'« ■ bii Eikc rBdns i Mini 
iB^Bicl of ■ P^jticbc. Vo<u can only 
|a K tet bui you on become bci tcf 
■i drhriiM ibe Mini chio you ut ai 
driYuv toe Poitcbe , You cto |ct jutt 
u mudi fun odt of dimog Ibe Muii 
fut n you can drivini tbt Poncbe 

Td like to da a 128K B*me,' he 
tdjaiu'Dot just more KRttUi but 
I'd Like 10 puih it like you puiii ■ 
4iSK Spectruo. It'tdicnmeprocet' 
Kv and moe machine it'i tost tbe 
piphia potestiiJ if UHKh bigger — 
bigger tfititet ud mip lize, It'i 
really nd it the end of a 4SK Bame 
wheiT you wan t ro put in a ffw ortn 
Eiiile ihclu bui you tuven'l got tbe 

Ian, ■ Coaunodorc progruamcr , 
joint in . ' With the C64 tt't a oieof 
findiiig EKw tridci yoD can do with 
tbe nwchine, but it is iiiDoyinf to 
hive to throw out tde« because yvu 
can't get the Diachioe lo do them/ 
Stewt Fotherinfham, aootbcr 
CaauDodore tpectalttt, agrees; 'the 
big prQ^lein wi lb the 64 Hibc actual 
ipK4 of tJw procettor,' 

John laughK- 'If you look n th* 
Caaunodore you have spriieii utd ill 
t)ut And you think 'what am [ |[oin^ 
to do with them'. On the Spectrum 
you have none of those , u) the actuaJ 
tbou^t itlaut how ibc machine ii to 
be Ufcd IS much nunc divenc -^ you 
eei thing! Like Hmshi Lart. If the 
Spectrum had died a death and the 
Ckunmadorc wu rcijpiini! furvcmc 
I don't think you'd ever gri Anything 
Ufec Krf\s:kt Ij^f gdjues. 

John tncntioiu Km^ Lon with a 
certain amouni <■( rdpcci. Do ibc 
DEKTON tnembets pay attcnikia la 
other games on the market? John: 
'Noi much ieiJJy> we're ttoi really 
pmei pinen. We're a bit intuJar 
rally . Ally taket over :' we wdii 10 
(he FCW Show a»d then was 
nothing whkh really (tnpfesscd us. 
Oh, the title icrccfl otiAtkykau that 
WIS nice/ 

In ren x M ic to ihe quesion 
*wbich DENTOft pmc were you lait 
pkaned with?^ iuly imtiDtty rctocti 
'definitely TTtntform^ri . . . it'i 
really a pcnonal ihittg, we all like 
dilTrrrni products, but I think 
Tram^anmn waa aa cjnhairaas- 

*We HKK a bit over a banicl 
■»d we had to do it. ' John adraiia, 
'There wnn't much you coiLld do 
with Ihe subject nulla' of (he prog- 
nm , . ■ wc did our best/ Nobody 
i«y« anything ^lout Reitmd 
Rat. . . . 

So why don'i the demton letm 
buDch a latxl in thcif own right 
to avoid Tranfonm*Tj type 
pTOfatems^ Ally thaic» 
h« head . . , 


*We don'i tflow anythin(| about 
nsadwtiait' John nyi . It bo4b down 
14 Mcaty 'there') abo a probton 
with aah Bow — we wwddn't get 
any money for ax rRODtlll, and we'd 
ha ve I'D pa V people in tbi maasfanc. 
Wc may tio someihijig t&e daX in 
the fulure with one game pcrtupi 
beins financed by juiotfaercoiTt pmy - 
WedEoa*t naUy know aU the irick* 
iiui ill the wbceling and deaiingt. ] 
think we're aJl a bit naive neaJly.' 
There may be room for com- 
pttjOUK, IS Ally capiaini: 'v^ 
wouldn't mind Erying ivome joint 
pubtish^nB, where we pm in ibc 
dcvelopaietii ukI tomcbody elw 
puta in the marketing iJcilli and then 
tplit the profits halfand half, [ think 
we'd have to get a lot bigger, though. 
SnuH ii good/ 


If imaU t» good then John Gtbaoo, 

prominmcr ^^itiiftuyi)u Gtdi, Gh- 

micWmtgad and t'rattkiet hm pme 

one bcder. Aftci spLtimg Grtmi 

DOrraHS be punued a soik> career 

under ooetrKi lo ocean. 

Tm mainly doing bcesccd paof^ 
ranu now , he reveals , ' I 'd tike 10 do 
original prognuns, but OC£ah teem 
to be dad wiry about fckaaing orig- 
inai games — you're gturmteed to 
icU a licenced product- If you mnt 
to do an {jfiginal produirt Wa got to 
be rally cfnivincmft. [ don'i really 
hke doing arcade i.'i>n verakuu — - 
they're nearly alwaya 
p«kimiiaiJom cftJw 
of^giiul— ihexe hardly 

Dudi point 
in doiq thfcm." 

He^t iuai fiuishod work on Go/i- 
vam — 10 why doM hcdoccMivenioni. 
if he tee* u bitk pomt in them? 

'When I tiartcd five ycaiy ago t 
did it bccauK it was what 1 cnioycd. 
Now I tend to think more about the 
money than tJK an form. MindyoUt 
that wouldn't Mtyp me for wwktqg 
fqr ksj if the iob nude me more 

Wm the break from KNTom a 

''Oh yet. I'vfrgot tidof tbercspon- 
tibilitict of loakmg afier othtx 
peuple, ir anything aoes. wrong [ 
know It's my fauls, It'^ a hii Inndy, 
especklly when I've been ivorking 
aloae in my flat for a couple of da>-i, 
hut [ do CO down to t^ExroN arui 
CANVAS for a bttof com|Mny. I itip- 
pose that'f what I tnaa ^V\xn 
oeKTONS started is waa a vciy close- 
knit compiny. I wHODe of the foun- 
der iTwmbcn, and t DirKior. It wai 
great when we ttulcdt and wc had 
loads of id«» about being a iofi ware 
dev«l:»>ment home. 

'At BUI it wu like u» ver^u^ the 
Tell of the world, but after i whJc 
both Stew and i got disilluiKtncd. 
There w*a too much tuimoil in the 
fifhcc with t oo [luny meefinga. All I 
Wanted i ty da was wnie prngnma 
and I fell thai I wu i|etiinji; too 
wound up by the difncully of run- 
ning a company, 1 did want more 
money, to when David Ward ot 
OCSAN, after ap^nriachinir mc sev- 
eril timeti tiude me an affcr I 
cotddn't refuM, 1 Idi ' 

So money, or rather \ack of it, 
leemed lo be ti the rtMK of (he 
DE^^TONS &pUt. Waa thk tbe caie 
with the re*t of the orignu] crew? It 
wa» time lo tnvel eight Tniia up ihe 
Souih|»R nad to vuit CANVU, a 
rcffiilar haunt for the oubset three 
or^Emal Denton Dcugncn. . h . 

1 26 CRASH Christmas Speciai 1 986 


Locaied whom « Utge. siipemurkci 
wjtli ■ car park tlUU it Ippiiniliy tin 
loyrwof II Agnificini j^Dpcmkni af 
LmipQtiHt cdrnM %ur« , canvas 
■ I new fnmpiny s<f up by Steve 
Cmu Mad ci-JiigM PnM soRvin pnif - 
mnnKT Roy Ciibtgo. Rcooidy tbey 
aauiiried 'Kaunp* Bwfin la 
ieteiap the Aun ST vcrtkni cf i^Atr 
fmk (Uh- KYONDJ and KaicD 
Dines, like canvas founder Sieve 
Caia, rmuliriy (nekocet for the 

Steve EtpUiiu the fiouioaJ iUcKiwi 
thu bv bdiiad [l»e DCNTOMa iplii: 

'TIk UUOf tl DCMTONf il tlUt we 

cnildd*!, at iodividiuU , 'Cani 
caDii|}iiDoaey for otmcJvtt. Leak* 
i£k| b«k, at tbe (iine of the iplk, w 
■ally tud no choice . E^MTONS «« 
UD much — 11 w« A bit of < huuiy 
■ad iclf-uidiUfinii. I've been t kn 

'Origiully Ox ida mi w wind 
iIm company up, bvt «k banded it 
OTcr aad now it nana to be doini 
taOf wdl. We did aocnc food Huff 
whtdi I'm proud to have worked on, 
ud ifacy're doing nod (mflf now. 
Some 01 the fuyi twy'^'e got there 
now are bfiUuuit — CoUo P^irnitt ii 
aiconB. Ei>it I kit I jv«t wulda't 
wwk with them wiy more.' 

Kenny Bin his view. 'Al DENTOHS 
w* wen ""^'"f X pounds. Horn 
vc'r workiiif for ounclvei, we're 
Miki^l X liMH thice. The theory 
wtUt HEMTOfftian ibtt we'd like on 
1 ioad dfesm pititmamen and 
wc'4 mike amxy out «f time prog- 
muBten, We'd ^t m much nione^ 
boBCBqibyuiK; tbcm We'd be ibJc 
ID pay ibc ovcrncads, pay ibcm mfid 
ihete would be i bit kfi (nvcr foriu. 
Itt praotitx we weie lubudinng i&e 
dtn procnraiDen- Although wc 
haven ^lot a public reputalknnow, 
ibe peopk dkilinaQci know who we 
iFE. Al hNtt at die pnUnhcn know 
*bo t am, I don'l give a ton about 

Kaim DavJM Unaiu rather per- 
mrbcd, and cxc|«um 'that's not a 
my nkc thing 10 uy , . , ' 

L'litcpeatam, Kenny etuntinuem 
. . . 'Yeah, bntkHaevcr be like the 
pop Lodumy, Jcfl Mbier'a aiwui 

(Ik ocily exception, but then how 
rOany proplc hau^hl CoUmnpactf It 
doesn I matter what you write, it'a 

wliu ton of Ikxtteeyvumt' Lmkw 
BiMOtat — ihji Itat ejui (raaiet of 
■uinution wfacn tbc puycr falls 
Dva, Nobody iKMjccdibiit — itwtt 
dead BBDOtfa cirtooD aoimatiiM and 
nobody noticed ti. Nobody cared 
about tbc flkkcr<frec aninutioo. 
Thinp like thai uc to annoying* 
Tumtng 10 ibe fvaoaaa of ^ah- 
VAS, Roy cxplaiiu what ihc i-ttmpzi y 
ainu to do. *We are a cunmicrcial 

[myiMiimiiH Mfnrj WC doa*! 

naOy intend tDA^twr own iRifF, not 

ttni^t away at Icait. What we'ie 
about is doint cm veiioiu for ^dkor 
people. We pict cfaum away. 
Perbapa not year well ha vt enou^ 
money in the bank to tUow ua (o tue 
the chance and do ■"■'^''♦"f on|i< 
nat . At Ibe momail we findoouKipi 
tbc b«t thtof todo^our utins can 
•tirt work Aniilit away and every* 
body cJae laMAit eoctly whit ia 
expected of tbem/ 

'At the moocot, wednn't have 
the reputatkn that dditons hive. 
We've been tilkiqg 10 oooipaiiies 
tuch ai airnsHTBUOOM who have 
given us MufftodolikcSiir TMk^ 
jww that't a itepipinir (tone for m,' 

'Anonyioity isn't a thini we're 
really bothejied about , not tliit year . 
Why should we ipteili CANVAS all 
o vci a LtLcnced gottvcnioe 7 An orif - 
inal proKrarn we'n wqifdiK on at me 
moment, Wi*ar4 Wm, will 00 out 
with QUI nacDe OQ i I . We miftit even 
publiafa it oursel vci , we don" t really 
know . . . we'll have to »ee how it 

Kenny EvrHit agte^. *ft'« jint 
like the early DENTONS stuff which 
Wtxil mil tVith ■ miniscule credit an 
it. Any custonier would have 
iJkhicbi it wai produced by David 

Were they pieaaed wiib Fnaikit^ 
Steve repUea it was aice bciac the 
pnipuninerii bui ibe haaalei in 
Hioiu il wen trcoxndnn, il pncti- 
calJy brolte DCNTOKS. ' TrofiAw WB 
rcalry origiuil, difEcrent . . . ' 
Kamy adds, ' Tm not hknriot 
FnmAte'a tnunpcl cfpectaUy, what 

I'm siyim Li that tJiKre i« rally 
Dothiiif eue like it' - 

'The problein with doing your 
«W9 di^ il thai ilY aU down (o 1 
ouacr apenoaat iine> I tfiink 
Bfftmca a Ibe beat thing I've done. 
GameplBy wiae it wat^ far superjcji' to 
Franihw or anythmg else around a; 
(he time. As 1 two player puae il wga 
b rilliani , but it was a ouutctillfn- 
lure. The Spectrum vertks) df 

XTVH CAMb 'Dcnrroati eo»t Is* 

t— HmmmmVtmlmtKMurf tttd 

Ihtmcti wsa ■ complete load of nib- 
bbh — the diifetriKe wbi about 
three nKtnllu of playt eating/ 

Steve coaiinues ibc unry bebiod 
thcDWrrON day%. ' We gnt mto ■ bit 
of iradble vttx Ttmtfimm with 
OOUM wbicb we nufBd to do Lb 

the end — we wen all UKfer 90 
much pressure, t dcsi|[ned It, ao I 
take aD the blame (ot it. it ww ibe 
wofic game twrrroKS ever did, and 

IL WAS LJK biocA teller. Thai tdUa 
you a kx about the anipiuier indus- 
try doao't it?" 

Roy cQotinua on the licence 
iheme. MJcence deala annoy me. 
We low difcrtty in pn>portion to the 
lixc dI thr licence. If you're 00 1 
ruyattie^ dea] puhliihen acrew ymi 
substantially. ^Hut ibey My is 
' we've Hot a bhUiant hceoce and axe 
fuaruiieed 100,000 salei, thefefbre 
wc'U pay ycHi leu royalties becauac 
voiidon [ need ihem. ' Ymi ask far ■ 
himp ^um and ihey lay (bey haven't 
^DicnoutiJi money kn over bccaiMe 
the hcence cost so much, ma their 
priorities aie 'poiy for the licence, 
then worry about ibe pmanmoizniiig ' 
— » bow can the game be any 

Steve doesn't totally agree ... '1 
think the only good licence I ' ve seen 
icooitly is Cwnt. The gnjpiua are 
really bkiody neat, but the g»BK 
hato't gfH mvdti to do with the &lm . 
Frmktt his anodicr one, a l»i of 
tboufhl went into ihai. The 
nftware industry could be general' 
ing briUiint chanctert and bceosing 
tliem mt (0 Unu and 1~V} but look 
what happen.} . We end up having 10 
wrire t game about nmc ciappy 
American TV teriei. It'i tlte wrmg 
way found. 

'Ijceaces Jo take mooey out of 
the ind ustry w hicb ifcwfi/ be left in > 
I'd like to get out of games and move 
inia ihe fikn industry uiioig videos 
and (.'cmputcTS and aU Lbat stuff. 
That 's what I want 10 do ooey bad 1 
Uh lu do with the pgrntHS IDtil. 
The individual pivfmmnMTS who 
came iqgctbeT to farm ihc nriiiiiu] 
DENTOHS are still workinjc within 
the ioduafjy, and wc can expect 
vXC\x inlrrt3tirt|L productt in thr 
near fuiurcr ii's just the mouvaiiaa 
behind the pn^grammmg cfTorf that 
hat changed — in some caaett^ quite 

Bui tbc split wa« « nuciUeMBe 
— at both asNTOm »(i CMfViS il 
wai difficnh to decline inviiaikifis m 
a M(^-Pkrty icliedukd for that 
evening wlucfa everyone from the 
niiW DCNTON DOKIHS oev had 
been KHKing torwird to. 

Sadly, I lud to make my ocoaes 
and leave. Shame really, everyone 
wd it mu a great parly. . . . 

CRASH Cliristmas Special 1986 127 







tt'3 B tvard )«fe Mng a Conipetttion 
MMikjn. Apart tixMm trudgirH) up 
artd down th« stairs ki CRASH 
Towefs casjying sacks full of youf 
mail and then opering aii your 
competition entries arKTehCKasiog 
>Mnn«rs, I'm at the beok and call of 

the GIrite Tipster and the CRASH 
crew, day In. da/ out . 

I t^ave to run (JoWn to tti« sarnie 
stiop and fetch ttiem suppiwts of 
grv* ewe^v tifna ttiey qet ttne tiniest 
bit hungry, J"m sanl on tg the laun- 
dretie to wasTt their nasty, duly 



AiDDncSS ■■'-'^■'■■'>^«=M«Htifi.i+i+i4ik^..h....,......«......«,^4..«.44.,«M4,^^,^..^., 

V4V*«»*fll*«4[MII«dllAft«B»rB*iBiaai_ F^^tIQ I V^^V^^C ^-■■■.-j.j..^j ^TintllEIHriaitlL-.J. 


clothe* for f herri at lun<±1$rTw wtifle 
drtey put their feet up in ttw office 
and dnnk tea — wtiiie I'm luggiffg 
great dirty seci<S o' waahirig up 
and down Ludlow's longest, 
steepest htN. 1n ttie evening I have 
to sweep every floor m ttw Towers , 
wash up all the dirly coffee muss . 
and empiy all the westepaparbiia. 

^(ow The Powers That Be hawa 
opened another office oti the othar 
aide of Ludlow I'm forever runnuvg 
across town from orte building to 
another with 'important' pieces of 
paper, '<ke notes to Auntie Aggie 
asking for three empty Jiffybaga or 
a ' Skyhook ' or sornething. Han the 
time, when I get tt^ere and ask fo*' 
what I've tjeen told to go and fatch, 
aN Aagl«(k>es is coitapse in a fit of 
giggl^, uy she's run out arvj 
send me back for a jar of elbow 
grease or sometNng eJee total^ 
obscure, It'i not Ittt Ftofi you. 

Mummy Mlnk)r hn a lentMa 
time keeping my clottwaotaan and 
smart for worVttime. Every day I 
come home drertohed in sweat 
from all my exertions and covered 
in gnme, samia enumbs, ink that's 
rubbed off Irom your letters, coffee 
groufiKte and dust J've only got a 
couple of changes of clothing, so 
Mum my Minion i$ up to h«r elbows 
m soapy water nearly every even- 

Whi(^ is wtiail gave me me irtsp^ 
ration for thts corr^tition. I 
thought ii be a great kJ^ rl some 
lucky 1-eaders could have a ma»' 
srve collection of tnendy dothlog 
to wear tn 1 94 7 , So I sat about ask- 
ing lots of software hoiMeto give 
a T 'Shirt 0^ two to my priie fund. 
Lots of them have, and in fact I've 

'managed to amaata a large coHec- 
tton of garments. The wirmera of 
my pergonal Chnstmas Competi- 
tion will have a T-SJiirt. Sweatshirt 
or some other item of dothtng to 
wear for virtuaJly every day of the 
month' And there are a few othar 
good»s tn the prize package as 
well, like tnuQS, hats, poilarv, 
scarves and gan>ea, caksuHtian, 
calculator watct^es, and ttvan a 
sports bagia on my list of seaaonal 
goodtaa. Th* Powers That Be at 
NEWSFIELD also agreed to chip 
in — three CRASH oubaoiption^ 
and thraa CRASH bindery are or 
ofttr. as wet! as T-Sh^rts and 
Sweatshirts . . . 

Three sets of prires are availt)le. 
On» ' Large ' person , orw ' Medium ' 
person and or>e Small' person ts 
going to coUact a Minion's 
Goodiebag as a re«urt of this com- 

To k«Qp you pu22llng oiver 
Chrtatmaa, I've devised a apedal. 
giant -sized words<quara that wtv 
tains the names of iots. of software 
hOLttea — most of wtiom have 
popped a product of two of theirs 
into my monster collection Of prize 
rriateriai. Just io make thmgs that 
tiny btt difficult. I'm not going to 
give you a list of the names you've 
got to find — so get to It, 

Rif>g round ail ttie company 
names you can find In the 
wordsqutfe, fill in the coupon and 
send your entry direct to me: MIN- 
BroOAicvpboard, CRASH 

SHROPSHIRE, 8YB 10B •« thai 
It arrh^M b«fora 20th J»nu^ 




X, Hinten 









arcade action with 

this all time coin-op favourite. 

Outu^it the giant gorilla and save the girl in this historic rescue. Mario is armed with 

aniv hi^ wil^ itnd his triislv hammer as he rhMihs thr> girdt'if<i. in down I own New York, 

Multiple screens and fa^t inoiing action, dodgu' bi:><ird«>. firfWIl!!). and much much more. 

In thf liiidl wcrepn remoi't* (he rivets in the structure to finally bring the beast crashing down. 




•Vain rnMWOurK ttl SinU-iuia, ^Kc^>^t•>1i^\ hi> imi JwClwun^ l.lniiriKl anilBir 

Ocean Soft'^rarc United 6 Centni! Street Manchester Ml 5NS 

« ■»■ 





fc^ '* 



f ^ 

Ti i" 

r_ - 


Tukct control of 

and defences w«i incr^a*, v»u w*(l . 

mce^ar apoctal cf ulers wh4cin wl\ tr^jndsfxtrt Max . 

'" " " ^ 'tevdswheremofo dangers lurk. 

nentti (xwisist of Supctf- 
with wh>ch you fTi '* 






=s/ rmaglneSo)ltw^e nse+l Umired* 6 CfifTOis Street 







G.ih/an the sole 
survfving member of the 
Cosmo Police, your 
imperative assignment 
B to eliminate^ 
acJversaies in u 
inderground Tech, . 
_ softhepianet 
.*ep. They are 
jTdfOids. Robots and 
^ Mrr task would seem 
--afxjtfof the Power 
^^ at random through 
■inth. ^ 






- ■ ■■ 

Officially licensed coin>op ' 

game from Nichibytsu, 

Follow up to Moon Gresta. 

Now for your honve compul 

Pilot your space fighter ov 

tt*»e planet eliminating all alien ISfe f 

surface. 8uild up fire power on boarL_ 

dCKige missies launched from tand silos arKJ ', 
^ under-saa bunkers. Face the 
giant Death Star at the ^ " 
of oach orbit. You wilf ne 

' $t©el to pass this 











The KONIX SPEEDKING packs more punch. ^ 

That's why it's f^st overtaking ordinary 

joysticks to become one of the world's most 

popular hand control. 

As it's name suggests it's built for fast ^ 

handling to give you lightening fast controL 

Micro switches await your slightest movement, 

and Fly into action - ZAP, ROW, SPLAT, — 

BLAM - giving you instant • 

reactions to every command. 

Tough, rugged and 

made in Britain 

to the very - ^ '- 


highest standards, the 
with a twelve month guarantee. 
Available for:- Spectrum and 
Spectrum Plus, Commodore 64, 12B 
Vic20. Afl Atari Computers, Electron, M.SX i 
Computers, Amstrad and Oric at £ 1 2.99. 
Also:- BBC, Commodore CI 6, Plus 4, and 
Dragon at £14.99. 

Trade and export enquiries contact 
Wayne or Sandra on 049525 5913. 

PlcJis« icnd m* . 

. 5f»<«<tl;ltii«j « f 14.99 CAdi 

(Price indiKk^ POSt^« >nd pKkiitg in th« 
UJL Owncis Of den pletfc lend C1,S0 per 

I endOK J Cheqi»/Pt«ul Order Ak. 
made pdyab4e 10 KONIX, 
Pleatt clurse my Acccu/Vha No. 

Ord boldcn can itl«i»hone on 049525 5f 15. 






Settd lo KonIx Computer Product!. Unit 13, Sbrtioirv Hill IndactrUI 
[| EslBle,Tred«|if<Cw«ntNP2 4qZ,U,K. 


After a short break 
from these pages, 
a comeback and gets 
into the desktop pub- 
fishing possibilities 
offered by THE 
ARTIST 1 1 — the utility 
written by Bo 
Jangeborg during the 
creation of FAIRLIGHTIL He's impressed. . . 


Bai^ in Sflplenibef '^5 SOF- 

IKMWCa. a diVlSKXI of SOFTflt 

MrmwATiOHw.. launctied ^ 
graphics package that seemed io 


iiMiiTlijniiiiilil ii 

bul was sadly put in ll^& shade l:^y I Ihie original vyi|h the no>v otHigatory 

with the inircKJiJCtksn of (he mouse ',.... 
■nd window envwop"ient. _.^-a eific 

TIM ctamvm contaMi^s Aiimis. the 
raphJcsdMignef pfogram: Spnte 

Fcit fDesjgnef — utkSiti&s to 
c-teale fstih w movnng) spfiles and 
laits. Page Msker — the propram 
*hic*i could have reduced Ebdie 
Sfiah's loan requiren^ents (and 
probab^ hrs coNw* fesoiLiiion), 
and Screen Conrpressof, the 
Scrooge o( memofy 

Frsl of ail, ihe quesliofi o* 
han*wBrecompatib*i1y; Arttst iiUi& 
hwdVng copes with the o#us disk 
4hM «id the Sinclair Micfodrive 
B»Mt as the usual cassette recor- 
dr. Conft(Hirl#*9 to disk ot Microd- 
tN9 media pfovidos acces.s to fea- 
tures auch Bfi CATaioguin-g and 
ERASGng from wrthin I he prog- 
ram Oltier inletfaces rrtay be 
accwnmoisated. as sofitchhics 
floughrlulty have a BAStC dnwef 
routine, thai ariows softies ^ch as 
me to change the load, save and 

I specttte: hardware, li 

of the revww periods I even msn- 
aged to save ArtfiSf /' on Mtcf odnwe 
by aHemg ''w BASIC cassette 
load header. 

Moving onto mice, Aftt$t ti witl 
wotk eifhef with the kemi^iton or 
the AMX mouse. Le&t* tgrturtate 
users will be p^eased to knosv that 
Artist ff happiEy can Ch? operated 
from joystick or keyt)oaird usmg 
Q,S and I.O key$1or drrectkin and 
N &ntj M keys to* setling.'seiec1tng 
or erasing Joystick freaks without 
a MtEMPs.TrM fOystick inteHace can 
get fhetr rusty otd programmacrie 
interfaces out of the cupooard. 

not so easy , , Mist U is designed 

The frifnt aarv^n to THE ARTIST if, mhowfng ttt* putt -ifawn 

to woflt immediateiy either with the 

KCMPSTON 'E' pnmer mieflace or 
the OPUS Cen ironies output of the 

modify a Sfriple BASIC program. 

Some hetp couid have been pr o- 
vidad in mil taJis^riQtttepnnter inter- 
face and 5ettir>g up the correct 
pfintef commands, Perhaps a look 
at the competition wouldn't txj 
stich a bad idea — M Sfydto 
alto ws you to enter the appropriate 
code to change the line pitch and 
set up the &-l>t graphics com 
mand: intbrmalian wt>ch can be 
giearied from the prmlw manual 

Having sorted out the hardware 
aspects. It's aif song aftd dance. 
All functions are accessed via a 
mouse arxJ wiixlow techfliqtie. 
Fixed origin and concatenated 
(LMLWD} lines, circle*, ellipses 
and boxes are av^ailabie in th« 
S€<ect0d brush mode and wrtti and 
withoLii fiH routine, Drawng is 
accompiistied according to the 
selected drawing rmode, accessed 
in the MOOe Window. This can be 
8«l for mofTO work without atfect- 
ing the ^^ttribute data m inverse. 
over Of normal mode, either with 
sodd fill or pattern till, or in colour 
mode, with ttw preset colour 

Thete are three ways of chang- 
ing cotoyr. Se*ecting palette in the 
MODE puH-down menu provides 
for entry o( mk. paper and border 
colouiT with choree of bright and 
flash, Similariy. pointing and CiiC*t- 
<ng the colour swrtich at (he bot- 

use the keyboard; 1 and 2 for tin, 
3 and 4 for paper, ^ for bmght and 
6 fur Hash. Diiffsrent brush sizes 

brush icon. 

seems to neqlecl the AMX mouse 

unfortunate user wishing to edges, the brush patterns can be 

bone by using any ol (he 36 P3l- 
tems. which mciyde a soSid and 
blank pattern. Again, patterns can 
be redesigned. Up to six different 
fonts are avaifabie i^ text mode, 
Each font can be redesigned using 
the font designer \n the EXTFlAS 
menu. The brush desigrs are hetd 
in font 6. 

Detail wortt ie best deal! with 
usrftg the magnify mode. The 
screen is divrded into iwo areas, 
the mrmal-sjzed image on the left 
and the magnified imajge on ttie 
righi Pointing and cljcking Itw 
mouse over ttie area to be worked 
on n>owes the magnification to that 
spot tn normal mode the screen is 
partly covered by the icon selec- 
tions. Acc^;s to this area is 
reached by scrolling the screen up 
or down u*»ng the SCREEN menu. 
Full view o1 the screen is garned 
wilh the VIEW funclion. An UNDO 
function avoids any dramas of 
wrecked pictures due to silly mis- 
takes. To avoid during wanted 
work It IS best to OK ifie current 
stale of the picture from time lo 

The STOWAGE menu provides 
all trte functions tor saving and 
kiading of screen designs and dl 
patterns It also provides outixil to 
the ZX printer or dot matnK printer. 
Two different print sizes areavaita- 
ble Apanfrom ihestraighrlorwafd 

a^ne result. The Iwi option is to I scale dumps wrth sitppiing effect I 
I CRASH Christmas Spec(aM98e 133 



Evfif sjnce Btkbe Shen, wtw 
tKOugW lt>9 tnerM o< etecfFor c 
psg« cjompoBrtioo to W« naiiord' 
newspapw* oJ 1N» oounny. wjr*- 
nrt«r p*B« maheyp ha* (uiriWed 
Sooi me m*Q«bucK5 mwrtlra™ 

ftotcfi pBrtonil computer sc" 
and everyone ntfrtli an "^^J'^iL: 
01 becsonwm a Mtfdoai KkW 
{aoffv. — eoj Iwsl couldn'i re^si) 
has had 10 buy a new Habiwi desk 
to support meir DMfc Top PubhsJi ■ 
,ng hSwerti. *rth *htch to 
^^tljuelv B ¥inlMng or urwiHing 
maaerehip Conning soon at yw» 
iCMiat Spectrum Yes. "wlyoed 
m ihi* pftdtaqe *■ '^a?*."**' 
which lete you ereete a «u« atze 

e^v^wit vee ofge Imes of 64 

No you're qmlef«aFl,»iaoesrn 
fil all on ooe piOcttirta Spectrum 
ac^een — you tw¥« to wiortv . ' '■ 
seovsle bk>c*a of two icre> 
Each 5«t of acntf* s pointed oui 
m a time And no. P»ge Msk^ 
doe* not drive ■ kwer prirfler, yei 
Sp(<:lrufns drwing Vaser P"ri 

^vifig a iTKWio representation of 
ihe colour screer> dispiav 

The two real beauties of Aflist if 
aro the CUT and PASTE and Itw 
provjd€3S the faciiFty of cuftrng out 
any stiapc segrnerit from 1^e cur ■ 
rent screen or from a saved acf een 
(Ji^efl and trftnslernnfl (t to any 
location on ifw enisting scrsen. 
The col -out can be scroHed Into 
position, irwefted. mirrored. 
lurmedL blended or c^xed mto Itw 
mainiscre*n To fKrip with the cut- 
ting out of tfie image there are cir- 
cle, lirw and fill functions to ladUe 
the nnosi complicated segments 


c o m b m n 


raphics mil 
ashion. The 
t configured 

m^ht pOSitiO 
KOUld inclu 

e quell ces uh e 
fe t9 be 
i ndoiifs are s 
ere en <lesi9n 
he required 

inal display 

graphic uiindGUis tnay 
one page . Dn cb 
loch Dsn be saved 
on a dot ma t r i h 
biDchs combine to 
equivalent page 

B yi ft d t h Of BQ 

ot e rs • 

true page 

ma lie - 

text mu s t 

a 1 rea 

correct ly 

in t 

n on the 

page a I 

d e font 

c o n t r 

re differen 

t f on 

disp la«ied . 


e t up in 

to IHhi 1 

s can be 

1 oadf 

screen dis 


lag c 

into posi 


ion f 

lo tse tran&lerred, Screens 1o be 
composed from any screen 
source on record. 

WINDOWS provKtes a set of 
functions wh»ch rrumipulate a 
screen sector dois^g rented tjy a 
wmdow boundary U&ng the wm- 
dbw K:on a ra^eva^1 screen area is 
framed and A number of functions 

UmWM tNIMkS. Ill llllllililllllHI 

IB' ' 


Comblittng «n tm^ffm emptvr*^ br m wtd*9 aiglttmmr wHh text 
writtwn on THE WIflTER. Eddls SttMh. *st ttrUf ^HWt Mrtf 

are at your disposal to manipulate 
ttie specftied area, this mclyctes 
functions SuChi sis CLEAR. TURM 
(90 degrees) (NVERT. MIRROR, 
SCROLL WJlhin the window and 
global setting of paper and mk col- 
ours. Special functions include 
THKiKEN. which thickens lines 
and dots within the win<Jow area 
and OUTLINE. Wfhicti outlines any 
change of ink and p^per (e«celleni 
aob^ attects} INSERT allows 
inssrtion of another screen detail 
from sloragw and t$ equivalent to 
the cut & pasM optbn 


PAGE MAKER Combines the 
graphic facilities of Art »sf Wwith the 
lent facilities of The Wfttar to pfo- 
vide a modest Page Makeup sys- 
tem. Page Maket can handle a 
pnnl area of 9S lines Ba characiors 
w«Je which represents approxi- 
moMly an M p^ge. Due to the 
restraints O* the Spectnjm screen 
the work i$ divided up into 4 blocks 
of two Spectrum screens side by 
Side providing a sorotHng dMoisy 
area of 2A lines by 64 characters. 
To begin, !oad the lent from a 
fVnrov file. Forward planning is 
required, aa the leKt has to be l^id 
Out in advance m theoonvct po^i- 
lion withtn thie specMled doiplay 

^^^age Maker supports up to 5 
character sets called up via flpe- 
C4al font i^ommands embedded m 
I he Writer fi(e. Similarty, 5^p<^ 
comn^ands provide underline and 
invorsion of text 

Once the lent is in plac«. Wocks 
of graphics can be inserted by 
cratflng window anm and kMd- 
|ng previously generated screens. 
The graphics can be scrolled rnlo 
the correct position and tixa^ ^ 
There is no limit to ihe number 
graphic areas on lt>e ^-screi 
block area. Wtien satisfactory, it 
block can be outpul to the printer 
and thie next block tackJed Each 
Wock can be saved to tape or disk/ 
tartndge for later use. 


The Artist tt package incJudes a 
very useful spnte and *oni 
designer — Spate tt — which 
allows creation of up to 6 n 6 
charactef square sprites. II prg- 
vidos the faality ol loading a com- 
plete screen design and giatbif^q 
only certain fffeas tof tt^e sprtte 
design Ttie sprites can be anh 
mated by dtsptaying ftie individud 
sprne frames tn sequaoce at vari- 
ous speeds, and Urn sprHes can 
be mirrored, inverted, sc ro i a d, 
tttickerted and outlined. Spmes 
can be finally saved as raw tjytes 
tot further programming. 

A Scf^^fi Con)pres$af is atso 
included in the package, wt^ 
reduces memory requnements 1^ 

1 34 CRASH Christinas Special 1 986 


1 wz^i^t^'f^JS^^^i^fi^ . 






GliAU^ S 

Any nuoiber □! 
be set up on 
conp t e t Bd ^ t he 
or printed on t 
printer. The four 
praukdc ii full 
D I RB * I n p s "" ' 

fhm t(*m*nta timv* be*n nMHif tipo*t)»«r (o produce tffln 

sc^Qflrt des+gns. 

Summing up. Tt>e Mtsf ti ts the 
most compfehensfve graphms 
utility on rhe Specif um scene The 

ir!tro>dix:1icm ett^errKJUseandwin- 
dowi tpcf>niqije" has impfoued i1$ 

user rr»i?nd<in«s.s, but h^ytKMirO 
slaves f^&a rtot ifespair: O00fa1ing 
the variat>>e speMi cursof without 
mouse Of joystick »s |usl as much 
tun Artfst H f»gh1ly deserves a 
CRASH smash" 

Producer Softek International Ltd. ^^^* 

Price; C14.9S for 48K ver&on, Z\735 for 128K version 
(soon to be released) 

I I i c>MC3^*i i^> 

First 0* all. let rne wade irmo the 
wane of la^ mofiths' TECH TIPS 
and round up oniha chbtah Sam - 
pj^f ^imon Qoodwin summed up 
the technical *de and gave it the 
thumbs up. To be fair, what we 
both had was a pfe-prododton 
ufiit, and sevGfat of it& idiosY<^- 
cracies haver ncm tMen irooed out. 
These wwB mainly to do with the 
way In which ttie program was 
arrwtg^, espec^ly on the editing 
Side Howevei', there are several 
thiFigs that k tml could be in^yoved 

the mu5!iwi£iH :i vjcw- 

OOint nf thn CHEETAH 
Samr d lc>t>k!? at a 

;ideci by oatel a 
mprovement on uu 
aariy sampler. A" "^ 
ir>d a feature c 

»y incieeci: 

=4. HOUR £4. HOUR £4. HOUR £4.H0UR S4.H0UR 


Every computer repaired by us is completely 
overhauled and tested before return. 


CRASH ChrlstmasSpeciat 1986 135 


Having captured your samiijte. 
you are presented iivitfi th« edfting 
screen whkch only shows you very 
shofi seclsons ot Ihe S<?und. The 
c^ifftct af the filing page, funnily 
enough, istoafkjwyoutoedri This 
IS a probtefn. sinc« you can'l see 
the whole sound ai one go I 
unctefsuirxj thaT al leasl now you 
am abtfi lo hear virhat you ate eKlii- 
inq. bul again only (he secfion of 
the sound on display Gn'& wtiat 
( ^Y — jt's far quick&f to 9e« the 
Whole soijfKl shape mona 93, fren 
zoom in having rooghly positktned 
the Cursor whet e you wish to edit. 
AI$o I tourvd that if you bungled antJ 
Wished to reposition ttie cursof . 11 
nwani copying the sample mto 
Bnoih«f (lie and siartng fiomi 

Tiw sound gualtty rs <^t gcxxj, 
although a ijttie Dri more no isy th an 
necessaiy perh^is. CHEETAH 
have included a repeal facility, 
nnista^anly called 'sustain', which 
means that any s<eclion o^ the sam- 
pte can be made to repeat: 
"Crash " could become 'Cra-aa- 
a-a-^" Of "C'C-C-C-C'C-rash' or 
even. 'Crash-sh-sh-sh-5h'. Great. 
Like d The repeKtion is achieved 
by holding down itie hey for as 
Sorig as you want. Orw annoying 
thing IS that the whole sound sam- 
ple replays when you hold down 
the key. even when the 'sustaifi' 
facihty IS disabled. Unless you 
want to sound like a road drill, you 
have to leap up aod down on the 
keys like a cai on a hot tin roof. 
Why not have ifM as an optjonai 

The filing sysiem is good and 
unwanted parts o1 samples now 
can be made to relinquish areas oH 
memory to give you optimum use 

Of Avarlable memory. Silly niggles 
are that the documOTtation is wnt* 
ten lor the nearsighted and iik)9i- 
cal. On the plus side, t understand 
thai plans are afoot to make i1 
unpossibte to plug ift the power 
supply by accidervi. by meaAs of a 
sublie change of the case design 

Ovetall. CHEET*H gel a clean tjiii 
of health tor this product, which 
they hope will emulate Ihe Spw> 
Dfvm in terms of sates Mi Good- 
win will doubtless have lufther 
wnnkle^ up his metdphoric sleeve 
tp bind ttiese two products 
together. And there, as Hamtei 
puis II. lies the rub Strangely, 
cnert^H seem to have gone out of 
thetr way to make their sampler 
and distal drum equipment 
incompatible m terms of swopping 
samples — ihe tirai rye of buying 
products m the area is to make 
sure (bat ttiera is room for exgan- 
Siofi and compatMtHlity . . 

Neither the SpecOrum nor the 

sampief have MIDI options as yel. 
However, all is not lo^. My moiee 
have tieen busy at wo^ and tiave 
told me IHai cheetah are davelcp- 
ing no! only a MIDI interface, but 
aiso devices witiich wiii a;iiow you 
to cooneci the sampter to a MlOi 
keytioard — poiyp^onicailv at 

Ihal Maytie they II consiptef doing 
Ihal for the SfiacOvm. "But t 
tvtvent got a MIDI key^xfarct" 
Never mmd. chettah will sell you 
one that will plug mto any MiDi 
module or even the 128'a sound 
chip. Seems reasonabfe — waich 
this space tor a review as soon as 
possrbie And speaking ol 
reviews. , , , 


Producer: Date I Ltd 
Pnce: E49.99 

We first reviewed the original OATtL 
Soumj Sampler way back about 
June 1985 Tfis rs the 1986 
upgrade (aJas we had only the ASK 
version), and rm sofry lo report 
that tfwre really isn t a large 
annount of impfovemeni, Okay, ifs 
not so noisy and Ihe reproduction 
of Ihe samples is notably better, 
but 1 really Ihink that oatel could 
haye also put some effort into Ihe 
software and presentation of the 
pacitage, esfiecially a$ the $am- 
[^ war' IS twtting tx)t wilt> 
chctFjui and hau/wljuk getting in 
on Iheeci. 

So what ao you gel tor your 50 
nofes? The usual ti^aware bOK 
and ch^mo micfophoftB ptus 
software Load tp and away we 

ffte same as the cW IMTii prodod 
and work very much tn the same 
manner^ mth a tew eKVas 

Record uses an automatic 
souiKi sensor frtaf triggers tttc 
sartipiirig aijove a certain 
thfesh&dofs&MrHt. Trouble is. it's 
too sensfttve by half iinrf is not 
adjustabf^ O^iret seem to thmk 
that you ate blessed wi^ three ot 
more appertdages as you need to 
hoid down f/w 'R' key t^ifing 
recofdtng Great for Ttungs ttke 
guitar, tfute and anythtng percus- 
sive wh8r9 two t^nds a/e r^eeded 
— ryot to mentton orw to txjld the 
nvctophone. As it is so sert&r/we 
and awkvi/atci to use, you often 
have gteat big geps before and 
after yOi*rsanifite 

Ttte techrtical worKter of actuai 
sampting is riot so v^ndertuf any- 
more, and bve should now demand 
easily manipulative factifltes trpm 

WSMmm mmmmmii 

fhe tnsttuctfors — andlmstiUbaf- regafOS editing Tlhe urut will ACtu- 
tied by ihe fitllt* trim pot on ihe iffjf show you the wave of the 
bacii. Ttre options are very much \ sound sample —ttottHtetite Ofiff- 

ni* cn-*cr**n tttftomnldHpimr tr^m OA TEL 't *»mpltf — piMry 
auKJh rouf ><MM*rft MHf b* we n ** w« *» em*i*d . 

DtSfTRL , 

OATei'* SOUND SAMPLefl: mal up mmtr^iHtf io ftort t*kiif9 
tmmpiw*. . . . mnvthwr jin«nynt«ui biMCtt bOJI fa f»lu0 intd rft« 
hack of your eomftuter 

duct to the second dwstorj. 

Four Pert Soimd one ray of 
tfope IS the option to record tour 
different sounds And pl^y tttem 
PediE from the numenc keys Thts 
is fine, but you can't attof tneptich 
in this mode of operation. 

Pte^tmck the playback mode 
pfoper is qiitte good in fhaj^ it dis- 
pfeys a static ptano keyt^yard on 
screen to be played from gwerty 
keys, and it ties an amazing 9 
octave range which wiH defy ttie 
tmman ear Anyffiinp yotc play ts 

your first 100 f^les {elbett not 
gutte as taithfuHy as outh, mighf 
clmm, as ttte timng aiters from 
your verSKJn.;. / woutef suspect too 
gensrous. a Quantisation here — 
fhaf IS. the rounding up' function 
found on drum machines to cor- 
rf?cf minor limittg errors. 

Sounds may be pteyed in 
reverse (x stumd Itwouffi sotne 
novelty feature tite 'ftfeer'. wfiJoh 
replays the sflmp^e S ttrrtes at a 
higtwf pitch each time, or 'Chop 

each repetition. I'd rather have 
some editing instead ot the digital 
wtKJopee cushion provided by 
these redund^t features. 

Echo offers nine preset echo 
effects. You have to return to the 
mam menu each time to change 
them — rar^ier annoying ' 

Mteropltene Level Tester sirrt- 
ply roufee thv siyr\i> slrai^ 
ttvpugh tp ttie the output and to 
your amplfftcation. 

LoadfSave sampies can be 
dumped to tape or Microdrive. 

wmnWM mW9S mmmmXmnii * mm^^^ 

sampler does. Sure, it sarr^iies 
and does same petfy tncks wiffr 
the sound, buf yoitj. ttie user, are 
pretty vtfeti sutj^rvtent to some 
dogmatic sottvmrv with ye/y tittle 
room to manoeuvre There is no 
MIDI Option or syiKhrisftisetton 
tiKikty end on tt\e light of ottm 
saini^ers now avaftabte. this pac- 
tmge IS very bowne tndeed It 
demands some drg^ic softwxe 
rewriting to justify fts price in face 
ot ttie C€)mpetit>on. 

1 36 CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 




Guest techte Paul Gardner takes a look -•- 
what could be the ultimate add-on fnr y^^ 
^ctrum. It's all in a IJtIe Red Box 

IFtvun f 

km lH^f.l> TytMl «i^ I 

What do you think is the ultirrtats 
' '"'^-cin (or your home compu- 
_ I How about ,iinother<:ompu- 
tir . . . Il«w from ELECT AONtc ruL 
mitBvr spivicEs ltd is ttia Red 
Bftj sy^siem. a homft computer 
t]>eciftcal4y designed for house- 
tigiidMllarnatton and security. 

Ifw Red Box systom slang as a 
set of three devices tfiar yoo car* 
" I into yCmr hiousehtHd ma(rtS 
5iy- fletlL^adi&f ts a smaif com- 
If aystem with a bui«-iri prog- 
rr«ng lanqua^e. This tan com- 
iftufttoat© wih and concroi ihe 
cithef' Iwo boxes suppJieti wiiti ihie 
er packAge: Wed Ow. effec- 
f a mains Qxteftsioo lead with 
sad f emote eortfol relay ► 
__^___' Two, a thermal move- 
I mm sensor inal car detecT the 
t< 01 people wilhin a room 
transmit this tnformatiort lo 
Loader. The devices com- 
murtcaie wrth each oth&r by trans- 
mrttififl radio frequcmcy sjgnate 
along the fnairs wifing nn your 
The system amves neatly 
'"-'Koa in polystyrene and each 
ce IS a sell -contained unit 
rh simply plugs into any star- 
I ltiree'P<n marts socket. Each 
device IS fitted with a quality 
tttouWe^J plu9 whfch aifio contaiins 
a hjsa of the correct fBtifkg, 
Inatnictions are included on how 
U) change ih&$e plugs it your 
twusehas non'Sian>dard sockeis 
A sfim (50 pag«) manual is 
noiucted which gives very ctear 
nsbvctions on how to set up ihs 
tquiprntinrl. For the Spectrum this 
s wy sunpta. I^wer up y ouf com • 
^-^ kt tne usiid way and enter 

Conned Ihe enclosedt lead, 
which is aimiar to a stsndfltrd cas- 

^ i i MlJ;i i w i fAl i M;»j 

other end to flletf t«i«ter, then piug 
mfliKf leader 

The computet in Red Leader 
detects which type oi home com- 
pUer ti IS connected to arid starts 
tip accofdirgly On the Spectrum, 
Ihts rneans that Pafi Leader sends 
a pro-am Irom its^ tO the Spec- 
trum as if it were a cassette play or . 
The program autoruns and you are 
presomed with a menu screen like 
that shown m^Hpur* 1. 

I had no trouble getting this far 
with the system and 1 was quite 
ernazed to see the signal hetng 
sw« frorn RedLeadefto the Spec- 
Iniin at pfecisely the correct ' va/i' 

There are two ways o! operatirig 
fMLoBdifr you can usp the menu 
dnwm system or you can write 
pragrorrra us^ the builim BASIC 
pfogramniin^ languaoe. TT» 
Spectrum is on(y used from hers 
<3»i as a keybowd aind screen for 
Ried leader, end ss a a route fa 

program storage — programs 
written m Hed BASIC can be saved 
to tape via your Spectrum. 

The menu system shown is uery 
easy to use It lets you tell the com* 
putef about new devices on I he 
sysiem and allows these devices 
to be turned on and oW via the SET 

Each device has lobe msiaiiied' 
by leiring the computer the 
device's security code and K^cai 
address As this is a f arrty tediftjs 
process to have to repeat, you can 
save alt the currern ctevtce mior- 
mation to tape us<irvQ the KEEP 
opthon from ttw menu. 

From this menu you can set 
devices to awitch on and ofl at 
Specific limes o( the day The sys- 
lem has its own t>uili-m c[oc^^ 
which has 10 be s«t each lime f^ed 
Leader ts powered up 

It fs ateo possible to make or>e 
device dependent upon another. 
For example, you can arrange fo* 
whatever is plugged >nto Red One 
to t>e switched on wtierievef fled 
Twodetectsa nxjvement, 

As the starter pad* orvry contains 
two corrirollatjle devices, the 
applications are fairhy limited It is 
possitjie. for example, to have the 
system switch your electric blan- 
ket on and oH at preset times every 
day — or you oouW use both 
devicfls to ffve you an intelligent ' 
pore*! light . . . anytime sonwoite 
moves c^ose to thie sensor a kght 
can be switched on 

tt you want to use the system tor 
more complicated applications 
you will need to purchase some of 
the optional OKtra devices avsiila 
tile and also learn how tc program 
the system usmg ihe buiit-m 

n^iure 2 IS a listing ol a BASIC 

system pert orm as a srmple home 
secunty device The two devices 
in the program arc rcfcfrod to as 
ALfif^M. for the mams powered 
alarm beH that 1 plugged into Red 
One. SENSOR, for ttie thermal 
movemenl sensor arxJ finally. 
SENSW. for Ihe small reset switch 
which IS buill krtto the movement 

This set up worked as f ofiows I 
would arm the system by connect- 
ing the Spectrum lo Red One and 
tunning ttre program. Ttw Spec- 
imm can then be disconnected as 
it IS no konger required The move- 
ment awisor had a field of view that 
covered my If oni door and hall, On 
ihe way out of the house I had to 
walk past the sensor, so as f pas- 
sed it I would press ttw smaii 
switch kxicied on the asneor. thus 
gammg 10 secorxjs lo leave its 

The program is written so thai I 
can gam entry to frry house without 
setting I he alaiTn bell clanging. 

ft#d Contr'ol 2i}3&jJ, 

•*Uf uz^i33 tEi^ iAm iimm Imxssa u uid- 

»-l PORCH 

7 HftLl. 

4 &OQR 

3 LllMAl 

Entvr Connandi 

2036 0130 

I C > loch 
I L>oad 

f D >owrt 
< E > r- 

CO>n fin* 




X (} > u U 

10 REM S^ 
20 FOR N = ^ TO 
70 FOR N « 1 TO f^UMDEVlCES,D 
1 1d IF ST = THEN GOTO 160 

1 60 NEXT N 

1 70 WHEN 2 GOSUS 210 : CON- 

t BO WHEN 3 GOSUB 310 : CON- 

20OENO ' 




230 LET RING • TIME 1 




2B0 i 

2&0 TELLf- ALARM ',ON} 

aroLETNoniNG -o 

200 TE LLC ' SENSOR " ,OFl 





130 LET NORING - 1 

340 LET DELAY = TIME 10 



370 RETURN - 

380 DATA 3 : REM 3 PEVII 

3« DATA 

ALARM.1 ,B60a4S.2. 1620250627 

400 DAT A SEN- 
SOR, 1.?04976.t. 78171 13 
.1,204976.ZJB171t3Kl; R| 



Th^ F^ntgrknr give* « tap* beeh<4Jp of meM *eftwervl 
E^en converts rrxjet ieitty loaders to rtormal for ratable loeding, 
Mar-jges v >ong pro^wra (wen 51k!). fast Ic^aders. etc, etc. 4Sk 
Speeirums onty. Okn on lap* (C4.99 rt ijpdatlng). 

TRANSFER PACK 3 — for tape to drive 

A t^ftwar* iy«t«rn 1q cD«iv«rt mamy TAPE 1u«*d prp^ rpmc ta your 
DRIVE Ino rn«tt»r whal typ*) * OTHER USEFUL utimi»t Mosi [wKy 
•aad«r»v«EASILyconv«rtadtodnv« PackhncilMat 7 progrtmii Only 
4ak Speclrvcnns Opy«/Beta owners kM El fw opiionai ntn program. 
SUtB rmm* o1 yowr drtv* wtian ontorlno. tll.M wv Up* OA ttlMt on 
<r(/drlv« CArtaideiii. ftS it updating) 

INFORMATION SHErTS - CI HCh ^ upm « ftaneHii or [HfXilV 

prooramt, per »h«#t - needi TP3. up to Mo. 39 WMMUt. teeoM ofttr 


MICnOTRANS - lor rrVdrtv* to m/dHv* t»ck-t^ + 1«p« lo m/drtv* {Vid 

rtet9ert«»s) - dcHB NOT convart prD^rwrfi, ^ pn tape, C4 en m/llrhrt 


Owsen: KM £1 EuroM, tZ ottw* Mch jirH»uct. SAE tor i 

LERM, D^rdt. 11 aEWCMSificao$E.MHni£yaiKiCBWii woai ^oaa 

E tor anouirtvi. 

CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 137 


Wtien I return io ihc house »h« aan- 
SOf delects my nf»ov«fflen1. IxH 
gives me a delay of 10 seconds 
dunr^ wt>ich I can pr«ss ihe small 
swiic^i on R&a Two to di8at>te the 
ssnsof lof a further 10 seoofids 
Tfws gives me time to leave the 
■ensof's fietd of view. Then I can 
lejsurety stroll vipstairs, reconnect 
ttie Sped rum And sli^p the prog- 
ram. Uniorlunately, ths sensor 19 
so sensitive to 1 hernial moveiTwrri 
that one of my cats was stMaera 
to sel the alarm oM' 


R«f Leader is a fuiiy functional 
compuief Wfth a 6503 proceagor. 
a &220 VIA. 16K Bytes o( ROM (an 
EPROM in the revievif modelj and 
BK Bytes of RAM used for pfogram 
and data storage. You need to 
conrect another horne computer 
toit 10 provhde you with a keyboard 
and screen. 

In alt three oev)oes (here is one 
chip whK* (S the heart of the corn' 
mumcalkons system, ar 
LM1S@3M This IS a nrtains trans- 
cetver which transmiis senat tiata 
on a radio IrequerKzy caff Iw iiMave 
along the household Earth and 
Neutral wire^. The range of Com- 
mumcalion mainly depends on the 
amoum of oviisfde mterferewe^ 

¥il ■f^.i^E^iBii 

the length ol a k^ng suite oO offices 

delecling my presence pf oviding I 
approached head-on, it ignored 
me until I was^ less than two feel 

Tne devices communicate very 
reliably wth each olher and soem 
10 be fajfly msen&rtive lo the 
tiousehold appliances thai usualty 
^nerate intefference (dnils. 
was^hinq machines and so cn,| 

THE programming! 

Pod Leailer supports a powerlui 
programming laniguage which has 
ttieteal^e of b«ing event dnven" 
by tfie externaJ devices. That 
means that you can have a prog- 
ram running, and wtrenevei or« of 
the devices sends a signal lo R&d 
Lsad^it ^ops wtiat it is domgand 
«Kecules a subroutim fetevant to 
that device 

You program itw subroutines 
for each device and can aciivale 
or deactivate 'interrupts' irom 
ttwse devices a I any time 

Tba langut^ge is very similar to 
BBC BASIC but it 15 an Integer only 
verSiOfl ol BASIC Vanous com- 
mands ulHise the screen handling 
capatxtitiea of the computer you 
are using ss the keytjoard and 
scf eeo for ^ed L sad&r 

sibta names and 1$ fairly fast — it 

Th* RED BOX tptm tn tormmtitm. . , 

the new one worked lire. 

The circuit tx>ards irr Red One 
and t^sd Two ate vory neatly done 
and don' t appear to have any last- 
minute fixes on them 

In praclicai use, the nxjsi (nys- 
tratinig aatiect of the wtwie system 
IS the Spectrum. (Don't complain 
yell) Tl%e pfobterT>s Ue not *ith 
Spectrum but with the machine 
code program thai has the Spec- 
Imrn act as th* ff-fx^ Ont? terminal. 
App»entty, an ©«■ Sinclair proo- 
rammer wrote most of this code 
and then left it unfinished for some 
other unfortunate pfogrammer 10 

It ia quite an appalling piece of 
code. Judging by tis operation 
The keytward appears lo have 
been so i»>c>rwghiy (>e-bovnced' 

four character per second on i1. if 

MiJMmmi^ ^ 

— cefl-mnij, you snouM havt? no 
pfohlem in a standard size house. 
Bed One contains a mams soc- 
ket which IS connected lo its mams 
input via a 16 amp retay , This relay 

rBMfi^y M Mf Mft l HH 

using a small reset switch on the mmg on it 
S^de of the box This smal switch 
IS set ftush 10 the strftace ard is 
unlihely 10 b« pressed acciden- 
Red Two contains a thermal The rev*! 

p U f f i^ia i P 

rfwvemeni This detector is model, 

housed at the centre of a crude there w 

pl;^tiC Jens system lo give it an hand-wu 

exterKied field of view, If R&d Two cuii boai 

ismounledinlheGOmerofarDOfn was sen 

rt can detect movement almost one day 

anywhere m the room except investiga 

ds-ectSy below the unit when it is main ca* 

mounted above head height. The power si 

deieaor is pan^ylarly sensitive to dared in 

mwement from side 10 side in ttw k 

across ils field of view, but I could Haweve* 

approach fled Two without it wittima 

1 38 C RASH CTirlstma s SpeciaJ 1 986 

also has some element of struc- 
tured pfogrwivfiing suppon by 
having REPEAT UNTIL loops and 
t* vent -driven interrupts, but for 
reasons I shall espiain, I don't ihtnk 

after the first key press and 
repeala at about half- second 
■niervats. So »! takes about lour 
seconds 10 back-space over an 
eigM character spelling rmsiake' 

bods on the fled Bon team who 
eKplained some of tt% reasons 
hohmtj inese prob^erns. He 
■li-iuted me that Ihey would be 
soned out irt a later nrtodel. 


^iiBO <ioes not let you send sny- 
tfi ir>g to Ihe prjnter (a programmtng 
larvguage thai doesm'l lei you list 
ihe program on paper') afKl wt%en 


The revtew mode) J received was 

model, bul inside Red Leader 
Ifwre were some tarty messy 
hand -Wired 'patches' on ih© cir- 
cuit board- The first fled L^dof I 

was sent stopped working after 
one day ol intermittent use. and 
investigation st>owed that the 
main capacitor on 1t>e tow voltage 
power suppty was not actually sol- 
dered in p^ace, but simply rested 
in the lead boles m ihe t^oard' 
However, a repiacemeni was sent 
within a day (well done GPOj and 


R«<d Box downloads the program 
into the Spectrum memory and 
then prompts you to swap the Red 
Box leads over with ytjur cassette 
leads before supplying the prompt 

leads over and release the pause 

button on your cassette recorder, 

I was so amaied at how bad the 

using the fled Bomss on another 
compuler. the BBC (Hiss!| Nol 
surpfWtgly. it worked beautifully 
— koyb^rd lype-ahead. printer, 
dishs — everything you would 

Suspicious cnaraciers might be 
tempted to think thai the fled So* 
system was developed for the 
BBC and had been tiurriedly 
amended to support ottier 
machines m qfder to capture a 
Wider market. 

Whefi speafting to some of ttie 
designers of the system. I learned 
that lt>ey intend to release anothier 
two versions of Red Leader to 
overcome somre of ttiese p^ob- 
len>s- The nejtt version will have a 
32K Byte ROM and Should be able 
to contain some betttf terminal 
routines for the macNnge sup- 

Yet anoltier version is ml^xled 
to have a straightlorward RS232 
interface and so be able to com- 
municate With any computer IhOft 
supports a S4mpie ASCii ierminad 


limited in scope itw designers 

■starter system. 

fled Atenr is intended to be a 
fuily -functional burglar alarm con- 
trol system, which will be battery 

*»iJti*mttafr,l*2LV-i't*.ti\ 1 1 ;*^i|l^l 

cation with fledLaKter, prov*dmg 
inputs from simple window and 
doof switches. 

An RS232 unit is envisaged lo 
allow you to lot ditterent home 

each other or devices Uke printers 
alortg the house wtnng at a speed 

Finaliy 3 2 ctiannei A/D cofwef- 
ter unit under deveiopmeni wnii 



to RW Leiacfer 


wrth the terminal emutalion prog- 
ram are sorted out Wiwifieman- 

»mM i Pyp,i»ii*>*;f' 4i 

a few more devtees available, we'i 
take another look 


fled BoK Btartsf system: £1 7^ 

including fled Leader. Fed Ome 

find flwf Ttvc? 

Extra Urrita: fled One ami Red 

Two £35 eacft 

Mew Unt^ prrce« fo be 











•im nM UMri^t «0i« tVOnrf iliot trun< >nM:i 

K* a"* tSt JO nnjwts fci** *r»' *fla 

U4 9S *»l«Ji: n — II I [FmhT"! 


^•ty M ■fTir M [IT ft ".luvi^vit mm tra H(iin« 






:^) .^' 

update Your Rubber 

Keyboard to a 

New Spectrum+ 

Fitted for only £29.95 • CI 50 

posit packing 
lAiSD D r ¥ Kit JVJitable tor only 
£23.00 * ct ^opfi i3» 
S3 me 013 V se rvtce Li miteo op f e b 1 


^ JT' 


comouter stidr« pArts ov^r the countFr 

Ml cooipuiers f\m overtuuhed »r>d run v 

T«t«l oefof * ^e'tum 

Fuiiv insured for tm return lourr^y 

FiKefJldwprtCFOf ns.K including pcHt 

P.H: king and UAT iNoial^ftWVenprlCC 

Of tfiW i up to UO 00 wtiicrt some of our 

t om !>f mors ar «• auoti nq J 

Ois: unts for sctvoois and c oH*ge^ 


Free Quarti Otgttal watcri sriowln^ 

tiourvminutevMCond^ month/oattf 

with every Spectrum remir onlv 

we repdirCo-mmoaore 64s, Vic Ws„ 

CommodDre levindPluiA'fi 

tne moit uptDdJite ief,ttqu|pmeni 

deveiopea Dy us ld fully teftWKl rtrtdaii 

Uu I f^ witnin wtif computef 

Ke Ytward reOM^. Sp«tfurt> Rubber lt«v 


J montti wrttten guvrantK on all rpp<]ir> 









waiting weeks for your estimate? 

Meed vovr tomputer repaired fast? Then send it now to the Nurn^r Ofi* Hepair 
Corf^Euny in tne u it . qr [ j n m anct see us at our f u Hv eq u ipped ?, 500 square foot worfcsTioo. 
w>tr^ A\ the latnt t*tt #qulptntrtt tvaflalMt vou 4r« more tnan welcome 
we vwil fcoaif yowf cwrtputef wtme yon wait and iwiu yflu woi any of your teihrricai probiefm- 
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M[iurpri[n>nciui3*ii«T eulOWiWPH 

Spectrum keyooani 

ES.SO plus C1 so [} £ p 

Si>ectruinn Pius spare 
Kevtoard membranes 
ZX 81 membranes 

Pfug-'in devices to 
save and alter prog- 
rams are al! the rage. 
Simon Goodwin pres- 
ses the button on 
DATEL'S Snapshot 2 
and checks out the 
Genie package for 


Muftiface 1. 


DATfL tiave juai launcliMl Smp- 
stvoi S, a naw plug-iA Qadgot to 
8«ve procirams \n rrMmory onto 
taps or kAorodriMi at the praa* of 
a button. Iben am aevarsi simitBr 
dtvfow—iUluKfAKV i, (nmtaeeS. 
SjMOMAtoand lh« mww moetxt- 
mgr, Evan s faw dUt ^i«teni«,, 
suCili ftfi ttw SMa and th« ntw fSkis- 
dpia, oflar thia fsatuhi nowadiiys, 
so it's obvkxjsly a busy marttst. 

Some of thesA devic«a tiatfd — 
quite legNimstety — anirwysd 
software houses boc%M« liisy 
make rt vwy «8iy to s^ieal prog* 
ranm. Tb« mtbl, Irice Itie A«bno(l> 
frviar, ia laaa prone to thie uBhiiam 
than othar mddef«. baeauaa ybu 
must hava ttia imartBoe fln«d to 
re-load a flte. TNa doeifi't Aop 
paopia borroiiiring aoftxvwa and 
tnakkig oopim, but it's tha beet 
MTb. c^ do 10 diacovige th«f|. 
TTtla la a tridKy iwue, «B t ^ that 
piracy doaa ratluca tha votume 
and — aapadany— tiMvariatyof 
aoRwara that hooftst soda ton 

man «g0in, liigti pricae and 
inoorrvonfant proiactlon meltiodt 
do niQ4 «ti««uraoe htmmty. I 
baKawa that paopia haw a r^ to 
tnraHtf aoftwara thai tiiay have 
bought onto dish or MIcredMve. 
and (his kind ot davica ia often irw 
onhr way you can do thai 

Oatq. fMi ihst itia Snape/KKhss 
tfwaa makn &eJHog-pqin!», besUeo 
Iha obvious one Tve dealt wtth 
above: there's a txiFt in 
KsmfMton-oofTipatiWa |o^tiek 
P04t; you can modify bytas In 
■memory; and the price la low — 
just £24.95. or CS-CIS Chaapar 
than 9MTtiar devices, 

The Snapshot comes in tha 
uaual btach t»x. wtth a red tnjtton 
on the leh. ar^ the loyBtiok port ory 
Uia right aide. You need itie ia^- 
tick sodMt even if you've already 
goi an interface, because there's 
nc through-porl cxi the back. The 
docunentauon waa folded under 

the imerface ~ and oontfsts of Ave 
white A4 sheets, wtih t«d printed 
Hi a dot-fngArtx font On orvi ftida of 
thapaper Youalao get a program, 
on <as8attev 


Snapafiot f l« not knmedMely 
uaefuf when you plug it In, because 
II doaa rtoi comajn arty buali-in 
sofhMara — you must load a small 
oode file. It l^Eee about a minute lo 
loed the suppCtad t^pm ~ you can 
transfer the code to Microditve rf 
you know how to convert the load- 
vnq program, but the uftWty wM not 
do thta tor you, and thara ore no 

teems io toad hto mernory Mdden 
beiNnd the Spectrum's nOM. so 
you cant ecoesB M e9(oapt by prae- 
aing the button, wtiich causMi n 10 
fun. There's no infoflnation about 
ifia mamory aooaaa macfttnlsm in 
tfw documefltallon. iMtilch is a pity. 

The software savea arrtb« pfog- 
rams with their acroenSt to tape or 
Microdrivs — (fwra's no aupport 
for disk caivea, although It di04^ 
be easy anouQti to produce new 
aofiwara aa an add-on. iMTia. say 
they Mend to do this, but thev 
dofi'l say which interf aoaa they will 
•upport or when the code wnH be 
raaoy. They also pramin naw 
aoftwiBv to OQpy screen hmagea to 
a prtnter ^ ttw prom of e button, 
aa MMl^ltee 1 cAn do. They pl^ a 
padtaga to ooniioi the Bp«ied of 
programa, rather Hka mod vuijt'$ 
Sfpmo, but again thera'ft no aign of 
the fmrture yet. 

Once you've tosded (he Snmy 
ahot aoftware you t^n kMd the 
program you went to transfer to 

tape or M^rodnva in thA normati 

way. The Smpshot does ncA 
appear to uee any of the standard 
48k memory. 


Vour program should toad and run 
as normaS with the Snaps^lol con- 
nected. I did find one strange 
problem wHh tha buM-ln joyatkA 
port, which wo^ not olvaa 'move 
teft ' signal if I pmgged ai B ctiaETAH 
Mach J miciocwneh Joyatickl 

The SiupaAof intarfaoe wortuad 
OK wtth an otier and n^tjer 
Qiack^iol t, but I couk) not worit 
out wrtwttn Aifach I wa»Jncoinpat< 
ible< Tne stick worfta fine with a 
gemitna K&npston interface, Mu^ 
tit^os i and all ttte other makes of 
computer that litter my office, eveh 
inckidmg the wohky porta on 
Annaiiads Pkia Two. so I'm 
Inclineid 10 blaina datb. foe this 
incompattiJMy. rt contaa caul 
and CHHf M*t and shouk) be able 
10 00* both repliss Into print rtexl 

t ftad a iook irtside the SoapsttGl 
to see if thera was an obvious fault. 
tMJt I couldn't see anything liitely to 
c»jH tf>« prot^iem. The internal 
constmctton oi iMtELs interface 
waa rather nasty — the fed tHinort 
wat only held in by a blob of glue 
on the drctitt boand, although the 
ioystick socket was eecurety 
Wtvi' A bare wire w^ sotelered to 
the ur>deriide of the board, pas- 
sing within a mtflimetra of several 
sddarad eorviections that tl was 
dearly no( meant to touch. 

Anyhow. I canled on with the 
ts^ us^ the QuiBkaha^. When 
the red button is p r e eaed tttecom^ 
puter immediately stofii whataver 
It Is doHtg and pnnfa a bkie and 
yaiow menu on the top eight Hnes 

4 SttrnputtototOMnt '■ SMAPSHCt 
Ho\* tftm bMt «r0fu« holding the 
reH button onl 

of ttie screen. There are five 
optKtna, aadh selaciad by askigfie 
key- press, 8 saves the ccntsnts 
of memory onto tape or MicfOd- 
nve. A second prompt appevs to 
sak you wlirfdi device IS to used for 
tha save, and you are ftmn Satod 
to type the fila name. 

f« some raaaon tha program 
selecta Caps l,od(— alcapHallat' 
(era -> aa you ertter tfw Iw name. 
\*v9 newer undaretood wtiy com- 
puter enthusise^ are so keen on 
TALS, so I praaaad Shift and Z. 
which normaliy cancels Caps 
Lock. The It did, Ixjt not before 
prinung LOAD " ", rathar dlaturb- 
Ingty, in the input window. I oied 
acpn and got Caps Lock back, but 
LOAD "" popped up somewtiare 
etse. This does suggeet thet imtsl 
have mt leatad tfioir software very 
carefuHy. One good fealure la thdl 
ENTEP on its own gats you 
stratght badK to th» maim menu. 

The A menu option lets you altar 
or examine memorv. The prompt 
'Addrae^' appears, end you must 
type in the number of the memory 
kjcotion thai you warrt to changs. 
The compute tben prints the pre- 
sent coments of thai byia, and 
•ilia you to type a f epjac emerit 
value. If you press EMTER on rts 
own. the computer steps onto tha 
next addreest and so on. 

This faeiure is ver^ useful If you 
want to put PQKEa into a gvne 
wittMMjt mesaing around wMnlhn 
kMding program. You can atioptha 
progrwsion through the memtty 
by typing a fyi step, when you are 
Baked for a naw addre». Values 
can be prrntedertd entered Indaci' 


140 CRASH Christmas Special 1936 

€^4 it 

ro9 r tfii 


t . P 

bu t 

Mi » r> t 
rt i • 


mal or hexsidecimal. Ycxj must 
type « riasli cheractar m ihe start 
of Ihe addrms M you want to u8« 
hflM, Ptess ENTER or fls owa to 
gel back to the main nteou 

Iha rwxt fjptKsn, G. kits you go 
bacAlolhacvfsrtt program — the 
lop pvt of tha iMapt/t^n laatorad 
ttH you had nevar prassad tt^ 
bunori. You cap oriy reiurn lo tbt- 
aiiacl ppirit st wtuct) you siooped 
the program — you cwi'1 jump to a 
specific address. 

The U option is used to load a file 
thai has b6flr> saved prevlou4^ 

wifh 9; EIVTER on its own loads 
tha next Tile In tWs case. t5ul you 
{an txeaK into the load tn th« usual 

K 'kills' ttie currant program. 
resoHing tha coniputer but Iwving 
the Sndpsftot roiAinas in fnemory- 


The t}igg»fit prablein with the 
SnapstfOtis tfist it doesn't saem to 
woik with most commeraal prog^ 
rams, i tried ii with a collection of 

{wnae, and vonrax's aQing 
TkndrokS 2 was the ori?y ons that 
was transferiMf protparty. 

Snapsh<}t can txxnprsea prog- 
rams to laduoa their diwh or tape 
storage faqMNinanit, irtd AndhM/ 
2 was condensed into a siingte 39K 
fla. including ttw Bcroen. in 2S 
aoeonds. I'd Vk6 to give mora 
eKamptes. btJt I c}*dn'i manage to 
copy anything e^se! 

On Tha fiun, from dcsmm oaatoM, 
and iiKf»MB(WD«ra4t bvwS' 
ttr's CodffnwTf^ Ailtfl started to 
save, but the scraan liiM with gib- 
iMTl^ after a few blocks had been 
written to Microdrive srKt the only 
way out i^ar tiial was to puH ttie 

I spent quite a while i«-loading 
tjitaaa gamea snti trying t^itn, 
pressing the tHifton at various 
points alter knading, but I never 
managed to Mlve anything usafut. 
At one point I praasad the tx/tton 
whi4« On T7)a nun was pteyirtg arxi 
ttw ma<dwiei cruhad without even 
prinimg tt\a Snapsfiot 2 mena — 
abCMJt half of ttie 'Alter menu 
appeared, then my tnisty Spec- 
bum locked up. 

I triad to Ixansler cmctah's 
^pecDrum program to Microdrive; 

this b a prima anMaUt fpr con- 
vareion from tapai, Again the 
maciiina spun tha drtva for a while, 
than kickad up. Repeated 
a t tampts g.ive itw tame nskilt, m 
) iMao HDttwmc mmoff* MrfMSns 
1 — tf>a onty oitw audi utility i 
hava *- and avarything went 
smoothly. U Android 2 had not 
coptad proparV 1 wouki have aus- 
pactad a duff Sn^pa/KM ithtatfaoe. 
Sinoa MuimKO copied Iha iMt 
programs without Iroutste K 
iksfy that ttwa'a aomething 
wrong with Ewt«.ii a oft war e. 


$nep9tK» ? Iws a (ot of competi- 
tion, arid it doean"! seem to work 
very w0l. UM^ you're very shod, 
of culK. and you on^ w^^^ to cofv 
vart aimpta programs, I can't 
racommerxf Inis product 


RoiuHTK noaoT have been sailing 
i Sn^s/iof- type device f or a wNle 
now. men- Multifaco 1 is some- 
thing of a noUs Royoa oamparad 
--"h the Snapahat 2, and has a 
j^ tag to match « ftva panca 
binon of tony q^. The Midtitaco 
consists of an SK PtQM and &K of 
RAM. providing tha Inatint SAV€ 
(acitity for rrxiat iSsk aivd tepa ays- 
term, phis OfjrUonsto eKantirte and 

POKE mafnory. (tean aiaocsH any 
addraaa or print out ttie screen di^ 
ptay. Baeidea 1^g magic button 
you get a through port for other 
penpharais, a Kampston joysuck 
socket and a switch to miike the 
Intartaoe undaiectabk) to the oom- 

One very nioa fUdufa of tN&^»- 
tem la tf» way Hwt you can kwd 
your own appHcatkma into Itw SK 
RAM, irfdapandanttv of Iha ttariH 
dard 4eK, and cad Viem up at wiH 
whiles program it toadad. AokuH- 
ne aoaoT (^ fui Ina^uctions to 
help you do this, aMhough the facil- 
ity IS onty availat>le to machine- 
code programmars. 

RdHhMM have just launched a 
package that uses tNs feature; sa 
such it is wortNees uniass you va 
gotA«j««i80S f ,lMit4hawatoundit 
so useful ovar Iha latt few weeks 
that I think it might even justify tha 
purct^ase of a MiMitgco to soma 
people, sapaoiaty ka«n hackers, 

The pKkaga is called Ganiie. It 
i«t8 you stop and Alart any prop^ 
ram ad arfiy po^ and axamtnia its 
operation in great detail. In effect, 
it is a small but weH-dnlgnad 
mach*ne>-oode monitor tfiit is 
compaiible with ab^oHitely evvy- 
thing. Garia costs C*.". ar>d con- 
sists o< a cassette, coinaining 
about SK of code, and sbt neatly^ 
prinrtiadLwvl Wfftttan A4 pages OJ 

Ganiisloids into ma RAM on the 
im«rf aea — tha Irtstnjctkjns faV 
you how to copy it to iMik^odnveor 
desk and configure rt for c^ffarent 
pririters. QBnie wiil pnnT via arty 
device connected to tha Spec* 
trum's dhamel 3, inctud^ tlM S( 
printer, tha Spactntfn I2aaanai 
pod, and most piug-in imarfacea. 
Y<M must teil tha program whether 
or nc« your printer a)(pact8 ' Nrwi- 
teed' ctiarvcters at the and of each 

Once Gsnw is installed you <xn 

csu rt up by praaakig ttia red but- 
ton. Instead of tha usual HMtitmx 
menu. «rv ai^^tne wtmJaw 
appears at tna top Of the screen. 
You can call up tha rMrmai Mut- 
tifkse manu by typing BREAK as 
you praes tfia red button, but you 
MUST rokMd tjaniiabafora you 
press tha button a^in. 

&i«rythii» GarM doas appean 
in the aig^tl-rine window. The col- 
our-schema is blight but r«adabie 
unlasa your telly i« playing up ^ 
cftaradiars ans «MUta on nad or 
black on y«ik>w. The top part of ttie 
window lists kays that work HI 
rrirost rTHidas, wtie a tvwo line mierHJ 
tHir cwme ttie main options, rslher 
listed as 'DiS', 'TEXT. 
:eO', FIND' and 'RET'. 

ZSO shows ycu tha values of an 
the zeo registers, Inckicing tha 
program counter. You can altar 
any vatuie. and turn knarrupti on or 
off, but you can't cksptay or 
change the irrlerrupt mode. So 

CRASH Christmas Special 1 966 141 


what, I h^ar yoii 0syl 

FIND wm MBTch th9 whol« 4aK 
RAM (or a ssquonce of up to 24 
biytiiS'. Sflttrclwig b vtiry (|u^. and 
y^ can slep from one match to 
th« n«xt try pressing a t(ey. iTii* ^ 
gnat for looking lor spectfk; 
ln«tnjctkonsbutno( 90 hotfbrnim' 
sages, because the vaiuea \a be 
found must be «mered tt mim* 
bers — not («}rt. 

OIS kaafunzaOdtuiiSMnMer— 
a routine wl^ch convwta Bloried 
numbers inio macftlrte-Qocle 
mneriKinics. whethsr or not they 
are reslh/ part of a program. You 

can start and stop diassurinbly at 

OtShmaoverai nipelMtum — 
tt eilia em the 'emv code' bytas 
which foHowr RST 8 Inslnjctiloos, 
and dscodes ttie undocumented 
ZBO irtsifuclions. Uk& SLL C and 
SUB A,iXH. whktt confuse te«sfir 
dieas^mb^er s. Tha df sptsy cart ba 
made to i£3nA\ contirHJousiiy or 
print a now HiwiMian you pnws 
ENTER, Ai top Speed, Mifyoit hold 
the key down, the kifbrmation rofe 
tii very iasA. incfeed. 

The TEXT option is stmilef but 
tntarprattmenHtry M ehinelflrs. 
Unprlrtible oodes tpp««r as luH 
stops. TEKT b very uBflfut i you 

real Hlta dwnglnaatew msMaqw 

m your (aniWmfor lanl tevounisl 
pnjgram. NUM prints the numeric 
valuea in memory. 

All of the Gtinte optiona lat you 
switch from decimal to h«! ir^ 
and output at any time: iNs fci 
achieved by press^ the K key. 
T^ie bordur colour changM flpwn 
bbe to cyan to signal wttidi 
numtiw base is cuneritly sef ected, 
Addresfies actually change thair 
form on ttieacreert When you preSB 

It takes a ^De 10 get used to the 
way Genie acoepis numbers — 
you don't bive I0 press ENTER if 
you type ttve maximum numtwr of 
cheractera (five for a decimal 
addraas or three for a byte value.} 

I lound it a Wtte tniitatJng that lead' 
Ino zeroes k* ahvays pointed. 

You can pdrM the contents of the 
wtadow Many tane by typing C for 
Copy, and reuy aM oui^ to the 
printer between preeeea of P. The 
option lets you go badcwardi 
through tfw memory. H takes OlS a 
tew Iqtee to work out what has 
htppe n ed thereafter. ^U[ most 
liMMMmbicn h»ve this qdrk. 

You can dwnge arty deta in 
reglstara or mamofv by pressing A 
for Alter, as oorrespoKftftg values 
aredispJay^ Vou 're asked for en 
abdrees, bu\ gKTER gK«s the last 
one examined You heve \q type 
new vtiiMS ea single-byte rturm 

nnallv, the 'RET' optkw returns 
you to trie program that was inter- 
rupted, restormg the ok} dispiay on 
the tope Hnesofthe soeeru K you 
fww attared the vakie of ttte PC 
regMer, the program re^atarlaat 
the eddreet you set. The Irtatnic- 
tkyn Mus^ale how you can return 
directty to ZX BASIC. 

There ere a few missHig featurw 
that I wQuid have Hked, such sa 
oondi&inel search and rapfaoe 
and some lacity to enter text 
directly Irtlo the mat^the, rather 
ftianaenumbflrs. However, ^enie 
haslo ttt Into the Specinsiii's 
mamory map with the AAjA!Mbo» 
ROM and 4SK of program to be 
exvnined, and ttie Umited spece 
ties been waH used. 

ftealhackar^wikiwe Genw. but 
fa pwtty fneentnatasa iwleaa yco 
undaraland mactuna-code, hwill 
no< nsceaaarHy be useful (or 
debugging your own code, unieae 
your protrame are so large ttiet 
there's no apere RAM (or a con- 
ventional monitor. However, «t is 
abaatuMyiMmiBrtuI for gettirtg 
inakle aomeone else's code, if 
itiat's whsit you en^, youl find 
Genie a vsiy proleMonat fooi — 
simpile, effective and unique 


I only fini^'ied writing my cokjmn 
for lest montf^'s CBASH about ftaJf 
an hour ago. so pieate bear with 
me If I dcKil mention your most 
reoent ieners tlU next isme. The 
weird world of rrtagazirw pUbToh' 
ingmeeftsltrat I'm wrrting this late 
in October, in order 1q get some 
words in the shops before rert* 
deer-hooves hrt tfie siatesi 

Anytiow. several people fwve 
written in with commerits about 
ftie Speclnim 1 2B. According to 
Darren MWIn and aomeorte with 
noaddressand an indecipherable 
^gnature, the best way to per* 
iueiiM proofanQ to njn on the new 
machine itthey don't kiad property 
ta to load Uiem on an otd i&K 
Spectrum and Iransier Ihem to 
tape or Microdnvs with some 
'magic button 'type of ir^erfaoe — 
tjotfi my conesporKlents uaed 
intaiace 3. Apparent ly most prog- 
rams will work tine iff you re-lbed 
the saved file intoa tseaet 10 4eK 

fbJa tip wUI cenaJr^ by-pees a 

lot of the protection mechanisms 
that tarxl I0 stop prtigrams running 
on the 128. but rt won't cure the 
problem with kttemjptetfiat I desH 
with in a pest oolumn. StUI. rts 
worth a try if you buy a game artd 
then (Itscover it won 1 load directly 
tntottio 12S, 

Anthony 0'Nein has dieco- 
vered thai gwnee for the Spectnjm 
1 2fl Will ioed into a 4SK muachine. 
He has irl«d Itw two pimes bun- 
dled with the old 12a and found 
that MBver«rKtri0 Story wouW not 
J[usl ksed. but run as wttUlThe trick 
IS to preaa SPACE wttan loading 
appears to be complete and the 
screen is fitted with glbberfsh. The 
prompt Press Space to conttnue' 
sttoukt appear. Do ae you're tokj, 

andttM genie wfll njrt, elthough 
moot irfvtegrapNca are scrim- 
biad and the Mts an wronoiy 
WMled ymorHnrteiy Stfwrfsst 
)U8t slop* w4ti an OK me«uge If 
you try to toad it on a 4SK medWie. 

We nottced that the caaaette 
format waa uraJhHtged when the 
126 games first anived at CRASH . 
aMfiQugh we dkln't reeuee ft«t 
Wyv eraoOft i o Story wouktaetMSify 
mn in 4fiK, Prograrti* that use the 
entr? memory toad fites in the nor- 
mal way , but "page" the eirtfa 
memory tietwaen one file SfKl the 
next so that code IS loaded by writ ' 
ing to an output port. I gave the 
exact datais ol this median4sm m 

Anyhow, the gM Spectrum just 
ignores the instruotior>a to switch 
between porta, eo suoceeslve 
lumps of OOde or data get kiaded 
orw upon another , into oie top idK 
□( memory. As kyig as the 
switched pagea oruy contain data, 
theprognm wl work okey. 
sAhbutfi K wfl only be able to use 
the lam lump of infonnatjon that 
was loaded into the paged eras. 

Peter DaMIng has wnttsn in with 
good news for Wdy-mflnded Mk;- 
rodrtve users. If you coristder a 

fiver a bit pricey (or a TiiAMsronH 
Mtcrodrfve atoraoa box. Pe<sr has 
an aMamaiitw. Apparantly. e^- 
tronics f^rm tupUH sell storage 
drawers that hoKl cartrfdgee very 
nestjy . tfifl is it you teive the plae- 
tk: divider hi place and add a 
couple of cardtkoerd spacers- You 
can fit 30-36 tapes into each bon. 
TM lUMJN part number ^ FdfXHA. 
and the prtoe in Itte 1 906 oatslogue 

And there wouM appear to have 
been aome kmn of n«8vw 
derstandlng ooncemlng the On^m 
SdMorl reviewed last month. Bob 
Peieraon of ctevTMi has wrftten I0 
t»th me and Mr BiesMsy to point 
Out that S^iecPfMW la a e op y < g h- 
ted name — a name that Ins 
oopyrHjhf hoUais Inland toproiaol 
hm. Anyone e ls e pla n nhxi to wfia 
end sdl soAwwatcinjn on ot^w 
hard wa re ihodd bear this jn mind 

there'H be Kite more feedback 
from leaders In next momh's 
TECH TIPS. H you've bivanied 
something fiendiBh. or if you want 
to pass on some tocihnkai edvice, 
please wrtte to ms at TECH TIPS. 
PO BOX 10. LU01.0W. SHROP- 
SHiftE. SMYlOe, ,. 

1 42 CRASH Christmas Spactal 1 966 

mMt ©o§fe 

SWIFT DISC, the fast, friendly disc interface for all Spectrums including the 1 28 and +2. 












You now have a chance to join a winning team, that gave you 
KIKSTART, TRAILBLAZER and many many more. In fact we have 
over 40 games in production, with sales of well over ONE MILL- 
ION units worldwide. Join SHAUN SOUTHERN and the 
Development Team at MR CHIP SOFTWARE, established 1983 
and Still growing. 

For details contact Doug. 

TeL 0492 79026 (10 am - 5.30 pm) 

or write to Mr Chip Software, 9 Caroline Road, Llandudno, 

Gwynedd, LL30 2TY 

C RASH Ch rist mas Special 1 986 1 43 




^^^^^^^^B J^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 1 ^^^^^^^Ri 

4 Smash hit games in one pack - Only £9.95 
available on Spectrum, Commodore 64 & Amstrad 



DURELL sales dept,. 

Castle Lodge Castie Green. T^iunton, Somerset, TAl 4Aa England 

Telephone {062^1 54489 4 5402') 

software getting harder. 


'Q.*^^*xk isy.^^^!^M 

,-**a— ^ 

Spectrum in October, Antstr^d in November, Commodore 64 m December. 

All C9.95 



S(ifes dept.. 

Castle Lodge. Castle Green, 

Tfiunton, Somerset TA1 4A 

En^Mnd tmtnpitorm taui %***•* tH.C. 

software getting harder ." 

> .' 





Fresh from pinging 
around the screen in his 
first caper, Jack's back in 
a brand new arcade game. 

This tinte iVs a great new 
comSjat game -in fact you 
iould call it a Jack Attack! 

The very beat €lfte Wes 
mmda ble at setected 



.4 thundering new action- 
I'^^enture sirring Stringfellow 
Hkwke as the pilot of the 
fawesorpe artel weapon- 

stringfellow HawkesNEW 

^m Spvctrum 




^m Amstiwl 




M Amctisd 




V Cofnmodora 



■ Cofnmodon 




f C16 












: v. ■-.-.; ta| 





[^ * " '^Sl 

LVP4'4i^ ^-- 



Matt Order, fust send a cheque or postal 
order payable to Elite, or quote your Cr^dh 
Card number 



Eflte Syst^mi Ltd., 

Anchor House, Anchor Road, Afdridge, 
W^isalK West Midlands, m&8PW. 

Telephone: fa922J 59f 6& 

Telex: 336nOELITE.G, 


1966 wtit not b« nmmfnbmrmd m #W T/mr of Itw 
9dv»ntvr«, 9V9n a rrumy pvopi*, bond wiih tti« 
trsnate-nl thrifis of arcade dkj suddenly discover the 
more lasting satisfactions to be found m udventur- 
1*19. The bi9g*at ganw of tlwyvar, ^ord o^fha iRrngs» 
b««d on the ramous Tolkien worf( {and represefit- 
Ing the fl«xt logical step tor MtiBounf^E hguse who 
turned The Hobttit into a daseic adventura), w«« to 
many a huge diJSiappointment as H failed to livs up to 
ttw axpactstlont raiaAd by its piedigrae. It was a^ain Ph^yp Mitcfri^ll, 
and again Melbourne hcxae who wefa wrappinig it all up and ■•Ming H, 
but ttva and product Just waan'l in the same leagy* wm TsMmiT* 
mastefp^ece. In a aanaa, Lofti of tit* Ring's failure attimforplint 
of software was symptomatic of a broadaf nulaisa in Iha sdvantun 
wortd, as tf sdventur^g had lost Its way and was not quite sun of 
the path ahead. 

Level 9, of course, continued to champion the causa of Imaginative 
jidventvjnr»9 with the^^ much respected releases, Worm in Perwdliae 
(the fmai part of the Siitcon Orwm tritogy) and 7b* Ptic« of M^ik. 
Their success is iuBtrfied, as a (ot of tlms and effort has gone into 
h<iviing their own adventure systefn to gh'e advsntufe just as much 
pride In the lecKnk^l inncvstion stakes aa arcade^ Hand-in-hand 
with the technical competence is A desire to provkle coherenit 
Ktorylir^s a<id gam«splay so ttNi p4aj^ becomes as invotved with 
the game a& wfth n good iu>vel. Bacatiso adventuring is a more 
difficult market, iiT'<a l <# have ctutte sensiti^ diversrfied as much as 
pos»ibte within their chosen field: vefsions for each gams ap«n 
almost avary known computer, and they have not b«en avorsia to 
dlpp^g thalr fingers into many different p4a«, aa In ^air link up wfth 
utosAic's Adrtan Mol^ books. Ttw other big r»me of 1086 was 
undoutytadly Fergut M cN t t M of oelta *. who mined qurta a different 
Ham. Humour waoalwirys an anm which the n»dium of adventuring 
could develop to Its full, and delta -* were not slow In spotting this 
•impie fact. The Quill, for orK», provktod a uaafu4 vahicle to exprasa 
a tHJddlfkg comic talent cclta'I had atwaya aac*— d a loyal following 
■mong adventure freaks, but this v«8r SaW ItM OUtlff a riss to tame 
and chart respectaNlity epitomised by the tramandous amount of 
Interest in Tha Bogglt, a game which succesvfutty lampoons the 
Mn I- ;i:',r '-. ■ . i classic. 

Hdwdvb-f. in summing up this year it is wonying that a great 
nuinber oi individijals have thought H teasJble to set up software 
hous«s, and then devote a great amount of time and mortey to 
iaunching OuiUad games that are neWter innovative nor remark abia 
in any way. Thara are tam cunflluUity ttmighiti wMch cross my mind 
u t wade through tfwaegarn^ every month. The first thought is one 
of Badness tfial anyom can think that a profitable, or even a braek* 
evsn situctlon, can he gleaned Irom such leck-hatre product. But 

nwaaoond thaught Is one of hope arKt optlmlam; If adnnturirif can 
stimidtflaaMPti ground- tevei enihusiasm in the form of experin^entBt 
soltwafe releases, ailventure clubs, and small circulation 
magazines, [>ertuips Dili couM be the avenue to encourage the 
development cf realty chaHenging adventures. 

Froni tt>e enthusi'Sst'^ domain, or>e or two mail -o r d e r products dkl 
make it to the larger software concerns and ttie mass market. In this 
area there can be no doubt that the advent of biKlget software has 
kept attventurbigjiiwtwhani no full-priced game»w«re in tha affing. 
MASiERiTtoNic, t^fuMmt fmt leasli wi'th thair famous Mtftm gwnea], a^td 
more recently ptA^i^fis (a derhnthw of wterceptoh wtw hvwa ref»ntiv 
relolnad the fult-prfced adve nture scene] have all ralaaaad yery 
raaaonabla adventures. lusTEFnnoNtc'a aborts are all Hie more 
remarkable when 4leir no-QuHled policy te oomklared. WHh prog- 
rems »uch as ZZZZ, VKpertmentatkin with icons WM not beyond tm 
budget software producer. However, let us ruA forget a comparer 
which sew ths same market, and was Large eno>ugh to rival MASTBt- 
THO'.n: !n sales of budget adventure, f iRf sifo'i gaet ta ae DtHt W** Ht 
enormous hit, following on the heels of the hIgMy MiCCeMfful Sub- 

The mighfty qceam games empire developed thefr own ^dvantune 
system, seen In ti>» compatant raia ai aa Mawr Ending Story and 
H{jr>chbacfr tfn Advantur*. TNa sv^em usad the novel idea of f oon" 
ing a colourful coHage of twcKdrtop, with events and objects 
superimpo&ad over it. A-rrv^'^icJ tumed out the highly impressive If 
more traditional, Mindstorm, while r^s and MiK^^o-GEN went a littie 
astray in their afforty (p try apmetfilng new wHh Swords A Sorcery 
and STJedowof tfw UMoam reapectfvely. 

DeopHe the feet thai adventuring has a dated image, wfth intaraat 
In pre- 1 980 games matchirra ttiat shown for games ojf tiMa year, I Afll 
Ihlink that it has a future, in fact it's encouraging 10 noti that If 
Mithors have the presence of mind to mould togeflwr Inrvovstive 
programming wrth fnventive stories, they can be assured of produc- 
ing a game wtuch will tw rememtwred king after arcade games 
rMMSed around the same time are forgotten^ 

Ceitainly, as wttti pop must c, tremendous sales are there for th<jse 
who cynically mitk the teen market, but, at with pop music, there are 
also significant prizaft for those who cater for a broader appeal. I 
hope the success of Trivial Pur^u ft, the computer adaptation of Hi* 
cult tMardquli, is significant, and marks a greater ir^clination on the 
pa rt of software iKunea to look af rash at the whole wtxtd 0I ga met 



CRASH Christmas Speciafl 986 147 


Producer: Rairbird 
Price: £14.95 
Authors: Lev«l 9 

ueicoMe to Dungeon Pidventure, 
the last of the ueueis or 
D^fKness^ rro» Level 9 
Compu ting. 

YOU are on a wide stone isfidige 
leading north to a gaping sion 
Mouths below whicS is a 
' )<i - ban K. > 
. * I next? N 

Jowtils of C^rkness follows the 
usual ful^ of naming software, ie 
maKe rt sound Itto e>i^Bfything else, 
!n fact this unoriginal title covers a 
tnlogy of very fairxxJS games, 
gamds wNcti go back to the very 
attest t^yi ol Actventunrig C<fl' 
oaaat Aitventi^a, th« ftrst oi th« 
ttme. is« direct desoeftdam of ttte 
CKMVtlwr and Woods mainfranw 
Jaont- Ttib was the bane of many 
en academic computing fraternity 
in tt>e iate se^fonties end £»arty 
eighi)e$. Acfv^fEJfa Ousst, the 
$«cond lapa, is played otit or it>e 
sarne ground as the first, tHjt ;s a 
LEVB. ft original. whi9e Dungeon 
Ati¥Bf}tufo comptelas ttie trilogy 
With ttie mosl original story and 
feel of ttie lot. 

All three have been completsly 
overhauled and updated since 
their first releasen wiVti extended 

teict descftptkKis. «nhaoc«d Isn- 
Buage manipulaiion, arrd, mosi 
rxjliceatJly to a Coto&^i velwan, 
pictures. Even if thMS do only 
amount to the isi^l lcvel b 
rninimalistic art school, they Still 
add some cotour to iN^e text clas- 

TTie p»;kagling is of the very 
h^hMt fitani^d with full instmc- 
tiorts (which even go so far a$ tel- 
(lr»g you how lo trestle wrth the 
fkm plastic casings), and a novella 
t>y Peter McBride tndicaiirrtg a h»gh 
regard and a great confidence in 
trifi proctuci tiy luiHBino, t tend to 
go along wilh this confidence, as 
this package, even at nigh on CIS, 
is si Hi syperb value fo*' money 
given the effort to Ixeath new life 
into tfiese oWtes {but extreme+y 

PresemiBtion is aJI very welt of 

course, tjut wtiat of ttie sutjstance . 
Well. wVvat Gsm be said from the 
outset is, if yoti haven't played 
these games be/\ot&. or A vou afe 
thinking cf looking into adventur- 
ing but don't know where to start, 
then ttiis trHooy can pnwkje an 
insight into what rnoltaa adventur- 
ing great. The stories beNnd each 
part, the strong and evocative 
Jescriptions of eacli kx^ion, and 
tiie clever weighling and Interlink- 
ing of puzzles and objects provide 
the fuel to set burning even the dul- 
lest of imagiriations. One offshoot 
of the games' notoriety is ttva ease 
of discussing ttie advenlure with 
felkiw adventurers, many ol whom 
will have at least Ined d^ossai so 
ywj can eod up m aninwied oon- 
versation - much the nma as with 
Tolkleo novels, 

ihe features designed to bhng 
these o4d mastetpiecea irrto Une 
wrth new advances are most 
in-ipressive Most immedllatety 
apparent is the typo ahead fee- 
lure: even while picturaa are being 
drawn, the next move can t>e 
made, Entianoements in vocabul- 
ary include GfT ALL or EVERY- 
and EXiTS. 

The sophistication which these 
commands can achieve together 
when they are iintod t}y pof>ctua- 
tiOTf (or simpty tiy tfie word AND), is 

round j 


-sou th 

passage, 1 

i I lurninated 


a je 

t o f 

f I a rft c . 

To the 






over f lowing 

treasure vau 

I t . 

Uhat nextT 


y o LI are 

i n 



r th- 




R gilt 

m i n e 


' s 

helmet I i 


near by - 

f : Je we I 




i f i K 

rests 1 

ne a r by • 

phal nexf? 


quite remafkabte, T?ie GET ALL/ 
DROP ALL command can be used 
with OHoeptions as in DROP ALL 
BALL- The command OOPS, 
which restore it>e player to the 
position before the last rrwjve on 
Larger machiries, is sadly rw\ avait' 
able on \h6 Spectrum 4BK ver- 

In addition to the commands to 
get you track into the game, the 
pfograms also give you an option 
to be resurrected atter an untimely 
destti.To obtain a maxhmum score, 
and the title of Siipreme Adven- 
turer, thie player must complete 
Cotoi^al, Quest, and Dungeon in 
Vt&X Gfrrief, CSirrying \fvs Scor* 
across from one adv^nure to the 
next, Each adventure i^as its own 
scoring sysiem and objectives, as 
we shall now see on our io<ur of the 

In the first part. Cotossa/ Adi^n- 
fufo, ttie player scorers points by 
finding fabulous tnetasures and car- 
rying ttiem back to ttie small bnck 
building at the start, ]f tNngs are 
gcHna well, and you reaiCh the CoJ- 
ossaT Cavern, ttien you will SOOia 
more potrrts fo< enlacing it. Bonus 
poinds are had b^ makifkg as little 
use as possible of the SAVE/ 
RESTORE options 

cmossai has yoo cast as the 
chap who takes pity on a w^ry 
traveHer wtto stop^tiy at your local 
tovem. and then goes on to free 
ttw goodly elves imprisoned in ttie 
deep dark dungeons at the end pf 
your quest. The traveller is gral«liul 
for your twiping him avoid the ban- 
dits wtw would ^lavo tijs morwy. 
tut instead of prottenng you some 
of h is new found wa^ltft, he allows 
you the chance df Marching out 
your own at the cave which lo&als 
have put down as a myth. He gives 
you a map stwwing the iocation of 
the Cotossal Cavern, and you 
decida to ch^Ke an and f oflow it - 
over mountains, through forests, 
and past deserts until nearing the 
cave, you foolishly lose the map k) 
a (asl-ftowi^ng stfeam. You muMi 
now make your own way lo ttw 
cavern remembering what the 
traveller to4d yOu - ttiM magic 
works in the cavern. 

In some ways Colossaf seems 
the MSlesi of tt*e trilogy. TTbs may 
be due to familiarity, or perlaps it 1e 
due to the ease of wandering 
round a great many k>cations wrth 
only a Few minor problems to 
soKie. Come to think of it ttw early 
part of Adventum Otjesi isn't so 
ditfucun either, but pertiaps it isnl 
quite so easy to go as far Playing 
txjth graphic and text versions (ttte 
text backs t he graphics side of the 
tape). I notioed Ihat not only is the 
ttwt ^de wOfdi«T, but in some wsyi 
it te easier. Both prompts and loca- 
tion d^cripiions become more 
tangible as ttieir Jengths increase. 
For example, on the graphks side, 
trying to pick up an object wtten 
you atready have four, results In 
'Your hands are full'. On the text- 
onfy side however, Ihts twcDrnss 
" You r hands are full , you cant carry 
anything else unless you drop 
something first'. This is a simple 
example of what may well prove 
more valuable, as the plot thickens 
and becontes more intractable- 

The sHory behind Adv&ntur^ 
OUBSf goes Ilka this. Vbu a/e an 
agfKHtKX magk^tan ibetng tuxJof 
SO ydars old) and have t3k«n 
courses irv thn* three Ms {Medita- 
tion, Mysticism, and Mnarteymak- 
ingjf, but you haven't had the 
opportunity lo pmt Itieory into 
practice - untM rww, Vbu are loW 
'ttfo base vi ths cienvon hxd^ 
pov^ef has been discoiwfed: hd 
has taken up reskJeoce in the 
Black Towef, on the far edge at the 
wortd. Evert now the full ocHJCtcil is 
proparing on assault or fts 
Ciafen<;es, But them is a s^umid 
way: Perhaps uiie ixniiuo. acting 
(tone, can firiid the lOur Ston^-of- 
ttw-Elernents and uae t5am to 
enter the tower. There the Ainiiet- 
of'iile miijht hetp defeat the 
DaiKiri. As you leswe th« tootti you 
tfink you hear ttie shouted order 
r^extr^ Dressed ir> travel dottles 
you an taleported to a famHi^ 

ViiHi score points by getting 
neartir lo iNe Diemor Lord's Slack 
'kmrn. ajTtd rrtore for possessing 
my of the four Stofws-of-the-£le- 
m^ts. Thera are bonus potnts for 
flnlerirtg the tower itseff ard win- 
mng the adventure. On the debit 
jMje. you lose pc^ts as time goes 
tiy, and more it you mariage to gel 
purself killed. Using SAVE/ 
RESTORE regiilarfy witi keep you 
on your way in wtiat is an epic (our- 

me concluding ganie of the tril- 
ooy. Dungeon Adi/sf}tufo, go^ like 
thn. Ybu awake on a mudbank 
under a bridge spanning a wkJe 
rwer. Apptarontty you wera rdbb^ 
and your bodf lett for dead m the 
nver taut a current loc* you to the 
shore. However I uoky you may fell 
Ht being alive, all your weapons 
and mapc powers, are lost. 

1b score points you must cotoct 
trsasures left by the late Damon 
lord and take them to the store 
room. Tfvere are bonuses for get- 
tlrig r^d of undesirable beirKjs 

(though, to prevent massacre, only 
the worst enemies give you a 
bor>us score). Getting youraelf kil- 
led, as us4jal, k>se>s valuable 
points Resurrection is posstbta, 
and us^ a machine which is ini- 
tially situated very doee to the 
starl of the tjame. The settir^ for 
Dungeon Adv&jtur^ fs a cave net- 
work whdch was originally ttve 
tiaadquatets of the Demon Lord. 
Some parts are now blociked o^ by 
rock falls, but rt may help you to 
bear in mind tfie onginaJ fynctkirs 
of the ac^.J3ss«ble tdeas. 

Jewell, of Diirknaas it. h classic 
tnl{jyy ajkd a OOiecturs itertk fur 
connoisseurs ar^ layin«ri alike. 
Given ttie untold dama^ to the 
market, in terms of unimaginative 
structures arKl stories, wreaked t>y 
tfi« Ouiit. these programs aye al 
once a return lo tradrtional advrai- 
turirtg and a breath of fresh air 
Oniy allowing the carria9e of four 
objects in the lirst two games 
seems urtneoesaanly raatnctlng, 
and makes maza-fftapping 
ditficufi. The bunched up text can 
be drfficuit to separsie when rsad- 
ir^ artd perttaps a bit of coiou' 
within the text wouldn't have aona 
aimiss, TT^ekHig, atmoeptwrlcKK^' 
tion descriptions, ttie clever aitd 
entertaining piot. and the super 
way XtvB whole thirty ig dished i^, 
miakos this ped^ge one to 

Difficulty; easy to ciuita puzzlir^ 
Qraphic»: not hing special but cat ■ 
ourful enough 

FVe«*nita4k>ri: avera^. but at 
least the colours are restful 
Input facility: beyond v«rt)/r)oun 
Response: fast General rating: 
super entertainment 







Addkrtlva Ouatity 


\ M% 





Producer: Melb<HJrn« House Price; £8.95 
Authors: Sinn on Price & Mike Lewis 


Mhoijgh the title ol thks game is 
Kwah'. perhapstheioadirig screen 
title of Kwah ? is rrtore to the point . 
Ttie game Ls too unfhendfy to tie 
Inked with mainstream adventur- 
ing, requtrtrig a very precise and 
linear solulion pathway to be fol- 
lowed lo completion. Ttie garne 
ttowever is slick, ttie graphics v^ 
weU done, ar>d it does allow ail the 
usual adventure inputs, so wrhat 
the heck - urtt rl someone can say 
pijsi what ihts game is I might as 
well review it hiere. 

Ttie story here conooms an 
unlikely hero, Kevin, who trans- 
mutes into the superhero Fted- 
tMwk who, naturally enough, can 
fly. But as the story goes. t>e is 
uTiabte to do this at tti« start of the 
plot - due to some forceficrid 
vourKJ the gates of the Lee 
RihatHiitatiori, C^htre oh the out- 

sl^irts of ttwcity. Kevin, who i 
to t» a journalist onto his own 
story, goes there armed with tape 
record^ and press card tofir>d out 
what N^p«n«d to Nm berfore he 
tost his mamorf. 

Tl^ game cornmer>ces at 
lOSTam, and the seconds slowty 
tick away as you work out what lo 
do with Redhawk at the gates ot 
the Lee Centre. Along tfie bottom 
of the screen the game reveals its 
links to Ihe adventuce world GET. 
REC (for RECALL) are accessed 
vra Symbol Shrtt and the numeral 
keys along the lop of ttie 
keytx>ard, Nos 3 and 4 together 
come up with SAV KWAH, and m 

this way Redhawlc can chartge to 
Kevnn and vice vetaa. PLAY, 
STOP. RECD refer to tape recor- 

der operations, th^ rewinding of 
tf>e \&f)Q uppareniiy deemed 
Luimaces^afv when ptavInQ iMCk! 
SfO AND RECALL aranl men- 

tior>iid in I he trtstructiors I received 
but pf usumabiy have something to 
do with RAM SAVE. 

Input is not only actiieved by 
usuig the keywords provided, but 
also by typing oul woids as In any 
adventure, me language needed 
to dchieve any action is ve^y nar - 
row, or to pu E It aruther way. com - 
pared to rrKisl adventures this 
y*r>e is very unfribi xily. 

The strength of Kwah! as a game 
lies fn it> cartoon stnp oraphics 

c^ssnon, each one with thcr pnnt 
Time passes cm it, Diretlion 
arrows poini oul tb% exii» ai (he 
present kKation. Should you input 
somethmg M doesn I understand. 
fliHd you'd tiave to be a genius not 
to do this every other move, then 
the program stops counltng clowrt 
(ime until you pf&ss> SPACE. 

Kwah! IS a very ur.usual game . ft 
will not apfNMl greatly to 
mainstream advenlu* 

enihusiasts, but wii stiongly 
appeal to comiu. sirip fans Or«t 
you dccept tne yi^inaa iirnited vo^ 
abulary. you can iheii sit Pack and 
enjoy a highly and praphi- 

SrtT RliRtf . 

MIT U U H R C^ . 

t iHJ¥. . 

-If -ti^^it: *he 

aksng the top twM of the screen. 
The three pictures in the serlei are 
very well done ar>d very true to the 
atmosphere of a cartoon comic. If 
you jnput for a character to say 
something (even if it's rude}, up it 
will come in that char^ters 
speech bubtiie. Inside the Lee 
Centre good old Doctor Lee says 

Welcome Mr Oliver', and then. 

Follow me'. Keviri foikxws Lee 
until he Stops and says Well 
then. . , . '. This is wfiere thie game 
stows a bit, but there is a way of 
speedinB ^ ^- 1^ y<^ lyp^ ^ WAIT 
the program fticks through a great 
wad ol comic stnfra in quK^ suc- 

cally pleasing gaime. 

Olfftoultr, difftcuH 

Qraphlcs: excellent 

Prewntatiori; excellent 

Input facility, Hfitonces and 


Response type-afwad/ 


General rating: unusual, higNy 



Ctrrist mas Special 1 986 149 

Addictfy« quality 

The fastest sci^ 
arcade game yet. 

Victory House; Lfilcester ?\acB, 
London WC2H7NB 
Telephone: 1 -439 0666 

and Amstrad 


Can you become 
Earth's Xeno champion? 

1 or 2 pi< 



Producer: Advefiture Software 
Price; £1,99 
Author: Nigel Brooks 

BolwvQ It or not, this game t3 
based on THAT ramous maifi' 
firafne original. To the author's era- 
dil, ihis game has a Itlird mora 
locations, a completely new 30 
tocatkm intmductton, and is 100% 
machinfl code wttti ovor S0% 
oKTipressKx^ ot the memor/ usec 
Lf] to house the text (whefwl), 
FufUierH the vocebuiaiv •* 
dweioped eivHjqh to take on 
tMMFd the 80phi3t>C«l6d G^ AUL 
and DROP ALL commands, and 
location d^scnptHsne can ba FULL 
or BRIEF. Afl the major problems 
h^vEj been f aworkad. and a grmt 
r-i,4ny ^f tha old location^ have 
tfTkprov^ and expanded text. Add 
10 tNs a new end gome' and you 
begin to wonder why the game 
didn't cut any reniaining links and 
caM itaelt by a totally "&* name' 

It is Summer, you »r0 a lowty 
fafmhand on ditch-diciging duty 
wtiile everyone ds© iS Qalhering 
t^e haivest. Suddenly you uncovef 
a t^jnad ceskat. insiba yoy find 
some ksys. a map and the mildewy 
ramains of a book. It is the loumai 
of an unceiebratad. but cbearly 
successful explorer. 

Apat^ from the opening, much 
of this adw^mura is the same as 
Ccio^ai. I've Mlt thi best of this 
adventure to last. What makes any 
adventure special is ttw amtHjnt of 
reoJ efftsn put into making tha 
garneplay mora tntefesting, and in 
this adventure much thought has 
tjewi brought to tiea/ on o4d 
»(}varbtufirig ways. Mo^t iniarest- 
ing 19 the way In which the game 
has tackled the mkich-maJigr>ad 

problem of obiect cerrying. 
Clottfes may be REMOVED or 
wOfiN , objects are weighted (eg a 
nugget counts M two weights]!, 
and to wtd ■ degree of realism, 
pockets have been added to the 
ck]4hes whefoby PUT KEYS saee 
the keys, ot any ott>ei' pot^tet- 
sized item, safely in yourpociiet. 
must admit I couldn't work out 
how to get the keys beck out otthe 
pocket wittiout dropping (hem - a 
most inelegant solLition. but no 
doobi this is only a minor omission 
from the instructnons . Other fefine- 
fTwnts Include a GET ALL which 
doesn't work in the dark, FULLand 
BRIEF locatiori desonptiom. Mi 
versions creating a new tocaikxi 
as ttws is a feature to get the 
advanturw quickly used to the ter- 
rain, and five Ir^tant RAM SAVES,^ 
wtiich come in very useful. 

Adventure is ttie nioet unorlg^r 
name of the *ho*e bunch, and on 
the face ot it another version of 
Colossal is Ihfi (ast thing we want. 
Adventure So>trware, 21 Ditdnling 
Rbe. Brighton BN1 ABQ. 

CUfflculty: playable 
QfipW ce ; none m al 
freHmetiori: very readebte rede- 
signed dwracier set, and ttiat'a 
about It 

Input tacMlly: veit>/noun 
Re^KHwat fast 
General rating: inttei'estif>g 


Addictive quality 






Producer: Players 

Price: El. 99 

Author: Mark Qipson 

Shrewsbury Key is a reasonable 
graphk: advenlura with a novel 
storyline. The game has you start 
at York Railway Stat ion and it's up 
tc you to navigate your way to 
Shrewsbury, makirtg uee of the 
train ' TTie Stirewsbury Key' tO Start 
your (oumey. The reason tor going 
10 Shrewsbury is to find the fabted. 
dianx)f>d ercrusted GokJen Key 
Hihlch Hes there. 

There are two things I'd like to 
point out atranght away about this 
Oame, inorder to savaakrtof fnjgt 
ration. In the instrucikons the game 
warns that rt i* veiti/noun only.ervd 
you'd better belneva H. At one 
stage when 1 was tokl to catch a 
Ht. I tried CATCH A LIFT with no 
success^ but CATCH UR did the 
trick. The secondlhimg to be aware 
ol is the exacling requirements set 
on nput. You can get away with 
EXAM for EXAMINE, tiut words 

i»*ire\A^ljury Keyl] 

like TICKET must tie spelt out in 
full, although thanMully. words 
such as WHEELBAFIROW can be 
shorteneti to WHEEL 

If an awkwardness in language 
wasn't er^ugh, then the ploi can 
h% pretty contusing too Al the 
roui^h wooden lonce outside York 
station, Examining ihe fence gives 
'The f^nce has a sm^U bole whuch 

coLikj easily be made bigger', and 
on KlCKing the fence. 'The fence 
has a hote big enough to squeeze 
through'. But try as you might 
there is no way tt>e program is 
going to let you ttvough it, even 
after all that encouragernent. 

ft IS in faictpOMtile to complaia 
t^ve game wmout gotng ttii4 ytwf^ 
sAd rt this iS true tfwn t take a very 
dim view of t^w lease wtuch had 
me almost smasJiing myoomiMter 
in frvstration. Of the two bins «i the 
story, the firsi bin can be 
SEAflCHed, but the second can- 
not for some unknown reason. On 
this occasion, as m so many 
others, the replies are less ttian 

The k>^ of gamtespiay is not 
good erttier, wtial with a 
storei^eeper accepting a sneakof 
m exchange tor a trowel. Of how 
about the Whoelbarrow which you 
txjry for t30. which should leave a 
tZO cheque for ttie store (a curious 
way of receiving change from a 
store tn the fvst place). Bui on 
checking your inventory the 
cheque is £30 - with no e^piana- 
tk)n as to why rt should t^ave sud- 
elenly jncreased m value. Ttiere dt^ 
many exampies of wf^ere the ptoi 

isn't quKie zmi enough to be 
amusirig, but it isartdbyirigly quiHk' 
some enough to get you irritated: 

Srtrewsfiiury Key jsn't too bad 
for the asking prk», although 1t>e 
pictures are simple, they are at 
ieaist ooleurfUl. and the character 
aat haa been redesigned, Slightly 
annaytng is the program's mss- 
tanoe on the ftrst key entiy being 
wed aa a signal for tr^ rest of the 
tecatlon deac^iptton lo aoroll up, 
tfwrefora you sometimes look up 
to the screen to see the first letter 
of youf input missimg. Even when 
you Peam to avoid this ttw program 
Still runs more sJowly because of 
it. The story ts a bit thin, as is 

Difficulty: easy 

Graphic*: cheap bul cotouflul 

PraaanMllofti wnQM 

if J 

Input faclNty: verbMoun 

Response: nverage 


General ratinig: ctieap 








Addictive quaHly 





CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 151 

/ mtmrt thi& montti 't Sfgnpawt 
with mnunu9UMtev&nttorm». 
K*t, /V* Mftutily mgrimged to 
hotd on to one of thoge rejtiif 
long yerT#r> ao t csn give you 
the mmconfl h»tt. Tht Iwtirr in 
question i* thm enmeritfciting 
Omrwth H'U teavt hi» m»cond 
nmm« to p«rmanm who c^n 6« 
tothpr^tttQ (otfk t/petd itwuet 
' »o »t not to fmbmiTMtf tht 
poor chap mny turthtr} torhiw 
0*Tonttou9 tifta on Joummy'i 


Otar Otnk 

H you an attsckchd by rats, and 
one o» your party has a ■ 2 or a 
more magic sword, ptJl only him 
In the front lin?. H? will get 3 
Stabs a1 the rats before they 
even get a chance to attack, and 
OS one stab is usually suftic^enl 
to see ottaratnhewlllneverewen 
get a scratch {ih^s is a bil stow 
bu^very effective)- Also, don't 
use a shteld spell for rats as Ihey 
don't u&e anything that you 
would want to be shietded from. 
Don 't s lay on hti nti ng m ode or it 
will iAke you 3 times as long to 
get 1o the castle, you wtil be 
anacked 3 times as often, and 
b« dead 3 limes as quick' About 
tlw only tt>ifig on which I agree 
wilh Garelh hs the advice 'Don't 
use the loleports In the castle'. It 
ts^ bad Idea to write in wit h hints 
it you haven't f>nished an adven- 
ture, as m any have a twist tn the 
tail. I am gutlty of this mysetf, 
having got halfway through The 
pftiCE OF MAi^icH and excitedly 
sent m lips to various 
magazines, that on Qomiplelion 
of the ad venture turned out 1o t>e 
onhrSCb right. Fortunately, thay 
were never published , so I don't 
have to walk the streets with m 
bag over my headl 

Cat Vatnf , Nettingfiuii 

Right, trrr^rre ieen walking 
d6y¥n the 9tre«t wtth a bMg 
over htt bottce i* prot>»bfy a 
Cmreth, if the conclution of 
thit letter it to bp taken liter- 
»Hy. More importjtntty, I for- 
got io give the tr*me of ta»t 
mofith'm £20 tottware priie 
mmt. > . w»itforit.,gi/esa mrhat, 
ft W9nt to yoy Cart tor putting 
thi* Oareth chappie in hi* 
ptace. Anymore tip* ttom 
Garethttvillbe vetted attd then 
nif doubt, thrown irt the bit* 
atong with all the unimagina- 
tivm Quilted game* I receive 
9it»fjf month, 

fc^iap^ OB 


Dear OereH, 

I have recently acquired our of 

iHE SHADOWS and enjoyed rt 

thoroughly. However, my 

t>r other could not ^1 anywhere 

and kept getting himself killed 

by rats and wolves - r»ever mirtd 

dragons and t>e1rogs1 So I 

decided to write a program to 

make ^t easier. Just type in the 

after- mentioned program and 

Hit Potnts. SiTer^gth. Dexterity, 

end any other objects you want 
wtth you, except Quest ttcms 
(thai would rnak« it too easy)! 
You can also renrtrne your 
character. But twwarel It ts very 
easy lo go and matte youi Hit 
Points 20.000 and Dexterity 
30,000 but (his seems to ha we a 
rebounding effect, because 
wtien I dfd this i 1 aund thai I 
could not h)t anything* I usually 
slick to around 50O for each and 
have been able lo inflict up lo 
2S0 dam^age points with a 

10 POKE 236»a,a ; RESTORE 
20 ! FOR r 90000 TO 90026 
eRCAO b sPOtCE r,b : NEXT r 
ZO DATA S9. 62, ZflS, 331 ,. 33, 
4», 11,7, 17, 107,4, 209, Se, 
a, £01 

25 DATA 62, 2S5, 221 , 23, 4fi, 
11T, IT, 1 ST, 4, 200, 194,4, 

90 DIM HS( 1 6) ; I HPUT * ' WH AT 
60 FOR R 1 TO 16:POK£ 
31013 R.CODE N£(R) : NEXT 

70 RESTORE 9000 :FOn L 1 
tO.Oi" HOW MANY"; OS ;'"S", 

80 INPUT LINE AS ;IF AS - '*" 
ASiRj "O"0ft ASift( "»" 
:LETN2 lftTlAy256):LfTNl 
A - N2 ' 25e :POKE AD, Nl ! 
1 to BEEP 1,0 :PRlHT"STAftT 

GOTO 120 

GOTO 1 30 

1 40 RANDOMIZE USn 50014 
MOO DATA 31 091 ,*'HIT 
POINT", 3 1 079/ « STRENGTH 

00 to DATA 31 001, '^DAQ- 
GER", 31093. 'XLUB", 
•■AXE", 31099, "SWORD" 
9020 DATA 31101, "LAN' 
TERN", 3 11 03, "TINDER- 
BOX", 31109. "KEY", 31107, 
"OIL", 31 109, "FOOD PACK^ 


9030 DATA 31119, "OHfT- 

MENT^ 31117," poTroir*, 
31 lift, "AMULET", 31 121, 
"HORN",311Z3, <RIHG" 
9040 DATA 31131, "STAFF", 
31133, -ROD", 31139, 

9090 DATA 31141, "TELE- 
PORT SPELL" , 31143, 
"SLEEP SP€LL"\ 31 149» 
"WISH SPILL", 31 147, 
"SLOW SPELL", 31149, 
S060 DATA 31 157, "HEL- 
MET", 3 1 1 99, ' -BREAST- 
PLATE". 31 161," L.VAM- 
BRACE". 3 1 1 63, " R. VAM- 
BfUCE". 3116S, 

9070 DATA 31171. COPPER 
COIN", 31173, "SILVER 
COIN", 31 173, "aOLDCOlN" 
9080 DATA 31 17 7, "AMETH- 
YST", 31 179, "EMERALD", 
31iai,"0PAL ', 31183, 
"RUBIE", 3118S, 


Dear Derek, 

I shall $lart «t the be«t possible 
place for my solution to Master 
of Magic, the t^eginningi, and 
take you through the adventure 
Step by step. 

First. luretheskeletoninto the 
passageway at the beginning, 
then de'stfoy it with magic (a 
missile ia bestj, then take the 
da^er. Now, to collect the 
mace you must 90 East, North, 
South. East, Nonh. There 
destroy ore and pick up the 
mace {MB whatever weapon you 
want to attack with must t>e in 
your nght hand). 

Next get the heahng potion. 
Now, fforn where you got the 
mace go South, West, South. 
East, Down (through the door) 
then folio w the passageway . Kill 
the «naHe and the potion is in the 
corrwr. |H you can't pick It up 
discard the dagger, you don't 
need it). Go back to the door. 
The next rtefn to collect is the 
backpack. From the door go 
E»st, Sou Ih , We st, N orth, kil \ the 
bat, go upstairs, through one 
doof , then ihrough another, go 
West, destfoy the skeleton it it 
appe »r^ . Y au t he n g Q me to three 
passageways . Go a I'ong the bot ■ 
torn one, down the steps and 
imo th« roonn, kill the spider and 

wear the backpack. 

The next deniia. are the thteJd, 
helm et. a nd wooden dagger. Go 
back to the three pass..i9ew0ys 
and then go through the middle 
one up the steps. This it ids to a 
large area whicfi is populated by 
an ore (carrying a wooden dag- 
ger) . t hree *ke let n* (one with a 
helmet, another with the shieidj 
and tour hellhounds. Destroy 
the ore and skeletons but leave 
the hellhounds, theyVe not 
worth the trouble, 

Kow you should have a mace 
in your right handand a shield m 
your (ett. You are wearing a heJ' 
met and backpack and in the 
backpacik are a scroti, a potion 
and a dagger. The next 
pardphenaiid to collect are the 
sivord and some potion. Go 
Pouth^East from the steps to the 
pool, then go East to the other 
steps, go Down, then W«L You 
are then contronted wl4h2 doors 
oppos i te eac h other. Gd th r ou gh 
the North door hrtt, then West, 
then North, kill the 5{iider,lollgw 
(he (Mtsageway North until ^ou 
coma «croi& an ore Destroy 
him but leave the dagger, carry 
on East. South. Easi. Fast, 
North, thfough the door, than 
cfsstroy the ore and ptck u^th« 
axe and the potion Uhelled 
Alumrof EcnegiJIenti ArtKe. dis- 
card the mace and put the 
potion in your tiackpach. 

Return to the main passage- 
way with 2 doors, then go 
through the South door, carry on 
South until you've reached the 
bottom, go West then North, 
then destroy the skeleton Now 
ptck up the sword and potion of 
heating fN.B use the potion* 
whenever your strength is reaJty 
low, otherwise try to conserve 

1 52 CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 


them). Watch out for the fir^baU 
throwing wizard, 

Th« t>er)ul1rmat« objects to 
coll*ct are the duggffr of death 
srvdthe armour (g,g back to the 
beginning, then from there pro- 
cwd North, kill the bat. West. 
you then come to passageway 
or three steps, go aldng the bot- 
tom one. a 3 spider appears kill 
It, swap your sword for a 
wooden dagger, fotlow the pas- 
sageway - the vampire should 
bA tn the bottom room. Oestroy 
the vampke. pmk up the dagger 
M death and put that and the 
wooden i^agg«ir in your 
bac k pac k . Take O ut you r s word, 
ihen go E<*st then South, go 
through the Jower passageway, 
then go South, destroy the ore. 
then wear the armour. 

€lirfi Hunt, Gw««i1 


Dear D^rek. Here is a complete 
solution to The Edg«'» 
MiNDSTQNE. reviewed b^you in 
CRASH No 33 last month. 

There are a few minor sub- 
plots which I hawe not bothered 
iQ detatl as they only ^nvolv$ 
trading, fighting, bartering etc, 
in ways that are not essential to 
the ma in st oryl i ne. This i s a com - 
plete solution, so anyone who 
does not want ttie entire game 
^itm away should take^are not 
to read the final paragraph*. 

Starting ott in the bar at Elan- 
ior. have M«ra9 DF^INK. This will 
Increase his strength points by 
twenty (handy for later bloody 
tncountersf. This bar is bad^r 
stocked, there is only one glass 
o1 one drink available, so leave 
and visit the village store ion the 
way PICK UP the spade which 
you'll find tying in the street |. In 
the store BUY a Thief's Toolkit. 
Tt>ere is lots more stirff on offer 
but you don't really need it. and 
It's mportant to conserve your 
gold places. 

Vou can v« s it the v l li ag e mystic 
if you Ilka, but don't bother buy ■ 
irtghteZa^tlMMl - it's eKpens^^ve 

and unnof^ossary. 

Now go S, then E , then S again 
and TAKE the OPEN spell which 
you will find there. Travel N and 
E. Have Tama CAST the OPEN 
speil to remove the boulder 
which blocks your way. (tt 's best 
10 put Taina in charge of spell 
casting as she has the highest 
Psyche), Go E. into the Snake's 
Cave. PICK UP the Psyche Rirtg. 
which can be used once only to 
replenish a character's waning 
Psyche, To use the ring MEDI- 

Don't waste time hiiimg the 
snake, it just takes vital strength 
points, CHOP the OPEN spell; 
you won't need it again. 

Go W. S. E, into the Foothills 
where you will find a Drum, 
Leave it where it is, it's just 
excess bsggsge with no useful 
purpose whatsoever. 

Now go E to the Crossroatis 
then N. A piicie will otter you a 
Royal Orb for 38 gold pieces. 
Give him 33 and he'll part with it, 
Go E and Nto the Marsh and 
have Merel MTACK the leopard 
that'$ waiting there. (This will 
C09t him 30 strength points, but 
what'^ th;at tO » hulk llk« Merel?|. 
Now go N then W and take the 
LIGHT spell- Go E. ignormg the 
voyage r who will selt you a 
totally use^es^ Holy Arrow 'it you 
let him. 

Carry on W. then 5 to the Plem. 
then 5, E, N into a Fore$t Glade- 
Here you can TRADE your Orb 
with an Elf. In exchange he will 
give you a Tiger Amulet. Return 
to the Crossroads. 
Go S and have big Merel 
ATTACK the crocodile at a cost 
of 3£ strength points. Merel will 
be down to 6 strength points by 
n ow , so don 't iet him gat into any 
more scraps until you've 
reptonished his strength later 
on. Otherwise ifll t»e curtains for 
the big fella. 

Go Wand PICK UP the lump of 
lead. Go S. to Riverside and 
TAKE the FIREBALL spell. 

Return to the Forest Glada 
where you traded with the Elf, 
and keep going E until you reach 
the entrance to The Iceiiarvds. 
Here CAST the RHEBALL so«<l 
ar>d melt the wail of ice that's 

tii>nd«fing your (vogress. DROP 
the FIREBALL spell. 
Go E, then N, and enter ttw Ice 
Hall. PICK UP the Clock, Con- 
tin-ue E, N, £, and have either 
Prince Kyle or Qyin attack the 
wo*f (cost is tOstr J.PICK UP the 
Magnc Ring which the wolf will 
drop. Tfiere's a hungry polar 
b«ar in the near vicinity, but if 
you meet him don*t gmpfjle. 
He's just there to steal your 

Now about heel and reHim to 
Riverside'. Go W, into the 
Cave house. The caver will offer 
to show you a tunnel, for a price, 
but don't take him up on it yet 
Instead, travel W, to the Ore's 
Kingdom. Have Quin ATTACK 
|t» Ore Guard (-34 5tr). 

S, Wand N will bring you to the 
Ore's Village . W, then S. and 
PICK UP a second Psyche Ring. 
Now H, and N again, to the Ore 
Castle. Here there's an 
ALCHEMY Sipell to be taken. Let 
whoever is carrying the lead 
take the spelt, than CAST it for 
instant re^plenishment of your 
gold supply. Keep the 
ALCHEMY spell as it can be 
used again later. 

Go back to The Cavehouae. 
It's a good idea to SAVE the 
game at this poinL I'll explam 
why in a minute. 
The caver wants S9q la stiow 
you the tunnel, but he'll take S6. 
You are now m Kranos. What- 
ever you do. don't go N or you'll 
be back in the Cavehou&e where 
a grinning caver will demar^d 
another 59g for the privilege of 
taking you back to Kranos 
again. At th»s stage, if you've not 
been taking care with your gold 
you may find that you don't have 
£9 pieces left, in which case it's 
GAME OVER for air who didn't 
SAVE when they should have. 

In Kranos go W to tfw 
Shadowlord's Fort, TAKE the 
DESTROY spell. Now go E. and 
E aga in 1 f i nd y o urse if i n the bar 
at Kranos, Remerkable place 
this. Everyone can drink and 
keep drinking until their indi' 
vidua I ijtrength points have been 
replenished to a maKimum of 
20C (enough to get you through 
the rest of the quest), Even bet- 
ter, nobody faiJs down sloshed. 

Leave the bar, going Wi S, W^ 
to the Sorcerer's Csstta, H« WfU 
trade you your Ttger Amutet for 
a Talisman. Now go E and uS« 
the Thief's Toolkit to open the 
locked door to the south. PICK 
kJP the Bible and go E. and 
further E onto a road- 

Go E and E again to the Gold 
Mountains. There's some food 
tying around here which may b« 
useful for eittra strength, should 
you decide to do some extra- 
Cumcular fighting further along 
ttve way. 

Go N and ATTACK the warrior 
(-27 strK then N again into the 
Dwarves' Mine. DIG with the 
spade and your gold will be 
replenished, DROP the spade. S 
and W will lead you to a 
RESTORE spell, usafut if anyone 
dies (Which won't happen ef you 
have closety followed these 
instructions). Go S, W, S, to tt» 
Doomgate which Is locked. USE 
the Talisman to unlock it end go 
S. into Nemesar's Kingdom. 
Here you can ATTACK a Giant 
Sandworm if you wish (though 

it's not necessary} at a cost olTO 
strength points, the worm wii 
then drop a Booh of Spells, Go S 
then E to Mindhenge find USE 
the Bible la destroy the chanting 
Oevil Worshipper, Go E, E, E. E, 
and m«e1 a fisherman who will 
sen you something. If you're 
lo Elded nnd want a liittle laugh (at 
your oKpanse), take him up on it. 

N takes you to ttie entrance to 
the Ancient City. A goblin wiU 
charge you 41g to get in, but if 
you're clAver you can gel away 
witti 36. Go E. and S to .in 
Ancient Temple; E arnl ATTACK 
the Minotaur (-26 strj, E once 
more will bring you to the Foun- 
tain pf Youth where one person 
may DRINK and gam 20 e*tra 
strength points. Now go back to 
the entrance to the city and go 
N, then E where a Wood Ell will 
trade a Torch for your Clock. 
Now go W. and N to a tunnel 
where you'll need to USE the 
torch. N , E , ar>d N again will take 
you to a RiversMfe (not the same 
one as earlier) There's some 
lead here, so if you are low on 
gold, CAST the ALCHEMY spell. 
Now DROP the sp«ll as you no 
longer n«ed it. GoN^-md N again. 
Ignore the mind vampiri^and he, 
in return, wilt ignore you, letting 
you pass E unhindered. In the 
field ATTACK the ghoul (JO str). 
Go E to the Dwarf Kingdom, then 
E,andEance more, giving a cold 
shouMer to the blue Dwarf who 
wants to trade with you, S and W 
takes you to a Dwarf's Cabin 
Dvhere a Strength Potion may be 
bought from an old Dwarf rf any 
of your party is feeling weak 
<(provided, that is, your purse is 
still bulging), 

N, W and S brings you onto the 
Carokot road and the and of the 
quest IS now in sight. 

Go S, then E to the t>ar in 
Carokot where a Deserter will 
sell you a Back Door Pass. You 
don't really need this as long as 
your strength is high, and it 
should be. 

Go E, then E again, and 
TRADE your Book of Spells (if 
you have one) with a wizard who 
will pay you handsomely, Now 
go W, S, S. E. throi>gh the desart 
where another Psycue Ring may 
b« found, and E once more to 
the Front Ooor of Nemosar's 
Palace (if you bought the Pass 
you can go S and E agarn to the 
Back Door] ATTACK the 
Shadowlord barring the entr* 
a nee (-SO strJ. Go E into the 
palace and a dim, cold room. Go 
W and ATTACK the Fire Dragon 
(-74 strj.then N. and do the same 
to the Mantagore m his passage 
(♦63 str). N one* more takes you 
to Mephistophel«s (-70 str| 
Go N again and you are fac« tO 
face with Nemesar and the 
Mindstone. If you've followed 
these instructions, and not gone 
off attacking every other bad^die 
and beastie littenng the land- 
scape, you WI.H have ample 
strength points left to finish off 
Nemesar, thus taking the 
Mtnd stone and freeing the world 
from ttie clutches of an evil, vio- 
lent and wart -covered tyrant 
nut vniiiinsaii, iandoe NW1 

W9tt dont, Phil, for 1h*a* tipf 
you r9c*tva thi* montti't £30 
software ptfiie. 


CRASH Cfif istmas Speci ai 1 9SS 1 53 


Thm*%MH otifvetf 
w»F Mb moMlft, vc w 

jur^ furihmr tda Mm 

U. i. WhHiwtig From Ntfw Zmm- 
fmnti 0aks: 

■*1. How do you got 1h« Bard to «fM{f|«nd cA«n{^0 t>»ik into 

dMtot the Drugon? thtt frk^kuf Jf.||MMM tiT*tfi 

a, How do YOU tifilor theboat and ger the bika mtt4tM& with 

then cfos^ the bkick river? Ptpp^ acraam ," 

3. WhuiD a the key to (he cach« Heath into HmmprntntO. 
and how do ycm ti'iiter the 

CACha? S. Ft«ld from Lottdiimtm tintlh 

4. Can you so lo Gollum's ditticuttr with Pitici: of maqk 
Island? «nd#iJis: 

St MTlMre is 8eorn? 

6. How do you etitor and ^Bcape * ' What i^ X AM u%ed for? Is th«r 
th« TAf«b? ariy wny lo gel the wh«el In th 

7. Wliat do you sayf to GoHum misty room? Wh;U u%.b is Iht Vs 
when h«ashs ' Wh«( h,'is it go* in onan plant? How do you ijel tt 
ils pochsto?*? Bword out o( the ceiling?" 

8. Wha( is tha goW kcry for?" 

Jr4M ne-tftti the OSJTN at a 

Didn't btatntftnm itmn^ otlh«mf tocua, U gt^t^s tntofin»Uoti 

mtitwers »rv wrong, t hawn^ mboul th^ magic prop^rfres t 

pimffd thB gMma tor aver A the iarg&t. Thv WBHQJSF 

jfvmr. CBU will help jfou with th» 

I.SAYTQ OA/iD "SHOOT wheel, the ¥iiterian plant la 

DfiACOM" uicd wtth the CJY TOFMM. 


then PULL fiOPE CAREFULLY T««} W«bb ot Watertooviile, 

3. Hothmg can b* dort* with Hantt. is having probttrmm 
the gobttft's cacfic^ with CRL'a vf at DttjCAvi ALrvLh 
4. 1 don 't think you c«n go to i uri »nd A*k i: 

the iitand 

3. 1 haven't *e^n B«9m wh*n How do I ciirnb the IriMid withoi 

t'we played the game being calen? Al&o, ttow do I 

6. cur WEB WITH SWQRO avoid Jetl MmTer on the t)fidg< 

7, tt'a l>*st timplif to kill Cift- and how do t gel past the Con 
turn Ifibution plate giite?" 

B, Just point** think! 


IRick Brophy of &tockpCft I* OBSBflVBUon tht^ utility bi?l 

plaiting iAfititui^f and atka; To pass Itio hairy ftgurv Hjn 

RFDPSE Irom tha giant root 

"CouM you^ please tail mo what To open th^gata ESf*0 QJFi 

the f o liowinq do i biill b , ^1 .'^r s, ot plate. 
talismans, aiHutulii. the Edyp- 

Han looking sphin^x thingy! and Raui Sriniuasan ot Epsom, 

ciocks andcoHm&?" S*irrey wri tet; 

Th* baits should be placed on "You've gol to help me! After 

the ctftreci colour pedeatml* ageb of fruitless toil, I can't qe 

to open the portcullis. The onto the ferry in lord of the mmc 

stars are used st the end ot In desperation I bought the bq 

the gametoproteclffontewil, r.iT and played that brilliant 

read the Book of L ogond tor spoof iistsad, onty lo ttnd I 

more detail. Th^rt^ arc two ttit- couldn't find the swofdl'^ 
terent amuitfts and two ditfe- 

rent talismans. One protects You lind tho sword in the 

from snake bite*, one mtopm &BVMESPO, simply PMJHC 

the gremlins stealing trea- DBVMESPO. TogetFrodoet 

sures, one hahees the damaffe onto the terry, you must firs 

dontf by nattiem whilst the bring ft ta the Qorred side € 

other doubiem it. The tdoi the rivmrby turning the hanti 

denotes areas oteviL The 3 times. You can then boart. 

clocks and coftint are purely the terry by HFU BCPBSM 

decoration. GFSSZ. 

SeoM Maddy 4yf Lalndeit, JohnChaney/tnani Hmidmyi 

Esse* ¥tritesi Ononaskat |- - — 

"In HAWPSTtAD I have f*ippn, *'Piease could you herp me In 

given documents to Chubby, coloiiz- I can't gel the coHin 

have a car arKl dveds to a cot- open and l aiso can't find the 

lage , lAmere i s the cottBge? Can ottw person to give the food 

you help me finish the gam«7" Id." 

When Chubby ask* you what 
you want to do say NBSSZ 
qJQOB. After giving him the 

You need the OSPXCBS to 
open the coffin, with it 
MFWFS MJM, The person you 

give the tood to is in theiatt, 
but first you must restue him. 

Cliri« Janet ot Formby aska 
tite totlowing ques tions about 

"ROMAN TIMES' How do you 
g«l Si Poter lo euro yoyr lep- 

you kilt Ih^ fabbit? |Do you use 
the Silver-tipped spear?) 
you use the »ewi ng ki t and blan- 
KBls to make a uniform? Howdo 
you get through the minefield?" 

To get St Peter to cure your 
leprosy give him theSPCF. To 
pass the rabbit ESPO 
DBSSPU. To m»ke a uniform 
you also need QPMJTI, end 
finally to get through the 
minefield VTFCBZPOFU. 

Tim Shellom ot %toekpofi ia 
having difficulty with several 
advetiturei and wrrites: 

"[ am a keen, although not par- 
ti cularty good, adventure 
gamer. There are four games 
th^ii I hji vo been able lo make no 
hi:>.4dw^iy With lor quite some 
(I me. Please could you help me 
in my quests? 

1, Kf HTnui - How do you turn the 
904d key to iron? 

2, a^AS 0* BLOOD - After leaving 
my ship I cannot manage to get 
to land, but just stay stranded al 

3. Towrf R Of DES«>iMn - Of the three 
d^ors, I cannQt get the crystal 
from the door labelled HOPE. 

4. yf LNOH SLAifl ■ How do you 
cross the waterfall, arid what do 
you feed the sharks with?'* 

To tlrrn the key to iron EJO 
sure you have remove d your 
gold ring first: To disembark 
onto dry land you must take 
your ship adjacent to land 
thenMPBTtPSF. To be able to 
safely get the sphere you 
must firs t XFBS HBVOUMFU. 
Wtitmiiy in Velnor you can feed 
mm sharks with EFBE PHSFT. 
That's it tor another monthf 
hop* I've been of help. If 
you've got any questions to 
ask, or help to give, then 
please write to: SlGHSTUIMPS 
1/a KMG ST 





I tieim the 9uper1terp 
rnie for aehfing aftes- 
swocn by Interceptor on 
M0ndmy TihofOc teber af 
t.OSpm. To finish the 
game I replaced the mis- 
ting valve on the pipe and 
pressedthe button in the 
reactor room. The final 
screen metsage tells you 
that the backup system 
burets Into life, the core 
temperature is falling 
rapidtyand the etty will 
rime again from the ashes 
like a phoenin. Starting 
tips are to examine tt»a 
lift to see a panel and 
then climb onto a chaff 
and remove it, then climb 
out of the lift. To pass the 
cables switch off the 
Irofator in the utility 
room. James eillott, 

1 54 CRASH C hrist mas Special 1 986 

9S t 996 1 i^OBOQ seuJisiJMO HSVyO 

Ouiuitiqo ui tw^n^yiip Au< AAt^ noA ^i «j0q«i|qnd agi 

«qj Q] p«iriqij)8ip pu» '19MM90 't*i OVl 9AS «J<M«dOJMS 
'»0(|>ni iMJis 6ui)( 21 PIT mm^Mtfi Aq iiiuoui 

utig Buipuaq Aq op uo roA ipiqiM 'iuaOmmm |«ooj jnoA 
1411M jmpjo jBtnHj It s3V|d «! op 01 Gutm i^^ ^i c^S ~ii;uouj 
AiBAfl Ad03 jnoA Sutujviqo u< Aninsi^fp Bsusu^xa A&iu 
noA put A|sisip«ujiui ino ||M oi spuai 11 Ouiop si HSVUD 
•fi Aipidvj SB uojivirojp u[ Oufiti si iHiii«6auj i uAq^ 


uvino3y unoA 3unsN3 






The first in a trilogy of iUusttaied text adventures 
for the Spectrum 48k. 

WIN £500 CASH 

For the first adventurer to successfully complete 

the trilogy} Wrightchoice are awarding a piize of 

£500 cash. 





RO. Bm 100, Troon, Ayrshire KA 10 6BD 

SPECIAL OFFER ; The lirisl lOO orders will ret:eive Pirt TWo 

(}f the tnJpgy absolutety free. 

XI IV ^001 noA 



IfWS' iVl 

ttKt£{U0 111 iNIMl SO I't-W* 

Id Visi -nmuinaw no >. nn 

lisn Dtfv? 



MiaHO tTV HO M31W4M1 

t 1/ 



miMMJ *ii|9Hf| 





mm fft^ii^^rtl 

Hi W Irf wJ ■■ 1^^ i j l H l> ^--t -^ « — ^»l ^ #»p^^*^^* I ^ l"^ ! 

*»'IISl-i^*1 _ »» qi 



am43edsMmAuo *- 55i^' 

AHiAnad iiviQiMni uoj 3iavi(v/w mom qnis 

itfii^liilii^i ii 1 \ liiim iiiiiij^^H^liifM'H'jrt' ••■«!**• 

iailJMiqflri *•« ^"^ 


y,^w H i ■iOif (wiaaids jAi 4« Amu •nv 

1^^^ ioyjii03 iiflOiN H saiioaou 


66 PU,^ 


^^J 1*1 ■ wn la ^ 11 


N3smi wha iiu3djoivD3iJS»si3oow3uijaidvy 

DWtOni3N|-^DllSA0f NldSANWSid33DV- 

H 3DVdU3iM- -dOSWna, - N0iSdW3>l » 

H 3ii ftAS V iO >f an J 3M i i V SW liSAS 3 1 u wm V * 


Hf) n ou hi:n v3u e s^i Ud 



)l8Zl/Smd/mU133dS ^\ 
SU3ddO lVI33dS "'^ 



£3.00 INFOGRAMES software vouchers for everyoe 

1 56 CRASH Christmas Special 1 966 






A weekend break for two 

on offer from French 


software house 

°ywho enters! 

HMwiw* toifw — iMr iritnili 
I4W* bMn wal-lifie«tn tti ir«^ 
homt oouniTy Frme* Is torn* 

white, bwi now gtmM agiefi a* 
i'Aimm van Cna. Mwtdwm 
■nd fh* ktmimnmm* «v«iMii* 
tlM liM Of (he Whil« CSN* 9f 
Ddwst Soon, may matMUirwd'tfy 

Smma t* n» TH*T "HMf * 
THE ¥6MI •QM^ IPuMinH. <n 
ciM you httfil neliM^ woo. 

CRASH nrntwrnd • oonpviton 
to • IM 01 wgnOMlr^g 4n Ll BWI* 
Fiinc*, T|i*y n bo^I« Hvter 
mt w*wmt». r«wri IKphl fcum 
•Mw^ifiweli or HhOvom 1o ttt» 
ChttM tM QaiA uttjnrt m P«4i. 
■nd imR cosfv ttm oan of trvM 
n^hn' bM and twftfdw m * 
T»TC* Siw Pant how WMi ■ 
(ilwiiim ip«iiii>i>ite bfMHi 

M t* ni^fMiir vMI ha«* to fund ■■ 
•pinOnq monay.iuneh wKidlnrar 
— jMi) of <90ui** nwl bom hvn* 

So ii0w » rou g«i 4n wKh a 
eham* ol a Spnig wMiiand in 
Eu<4p«'« Moil lamwthc caty^ 
Wta. a t* 0< TO IWfli it CMBW tar 
No. yoi dont Iww* to trwMlaia i 

ami vioogt of Frmeh ittm 
ntruettorw tor nw nie« Mr CfOt- 
p^Har wtKi luw Oinga « |N| 

Dowmy fer la^QOiuMH, nof am 

Mw 90*19 to haw* lo vMail htf c«r 

W * y«ar Mil youf longu« 

Scampar itomi to lh» Msiwy <>r 
a twMi agancy and dig out Hnt* 
'boD^ «r broehuna ^oiri Pvi« 
Fv* (fum Wiam,. vnagiiWM ch» 
lOHtly tfm* you would ht«« It you 
won tiia conpatmon. Th«n m 
dONti an knaglnacv ttey . d4ACx«>- 
n0 'lh» gigtia ycu taM. ttvt piacM 
y«u vtaAad and th» Itiirigft rau du 
dui«no an aiutftwy w glt y i d m 

Md a iMw iu«Miar« t»wM> by 
yottf (MM fnr Dandi V BNpnd out 
ol a tnHB( bnxhijr* <( yciu tt*. but 
ddnt M moi* than rwo M pieat. 

Wwt ri'a ai (jcMny boo i^d 
on f m i m . mra wv itoy 10 lA 

eaJLE wiSWcE. fcnASM 

SMfWPSHiRE, S¥« 1M m*lfifl 
•UM » amvaa bafcHv 2Qin juniaiY 

Evanona iMi» aniwi, wM oolaot a 

ffiW - ordaf dwct <Wn 
UK oHcai. Can't tw bM. «M^ 



CRASH Towers 

PO BOX 10 



iall98S 157 

Christmaa ii D<ncti mQim upon 
tj*T And rvow ttvft d«ar ol*^ PQ«t 
Ofnt» hat upp*d Kfl. potUi 
charQ*«, n {■ tfmvf or th« iiorttng 
«fflc« to MbwTuta for th* 
wintw. This Is m crual ym« of 
yvar fftr tUcws trytng to m«*t 
PitM d«tKlllrt«, M aloin* keep 
on top in op«n sndvd gariwa, for 
It takftt iwtlc««t)4y long*r tor 

OespEte the Xmas postal 
chaos, Brendon Kavanagh 
brings news of some new 
releases and an overview of 
SaturnaJia - a game of 
qu€st. exploration 
and fantasy 

thosa crucial communlcationB 
to g«t from A to B and back to A 
•gain. Forturfataly, OMb are 
awer* of th« Chrimbto porta} 
dviayv and d««dlin«s ara dafw- 
rad, allowing addlctad PBMam 
to- relax wttiJit trying to figure Ovir 
whvrs tc^ replant tt\\t f^vt't 
Chriatn^* tra* . . . 


ilRihjrttwihe cbiaeol peace an^ 
-undaratexSng amonoit itw 
paoplas of the P6M ganwtg world , 
CRASH wishes to uridert<k« th« 
iMk qfput)l»*hing a DIPLOMATIC 
DWeC tORY m tie hope of 
fnoouraQing dtploffiBtk! ivltfions, 



Simply pcHi ycnx name, addnss, 
arKi iMwa ti Iha gmim in wtncti 

wy play tc. 

PBM MAILBOX. 1/7 King 
Straat, LudkMr, Sltrt^pAhlra SYB 
10BJ wHl ition enier your del**!* 
fgr bJP to roaid 


Olmy, miiyou budding PBM 
gmnmtlM^inofa, iet us tastyovr 
htag la mi m tv asnittg you a 
attnptt c««i p#tffto n. AHyoutwv* 
totioiB design a two playarPOM 
ganw ^tst couid tut run on m 
standard 48K Sptctnjm with # 
primtar. Wt dont wmrtyou to 
mctuaify write Cfw aoffwa/v, or 
«v«n fro fa tar 0a tiowchartrtg ^ 
prognm. ASl hts woutd Hk# you 
to do, /« to writ* no mon Uian 
1,000 WDTdEs do9cr1bi/tg: 

^ Ths Game Scenario 

^ How the printouts would be laid out fie. how n^uch infofma- 

Wpn woufd be given per turn} 

^ What the player kvou/d do each tvm 

► ftjT how long the game would run 

^ How much merrtory you think that tt*e game would use 

^ How the game woutd 'piay' 

^ What the game packaging would inchxie 

Prizes HII be gkan (or the mcfst 
ortglnai icteas submitted to us by 
the dosing daiQ^ for entries — 20lti 
ianuary 1 967 First prize is a tnoof 
Bub9cnptkons:te FLAGSHIP, PBM 
throw in two tree t ickets to the 
SeoOTid Brtl tsh P BM convenlioc^ at 
the P^vcttester Hail, London, on 

1 56 CRASH Ctiristmas Special 1 986 

the 7th February 1987. 

Eighteen ruftnert^up are set to 
CQlleci a pair of ticketatottie P3M 
Convention . . . 

Get those gam© Wteas in to PBW 
PO Box 10, Ludlow, Shropahtr*, 


Ssttjm^fta IS a low prced, open 
erK^td fantasy role piey^ng P6M 
game run by bloth CNTEwmsis of 
Soulhampton. The g^me is set 
upon the TTiysterious iartdmass of 
Satumaiia whch. *ith its varying 
climates and wonderous crea- 
tuTM, ia aomathinq Jike a cross 
boftwrnan Europe, Middle Earth, 
and CRASH Towers. 
Saiumalia has no really originBJ 
feaiturss — in fact, as farAasy 
9»nea 90, It has tittle special atioui 
It at all. Having said that. SatumaMt 
fans certainty en|oy their 
sacafMKlea i*n thia Qame. 

Ttw {w«v goodlli ojietxjck is spin 
into sJmple sections covering 
refigior, economics. magiC. wmv 
bat, Kcmling and movement. 

Ratlolon and M^glc are two 
very important parts of ihls g&me. 
Your character is recommended 
to follow orw of the land's lourteen 
not-ao^mythical Gods and God- 
deaws. FoUowing each God has 
its pros and cons; twlieving in the 
Weattwf God, Some*!, rnay give 
you fine travelling conditigni. IQUI 
^is doesn't hetp you very much 
against Deetu. God of Darknna} 
Vour ctKMoa of religion infuencee 
your Dharader's ability to leam 
vanous types of spel Is. so a careful 
choice of religion proves to be very 
important if you intend to use a lot 
of magic in your game, since ^|our 
character may learr cxily a limiled 
number of ttiese spells. 

Economici only antars Saftr- 
fiaifa m the cnjcia fonn of Supply 
ar>a Demand jnfluencmg artefact 
values- Money e^sts ir^ various 
tenders, and is (of course] very val- 
uable - sofTte finance is required to 
buy tools, food and weaponry for 

iMwn you join Sgitwn^ia you are 
astned to design your character. 
TTie fifst stM© of this orocesa is to 

distribute 250 AURty Polirts 
among your character's frve 
abiiiti^foornbat. msgical, vitality, 
scoutins «fid perception). The 
hlgrier the weighting, fhe greater 
the at>i1ity — airrtplel The second 
stage is to descritw your charac- 
ler's appearance, habits, trade, 
family background and so on. Aa 
ttw game progresses, all of these 
variables change Ability points 
hse and fall with uso/abuse, and 
yt>Lir character's description 
changes, should he (for exampieii 
turn away from t)eing a merchant 
to being a thief. A sisrth numencal 
rating exists for your character — 
Fama. Tha fluctuates as you do 
good or bad deeds of varying 
degrees, and this is a true reflec- 
tion of your Character's honour 
and Gompsssionj 
As In mc:^ games, Sattim^ia tea- 
tures a hexed landscape (with 
atxnul ten terrain types), an 
efTiciert movement system, and a 
GM -controlled combat method 
(lor which the GM uses suchvarf- 
at>(es 89 relative abilHies. magic, 
lerrakn suitabilities, and so on) 
SaXumaUB ts a simple but enfoy 
abto game to play. Siom an^ 
have run this muiti -player 
successfulty for nearly two 
now without any inajor prob- 
lems that imrrwdiateiy spring to 
mmd. Starr up costs tS.OO^ this fee 
aiso includes the rules and your 
first five tums. Each turn coats 
£1 .25 thereafter and there are no 
hidden cdwrgea. If you erioy role 
l^aylng game*, you may well ert^ 

Drop them a.ima, enclosing youf 
chieque or Postal Order — Satur- 
natle CRASH Startupn S1.DTH 
BOK 32, SOuthampTcMi, Han^ 



At long teal, FLAGSHIP 12 is both 
out AND available (not as daft as it 
aounds irfter its primers failed lo 
produce ttie agreed number of 
oipies — no mines p<es for ttiem.) 
ArtJCt^ of interest to Bntish read- 
ers arv features on Vareon Wars. 
Capitot, Chesfer-Dsaed SF game 
Rebinh, and the rapklly expanding 
CoTQuesf game. Issue ^2 also 
iTKiudea Iha taguHat news pJeoM 
end tipe paoas. as waH as a v&y 
jnteirestlng letters page. Nicky 
Palirwr {FLAGSHIF' editor) has 
even tiaen itind enough to grve 
CnASH a mentKjn in his editorial. 
A four issue FLAGSHIP subscrip- 
tion costs E6.00 from FLAOSHtP 
Aldrldge, Walsatl, West Mki- 
lands, WS9 OTJ. 


This Autumn, a leur numtwr gf new 
games have been launched, 
inciudtng the three-piayer game 
Mtafteta and Mules (A strategic 
wargarrw sat in central Europe 
dfca 1600), St. Valentine Day 
Massacre by kam^wm: aMMtt (a 
more detailed and iniwaailnfl ver- 
sion of Chicago gangland goings 
on than rt's a Crwne,' although just 
as oontroveralal and mora expan- 
sive), and Mortsfers and Magk t>y 
tfvnM0fT oAun. I ihal wtamine 
some of th^e new gamaa more 
ckMiely In the New Year, 

An^ which way ^, have a Meny 
Yuietide — l hope you now havs a 
uae for the ever present bhros and 
iietter writing sets arrwng yoUf 

Chnstn^s goodies! 

i, t^ONAM/T% 








AMSTRAD £9.95 

Twin Cassette Pack 


Manr eoa» t^a. an tif^acti 
trchjidii^cillv oHentdtcd 

tviluatt {he Eailh piior lo 
the tec Age N'uw, ihf« 
Krmu^ pcopic at mnnuOK 
(0 rmUini ibdr beriuKC 
iknMgh conqu^' Ffom cIk 
CHlrok of vouj Soltiiu 

ddcQid ihc £4nh fnxa 
tilieuvcf hf (be Xe^ioM 

»ICTtUM IMt £7,99 * 


EaicT tbe wof Id oi mdosirn 
and milts. Travel the (Mth 
[fl m)rMtr> ind combflt ia 
«*nh of tbe lood ch« 
rqiWnLshf^ votir 'licjlth'. 
Your M4V L4, boned b]f u 
wrvfvi movntniad 
kiqons of eBunf betoj^ btu 
the V jcv not ymi oaif Im il 
tht (jticM: l« Iwd, 

fciiw piifta GH^et« in 

SSr £9.99114.99 

MIX iwMf 

• 71 

tto ffioir yiovin^. 
ite^ raeiics In nmt fiikd emporitim 
ioa Afaw, kai ilmi wl)$» you ^et u> 
dulkn^, tiic test you've 

I fof,.«, ii's OTtr money 

Of) bf iiiiAtijbie dfones in a 
WiO you ever attain 
itatm? Doa't wonder iny lonj^r, 
rGdd briag foil fcHir ontstandio^ cb;^ 
aO (be exdiement and rulism of theti 
[ jfUdr oofhulft in the comfort and warmth ^ 
'a( rooxowi bomc j^ 


vs. Gold Ltd.. 

Unit» 2 1, lluliurd Wtr, 

HoUofd, Binmjiitluiti B6 ^AX. 

Tcb 021 ihtt i^ 




CiyMil CiKks a i once in 
1 liJftinK ofiporttuuly lo 
cipciitncc a I rue idlwin 
kgnd. A kgoid thii trill 
coiiiiiiiie bttimx! Ji i^ M br 
ptoiaai m i Limiid 
lEditraa, ^rQW tlul yw'vc 
Wtri d it fM aaisi bsy it 
odbowisc tmH brc 
ndaei ■ trac wftmie 

AMsm^D £9.99 £14,99 


Win yourself a FLIPBOT, courtesy 




■ ■«a 




■ ■1 


P s 





























T R 





























R 1 















1 D 















V R 















M 1 















A H 













N C 




























R O 












1 R 












M C 















L A 



























B O 

























9 mm******** 



After montha end momhs of iMMl^, 
Kai-Trap is alrnost comptets, 
Ftemembw all tHoM l%iu^ 9^0 
wtMfi we raponed on ihe mesnirtg 
In Birmingham when DAVE CAR- 
fCmO from DESIGN DESEON afl 
met togelher m s hole! room to 
cJecide who had won the 

OUVER FREV QOl tOQ«(hef wtth 
1Jh& thiap wtwi sanl in (Ke winnmg 
ganw desjgn, JON EOGEiTON", 
and betwMin ih»em they devdoped 
it^e fjestgn for the QaiT« tnUy and 

Pro^rftfrnnii^g wotk started up in 
Manchester, end any day no* the 
finished game stvould be in the 
shops, appealing on ttw STREET- 
WISE label. 

Staji^ng M.T.-Ed, an aH'-purpose 
lefTain expioratiori droid, the game 
sees you battling thcK>gh a host of 
unpleasant locations, figtvtloQ off 
the Kat Men who have tatan over 
the planet Earth. 

There's no doubt about It, the 
Kat Menafevvell untidy. Empty tins 
of giant Krt-E-Kat no doubt (ittw 
the larKJscape, and all sorts of tiits 
o1 furand slutf lie around the place. 
Rather like the CRASH Office aftef 
the Girl>a Tip5t«f has t^ad ten 
minutes to untidy-up after the 
weekty hoovering sesston, When 
it comea to k^bbmo scraps of 
paper into the txn, Lee Paddon 

thinks he's a r9ai rieat 9hot. but he 
mtsaes aH the lime ar>d the area 
arOuTid If* bin is Covered ifl 
screwed ^jp scraps of "Lsrge 
Electrical Doobnes Monthly" 
which he insists on readirig for 
santJmantal reasons. 

That Ben Stone is a messy fel* 
low too. He keeps ripping Esbets 
oft peoples ckithes and scatteftr>g 
tftem over the fkxjf, saying' "That's 
ncFt designer , . . Ngr's That. (> 

And Que$s wt>o f\as to clear up 
after all this rneas? Rig hi m one. 
YoLirs truly. What I could do with (s 
a IfttJe Robot ttiat could f oiiow ttie 
CRASW o«i(ca iTissay aobs 
around, tidying up aflsr ttwm. 
Rather like ttw FUPBOTs that 
OOMARK are dving away as the 1 
super phzesln this competitior. 

What I'd lika vou to ib is come up 
with a list of S p<Maible naties for 
the Katmefl watrofs wtvo give old 
MT.'Ed S.iJCh a tough lime in ttie 
gaine. Once you've done ttiftt, 
search through tt%e wofdsquare to 
find all the words that appear m 
th^ little narrative ifi BfO LET' 
TERS — like those two. Rina 
round all you can find, and add 
your Katrr>en names to the 

Whizj yow entry to me at KAT 
W. Ludtow, Shropshire, SY8 tDB 
so it amives tie<e rio 3atsrtfkan20Ui 
of January The best 1 entries wfl 
win a FLIPBOT. 


I a* *4 144 *4 ««44 «' 

■' m** aga n '* a * a^ ■*a**a * a*a*a* a#* a*i * a*a*i i 

aii i i an *«a«*a'*^**Hi* 



Onu vgaif}. the mammolh task of indexing ihfl software we reviewed over the past twelve months has been achieved. This year, thanks 
mntgoto POCER HUME and IAN DOGGETT who did mutho< Iho gruundworli. Don't f Of get , , , aomfl games ckm*l actually get p«rcentag« 


*e*CascoOe»1% £SSe33AZ 

teflon n«fl«* Mirrorson M% CT JO 3f/3B 

M*« V«ra Cniz IrrtcignniBS ■■% t&je J44& 

AltHihocii <fil*r«plpr M% EBJW 3«9G 

Uwi HIghwfw Vorttx •«% t7.H ^O^ 

Art Of ¥M«d Thw M% £0.96 ?&^ » 

AiMfta and tha lMB0)c CwJcfevn M«ib«vne«1% 

CUB 34/141 

Mtock of KJtor TomtAOM Giotial H% CTM 2fi^ 


Anittrito Ldlhlorwii 03^ tS.BS PJ^aO 

tmck to tha Futm E lectric Dfsams 41^ OJW ?l^31 

lamatarAciivision T1% CT^gs-Pfria 

Bardlou Central Solutiona as% BUM J 7^1 1 D 

Barry MoOuiaaii'a Boilng Acibmian M^ C7.Wf3/1 B 

aabnan Oown •«% CT.W ?d^?l 

Batto of til* Planati Mikro-G«ri 7 1 S C«.9a£&1 ^ 

B*«^ Hma n US Gatd 74% C7.S6 24/^ i 

a«a«to Quaat r>kimtMr 9 T eax^T/ra 

Sarins Mb Madcw ChH* OK'twiiCA Tt% C&J0 

ttB0lH MinOrBon •3% CSjH 3Q/12 

aiHtonimar CFiL fflW O^W f 7/1 2B 

Sobbv Baaring Tba Edge 94% KTM3f/iO 

BomA, Tha C^L M% 17 Je IZ^ 

BHiib^ack Eitte •«% C7 JH ^7/7 1 

Bwidwcwa Ftrated T4% £1 Jf 3A^ 

BQUiwaa Beyond Te% fSuaO fa^ 1 7 

BouHto Gwn<n M>% cr Jft ^9^ 33 

Brtan tiia BoM Cartral ScAriigrn H% EOM J ^/74 

Artdna Ptayaf Ml CP 1 1.M ?r/l :} 1 

Buccanaar FiritCMtl *»H C1.W 30^23 

IMto*^ Macsar 4S% £a.fl» 3(3/^ 16 

Bijni» 9«t S|>M[a htestonrwtlc sa% CZM 34^ 32 

Cflflara PtsywB ^Hb CI J» 3f/23 

Captaai KaAy Ouckvlve •3% e&M 3^7 

GapMin Sh» Alpha Omau Mk tt.» 33^ 

Cauldrwi II PalBca ■ 1 % &.n 31/11 3 

CanifTw of Katoi^ Atlantis 4«% t1J« ^f/1T 

Ctwai of Doom Mastottronlc •■% Ct.M fisas 

CNnwa Firebird t1% £1M 24^ 

OaHraom tihaoa Canuvl SiAJtiona 7 Ca-M ;?»» 

Cwr HanQv NeM Ganarstion •*% ET.9S JOna 

C<fnM 04m* Fir«b«d H% Cr J6 fS^i 

CommaiMlo OouUe Play ■ £l.Ba S&W 

Cocnmando EMa 9*% CTM 24A 30 

Camputar WonlMarch SoMrm M% EBJfl f&SS 

Con-OiMSt Mastertronic M% ££,» 3f,^ 

CaiMiwaatadsr MatbDuma WIN tTjao 34/144 

Cm A & F ••% ISlM ^9^ 

Cafmii: Wartoed Ocevi ••% E7 J6 ,?&i 36 

Casta Capen Firatwd 94% fU6 f 7>S3 

CoviFitiJown CanfraJ Solutidru T«% COM 3ir/73 

CounldoHin Macsan *3% Ea.flS 33<?3 

CUiraaaf ihataai Canttai SoMws • £1 Ja f 7/75 

Cytwun ORirTHtta •»% O J6 f 5^ 

Dan Dan Virgin BIK Cftje asne 

(tvieannnB* {IMWl Spvhfcergi Hi^ CI .09 ^/1 4 

[)aBcttvaton Arkotnod ••% Ga«» 34/138 

l>M«iw«Ka Ouicksiiva ra% £7.M PVi 1 3 

MuMatiig Oluaa Alpha Omega 3S% f;i.9i 33^ ?7 

DaHTt Hawrti Ptayert 4T% CI.W 3f^4 

Dawl IMa CCS ••% EMS £fi^ 21 

Dafpndo CwilrdI SdutiofM ^t\M5mi 

Davk Crown M«sl«nrt)ntc M% El Jfi 2^7/134 

tha Daomacftaw Pupan Mstand T U.M 2Sfi9 

OrapofH Latr Soniwan FyoiaaB tt4% £B.B6 34/1^ 

Ounewn DH»Caf««l Sotutions T Ea.W ^A^ 

OynamNa Dan M MliTtttolt M% E7JW 32/28 

Davanlh HoMT VMumnIt T C3,M fftM 

indmnot OIL ••% C7J6 M/14 

iniama Foma Baytsr^ •■% ELM .?fi42$ 

Eoinoa hU«n>-(3en tr^b OJS 30^ 

MCrwMi Matd Oarnea TT% mM ^4/1 Si 

ExMcMor Pf>eci*<on Gomaa « 12.W f!aw 

FACup fiHttwII Wg<n •4% E7JI6 27ASA 

FriUandaB2 PSS 3*% ^M S7S3 

FM WDfni Btotma SpifKy Dureil M% fs JH 3«n 43 

FVir Feut Bug ^« UH E2JS;?&S3 

Fwtbal OuickQu^ Rothrrwv 1 1 K ttJi ffrl 2S 

Fotbkldan Planal Da»gn DesMn M% £T JS fS^ 

Foroe, Tha ArgiM Praat «•% OkSBjaw 

Ffvnli tfia Ftaai MaoHoft 37% CLao^^/iaO 

Nday 1 301 [^xnorh 33% ES.fl6 ?fi/1 30 

Mm Z« C\WYfl 43% £7.96 3197 

Qaoff Capa* Man«cfi Tt% CT Je 2442 

Garry «** Qmntt Ft^tmi*BM, C9.H ?7/l36 

Ghtiala N QsbHna EMa M% Ca.96 30^ 

Qiadlater DofTwfc TT% nJ6 M^ 

QMtrRklarQuicl(*fA«»M»t% 1XB|Caae 34/16 

OoM nun Wacsen 3«% O.Oe 3£/S« 

H €to9o(i-a CrteMI Audegenic M% SIM £S/\ 3 

OiHtaat Shoai tin Emr^ Central Solutions 3f % 


Orean B*r«t imaQna «•% ETJ6 2^8^ 16 

Qrfmbta MtcrolecJi ■»% £2^ 31W 

(kaiIHghl Uiumata •>% ESiSe f&WJ 

Hwplaet Day* Of Vow Ul* Rnturd «4% El .US 34/ 34 

ManMwi Advance •«% £afl6 34/32 

Head Coach Ad(tctiv« »3% c&as 3an 1 4 

Haartteid Drabli^ n% tSJBfi ^ f ^ 

Hanry on tha Magli Qarooyta • EftJS 29«7 

Hanry'a Hoard Ailam«t(ve i«% 1 .•• ?7/l 37 

HtHk BKtric Dfwns ••% £9.9ft 3f/1 15 

HeeuaftteuaOuiaativa 70% t&as ^tt^ 

HRH am Day •■% CSJH 34/9fl 

Human Torch AH Anwican M% E»J6 30^6 

im^tchtMdt Adv«rttw« Ocean H% £7^6 J;3^7 

Hvpa Raid Atlantis ao^ £1 M tr/lA 

mcrfdtbla Shrlrilchig Mwi Maitiwlranic 48% E1.W 

InttmatMMiai Kama Sy^em 3 •S%«.M C2«22 

hro Jhna PSS H% CT JB 30^ 

.lach Iha Nlppar Gremlin 99% C7JI6 30^ fi 

Jo«k and TJrn* Ring* Attars* «t% £1 M H?»2S 

JkofHWiy Rab II LotNoriert •!% EB JSaa/Sa 

Juat IfMBki* Cantral ■•% E3.AB ^S/109 

Kal Tanifila rrabtrd «(»% tl.fl* 34^1 

Kant Masiwtfcnic •#% £1 M 33^ 1 4 

KUnap Spanoer* 4»% £1 J» 30^ 

Mira(Add)CtivD •»% £BJfi 3^^i 

KfriglM OMiaa ■ Qlaqk Knkfht M% C2.» 3^07 

Knight Rldar OoeBT 39% C7.W 33^ 16 

KntgM Tyin* Msst«1ronlc W% ££.« ;?»10 

Ktin0 Fu Maator L@ Gold M% ETjBtt 37/1^ 

LattyrintMon Bodata M% C2Jn J r/IOfl 

Up e< et* Qede Mntartrsnic 30% £1J0 33/1 24 

UoMdof ttieAnwanWeminUSOotd 7a%£TJS 


UfiMbnx FTL 31 % er Jt d4/^ 7 

lonl of the Rlnpa MeCnume 9 £1 SJ6 »«2 

UHMdt Bug Byts • CaJA ?4La68 

Luna Atac Attwutis B«% t1.9S ?mB 

Mafla Cnnbwrt AltanM 3S% E1.«a 3f/73 

Mandgrevor* Intoarames 70% CAJS 30«3 

Mvnrortbt Protie fi% £7^6,24^ 15 

Maatar. The Antarcttc 30% £1 SB 3(^4 

Maater «f Itogie MasiartrofUc M% CLW ^f/TZ 

Man Heedroom Qutetaava —% EB^98 2Bn 7 

Mermakl Madnaaa Btclrtc Draama M% OJO a2/3« 

Miamd Dio* BUQ Byta 37% ££J« 34033 

Mikile lfnagina«a% CrSS^TSOl!} 

bHndahadow ActhriaMxi • £7 JM 2^/7% 

NHndatooe The Edge M% Ga46 3S93 

Miaatw Otnaga MM Garten 73% £B J6 22J9S^ 

Motactaa Man M«atartrontc 33% £1.9» 30^ 

MoonNght •iadnaa* 8ubbi* Bus 33% £ 33^7 

Moron Atlanta 30% £1J3 34/97 

Mouto tmagir^ 33% C7.ft6 i^fm 

Mugsy'a Ravanoa Pvleltnume r7% CTje £aniB 

Myla Dl-Kaich Global 44% C2J6 ^&<}6 

Napoleon at War CCS M% E&H 34^ 

Nawar Ending Story Dcso/i T £9SII 2»44 

Naxor Etasign Design 3 1 % r7 JK 33^ 

MUMnar* Raly Ocear 30% £7.06 34^ 

lOU Ekle 03% £7.06 33/24 

iM6 iilaslartitMC i1 % £l .03 ^2/20 

Nti^a Maatar Fliat)ln:l 34% £143 3C>?3 

N.OMJLD Ocean 70% fTjWiftie 

Octagon Squad Muiartronic 40% £1J0 33/1 23 

Ola. ToTD Amancana 37 % £2Je 34/23 

OW and Uaaa rratiird 73% El JO 34/1 35 

Olympiad Avsntia tO% £100 33/1 1 5 

Oparabon TurUe Double Ptay 3 tt JS 2i^A 

OutworW SafipNra 33% tMmb27/^ 

Pamacfrvn* AriQt« 77% E7.05 ^4/13 

Paper Boy Elite «•% £7Jfl 33ne 

PaMapam unmnata 03% £9 J6 21H34 

Phg Pong tmaoina 30% £740 2»^ 13 

PtanalopolyCaleryHfi 43% CZj0032«3 

Piarwta, The Martech W% £»J6 3030 

Play Tour Carda n#4 BrflatVHa 33% £743 27/\A 

PpiMar Certtrai SolutiqnB 34% EDlOO 3'/ICI9 

PMudM'Antefoo Cemrai Solutions • £3,40 ^90 

The Pribt «t MadlK Level » 04% Ci40 ^1/7S 

PHBonar, The 8.n«»tQn 78% COJO 30^6 

Prod^y Electric Oiwng 38% E7.03 34^36 

Pub Oame* A»(pta T7% GB46 34/1 64 

Pyracune Hewaofts 0O% £6.06 3 1/1 1 6 

OuBxalnMi Hevnon 34% £846 29/136 

tjuast tortha Hofy tlrall MaslarlronK 7 £1 .00 240 eS 

RaUenof 3m Lett Ring Areadt 08% eS46^7yi24 

Hambo Ocean T3% £7.10 fSnZ4 

RaapwUn Fireb^ Tt% CU6^7/1» 


"■' 4|Ri -^ 

CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 1 63 


RalH4 Ptan*! Advonruriaon 86% £a.W 37/74 
Awl HMik M«t»um« »4 % E2an0 
na«» an F^Ktalw Acthrision Ti% C7M 33^23 
RMum tei Mhan Aiianiifl T El J» rfr93 
n*ti^ to Of US Gold MK CT J» ,34/97 
n*w«ne* on ttw CS Aiian«s «■:% £1 JM ;?A?9 
F U ^ Q lu t to n Vortaai 11% aJ» 33^6 

Mfti Df -nm Pcdc«i Moner r eojw ;aw 

Robin of ttw MbodOdm M% t&M f4/10 
RniMt M i Mla h Atahib1*n 71% CT-W gClfl 

I euq^l»WK E2Je ^7/t 33 

nadt^ MrrH)laM*lboumt4«% C8JH 30^4 
Hsiw CoHtof EIRo •«% f&Hi ?4^ 
fbigfay MMH9*r Artie a « % ei^ 33^ 
RunHtona Ftratsm 1 0.9i f&fi3 
fUifwrt and tfia loa Caatla Bug Byta BO% Ca.M 32^ 20 
S«botaw Durali •*% C&se ^-l/JQ 
Sad Cofflbaft Mlnmoft ««% tajfl ^&i££ 
Swn F«x atrip Pokaf Mvtadl Its tALW f&^ S 
SarinworAhamt) M% C1i« Ji(V?« 
8bua«itti .kmetlen Qug Byt*J4% C330;l2/S2 
S«ooby Dm Eiita • f % CT J6 ^d^ 1 
Scnav^May MacMRan 71% m.«ftf«<» 
I DaHa f rnsbird 74K ei.M JC^TS 

I of Btood Rghlma FaiKuy T E8.Sa ^4/164 
Sacral «r l,«vlt«riQn Antaricana 49« ^W 70/1 » 
Shadow Of Unicom Mikfo-Gw T £1446^4/164 
Show Jumiping Altgata T0% tTJftf 7/132 
Ak Ftwl Mi4tf a4jan SI % E9 JS ?S^ 22 
flfcy F(M ArMaaoA *4% EAJH^T^ 

9o(kivtti«ioftMrar Bug eyia T«% taje ^7A32 
■<Mte of ■ Owton THkHC T CT J« ^t/t ee 

apacia OMtetlv* Cato^ott 44% C£i» 30^ 
SpaMtound Maatafbonic •>% EZ-M f «2e 
Sptty HavoU Firabktl W% C1.a9 ^»31 
~ ' " rElKtf1cDfMms*«%t».«»1fl 

t Mlrronolt M% CS.M ffi^ 
«fiM1Jng f>ar*aiwltea Dwiwlc ■«% tr? J6 Jd^e 
Spert olKinga M«»t«rtnncS9H C3JMI Jf/106 
Spy TWowTvttn T G2JK<?»91 
Squirt OaXu Todd 11 % OLSO ^^S/1 4 
Stain)*** atHi Mic^Gan M% tMS ;S2/tB 
Atanlrtia H ftaaliifna •«% aJK2a^ 
Storm Maistwiifinic 44% CI J» .M/?0 
Mr«M HmI( Ocaw ••% C7,fl6 34^1 
atriha Nhv* Cotm Pvantw «t% £> JB J^M 
SalkM Fore* Hanter »4irror«oft 14% CSJIS 3S1?0 
SuMarrHmn NighltfMW its Qoid e«% EaJ0 Jt/1 $ 

Qwnifnar ftaMa Aiprut Otnoqa ii % ClJ» 32/24 

Swparbowi Oea«n m% aM 29^ 

SufMrcom Atiarrto St% £1 Ji ^fi^4 

Swfidwnp ^«# Coocflpn MK M 1 .M ??4 ?6 

SwHwa Wortd Qafi]Dyta •«% n JS% CS&r» 

Swofda antf Borewv PSS • Ca^06 £4^ 02 

TKrtahi* Quc^psiiva >•% GUS ^in 27 

T*«n|4* «f T*nw AUanrite T £1 .ft ^TVTJ 

Tha Tanwa sf Trantoas Anotagoft S CWSS 

Thaaib* Eurap* PSS •4% E»JS JaS4 

T1i*lr Fln*ct Hour Carrtiry •#% a.M ^^fi^n 1 e 

TNngv and Doodah* Amnncvia 3*% E2.BS 34^ 

TMnEf AricjiHcrfl Bl% £7.00 f 7>?2 

Thiaa Waaicaki Paraila* Mitro-G«n M% tBuW.2i&'t3ei 

TDiriiat Hr»erird T§% eiJ» 34/149 

Tim* OiMM Soorpto • CIjM iSBl 

Tbna tfcictuary LcitNcirian • £7 JB ?7/n 

tlm* Tfn Vgid Press «1% CftJH 34m 

Toad Runnar Anotuoft •■% £&.« J f^^Z 

Tomahawrtt OtgMl bNaoraUon ft«% £8,9(1 23^? 

Tndino Oam* nartw !•% f7.M 2S/^09 

TraMiiaeBar Oremttn M% CTM 34/lSO 

Trwi*«eniwn Oooar tO% tTM 27/\l 

T^*(Mtoor Piranh* M% £7 JO 3,3/122 

TiMt of «i* Tito Car«Bl ScAilnna a»% £0.fl» 3 )/ f 10 

TfMal Pufwtti Donvrti tl % C14JS 33^ 

TT Raear Digltaj n% CAJS 34^ 

Ti4ad Anolwft •■% EftJW 3^4 

Twtw &pf1t Qum H% CBJB 2a^ 14 

TwMaf System 3 T1 % £7JW .?Q/i 6 

11 1£ DHion Onion 03% E7M ^6i«40 

IMMraMMaro Ma9t«rtror<c «*% £1Ja 33^26 

V Ocaan 70% £7JH f»fQ 

Vadrwi Inboht M% £7.B6 ?4>^ 

Vary Biff Cava Advanbn Cf^ fltt% £7 JS J&fl4 

VUao. Poiiar MaatartFOTK: «•% £1 .n 34/1 33 

War of tha Tt0«-Gnmlin •»% E9J0 ?S/1 17 

Waal Kank Giairirt •4% £7 JS 2SA2 

Who Oaraa Wbw M AJHgata 79% f&BO ^130 

WVHmh Wk)bbiar Wizvd «•% CSJS 28/31 

WIntw QanM US Gohf •*% C7JS 2^^ 

Wlrtt*r Spena BactK 49% £7 J6 ?7/l 23 

WorM Cue Carnival US Gold M% Gfl.flS 30/14 

Worm In ^adlaa Lawl il • £»JB i?&fi1 

Xarq Elactrtc Praam* 0*% sua 32<n 

XO- WoivlirAMariiM Aied «4% QMS ?7.W 

YsblH Oiabte toe Qucla4n •1% £7 JS £&17 ; 

V1aArKiviaFulmuiatt%£TJSf5/2« J 

Young Oil** Orphoov 4t% C7J6 fa/»2B 

ZoM* Manach M% e7ja6r5/iS 

Ziam US Goid M% C7J6 f&32 

ZyVnan lAmxwn ■•% E7 JB 33/38 

ZXB Mactartronic i«% ^»3^m 



Action RantJt 3^-54 

Cauldron II J4'&S 

c*.f*j:>-4a 34-72 app^TK 

Cvt»run JJ-44 
Cyiu 30-6a 
Oan Darv 34-ftJ 

Dy n Owach 2&- uiu 
Oynamita Dan m 34-6a/«9 JS-SO 
Ghosts andOoblins 33-SO^-Sl 
GDdfrr Rider 35-8?-Ha3 
0«atEs^cap«. The^S-tOO 
Gunfnflhl 27-1 n 

Hff.ivY On The Maffick 3?e4 

(rvcfadib^ Shrin4ii>9 Ftf*rtwtr>.Ttt* 35-65 

Infiltrator 3e-»4 

,^Kh Tli« Nippar 3f-«0 

KnigM TrrrM {laSKj 3 '-66 

Li^httorc* aS-iW 

Hamporlf/- 114—115 

Mol^cult man 32>fiS 

Monty Oft Ths Run J9->iv Tipa Supp. 

Movi0 3f-efS 

Hambo Jf-eS 

^bolDur J47-7! 


Shddowlffe 27-tt( Ttp* Supp. 



Ti»rii^iu,SBrtis-^7. n>— n-3iys2-^sa 

Tif Nm Kog 28-ixii Tifif Sufjp 
Uniy*iUlHaf0 39-B2 
ZoMla ^8-9i:vi4 T^ Supp 

Jl \MM^r-^< 







_^ # 

M.*^ »Q0% MIR 

1 54 CRASH Christmas Special 1 086 










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CRASH Christmas Special 1 936 1 67 

oh one. oil, ob . 
ui out of ihis *iM^ 
re$eue aur!>«ivc 
quesiy too, 
At l»t. Tare. 

ilaad nodding. *% 

markeiJi STOl _^^^^^^__^ 

I slialkraw. Whi^dlSn'fmHMHFf On 

r very neH k vulu lion she pull* the Jcvei , The 

W«ir<J Caitk new 

wecan^scflp* ihitre i4 

rpe (o. The 0<eb ^hogu 

money back and icutilcs 

inlatbc whirLin|> depths rtf 

B ttasty fcclinji iKh( it «i:| 

^ a Ktiii<thiiig tif tcethyJ^lm^ 

ig DaLsun coj^N. Th? rotii^iicliun 
All i^ sili^nt. Rar several 
thousand iiuper-coinpuUT^ .screaming 
btuc murder . . . ' 

soon TClurn 'i^ith its pals, mainly bccauu: I've 
already rtad tiK ncxi t>ii. I uckic my Hci&tc&»'» 
cw toj a wluk, jusi in fiio* willing, It iloesn*t 
help. Much, 
y^ There » ■ gnai^liiin^ of tcelh, uid il's nintn| 
'^Btsun ci(^ The Totury actipfi «•«». At! u 
fllcni Bar tcvc ral thoiuand super-computen 
KTeaming blue murdcf at the intrusion of a 
human into their botiei^t bit So ihi» u where 
they All £Ot Kv! The Far Off Pluoc whcrcfrom to 
escape the stupidily of ihctr creators ihc^ £0. A 
"^iven in whuh lo forget ihck intelli^nce. 

Tjimara Kni^hl h tlraujicd from her fan* 
la(Jc. ihtilygh i,'i>untlcv^ iinttchamhirn, 
unclcchamlwr^. ckmchamhcrs. iiniil ... the 
liincr Sutetum n hied i hither. Here the most 
advinced thmkinji machines the (iniv«r$c ha^i 
ever known Uy io get back to Basic. By wor%hip- 
stufttdity. ia the fomiof theii symbolic difi- 
An abscm $urfntHinted by i njbbcT 
etc they *iat tot {jini. 
chIcI F Bcch lead* the had mouth ing 
of mj piwf Tiimaia. ' Wh*i'i the tube 
of Pi'!' Yuu iiMuc-Tiddctt twltr The 
mes )e«r afi<J wuggl? (heir exputcd mad' 
at her. Tanun gulps, knits her dcUately 
lltd brow, pearls Jiweai, [hink», answers, 
^ lato.' There i& total jtileiiot- A knife 
ruiuiea. cutt the air MynaiJ pins drop, 
iijdly The cumpuTcrs arc dumbfourtdcd. An 
ctent ZXHl wheezes to the frotil Oif (ibe 
rung, powen up. and spea$(s, 
" T^ entity can be this suhlimely jtuptd. Ver- 
ify, I say unto ye. here speak;- the vq*ce 
Mine old ni:nnilcif shuulU live lo see this 
! A] I hail Tamara. Goddess of wc, 
le tefvoj] Thou shall itav wiih, us 
^ and be htirscwtiippcd SYNTAX 
irshippedf Cripe*, deaf reader, 
! Will ihe Digital Duo escape long 
igh to have a snack and visit ihc hathrocnn 
thir next paragrapK? ) doubt it. My poor 
your Heroine, their Deily is bcoecked 

Md three ^iratcgicaUy placed odd-otis. 

Tamnra has tioi fiogjted a sin|]eTelepciTl unit 

jrfntc -ihc lamlcd ihis jti>b with Mflcdonalds. No 

*mall problerii. Unku shr fulfils hcf quoia,^ I 

prcpTU^ .limited lO blow in her car. And I 

h unpen to be ■ neutron bomb named 

When Ibkiw, I really hlow. A pity, coa 

.like Tutftni^. Bcsjdc^, without ruer, how 

I cicapt these excnioiiiiEi^y bortd^ 

telhgenl ciompu^en, 

oti^. . . 'Tcs, baby.* Tm sa 

U su) U kid, pkjLse. *rro m hun- 

I cmuld eat a > . . * How low can 

How ^lirSDMiiMHaw shamr- 


ulebox and lume 

^^_ Its tight* puUc eni^- 

arets Fttrth with the sacred 

RAM IT Ur. Are S Too 

RgpUean'ROM' Tamariis 

n t,e;m o> no A Korti ihdre. She can harrlty 

ilick to The piexij^hun dome. 

■L"»i iby ' Tm hungry ,.. ' 

^'hm extuvc ourKlv« god- 

dc^ri-ti cuiii^icijition will nn u^ up foi 

boi!P<iii ; 1 "Lrthcin&iiik her ear. 'Don't think 
iiboui It/ 'Louie. ■ Yes, bsbv ''I'mMihiHi. 
. 1 wince, bon't say it bd. 


16a CRASH Christinas Special 1966 

tkase. Tm so hungry, I CQuld vat A - . . ' How 
to*' cm you jjet. Haw d«pef»ie. How $)i4iiii;- 
los. '] ccHild eat a Maiodorialds!' 

Thu j» some &taicfncni, you know, as every 
jmnbufgcr in ihc entire loonivcrte is t^n- 
^mcled by Macdonaldv from the unwillirg fulk 
mK-o drop ihroue.h the hotioms of Tciepi)rtcr 
boj!h&. She Tcaily mu^l be hungry. I he^r htrr 
inEcsiinc ct3mnkiining tn her liver K<eiwten each 
of ihnf dreadful uEd luuib. And why arc all the 
Hinhip-iiddkd computer lurking at her in 
ihai intense mannci. Control yourself gel I 

They hjivc turned inio the rrequcncy of her 
nimblyrtesjiCi. which by M>mc quirk of the scripl 
a bioadcaitUng in biniu^ kifkr-Kurts- Their 
iocicnt scribe and law^gtvcr, the everlasting 
VCi], decodes her gastric sernvon. I fear tiK 
*orit. Always loathed German sausage. And 
il'seven worse than that. [t$ Cunah spbeA unit 
whesnindspluner&.'ljo . f'Thecoafivgft- 
jion t^ mesmensed, 'and even lower! Hcai ye 
ihe mtlk nf Ainnciiia. The Goddciis speakii from 

'Her boweliy bits spCAkelh unto Ui! What 
uycih they?" chani the machines. 'They 
fu'rglcih thai the time is Ni^! ' Thai late! 1 feci 
^ke an MSX in the hou» of Dick'» »on Hope- 
leu. The fatal yfOtdi are utteied. 'Ye kcoikI 
ccniiing is upon's. Hear ye the message of the 
Goddeia Guts.' Tunara has |ut» ainght, ai»d 
kkkt in the ZX*« aiKient liitle brain 

Why docs the re have to be some action cveij 
1J0OO words? What's with yipu reBdcrs'.' Can i 
we sleep for once , or haive a oortvcrsation »ith 
an amcd programmer, Of CM? Nu use. here 
comts the action. Time to walch Tamaiii faitll. 
iMding delicately down the jukebox, lu make 
skin-cDoiing contact with the filioon deck, at 
the enact nloincnt Hrhcii , . . 
There is a clap of thunder, and ■ round of 
appliuse for the Lightniog. A Maodonalds tele- 
porter malchaluei by our throne. I bait my 
Waih, hook a pregnant pau<K, iukI out step» 
. . , in great boundsi of coincide n« , , Taraara 
IbHtiht with ■ Louse in her ear!^! Our arifiiial$ 
mm to hifvii imped the hamburger dcailion 
ibeplaiKl Pynkfloid, and ihcy are noi ha^jpy 

Tainan I *piti venom ai our goddess Tairi- 
ira's cnunptco nakedness, and uses words last 
heard on the dresid cHmcwurtd of Krowt^a^ 
But my little Tamara i.s plenty sman. Het eyci 
ipnng open, and she wrig^i like a cnntract 
]a«-yrr bef^veen the enraged tegs of her former 
■elf. uting only orte of the abpvementtoned 
wonfa in her 'So long, uidccrt' She &lam$ the 
icleport knf)b without checking the co~ordi- 

Hffw did Tamara 1 escape the hamburger 
minccn? How *tlJ she enjoy being denial fod- 
dcs lo ■ bunch of loony hardware? Whctt will 
Tanurt 3 eiKl up befc»rc the pjige ends? What 
happem to Tamara 2 a& wc drop her through 
the trapdoor to burgerviUe? Do ive^ci lo eat 
won? who gives a tacmst *oyway7 There is an 
awesome nothing, and we have arrived at our 
predcKiination. [ hope \hc folks hereabouU are 
OToadmJndcd. Taitiara haa toil (mm <rf her *dd- 

I really feel thai we should keep the door 
ihui "Bill fm *o HUNGRY!' ■^ne moum, 
ripming her«lf to the oiitside world. On h^ 
head be it. Al ka^t her crown is still m fAaa^. 
We jtumMe inlopaiiure* g''^ *='^- '*'he™ lions lay 
with lambs, lapping sell-by- do mcsday milk n' 
honey, and a crinkly man with a pla.siic halu 
Miled lo his head mind^ the biggest Mcmorv 
Bank in kingdom come. ' Wclicoinc id Heaven . 
he gnnf . 

1 tramfuTDi mvtefftrDin a small ton Que mudt* 
Tamafa'!! shdl4ikc. into a ihLmbhsl 
covtnng h«r lell utilitarian rtucte. t 
a twit. We apfiroath ihc terroml-^ 
Pearly Gates, where the ginger- bearded 
awaiu, his palsied digits ircmUing atnp the 
ireat Records Computer , hu smile bruadening 
■U the while 

'And what mi|;ht your name be?' he whecza. 
'Tamara Kmghl.sii, Only daughter of T)wiv» 
Green and batch 69 of donor Orson Cari, air, ' 

'No, not you, my dear What is the name of that 
difgu»ting crearure clingmg to your node?" I 

tfaiitk he meaiu me. Attack is the best form of 


'You're not Saint Ccter!" 1 sJtriek, 'Identify 
yourself in the name of the Maedoiialds Tele- 
porter Corpontion!" The old fool blinds me 
with his shining baldnesSn as he brings hm tooth- 
less grin uncomfonably close to our intimacy. 
*My name i^ Saint Clive. you currupted data. 
!!paiiit Peter was made redurtdanl in ihc cut- 
backs, when the National Soul Board v^m 

My memory banks tell mc that this if a fcUow 
not (o be i rifled with Indeed, in the dim lies of 
prehistory, he killed an entire planet of shop- 
keepers with something dire called Pandora. 
Appajientjy they died laughing. 'Now tell me 
your name, or Til tweak your I take a deep 
meaih. It used lo belong to Tamara. 'My name 
is L.O.U.S.E. Living C)n Unemployable Serv- 
ing Emploj^ert per^^nal neutron bomb and 
advisory unil# 3.142, your KainUiness.' 

The Great Records Computer computes, 
pn^pares a deep-pan quaim stagfione pizza, 
serves four, then prints out my details in letters 
of lire on a large «tone tablet, held aJoft by a 
gec«r who reminds me of that charlatan Hes- 
ton. Saint Clive 's smile dtsappean as he reads; 
*LOUSE# 3 142; Unscrupulous, mercsnary, 
evil, vioova little phart, alighity superior to 
ooinputer journalist Go to Blazes, buster!' 

'But 1 never sold my soul lo the Devil!" I 
protest . '1 jusi rem jt out to him now and then. ' 
'Ah, souls.' hisses the Saint, making an omin- 
ous ihumbs-down signal. But histi My dear 
Tamaru speaks in my defence, telling the old 
boy what a chum I've been for not blowing her 
to kingdom Come , bul letting her telcport, and 
what a line life foim 1 am. For an evil viciottj 
little phan. 

The Saint reflects for an eternity or two. and 
then calls up Tamara's data. He blinks in 
amazement, i blink in amazement, "Ouch!* says 
Tajtiara. 'Sorry,' say* 1. 'Holy Mows!' says 
Moscs. But there it is. in ftaming printnot. Tarn- 
ara Knight; Sins: none; ImaXHksi thoughts: 
none; lO' none; ZJtii; none; Hl^si score 
achieved playing Deus Ex M*dhiaa: 100%' 

'Well,' says the cuslodlao of ibc Pead.y 

Gates.' site's perfect! Wetl, I'll be damnedr' 
There is a inooeit im|dosion as Dive is obliter- 
ated by ■ low-yield autoaigKtttofi, as a Great 
Voice booms from I he clouSesi sky. * MOSES! 
DAT GIRL TA ME^ ' Poor Tamara ihiveii. It 
makes me diwy. Mows looks nervous too, 
ushering us thriiugh the Giites. 

A security cherub gives us (he orice over a 
couple of limes, and Moses band* something (a 
Tamara. 'Hey kid, give these Mothci Theresa 
Blades to the Boss will you. Take my advice, 
don't mention 'Cross Roads'. One more thin^, 
watch out for terrorists. They'/e out to get us 
for non-resolution of the plot, bad taste and 
giving Croucher a job. Good luck kid.' 

So here wc are. Moving effortlessly through 
pastures green, on a golden slobway, harp 
musac wiifting through the scented air ducts. n<) 
hunger, no thirst, nn misery, no pestilence, rw 
Benny Hill, and no sign of an artificial chf- 
fhanger with which to end this episode. 'Some 
mistake surely*. I murmur to my Hostess. 
* Don't call me Shirley, l^ousc ' I doze off. 
happy, warm, a little curious about meeting my 

A white dove fiies above. Holy mackeni 
swim in the clear waters of I ife . The li II ies uf the 
Ikid toil not Banks make prophets. Wc ride 
through a breach of Ihc promised land The 
dove ardes lower on its gen lie sliptream of 
heavenly bTceze. It grows from a fluffy snow- 
drop to a rrulky jJiadow. Tamara's lovely voice 
softly sings an ancient psalm, '(jove Mtssile 
aomething or other'. All is calm, all is bright. 

The dove hovers behind us. Is it carryirig an 
olive tnanch. 'Louse.' vawns my firm, ^ijung 
Hostess. 'Mmaunm.' f yawn back. 'Louk, 
that's aji awfully large dove landing on Upe . , . 
ulp!' An unshaven hulk, in angel diwilae, 
poltes a Fender Stratoc4,^tcr at the nuFfy nt ai 
the base of Tamara's spine. 'Don'l make a 
sound «ster. This is the Paradise Liberation 
Front. One false move and I'll fill you full of 
lead guiutr . . . ' OoUyt 


CRASH Chnstmas Special 1 9&6 1 69 




■^ ^*..— 




hsva re4«aa«d some vory 
good Qvms in tha pasi — as ytxj 
pratMbly already Know, so I was 
very pleassd to find a copy of >ftim> 
kMtaring srourK] t« t)rooni cuf>- 
board !t>e oit^er day It's a sports 
sliTH^lion wrlh a sifght diftanonoQ 
^ rfs *el yeara tn the future where 
peoplie Sibil go lo suppori rhetr 
favoufite teams on a Saturday 
atXerrK)or\} The sport they watch 
was developed on the frozen 
tMStM of a remoia mining 
MtariDMj and has become know as 

Two vohictes skim across a fro- 
zen piic^. Tha aim of the gairm is 
to bop lt>e pock into your oppo- 
nent's goal — shots are lined Lip 
With a ait>ber'{3and like cursor and 
once ttne 9ng(e of travel has been 
salected, s press of the fire key 
sands yo*^ 'w«hld« zooming Into 

Once I'd played Xbtk a few 
fimes^ I could see that perhaps tha 
future could bf^ng a tot of changes 
that are not reetricted to technol- 
ogy and Ito pricaol lish, but actual 
c fiii iQM in ma sports we watch 
and play. Wowl WhKi will happen 
la an the usual thiogs we associate 
with sport*? Will people still ct>Bck 
the ecore draws on the pools 
which Mornmy M)nK>n does so 

waN aadi wmeic? And whet oi 
favoume. SPOT thi 



Luckily, Peter Hcrime at mmim 
also enjoys scribbli rig & few k's on 
the odd photc^graph, so between 
UQ we decided to run a ' Spot The 
Puck* competition for Xeno. What 
yotf must do is study ttw photo- 
graph (that has been so beautifully 
reproduced here by Itie designer 
mi fi ion up I n the Art Garret) ,' Using 
yoor skill and judgeiTient'. as they 
say in all tha best SPOT THE BALL 
compeltliorta. pl^ce ONE X where 
you thinit the puck s. Only one *X*, 
mind, not fifty. 

Tog pnze, for the most accu- 
rately plaoed ' X' »s a MIRANDA Ax 
35mm camera, similar to the type 
thai tt6 sports photographers of 
tha future n-uiy use, h'sutterty root- 
proof . and indudaa an autowind, 
autoflash and |uat about auto 
everything. Captain Corpulent, he 
of ttie patent leatt>er Doc Martens, 
reckons ftiat eywi I coukJ take 
good photoe with it! Which must 
mean it's idloiprDOf . or so he tatl« 
rt>e, . . . 

30 rurmars-up who era not quite 
so accurate with itmit X's, wHI 
reoaiva a copy of XerK>. Put your 
ertiry into a envelope and sernJ it 
off to rne at MINION'S SPOT THE 
BMX, PO Sox 10> Ludlow, 
ShropaMra, SVS 1DQ making 
sure it antves by 30th Ja/Hiary next 
year. 1997, that Is, 


30 Copies 


1 70 GBASH Christmas Spectai 1 986 


NOW AVAILABLE -the Official Spectrum upgrade! 

iTurn your Spectrum into 
laspectrum + forjust £23 

Jkcceort »it cuiTf nt Spectniffl 

Iftwil*^ <0»™n* 

.. .1.1 IJ.JrHfej-"" 


Htft'% sent* «xc(tiiia ntwf far Sip<ctrum «wfwrs ._ 

if«OfAd>tSp«ci:mmUnrw)eKn. Tfvc Uporidi hit twcfvttifeig you 
i*M to turn fouf Spectmm into nw itifitfi fiewSptctnitn + vou oort wen' 
nHdJTurKtfncmdingofFlecnwiK:! jKHtirieiMrTviowldcfjffwHirmcigMwn t^ 
frmtintt^ m^Wiiitv sftpovitep instructions ifvoiirenatsurnDOLitaQkngii 
yoorutf. don r worf^ fimtxy retLrn your <SK Spec&um to u^ ird Fo>r EMM *11^ 
C " D wf ■! 'JD<3f JKW '! for you 

Tt» Mratr. better Sptclrwn levboard 

ine S[ket<rum •■ meisur« M^/f k B' it ft» j Urge twewntef -Stift* iwvtKun]. 
wm nird mouMad Mfvt r«j n Ana iJw rtni icn^tniin] has a ynootri, pohom 
Ktwn - lOMi lorttstEh tvpwifl. word pr««?ifl^ stnujiatiofl progfams iw 
eieeiidMpraQnrvTiirtg vH^wm two retracUDie i«o; oiv« a pnfKt rypMig' potmoA 
tn^Tfl Pt W keyj i*> a*, includtng l ? fww lars, Pfograminefi *iii o* pumtc 
to wt <]«(iicaiM ounouMon toifi, i tsatt bv and uoarate ttm tteyi fw ^rapMn 
ana eKinoea modes. tM a resertMimn Mw; vou to citar a progr#n from ^lour 
cofliput^f-^ m«fiwiv Moeiit dtscwiAKtinfi mt poww tupijiy 

TIM Official spectrum unrwSt. futuiDty vdw upgnoed 

{omnputtr will a(ct«i am tn# Mflptwaif m wyr SMHr ivitNV I 

interfacf r MKrodrhw jnd JO on n «««««. MlpMtMBnftw«r«.i 

JUST as important, nt* 5oecTrufr> software and tWlplWW wtit ce dFtfgned I 

witnmesoKtnim + inmifii] ;o tnc sindair upgrade adcK mtm ioo«i, m« | 

tatikiUiftti and new patemi* for tne Mure 


1 Hwiire4uifviHtoiiotheupgQdtnrvHi{iteaitH(idcn.95-)^£i sop+t Totiiisi.a. 
2»i<wWv«iffaOTff»Oo*vwiw«i*M»««JOIJ»*ti50p*p toait34JO. 

sp«ia( <!ff*r pncf of jujt QtH CO*np««t 

ordwi on &« oiacwi Dv MSJf*j yoyf «c«s Qrt on me mirr^m oetow 




The big action game for 
space freaks everywhere 
£14.99 ATARI 520 ST 

Spike Sparldei^s 
pick of the hits 
at only£L99 each 
Street Date 31 Oct 

Poor aid Santaf He's cs/mleplagAtrt and riow 
goae^es-H^phmxpf out Oas chaos by 
oaikctng and dropping !hegiAs dominie 
npfti dumneys 30(»/CNC-S4ANDATAm 

magic This 3e6n± for (he holy satptures 
amims battles mth vsnonxxacrBatures 

Defend the ca^ie«Sf»fnstti»haf<i» As Ehc 
the BravE yoii hgMtois^cffwmfmot 

5brrerer rnddafe^ the guganticDemoa TVofEt 


sFAiitajNaRfim>Gii*it * 

CRASH Christmas Special 1986 171 


^1 i^l ^1 


•1 \ 1 


The Doomsday Papers 

: nr^M 











FQrCummodofj&J 128 cassette ai id fl'Si* $inciairZXSi)e«rumassen8.Ajn<,!rjdCPCcassetie3nadiSh AUitST Conimodoie Amiga iBMPCPCji Apple ilSenes am 

Apple MxdTiDSti 
Avatlabifi tfom all SIftiOUS Home Compuiaf Sotiw*itsioci*istsl 


Producer Gremlin 


Retail Price: £9,96 

Author: Shaun 


Greg Holmes, Chris Kerry, 

Pete Harrap, Steve Kerry 

Demon GrvKJ Ma^er of 
Fteme (no he's not a DJ) has 
Bsaassinated your foster 
father, Maijshi and stolen ttM sac- 
red scrolls of Kettsuir^, Fled with 
anger and revenge you set out to 
avenge your father's deetti and geA 
the scrcMS back- If you fail toraturri 
those $crolis then the Ood Kitton 
will be lost forever ii otAmal tHll. 

The action is viewed from 
above. The game starts outstde 
Quench Heart Keep. The Ni*Tja 
must locale the keys tn the 
grounds around the castle and 
gan entry, Once inside he rtxist 
iKJcate and kilt the ttvee Quardksr^ 
iNho live within. 

Of course they're not ak>ne. 
From enormous sp*de<^ to homeb 
beasties^ttiey ere «ii there to $top 
tliw NIfilejitling wy further lri his 
mMon. ITieM creahjres are realJy 
tgtm WeWgun*. They can sense 
the praatnoe of the NLnfa and 
home in accordirkgiy. Most oi the 
dhancxers just sap away youf IjIg 
finargy. However, tin« spidery are 
deadly and are heralded by a 
slnniie sirMster ciicKng noi^. 
Large splices n^ out of the fk>or un 
the castle- These won't sap away 
3fTy of your NLn>a's ertergy. but 
■fii9y will slo* him down greatly, as 
^e can't move over the spikea 
.vhsn they're sticKJnQ out of ttM 

To beghi wilh your N^ huten 
Stuihch wtuch he cetn hob arouDd 
at his adve3an«&. However, when 
tfieee »e aii used up he'H hew to 
i«ty on unaniriied combat untoes 
some more Stn^koh can found. A 

0*1 ne, H'm S ^ifM^iy ipidrrt Oiscffli^n m^jf weil b* th* ^tlcf 

dfLik^ blast on the RRE button will 
make your Ninja send out a wtrale 
volley of punches and Wcks which 
wiH iiiilto any maraudrrvg nasty 
diaapMtt' In a cioud ol stars and 
dust. HoHMNir, anv confront alk>n 
wnth the anemy wHl resurt in some 

At ttie vety beginrHng of the 
Oame a cryptic message scrolls 
across the screen indicating to the 
Nir^ What he should keep tils syes 
opanforln that ^el. Obiects can 
be (ddcad up sjmpfy by walking 
into ttTem. They will then be dig- 
played in their correct category at 
the txnttom ol thie main screen, 
Kays are esaerrtiail lor unkx:Mng 
doors into and inaida the castle 
end the nurr^ber of kevs you're 
hoidirtg is displayed on the screen 
ak>nQ with the treasure, objects 

Ttie energy charts cwislst o( two 
drcies with dots arounKJ the adge. 
One of these circles is for energy 
and or>e for life force. For evsiv 
complete circle of energy dots that 
is used up, one dot of life force is 
lost. If both levels are used up the 
oame is over. However, tt^ God 
Kwon can be called upon to help 
Out If things get loo sticky, By 
pressing the 2 key Kwon car be 
asked to help. He rrigtit replenish 
your ertergy completely. 


Ommtm mriant Oti d^r, t 
ahoiitat hn« saM that. 
Deeplta everytfilng, that* ■ wttat 
It boiie down to, Howewar, there 
•re a few rcthsr nice totx:h*i 
that make K just atwut worth Ihe 
Mlilng prloa. Colour, is used to 
oraet affad and the acrolUrtg ht 
TfM actual 

1. itok* tiko curimtnit rcr tfigri ih* Wait Ma fw ^tm trugre 
mearmi* th»n he ifmn hanifle. Hat rtHich Ufw forcw iett 

incfMd wim ibveiy Rnmatkm ot 
vrnkxa omaiiaes arKi obieca 
eepadaiy 9m aptdara and ttm 
spik^ that corrte otjt of the 
ground. Th» ^an^ piay is fast but 
fust a msttsr of njnmng rotmei 
bashing the n^ties dncf coMecting 
obfects- The controh amabtlitfy 
in piacesasposftioningyoui^aHto 
go it}fOi/gti doofS provss fsOier a 
petn - QVigrpositioiiing is mora (he 
case. On the ¥Vhoie a nee gamo 
but nothing apedat, " 

% "Qremimi seem to h»e fol- 
hjwed itw ourrent trend for 
GauntM varwTta and what agoma 
tt^ have crvated. Awsngarlsasay 
(o gel into, but It spes on to be very 
teeing. The papTHcs area little on 
fr* smail side but there is an awful 
kvt of detail tn ttw chiaracters ajvi 
ItMre is a tot of colour. The screen 
acroAs in characters but it is so fast 
ttut you don't r^e^ rtotice. The 
sound ts also verj^ good, there is a 
kjvety tune on the trt1e screen and 
lots of effects during play (the 
t2eK verston hias loads mora 
sonicsj. I car soe myself playing 
ttiis until i complete «t as rt raaNy is 

mated oliH«alKa an prvaented 
to the bast oTtha betovvd Spec- 

Inim't Bbitity wWi rnost of ttia 
action tkeing coloured In t>4ack 
and yellow. W?th aH the colour 
used ma decoration around tha 
ovtatda it la a very colourful siid 
•nioyaMa Qarrta. Otedt ft out." 

V "tf yoti'vapiaywi Druid you'we 
ptayecf Avenoer. Having said thar 
Aver>ger ^ 1 taat. a muc^ better 
game. TTw gFaphha ar^ very nest 


Control keya: up Q: down A; left 
O; nght P;tirejT(,»ck/punch SPACE, 
Pai.«e on>off 1: CaH on Kwon 2; 
quit the game 3&4 together 
Joystick: K^npston, Cursor, 
interface 2 

Keyboard play; v^ery tatf arwl 

IJbeoif raotour: uninspired 
Graphics: good dataif, fast 
Sowd: orjental tunette at the 
twamnbg with sorrte Interesting 
and sini^er spot effects throuf^- 



Ow a aea ; 300 acr«era, stx floors 

Qanaral laUrtg^ another good 


Use ef oompiitaf 






Getting started 




Vilue for money 




CRASH Chftstmas Special 1 986 1 73 


ProduCdf: CDS 

Retail Pnce: £11,95 
Author Chris Birkdnshaw 

The arcane mysfeoes 0* ptey- 
ing Bndge iS somathifig few 
of u« a$pcre lo. But coe, with 
ihta new offenrkg. is trying to rnahe 
tha woftd of lt>a green baiza and 
•yMhBdfl FTKxe accessible to u» 

In addnion, for ttioae to wncin 
bridge is not a closed boofc. this 
profytfn attempts to provide a bit 
of FOlaxaiion when you can't ru^le 
i4> Ifw required three chums. 

On ore side of ttie tape is a tutor 
program which takes the beginner 
through the rudtmerits. Th«re are 
ten 'Rands' of brKl^e. each of 
wtkich demonstrate a different 
BOfI of pfObl*Ti corTwnonfy 
enoouniefed. The player chooses 
a card from the hand, and untess 
the right one m chosen, the prog- 
ram tHee[ra ar>d another card must 
be tried. At the eryj of the harx)< 
tfwTB IS an ^alysi$ Of wrhy tfie 
cards weriQ played. 

On the oth&r &ide of the tape is 
the heart of if>e program Now 
you're on your own. A senes of 
rarKkum haods are ttirown out by 
tf» compLrter. Fii^t comes tfie bid- 
ding, Here the four players, pieytncj 
as two paira. must out- bid each 
other in an attempt to win the con- 
tract iof that barvd. The ti+gher the 
bid. the more tricks tt^oy mi^t wtn . 
Arry iegol bKJ can be entered, 
Induding doubles and re-doublea, 
lite computer wi!i respond 
according to the ACOL system 
and mil also respond to the 
Blackwood slam btdding conven- 

After the contract has been set- 
tled, the game moves on to the 
play of tf^ hand. )f you are 

. BY _ 

Dea le r ; S 

Uu Ln : Non 

declarer, you coni rol your own and 
your parsner's hiand. H you atmply 
want to throw aw8y yOU lowest 
card, you just hit return. Othor- 
wse. the sutt and value must be 

At any time a number of com- 
mamto car« be erMered. The 
bacfmnwni} coktur can tie 
changed, the hand abandoned, 
ttje t>iddirtg c^n be reviewed, the 
program can be restarted, or the 
slate of play can be ?aved to tape 
Or miCrodnvo, 

During play Of the hand there is 

a further sel of options. The rest oi 
tt>e cards oart be played by Itie 
computer, some or all of the 
remaining tncks can be d-^med' 
it you think your cards are winners, 
although the computer doesn't 
check ttiat they are. you can even 
peek at the opposing hands. There 
is also a hint available t) you don't 
know whitch card to play. If you're 
compleitely slumped, or truly 
devokj of inspiration, you can even 
M tfie computer play a card for 

Al the end of the hand, the com- 
puter will tot up the scores, artd 
display the total score in the rub- 
ber thus far. At this $iage there is 
yet another set of options. Tfie 
speed of response of ttw opposi- 
iKjn can be changed, the <JeaJ can 
be I istad to a pnnler, a tiand can tje 
typed in (lor problemi solving), or 

the points vaJua or distribinion oi 
your hand can tse set. The compu- 
ter can also run through the Rid- 
ding and play of the previous hand 
so. you can spot any mistakes. 

For the uninitiated, for whom all 
the above explanation might |ust 
as well have tJeen written in 
Chinese, th^e IS a book in the pac- 

rtm bilidir>9 «crw*n. Laokt like m prm -wmptiini Hit** Stub* t* 

m*. but Cjtmtron «##mi fo b*t^H ltt<lw^!*iv^ 

kage called 'Begin Bndge' wbich 
tnes 1 shed some iight on the Bub- 
lect lor thie total be^nner. 


# "cos fiave ahways come out 
witii good gamea In the Cokia- 
aus sanies artd Bridge Is m 
eKcaption. Ttre game is very well 
d«9^gned and very easy lo get 
into — but ttvere's no 66t\ymg 
that the computer can play one 
hel) of a game of Bridge. I ofteifi 
felt like swapping him vifsth my 
partner who, frankly, seemed to 
be a bit of a fool at times. The 
game features almost every- 
thing that the average ptayer 
rteeds on screen, i;ut most ot H 
can be igrwred If you only a 
beglnrtar. I was annoyed that ii 
you pressed the LOAD hey, acci- 

Wfl C0m*ron. (hre« ap*ii»t w«b not rr»* right Cttntrttt. Hkhh, 
wond&r it, Ic^itffti htfTf to pimr for a ptsnnf m poitst 



N&S U^iE 

Hand : 0O1 


174 CRASH Christfnas Special T 986 

dentally, while pLayirtg you had 
to go threugti ail ttie LOAIV 
SAVE procedure, 0nd pretertdto 
SAVE out yQ4jr game — as there 
Is apparently no abort. That' s my 
only niggle, CRL have come up 
with another enthralling arvl 
addictive simulation/* 

• "As a bn of a bridge butfj 
iootdog fofwaed to this rslaaae. 
and Mhougtt baltv man rtottikig. 
It's not QUitBttwganjei hoped tor. 
too weak. You'nt not tvaffy going 
to improvo it you am atways ^ 
away wsttr maccumte tudt^ng 
because the opposition is so 
kxxjf. StU in most other fospects 
it is a highfypol^wi product, with 
very ttiougtrtfui dstaits /fke seeing 
ffte last inch, score card, dot/tjltng 
and redoubling, ir's good to see 
someone having a go at an ufTde- 
rsxptoited market, 

• "Weil, I krtow oothing atxiut 
Bridge, and playing this game left 
me none ttie wisei . The tutor prog- 
ram is fsr too ftddry Half the time, 
two carba aeemed ct^uaiiy good, 
hut the program insisted you play 
one particutar orie. The book ia 
quite good, and l suppose this is a 
fairly painless way of g^rtting m to 
this game without embarressing 
yourself in front of three peopie 
who have been playing for years ' ' 


Control keys: menu driven 

Joystick: none 

Keytward play: fast 

Use of colour: 

Graphics:, primitive 

Sour^: virlually nil 

SkHI l«w*ls: variable response 



Usa of computer 






Getting started 


A4dlct]we quaftt{«B 


Vafue for money 





Producar: US Gold 

Retail Pnce: £a99 
Author: Paul Houbart, 
Si mon Butler, Dawn Ora km 


rsektttrv is ua oold's latosl 
af cade eonvef sion Hii'v'OlvinQ 
a mad dash itirough five dif* 
tcron! Landscapes in a super- 
irnbite ki Df der to saloguard vtofid 

URGENT ALERT!. Your coun- 
try's sjpef fighter, code named PK 
430. has been siolen by th« * other 
skJA' fof thair own dastardly pur- 
poses. Naturally youf gowefrirneril 
wants 'A back, So yOu Kdve bdefi 
ctHssen frorn many hopefuls la go 
and get it. The reasori you've been 
setectetf is twcause yOu'fie the 
test, so you'd better gel on and 

To hetp you in your mission 
you've been equipped with "Ttie 
worfd'a most sophist icatedafmed 
Whidt". f^i onJy can il travel at 
J9A tfittOt, but ^n aisa make 
huge leaps jnto tfie air, wtuch is 
yeiV handy for svotdina any o* tfie 
many perils in ynxir pain. 

The objective of the game is to 
drive 400 miles behind erwmy lines 
lo a secf 91 airstrip, and once tfwre 
ivbieve Itie super ftghler. The 
epposlUon arwi't going to divi rt 
up Itiat easily howe^ftt^ and they Ve 
Art tn force to s4op you. You (nust 
naoottate your wi»y tttftxjgh them 
»id blast anything dangerous 

There are five diflereni levels, 
and each one mtist be completed 
be^ofe the player can progress to 
(he next. Each of the tmia hosts a 
ditfefflnt array of baddies who 
rnust eittwr be blasted or avoided 
morder to syrvrve. Levei one takes 

place on a mountain foiad. You 
have to manoeuvre yotjr vehicle 
around deadly mirte- fields, and 
grotJps of soktors wHo wilt try to 
dMtroy ytxJ with Iheif mortar fire 
Added hazards in this section are 
landfalls, here's wthere your car's 
leaptftg abiiklies come irrto their 

After the Mountains Itiera's the 
tyndge *t>ich connects itw moun- 
tain ranges to the prairc Urrfor- 
tunally this bridge has suffered 
considerably dunng tf>e combat 
and large sectior^s have been 
t>lown apart, Onc^e again these 
must t» }umped over to avoid 
destruction. Missiles and 
armoured lighting vehidies are out 
m force on tha titkiiQfi and wiil rip 
your craft apart tv4Bn)fiou destroy 

A <fMOlaie praine is the setting 
for the third ievel, Once again ttw 
level of defences which ycsj 
encounter are nwe drtlicult and 
ttiere are also stretches of water 
which must be crossed somehowrf 
Orice through the prairie It's onto 
the City 

If yOM manage to complete all 
these four levels, then it's on to the 
final stage wtiere your super 
fighlar is h&ng twJd Predictably 
erxKigh this takes place on an air- 
field, and ttie opposilson are really 
out to slop you going any further. 
As well as aJI their previous tncitj, 
there is also the odd flame thrcwar 
to comerkd with - just in case you 
gel (oooodty. 

The scf^en scrolls from left to 
nght. Tfte car can be manoeuvred 
upwards and downwards, and it 

en thm othtr *»/* 

can be speeded up if rn^ceeaary. 
You have five lives in thie game and 
one of tfiMe is lost every time your 
cftOt hits (or gets hit by) any of ihe 
oppoflttion. Conver$iy, po<nis are 
scored for any of iha other s;de 
wtK) are Masted by you, 


• '*Oti dear! What have us Gdu 
C(i>ne hora. Brmakthru is an awhri 
g^ms witi^ soma awful bvQS. I 
haven't s««fi ttie arcade vsrsion 
but this se«ms to be a vary »mr 
pie Moon Alert type game, wflli 
a scrolling landscape and a 
quMe a few otntactas to eltfiar 
■void or btow iip. Tha keytward 
play is very unraopomlve and 
lacks any ptteyt^tA* feel. Ttw 
OTBphlcs, however, are very weU 
drawn arwt feature lots of colour 

Anathtr bmiitti* «' lw« tft* butl&t at »vp«r car hurtltt on him 

and detailed obje<:ta. The sound 
h poor as there are on^ b vviy 
fmm spot «rf«cts, l cant aaa 
many peopie «nJoylr>g this.'* 

• "Y>jck/-poof I Okln't f!6a»y 
mametaftiftftingfpom Breakthru as 
odutanaf macMne was a tut tmp, 
tun as always ua tbitggva me lesf 
than i ajfpectad. The grefitiics are 
overwM quHo messy: the charac- 
taa mr» baSly drawn and tha 
aGrean aorolb in characters . The 
aound is ateo weti beictw aver^age, 
Ihara are no rune$ snd the effiscfs 
ar9 winimai. On the wftoie ( canf 
tBCCmfT^snd this game at all as 
me in the sii^t&st." 

• "I'm not too keen on thts one. It 
isn'i playable or addictPi^e arid the 
keyttoard conf>guration isn't at all 
suited lo my tastes, whtch ts unfor- 
tunate wfwn constdered ttiat most 
ua 0010 ga/nes that don'f need 
redeflrvBble keys have itwrn. and 
vioe versa. Graphicalty, dreakthn/ 
IS fair, but the'COiOurl'ul scenery is 
let down by the very poor scroHtng 
and temtjie sprites. Though I 
haven't seen or piayed the arcade 
version. I'm convinced that it has 
10 be a lot betfer than this 


Control keys: Z-lef1, X-nghl, 

R-up, 0-down, 5-fira, 

SPACE -|ump 

Joystick: Kempsion. Protsik, 

Interface II 

Keyboard ptay: quite ificlcy, but 

■V- iM',:<<r [ using a joystick 

Use of cotpun quite cok)urflj) 

Graphics: rather naff sprites 

Sound: )oUy iittie tune before the 


Shtll fsvala: five 

Screens; scrolling play area 

Q anatal rating: a poor arcade 


Uesof comfMiter 






Gettlrtg started 


Addictive quaJit)«a 


Value for money 




CRASH Christmas Special 1986 175 


Producon Mastertronlc 

Retail Price: £2.99 
Author: Binary Design 


hat noise do bees maks 
when they lly back- 
wards? Zub, lub And 

coirK:idently. Zub just happens to 

iat9$t rQi(6$s« on ihtekT MAD lab^^, 
«hich, strangety enough, is 
nottijna to do with bees, Ortginally 
titled tab. thd name was changed 
aAor someona potnt^ out that 
Zob 19 in fact a mther mde word i' < 

Zub te a smell ptcmet in the Zub 
giikxy. ft is populated by Zubf 
who fiQlit wara with Zubs frorr^ 
(rther pEarvQts. Right r>ow Zub ts in 
a btl o( a pick^. Some rmsty thisv 
Ing Zub has walked off with tbe vai- 
uehiB Ore^ Eyeball Qf Zub. II is 
your |0b as Zub f^valQ, Ttilrd 
ctess, In tt>6 glorious army of Zubi 
to go and gai li back. 

In the game the player cortroi;^ 
tf« bwOj CaJled offginaJly enough 
Zub- Zubs are genettcaitv cf eateo 
oealures who's tola task in lite is 
to fight. This particuler Zub hap- 
pens to be a coward artd win need 
your ooaxing to get him through 

You must guide Zub arounid th« 
Janets in saarch for the Qraon 
i]l«ta>i There i$ & teieport station 
located in oilwi abovo each of ihe 
planets in ttie system. ZKito has lo 
use smait floating platforms m 
order to gel up into Ibe planet's 
atmoophere- tbe^ must be 
lumped on by Zub and ttien mo ved 
so that he can |ump to the next 
platform and so on urn 11 he ntdiM 
the teieport station. From the ata- 
lion he can travel to other piartets 
in the system. A chart to the right 
of the main screen shows Zuo's 
towards eech teieport 

Eacti plar>et has it's own sec- 
urtty droids who are fairly keert to 
stop Zub making any 

Some oT incse UfOwK^ref eiaiiveiy 
fiarmless en6 will only push Zub 
off his platform if they touch him. 
However, on some of it>e planets 
then are armad dRHds arxJ these 
will do far more diamage to Zub. 
Zub must shoot each oiler as it 
progresses down (or li>e top of tfie 
screen towards blm. If shiot tfw 
drotd wiJl ffee back to tfwtop of ttie 
screen and start its progress 
downwards agsJn. The posjlion of 
each nasty is SflOwn or the sarne 
map showing Zub's progress 

A pictm of ztib in his space 
fturt shows how rfioch eriergy f» 
t^as iefi. A3 his energy depletes his 
imtamal skeleton is gradually 
rewaoled until he collapses in a 
iieap of dried bones when all his 
Irfa loroe has i^een saiiped away. 

There are five skill levels in the 
game and the ptayer gMi to 
choo« which iev«topla|r«tthe 

Zub tmklf*»tvmblr- Looks riJke m ions/ dfOfi. Tht wcmtirtifr ahawr 

Htm Twmminin^ 

PLftMETZ *i 

High above thr plmn^t Zufr Otf*. Xub •#«« • AftffMf* m«mf»* 

beginning of the game. Thes« 
le^s range from Easy. Peasy to 
Aaaargh ^xobatity quite hard!) 


# "I wee axpecttrtg yet anotttw 
ttortng eld arcade adwitun 
while ttiis loaded up, ao my (qiea 
bulged a little when I llral mm 
ttvi two title screertt. Aftar my 
initial shock had paaaed I went 
on to play the game, unfortu- 
natety it dktnt really Itve up to 
ttte great attract mo<ie but It la a 
good t>rt el m^ndtess arcade 
action all tfie same. Graphically, 
tfiere is tittle trerifrtion from tevet 
to level. The sound is dull 
aNhot^h the 12&K vergio^i is 
admittedly a k}t better. On the 
whole I reatly like thl«. OK 
perfiaps it isn't the b^t pr** 
sentod of games but tt plays very 

originality thsss days so it 's ploas - 
ing to Sss something like Zub 
v^ich doesn't t)dng back 
rti^niori0$ of0th9f t/i^tnct tested 
fomyats. Zub, the game, is jiisi 
about a$ much fun aa tt\e ttie 
screen wMetf) tma to to on0 of the 
best i'vo $aen in apes - espodaffy 
the parody on the Band filmi On 
the \26 the music is ascoeMem with 
a fwtfy bopoy tuna Umt pitys 
throughout, we game itshif in 
great stutt and H you don 'i Mfiow 
¥¥hal to do with your next throe 
gi^lhinZub is a must!" 

# "The pri^ematiofi b Zub Is 
spectacular to Wf the leaat The 

007 bit at the beginning of the 
gafne is very v^ dorw. arvj the 
menu acrean and the 126 ver- 
stons's sound ano eKtremeiy weH 
deigned. Sut lh« game i fot^ 
quite bori^ to play, although 
graphically it tg yewowsmg and 
smoothly animigtodiThe game is a 
very basic ptatform game, that 
gets very tabohous after your firtil 
game. I found ttve game very easy 
to play, but loo simple for any seri- 
ous game . Zub is a decent enough 
game for a budget prtoe. but 
wouldn't be in my tape recorder 
very k»ig. 


C«rtlral ttaya; deflnat^e 
JoyvHck: Kempston, Cu^or, 
Interface 2 

Keyttoaid play: hard io get ttie 
hang ol at drst 
Use of cofour. restrained 
GrapMcs; txtlliant lilie screen, 
sample in the game 
Sourtd; the odd beep on the 48K. 
Played on the Spectrum Plus 2 ts 
far more interesting aurally 
Skill levels: five 

Screens : ten three by three arenas 
General rating: potished presen- 
tation, simple but catchy irttJe 

Uteofcofnputar 34% 

Graphlca 79% 

Playafcriilty 81% 

Getting started 76% 

Addictive quaimm 73% 

VWiM for money 8i?% 

Overall T9% 

1 76 CRASH Chfi stmas Special 1 986 


Expansion in an exciting industry. 

Continuing success and growth in honne computer software creates further 
positions for personnel in progrann writing, development and management. 

Ocean group nnarkets software worldwide offering the most extensive 
publication of computer programs and producing maximum sales revenues. 




YouVe probably heard a lot of claims and promises from software 
companies concerning paymentfor program code or design work butthefactis 
reward depends upon success and by linking into success you will achieve your 
maximum potential whichever way you choose to be paid. 

If you have talent and dedication then Ocean with its resources and 
international connections will bring the fame and fortune you deserve. 


We are looking for people to work in the fields of game design, graphic 
animation, program coding and related skills either directly as in-house 
personnel or on a freelance basis. Training and support will be offered; 
everything from equipment to friendly advice - we want to help you do a better 
jobforbothof us. 

We are also looking to market finished software and will offer to translate 
original programs to every relevant microformat i n order to increase the potential 
revenues to the creator. 

We work and publish in both 8 bit and 1 6 bit environments worldwide and no 
project is too large or too small for our consideration. 



Contact us today in full confidence either by phone, telex, fax or write to; 

Product Acquisition and Development, 

Ocean Software Limited, 

6 Central Street, 



Telephone - 061-832 6633 

Fax - 061-834 0650 

'feiex - 669977 OCEANS G. 



I ctns. - 












r^r.s.^r.*' View 

^^^^rjE. 007>: 

1 7^8 CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 


/* he ifTTfrtftdiate lhf*ai « cnmr. 

M thortks 10 lh« efToris of a 
lingle brawe pilot in a sKlmmor. 
New Qititoorf} have dineronl needs. 
S^immsrpitottmwidenUy useful 
and t^0y may bo rweded f or stmilaf 
minions tn the future. Mew pik>ts 
mN wftar Itw Academy and train in 
highly dovvlopad simulators to 
liam tt>e t^iVs of a skunrner pilot, 
ia gradiOAe, lh«y wiQ n^ed to 
suCftssfuHy corriplete twen ty <ii1fe- 
(Bnt m^sicx^ in five groups of tour. 

"Aetd0mf ha* iMkmn *om« 
of ttii« be«t points of bu c«ti 
And improvwd on thftm. The 
vM^ity of play HMJ cKal- 
)«ngfl 1« falttaatic. Ttw pr*- 
■*ntatk»n la amongst ftMi 
ttlciie^t i'v6 se«n and atten- 
tion to cSatail is m^ost (mprft- 
ukva. the only thting ttiat 
mhgM put people off Is tha 
fact ttut wtien you're carry- 
Ing out ■ mission, there's 
not thart much to t«ll it apart 
from its predeceaaoc Ithfnlt 
Itiat most people wHl be 
happy wtth the more sutrtle 
mtrkiscies ol p(ay Pete 
Cooke has teheri S good 
progrBm tti# best w^ he 
could — upwards. And that 
must tuve b*en dItficutL" 

The game is fajity rri 
(niCNoad (omwt is u^*^ ,Li.%>i.y ,. 
tzetC users have a svtg'o 1°^ 
option). On kwd^, the ptayer is 

pneanted with k\ options menu: 
play the mt»*ion cufrently 
selactBd; ctioota a E^Hf^ront mis- 
sdon, select the type olsktrnmBr lo 
be iti3«d. mce^ a progress report , 
S0B the tape rT>ervu. enter a new 
cadet or re~dettn« tfie keys. 

Most of these options them- 
selves lead to flub'menus. Selec- 
tion of tfie wartous on-screen 
optkxn to acNeved bijf moving s 
pointer over the raqniowj feelum 
and ttien oonfinTtJng ttie choice 
with a kflypr^. The pointer is 
g^ed ttv9i>9f>C^f tlv garne. 

The pia^ con input perwnei 
deieils for the proorsse refMrts. 
and gal outlines of eadi of fhemts- 
sions from the Gaicrarp computer, 
Details of the star system along 
with a graphic of the mem piami, 
an fttCNKitd, in the mtseion 
analyst, Iha oomputer rsoom- 
merxto a particular aionvner tor the 
operation. The reason for this ts 
tttat Dw tlwee dKfersnt skimmers 
in thw game an each fnied out 
sli-^tly diflor^ently. and special is«d 
equipment m needed under diffe- 
rent ctrcumstances. 

Apart hom the throe pre- 
d^^gned ^mrrvm, the player 
may design rHrw skimmers by 
sotoction of ihe rejevarl option 
from ttie main menu. Ail Ifie 
devices availatiie fiave cost and 
weighit factoiW. live 8*immef may 
use any Qornlitnalian ol devKiies So 
ior>g as the fhiished vehicle welgfn 
no more than 100 tonrtes wd costs 
100 Mega-crediisor lett^Thef^e- 
dom of choice is subatemiai 
Players may seiecl various mis* 
sUes or bombe, the fsteiive 
atrengttis of laserg. shkMs and 
power units and various ottier 


•«;•*: ra 

\*f^H/ti mtk tin I I 

s ,»,. 

St-t *H t^^fH, , , , . 
l*^*T PatMT I rvri 

2*^ Hi**./ 

■ta-4 H,,^ 

a*- a,ffc' 

Dwmignmg m mUmmmt In . 

Producer: CRL 

Retail Prfce; £&95 
Author Pdt© Cooke 

options. When a 'legal' design hkf^ 
tMen selected, that skimmer's 
contnDi screen ;^ou1 can be ojb- 
tomised. AH deai9» may be saved 
to tape for later uae* 

Once a misaion is aiHeWf . pHay 
Itien proceeds m a hsshion similar 
to l0ij Ceil, wrth shaded images ol 
vehicles and buildmgs appsartng 
on the viewBcreen surrounded t>y 
instTumentation Some ch^^ges 
are evident, OccaslonaJ lightning 
flashes strika Vm la n cts ca pe and 
some of the pianettfy seMngs are 
tidally belted' workte where the 
lighting is ^brangefy afRwed, 

Each mlss»oo requires diHerent 
\sdtic&. Some irvofve the oijlrtera- 
tion of •voryltWig m sight. Others 
feqMra ttte use of special 
weaponry after a kM>g search. One 
such scanarki fiighlights s new 
weapon, the deny boitib. 
DeaJgnad to penetrate anmur loo 

"Imatfy diaOtod Hh/ Ceti as 
the tasfc that you hpd to 
compJiete was awesomely 
huge, Aca^mmf seems to 
have soh^ed tfiis proMen^ 
tiy having kits of ItttteOah) 
problems which gel ptog* 
resalwely harder. So il aH 
becomes a lot less hope- 
less to try artd complete 
and you era introduced to 
tt»e venous aspecta of the 
game gently. Graphically 
&ils ^m» aquals Xbu Cetf 
but do«s no more to 
enhanca the airaady splen- 
diferous wortc^ cfiwtnd by 
Peiar Cooka. The sound ts 
no real improvanianlon the 
origin^ tHrt the effects 
uaad are nice eU the sanni. 
AH In ai I found this a much 
more pleaelng game to play 
that Us parent a* I'm auie 
yov will." 

alrortg for missilee, the bonib Is 
dropped on a target and g(ve« 
atwut ten seconds for tfie shimmer 
pJioi to f>v ciesr, beforo btowihg up 
everythmig m ihe vidnrty. 

Another addition am mines. 
Thweoorna m two vwlettee, very 
nMty and Nhsl. The oi^i waf to 
dMl with V«ae is to either give 
them a wide boarth, or oae a mirte 
suprwisor. Ttwa« things are oiten 
doled around ttw lanoK^ape, and 
can be propeited tiy firing at tfiem 
wrth lasers. These as their name 
suggttts stop mines going off. 

Oniy ttUMrience winshow which 
ships and bulkjinjitt are autoaptl- 
bto to laaers or mn^See. AM In alt 
there are 36 drtferent typoa of 
objects you may See flying around 

' Wowt This {^m« is realy 
arruiziniily nood. Tt>e menu 
system Is superb, and the 
aUHty to redaflna th* 
cheractedsttcs of a alUm* 
nitfT is eJuceUerrtty done. The 
g«.iie graphics, whita being 
Similar to thkose ol "bu Cei^ 
Si « sbU briUimttfy renflarvd; 
and the i^fttt/im iNng la Juat 
0Mtrtfm9ly pityabi*. I fUta it 
» lot. Lomt$ ot cokiuf ts 
pin^ierad around Che 
i.- t. i; mvan fhovfftf f*w 
piaytng area la monoc- 
ttromo, ttw ovaraU itnf>f»a- 
sjon is one of far mora co^ 
OMf thm> ^lerala, tt fspta^ 
at>l0 a/Hi adtHcti¥a wifth 
stacks pt misaiofta, and a 
wida rang* ot 
worth tfvyfns, ACMlenv it 
one of rriy f^wur^ gamas 
of thm m*>imenf. " 

the screen. Some rnisstons are 
devlaed to require manofluvrabll- 
ity, so good ship designs ere 

If your skimmer is lost or the mis- 
sion seema doorned, it con sinipty 
be entered again from tiw m^ain 
menu. Once over 90% is scored, it 
has be«n successful completed, 
With twenty misiions, than a let 
of training '. 

And Just as a little freebie. Peta 
has stuck a little program on the 
end wttich gn«s a starmap. It^ well 
worth a look, and allows you to 
scrd iiMuiind tlM rw^ sky, 
haighlghtirig diferent comtaHa- 
tiona and rmding the position ot 
named aiare- 


' 1 

Control keys: 

Joysttcfc:K«T^wlon.C4Fsar. ■ 

inief jace2 




Ihie of colour: limited 


Graphics: la$t 


Sound: a lew effects 


Skill levels; f(xr 




Qenarat ratfng; a «i«rthy | 


Ub«' of connputaf 






Gettirho started 


Addictive qualiti«a 99% I 

VtBlu« for money 

90% I 


92% 1 

CRASH Christmas Special 1 986 1 79 


Producer: Stre^atwise 

Retail Price: £7.95 
Author: John Pragnall 

This is ttw fimt fatowt frran 
oonuM'fi r>ew labai «Mrr- 
vnsf. set u^ to promote 
ooMADK'9 fi*iy line In ftfcaiSe 

EmK!, am allied space ahip haa 
otth landed oi^ H<yca, a dist^i^ 
hoetis ptafwn, TTw cfsw were 
unhurt in th« crash, twt they are 
now str^idKJ. M supfwrw com- 
mwKier. your task Js to lake your 
Ottm (Tactical Ptanstary Warfare 
oratt) ctown 1o the unlnerKJIy plBr>el 
&Xl reSCU« the pOOt Syivjvors, 

However, there is ju»l or* tirry 
problam. Th« Planet Horca csn'i 
[ust unfrWty, it's poartiveily 
dangerous. The entire planet is 
Inleslad with large lr>sectovors 
(sort of big krwdCts). Thasa nasty 
creepy-CFawHes haivtt takan the 
cnshtd thip ap-art Ut by bit . pttf er- 
Ing Hie food supplies wrthm. Mot 
content with this however , ihey ate 
now fitting Iheir roaming ey^ on 
the crew, You miat get to ttwm 
before they bectfrte the After Eight 
Mints at the end of thA Insec- 
tovofs' msal. The cunnrrkg (nsec- 
tovors have aliso o^eated a species 
of fierce cJroids whcti pursue your 
Ortxx rnsercJlesly, Otfier penlft 
which you must ts06 indude 
maQretlc tar pfi& which suck your 
Orbix into the tKiwe^s ol ttiiO planet, 
and grange vegetal iori wriich isn 't 
actually dangefous. but rt does 
knock you off course if you bounce 
into Ft. 

The screen Shows the actiort 
scrolling diaQonally, Vou have lo 
bounce your Orbix down through 
the flcfsen, blastings any irvsec- 
tovors and dtrojcte atong the way. A 
constant push in arty d^ection 
$impty revolves it, N>w6vef, a 
short push forwards or backwards 
sends you off in that direction. A 
direction rT>eter is located at the 
bottom of the main screen, this 

sixnws you which direction you are 
gofhg to travel in. There are eight 
axes of nxivement available, so 
yoo can romp around the plana! 
avoiding most objects If you're 
carefy I enough. 

There are bik missing compo- 
nents from ttw spaceship which 
yOu must recover in orOer to Com- 
piete your mission. The- long ran^ 
scanner shows the posjtion of the 
ne jrt piece of ttie shifi. The compo- 
nents are usually carried by factory 
droids. These rather stupid crea- 
tures figl^l it they're cornered, but 
they generally flee if approached. 
When a droid is desatroyed. you 
must St HI be careful, as it is booby 
trapped, This rneans that you have 
ority 90 Seconds to get ttie piece of 
shiip bacK to the launch pad , wtwre 
It IS automaticaHy essennbied 

The Offaix has un limited blasting 
power which comes fr> very handy 
for gettir^ rid of all ttie unsavory 
iruectovors. However, rt only haa 
a limited amount of iftaanergy.thto 
is reptenishabteby 'feeding^ the 
power crystals which are COove- 
r^eni^y left behind by the dead 

On ^tsb tevet there are etght 
stran<led apsoaman to collect, 
with points scored for each one 
who is returned safety. There are 
four levels, which can be selected 
at ttw beginning of the game. 
There is also a two player option, 
so you and a mate can battle it out 


• **Th« gra|>hlc» of CMMEv liYipre- 
»*d ma at flr«t, but once I 
•taitad !p4aying I four>d that ttie 
gatna was very borti>9. There Is 
veryllttke to do, and is |ust a case 
of looking at your scanr^er and 

trying to get to tt^t place on ttM 
pley area. The scrolling play 
area work* wetl and la very 
vmoolh and well ctesigrwd, but I 
feel that the game would havs 
been mora fun with leas obsta< 
cles in tfie way of your progress, 
I can aaa that Oftiix t^as ttte 

dottad ¥\ifiit} various tAJikitngs and 
(raes sm} yoor charactar bounoas 
up and down ntcefy. AH m bo I 
woukin't r&cofnend this, fhenesrs 
plenty of games aroufxl in ih& 
awna vain thatsfs easier toplay. " 

# "Umm. The graphics aren't aN 
that good, and the game isn't 
siftier. I don't Itnow what it is (do I 
ever?} that gives me the imprasion 
of poor Quality, but there is 
defmitety something. Tf>e graphics 

A im o( boifpr with m dronr. timr JJ nutmn^ <H/t, ittt M»0t> a# 
ttmr' for spMcemmti thtrtni^or 

potomtial of baing a good game. 
If only there waa somattilng 
mora ctwllanging to do In fL" 

• "Oitji^ the Terroftiaii tsnotreaMy 
one of the beet garnes around at 
ttm mement bulll eint the wofs(. 
The ttaslc ktea tKi^tdn^ ground 
the pla^nQ ansa etc is futiysoitnd 
but ! think that tt couki have been 
made a mie mom compelling, 
OrbiK IS pfBs&ited fairly *e*, tfte 
excsllenfly scf tiling t}ackgro(^ is 

FIrtt bit at spmpm mhlp fotintt. TMngi are df finitely *tMftit*g to 
Itntk up 

«ifi EtJEPCM i»j 


♦ ■ 




mm SPEED mi } 


^ ■, . f ~t 

have a negative feel to them, and 
the whoie garne j'USt doesn't play 
very weil. The COvet «rtwort< S 
excatlertt. with the m^ffisiva sphere 
domifttfing efverYthing. t>ut unfbr- 
tunatfy, the game do^'t seem to 
be of the same calitne. I'm not 
overly iteen on it" 


Cofltrol kaya: O Increase speed, 

A Slow down, O Rotate left, P 

Rotate right. SPACE Fire, H Pause. 

J continue, BflEAK during pause 


Joystick: Kempsion, Curaor. 

ir^ierfaoe 2 

Keyboard play: hard to gat the 

hang of, bulNevemusiy becomes 

sijg hily easter than using the )oyS' 


Uae of colour: it's a bit biue 

Orapfvics: good oetaiE 

Sound: I he odd spot effect 

Skill lavala: four 

Screens: scrolling play area 

Oeneral rating; iduli gama, tricky 


Usa of computer 






Owtttng «tartad 


Addictive quaMM 


Value for mcHnay 





Producer: Martech 

Retail Price: £8.05 
Author; Jaz Austin and 
Dave Dew 

Lady Jan* Greysloka - sf»e of 
" Mfl Tarzan , You Jarie' ■ tame 
- j3 in mortaJ dangm in ttw 
kngiB. She has tieen caspturad by 
Usmga, the ctiief of tha Wamabo 
{ttiank you ma'amo). The chief hes 
hid 90V«n gemstones Molen from 
the tribal shrme. and betng a sensi- 
ble chap, ha realises that tt>e onlty 
pefson ntio stands any chanoe of 
raoovering tfiese gems for him is 

The isn't as easy as it seems 
Itwugh , ttw ChiOf and Tartan aren't 
•itactty the beat of pals, so the 
(tiiaf ktdftqps Jar>e and threatens 
to tMd her to the raverous 
Pamiher if Tarzan doesn't co^ne i^ 
wtl^ tha gems - and pronto^ 

Tarzan has just three dajn to 

an lOS^ energy by falling into 
qtdckaand or being leapt upon by 
8 panttter, then time passes rnore 
qglckjy. When ttve -sun l^as s<et 
ifvee time& thie g^me is over atvl 
Jsns la fed to the ravenous hCH^ties. 


(tiouoti Tarzan is Lord of ttie 
Juri^fe, he stiN needs various 
otifects to help him. Theae are 
ahown on the screer as black 
boxes, and Tarzan doesn'i krww 
what's in them until he picks ttwm 
up, their contents are then stxjwn 
at ttw bottom of the screen. These 
can be u^ed to heip Tarzan look 
lor theaems which are al&o shown 
as tilacK boxes. 

The playing area (s viewed from 
behind trees and shrubs. TarEaf\ 
can run right and Mt tiom •creen 
to screen, txit ha oat^ atoo move 
upw^bs and downwards to other 
screens by finding a clearing in the 
iur>Ole vegetation Ttwse clearin-gs 
are not often easy to see and may 
take some s^arc^ing for. Tarzan is 

Tsft*n fiiMi MQuSf* to^M thing, mmfbm it cantmin Om^^nt pmir of 
iP*n* in*trma of thim drmunlttr UHnctoXh 

mom tfun haJf arn hour, tiui if yam 
rtiOnOffa to get some intefeating 
objacta you can ttacame 
absoftedin fhegsfwe. M/oniytv^ 
moan ts that the acraens taka a 
whife to g0n6fat0. which can ratify 
spoil the flow of the game. Tha 
graptiics are very good, the 
backgrounds are sxceedtngly 
pretty and the characters are weiS 
decried On fhe wtote this tsn't 
raaHy much of a v^natton oo 
arcade advamufas so t wovkifi't 
buy it vntms i was a aanfvatk 

• "Gosh, thought I as I kxaded up 
this one. what pretty graphka. 
Well, I dkJn't actually think that, but 
ri sounds good. The graphics 
aren't actually aii th^t good, 
because the effective tMvder 
around the screen not or>ly serves 
as an excuse not to use the vrh^ 
display area, but also masks some 
rather poor quality spnts, I think 
this game isn't very playable; thts 
IS probably because all the oama 
fias to it is wandering thnsugh 9w 
same ot' screens again and again. 
No. I don't (ike H." 

Ind the seven ge(T» stones (Of Tfi« 
Eyes of the Rainbow as the primi- 
iive chiet cail$ them}, rf he has rtoft 
found litem after Ihts Urrw, Jane 
wi be slaughtered. 

Tarzan's journey «tlj take fvm 
from ttie leafy jungle - where hie 
wiB confront vicious panthers, let- 
hti qMcksand and unpleasam 
notlMBS - to the Dark Caves and 
the Temple of 1f>e Sun where ev«n 
more dangers lurk. 

Each lime he erKounters orte of 
these dangera some of his energy 
decreases Tarcan's energy is 
stwwn at the bottom of the screen 
as a tree aeeper . The actiorii takes 
place over ttiree days , Dunng each 
d^ Bia tun stowiy sinks and the 
screen colour changes from vivid 
yofiow through to more dusky 
shades, until it's rvlgtil and il tun\s 
to shadowy ttue, However. If Tar- 

W# T»n*n, him ttibrmmsn. t4t?^ott^knff^k ti¥ins4mrf*9**t9wii 
at ttitt*9mmn 

an agile fellow and can somersault 
over some obstacles and run 
through the urvlergrowth. He can 
also take on some of the viciQus 
anirrvals. but he only has his bare 
hartds. so sornetimes it's twtler to 
JMSt try and avoid them. Some of 
the iargar dangers, such as wide 
stretchies of quicksand, must be 
swung over using tree creepets. 


# "I like the way thai Tarzan !• 
preaerrtad -^ ihm aide view ts an 
■Koeilenl. Idee and ghfee 

ume a whole new perapeclive. 
flM MWld It prsclfcalty non- 
«Mliianlt Iwr a Ibw spot effects, 
which don*! enftartce the oarm 
■t lA — this dldr^t heap tf>e 
atmosphere of the game very 
miKh end I didn't feel that tt 
involved the player much at aM. 
Tarxan is v«ry alighthy baaed on 
the film, but basically very like 
Ttr Na Nog — and not too aMcM- 
ing at ah. uahtech fuva coma up 
wfth a gcxKl geme, but I'm afirald 
I've eewi H ail betfon." 

• "Or the wttole it tsn't a bad 
«me, budprng arovnd the seem- 
mgiy endless jungfe (probatity tn 
drcfBs) gats a fttm firasorTM after 


Control keys: definable 


Keytxurd plaiy: pretty neat 

Use of colour, moriochromatic 

Graphics; delaiiecf and effective 

Sound; some spot effects when 

played on the Spectium Ptus 2 

SltiH level a: one 

Screen*: 3O0 

Qenerai ratting: iuai amtfnr 

aardvark In tfse software Jungle 

Ut* of computer 

Otiting «lart«d 
Addtenm qualitiea 
Vahi« for nwnuy 


CRASH Christmas Speciat 1986 t8l 

Contact yOur nvsrtit (^«mput«r slort 

fCif details on lull ranq« or cljip 

the cou[K>n. 

Pfice* from £9, 9 5 - £69.95 / ^' 

Euromax Elm:lfOnic5 Lid., V _^ 

FREE POST Pinfold Lane. /^ .*' 

BficJlington. ^ J^ 

V j>*"-* -*'*'* 




0A^l.V>)U4fMfiL£ ON SPECTRUM 48K OR + 

'IF '■pin mulTHir MVffwMMn HgriMihi^ HHlt^iiCiCt liApHlVUEM Off 

taa SdMUnt Sn*q A MriaMli |MHi Hn Kw 1 Mik In^m ftw ti naM >*iwlB** 

tevtviHi }IH*« "rijr"^^ n.nmiiimitmiiii rrrnnniii inmrm nuirittn 


t«vi/litoTiinMrftCllli5MiM>tl HlMltr «r M Henli Vd !« SCAM LMpt 

Ol^^tni^'IMrtCJ* itnp«wC« HlomAJiMr UAKnpaH 
Cm— >iii.j Cwt ^* muiliri £u«MiW4nktpitfi«i ^uwl ta*lmi 






■WW* nN» STW»«» toCM 4«¥ 

from E & J SOFTWARE 


J qwai|(ty'f(K»<tH« gamaator ■•M'OvttAinlhirtJdit*. Emctt gam* umi tl^ full ivaHaHa 


-frahnji, -^tm S«lKMn. SuDMIWtH. HaH-TXnt Sc«rM, hA Saag) 0«ldk Nviwl 
0(wr abonrti, INm Stylw. 3«v* Ovma. FMnnOil Prodttm*. 3 ShM ILi««l*^ IkmMr 

"■^ ii.Tn|iirn.rnriTiiniitiorrtMi-i III, r nw fT|.uii[iri.nLr iii'tririinnci 

& A«qr |.«g», ,<»«■¥ Ooali Coirt OoubM. 2' SubMhil«*AaonML Ex»>TfeTi«L Ptnlh 
ihoot-Oum \m«ti ■uMvT ()iMiti)i. M«^ bijMiH, )ntu*V TVi**< MUort PtnMtH, 9 Shi 

Optwr . J*LUS wwy MORE' 

« * ^ «Meui nuriMtf # 4^ ^ 

EunopeAM mopf^ 

Botn ttHM oiniM can l» p4t|M Hgtfiriari^ or H CX)MIW4lON QAMES 

* * # a«m«a CaJW MOh * * * 



Hfiit, hj« nil u m U>H, HWi Suap*^«i»H, Clww>nwwer1^«iNHn«.Lwigij» 

im Iht M««in$: UtM TkriK NMtM Ood Soirw*, Qoat TlfRH, GarnHi. Fi^ 
klM**. SoeUMI, PlMAlOT, ^aiKHna Off. Jnbn^Tlm*, EiAft Tint. 

AV BV^NM flfftrwf BWOff 'flvr 

FAffTASTtC VALUE - OftDffl AU TlMAf f 
Atj3r«3w«ic!iiM»p»tiip»«ndiMcHrip (■dujrr ndutMdM uig J 

0A J«<»FTWARf, floofTT3^ 

182 CRASH Christmas Special 1986 


producer: Durell 
Retail Price: E9-95 
Author: Nick Wilson 

OK, you chaps. «e're gotrtg 
to jump irii the okJ strtf>g 
bags and go tn there and! 
jiva lh>eo>d hun a rea! pasting. This 
Is Ahal you chaps hav@ to do, Five' 
bofTitors. escorted by orve ftghter. 
wHA make a bombing ryn deep into 
W)& Hun's rear. The target i,s a fuel 
dump. Destroy this and rhe vrtxito 
course of the war could be 
changed, 1 know you're the chaps 
hy the |Ob and you'll do 3 fine job. 
Now we must expect the Hun to 
throw evefything l^'s got at us. At 
ffst. there'll be just a few Hun pat- 
rote. But watch out tor the black 
luickte 'planer, they'll try to ^ash 
sfr^ght In (0 th« bomber. Moat of 
Uhetime, the fighters will attack the 
bomtMrs, so it's your fighter's Job 
to try to protect them by shooting 
the Hun dowr. Boi watch the MIy 
old oompasa^ H you stray too far 
ffom the straight and narrow, you'll 
encounter very tieavy enemy 
PCfite. Even worse, you eoufd run 
out oi juce before raaching ycur 

Bf the first sectbn, yoo come 
to the hms. These have to be 
steered around or over; Aftet the 
hills, the squedrorY flies over 
(nemy lines It's time to start 
bomtHng things. And try not to 
ihoot up yow own tx>m1>s. Meirt 

section haa our brave lads dodg- 
iog through barrage baloons. 
These can be shot flxrt watch out 
for tJ^ flaming deWs) but are bet' 
ter a voided 

There are a few points to be had 
from shooting down plar>es, but 
moist points come from bombing 
ground targets. Although you a/e 
coniroding the Tighter, you iridi' 
rectiy control the bomber wh«)h 
tries to keep directly ahead of you , 
So txMmbing is a question of reacts 
ing quickly as the target comes 
over the horizon, letting go a 
stream of t»mbs, and stearing' 
ttw bombs on to target. As you 
bank, the who4e sceoefy on screen 
titts. The ground has contoufs 
CofTfbat Lyfix styte, 

The parwl at tt>e bottom of the 
screen shows ttw amount of 
machine guri ammo and bomtiS 
remaining. There are two daimage 
indicators, m the form at propeHers 
which get pfogreeavety €»ten 
away. One aihows Ifte damage to 
the bomber, the other the damage 
ifie fighter has sustained. Ther^ 
are live tlombers ai the start, and 
as one gets shot down, aixitrm 
takes tls place in (rorrt of Ifw 

Thiere is a map. which shows 
how far through tfie game you 
have progressed. M you fknalJy 
make it to the fuel dump and btow 
it up, you'll land, refuel, arxj then 
go on artother misston. 

Hun. But wmUfi OvtfM'thm Hui*mC». ht'tmttMCkin^ th* tifMrri 

One bomhff <i»wn »na m t^wrprobir-mf. #* two m»f» fltndiih 

timt hov» into wivw 


• new ouflEu 
game tums up at CRASH 
towera, tf « usually a red tetter 
day. Bui thla just i&n't up to the 
company's own high standard*. 
This isn't to say it's no good, it'i 
Just not epoch making. The 
gfapliici move amoothty and it'a 
Jolty colourful. Tha contour 
effect ig brilliant, but onty plays 
a small part in the garn^e. But I 
fetri it is too involved for a blast' 
«m-up, arvd n<jt gomplex erKHjgth 
for an arcade/strste^y gerne. 
The k^ys are also quite a hand- 
fulL Trying to bomJj things, 
weave about the sky arnl k%tp 
ti4azing away at the ar\emy 
'planes Is reaify tough, Even the 
'easy' level is really tricky, Aten- 
ner Is quite a lot lof thia modest 
Ifttle shoot-em -up.'" 

% "OMp Strike ts a strange mur- 

a decern shoot'am up, ttttorm- 
rtatBiy it doesnt reaffy 0KOOI tt 
either of these areas — i1 ts too 
stmple for a flight stmultlormKi l h m 
movemwjf ts too slow tor good 
shoot em up. 7?h graphics are 
very we^i destgned anagivss an 
excellent imprasston of a soitd 30 
landscape Tfw contfof af your 
plane ts too unresponsive far a 
oood oMb/asf, tt also seems B(3(ty 
mai tfw plane that you ccntrol s 
the midm one «n tnesqiddronds 
tfta plane m front of you oltantntts 
up dying biecaij$^ yw shoo* it 
accidentaiy. Deep Strike is a taiHy 
average game from dorell, that 
should go down weU with most 

• ''After the tremendous tra- 
mendou&ness of Fat tVorm, nry 
□pinion 0I DURELL rocketed. Thto 
one, thiough, brought a into more 
moderation. It'snot bad, but 1 think 
ttiat it lacks conieni. BasiceHy, I 
thmk rl's a shool 'em up, whwe 
more of a simulation would have 
gone down better, The graphics 
ere very pretty, and the colour la 
sploshed atxMit fairly el^xiralefy. 
but I'm sure a little more content 
wouldn't have gone amiss. I^t 
bad, overall, but couki have been 
better. ' 


Control keys: redefinaliie; up, 

down. leh. right. t>omb. map,£bbor| 

Joystick: Kempston, Cursor, 

Interface 2 

Kayttoprd play: sluggish 

Use q1 colour attractive 

Graphics: good perspective 


Sound: good tune, reasonable 

till acts 

Skiil levels: tfvee 

Screens: large saolling land- 

GenenJ ratlrtg: rieither arcade nor 

U»9 of cQfnputer 
OAttinQ start«d 
Addictive qualities 
Valu« fo** monty 


CRASH Christmas Special 1 366 1 83 


Strapped to the back of your Christmas CRASH is the 
first ever issue of Newsfield's newest magazine, lm. 
LLOYD MANGRAM has a look at his fellow con- 
spirators and gives some inside info, PAUL STRANGE 
looks ahead to Issue One, and SIMON POULTER talks 
to the man behind ft all, Roger Kean. 

brzyMi im me heafi oif a t>i{i pussycat 
Bflfon jokiiriQ um. Mi LMt MS om Of 
0>e hip youno upstarts on TAtW. Rtctcy- 
txq. u he is nav«r known, ts fitt oiNif LM 
sttftar wfto can sedoushr c^Hian« Sfliy 
ftewman In uflder-Hw-titia drtmnng, 
K»Mn to tis colu0uei as a ' mtsarabtfl 
Scouas gir. Hot)MK Bear and S«x and 
O^ ani Gravy, Fruowiai phnai; 'M 
rioTit Pete /bsstandl' IMn: wMmim. 


Thils guy's the Va, maKas a mevi cup eK 
c«ftH ytd pisaea 9v«rvon« oni tivnri hig 
AdrW Etlmofldson imp wc t aU irB. And 
Diir Iter In A Suitcaat also h«s an annoy- 
ing ruibit of p^ytfn 6«na8ii ispea tn 
brtiad dayiiohii sad In one so yoitfio LM 
dtoooversci Simon wtilte fw was mopping 
up bubble bath m Boots, ^e datmM hiA 
h«d boar brtleri by ttte wntng bug ^M 
twkiw tf» kneeL we \Mmi tfie cut of ftte 
# and Sii w« stiandttM Mm tfi to Lud- 
uMv- HoW«s: Giffleid. orwy, T^ Gun 
hajncuts, (J^igner stubOls. piwy. Gv~ 
Wet, collecing Bools m w i w raw U , 
gravy, poncing Iraebies, Gviwa HilK 
cvrying Ms suttcast, bofeig 8#sBd iiitOi 

(Editohal Asilttant} 
Ones a mild, unassuming stiorthan! 
tnctter, SaHy e no* known a$ The Df?- 

Cof Giwej Hi> A«n0l« aMnggtanoe 
I Out Sal can bo pnora Irtjf Km ihig tl^an 
a lull -blown Paul Strange Monday 
moodlfl Sally came to uh vta News- 
llellf } computer tities <ri faraway King 
Strset and ttas quickty BstaUitfiaO Iwsalf 
ra our riittich wuard. Talafirionw hold 
ne tarror hiT S^ Afidcttt. Joiicss, Frarv- 
ktos, tacsimiM idaiMms, modarns, 
angispobe Udma and four-oar>o sockatt 
ara our frlanos. she says. We ooulAil 
wofitwitrKictrtef Sally Issto an ai:;b«sa, 
wHlsty ac£iaiiii«l as me Bo D(sr«k of 

So Vwt 9iey wai*, gilharsd rouv) (he 
oonniancw »M c LJA s Lonoon rtu mT 
1M nrn-vver ewuMOMMMf^ MM 
Zen) wn In 9w inky Timdiaf 4tf ptnm 
in ijarhest Cumbna, and the UN team 
wwft dasparvMy byng to tNnfc of things 
lor Issue One, 

9ut wtoaia iha mambon dI M i^m 
tMn? Sonia an lamir. nNWinnaw 
tew. At in toftill Vis Hnraniiital 
aanas, an tts iTO puMnhers, hmoo 
n«f lirtMmaniM»g», hssoccaf^onaKy 
taniTtbuted to dUSH aa tachnospert. 
knows IKNV Aphcali work and h(w to Qfll 
in«fn to ^k to hunais. Uke&: Lauren 
Bacall, dffitgning houass md fast, large 
Arnencan car?. %tss: da unptftctuaiitty 
and csnini Ideating msn t s t^ Being 
Svrin, hs calls gravy '»uca'. 

OiMT ftir It ua's Art Ednw. and It, 
of oouna, Imown f or all mose irarvefious 
RMfR and llustratons mat get ^reopie 
MUii;. ItobUsKoMttad^ and white Fred 
AiMr moMos, oonica and chafnp^no. 
Hate$: aJitKVB^, doaning bfvshee end 
it*f deste. He's nwwi tiowd of gravy. 

Mfv Kssn Is tn man wtio's dons It 
^, ao Iw's fusl wondertul, am}tve^gn$ 
my eitpensffi sheets. He's intBfviewed by 
Simon Pnjiter eisewTtefe on mese pages. 
10 no more on our Eihtoc except to say 
ffiat ha rnakas bbuious gravy. 

Than thara's n^ysaif , llBfd ManQftm, 
nnffii donbodvtfd psraon voted Most 
anaJHs tt) tNTlis ftar by m-Sinctatr 
iMTStsiT, rnDOMs; {iicytMig.gardsnindi, 
Wdng p to pyn fe and wrWne lenei^ 
Hates: ciww, traffic and being pholo- 
gr^thed. Wm msre an <l say? Wefl I 
i30ddilNV||B Introduce ttis rest ot 4m 
Isam— Vw onde H^ (to Oie iHl wt( 

PAULSTTUNGE (D«puty Editor) 

Stance t^ name, w«rt) by nature Psulle. 
ftiiMiB or StHn, aH fiki what )iat NM, 
nsi» ftM of wing ui wHMft ht't oom^ 
Ing Hwn end w^wTs going down, ffs not 
jMtljnimy tiatUM'sDep^ las tucked 
uMlW bis belt; he'i rat bacp and iMip of 
WOSrten c B An unlkaly outdoor type. 
lAictaPautworKadon TtttRtHfaKiFar- 
mert WMidy betere trading In Na gum" 
boots and amodm BUdc tor a hMHiy 
doss of Sex and Fores and Rocfc'n'Roa 
oa UakxtfUaktr. Hobbies: cotocflng 
cumss. Itoodbig M Hicfien, Soho 
dnemsa, gnvy. Her Dowivtai^. revers- 
ing into concrslspilBn.Hstes mofnlngs. 
smai ctiilctw, awwlo wear mal^-Lip. 
urrtKly fiflb. 

DAVID CHEAL (LofldOfl &Wor) 

tXu' man wim H flWTlng. atoHiroles, a 
dappBd-out Ranault S and tWNTfnort 
than a coifiie d quid Mt his podot was 

on Stt batofa sMH^ off to tolrf lm. A 
pmtasianat wTltBf ol somestand^, ttie 
Rum QC deil^Es m Itiinking up oubiige- 
aa puns fw hoacH^ies; his mastefpiaoe 
vras IF YOU KNEW SUSHI Jot a piflca on 
Japanese cuisine. DavM prM«s niiTtsalt 
on baving taa's best^kept coittue (not. 
Itwt ihara's compettUonj. and spends 
homin ttoMiiwice Wort(» bogs with his 
oompKt rnlrTDr> ilyting mOusaa,, nMMa- 
turteer. and a copy of AWSotMit Ttiis 
guy's sa coooof. Hobbies: quictw and 
salad wflTi a (|i»s o< wme wine. 
Oorotb/s i:osm«tk:s. ohocolate brow- 
mes. a rofl-up last a\infl ai nigrti H^a 
gravy, ^WHJInfi money. 

(Festumes EdttDT) 
LtalMrs answer lo Barry Buciineif Tbt 
One Thsy Cal Hutdihigon w«s fsised by 
wolHS l4 ■* wVds of Em$«ortb. liamp- 
stilrie. and hsd 1 senous Ieei«r-gsug9 
babit by age 2$ 1^ diaoimrad cutis 
domunily gobMng a ctiip butty In Chs ofll' 
ces of Films & fito/inp, wbere he wtt 
Oeputy Edrtor: wfl wttistcad him oft la Lud- 
iow in an tiwrarkad Mni, and a tiar was 
bom, HotOies gravy, TV-AM, monkey 
wrancnes, gstbr^ marrisd. Hates: dtip 
butties, Top Gun hairafts, phone bi&s. 
waiting for me M. Pant Strange m the 

BARNABY PAG£ fSub-Edltor) 
la l^fs man ,p«<Januc or wftaf H*'s itie 
wty person n Ludow wfto Nmws me i]if- 
ferenoB betwssn an onhartt and an snt 
bear ttoChnlcalfy ttTen Isn't any, wtih* 
nay be tKiw he knows} A ret^igw tiom 
the Ban mines of Ne^wveifs arts sk- 
tlon, Barney jik£$ a ouiet nighit In, cuddl- 
ing up wttri his Collins arvl foaming t few 
tinusarid words. Hobbies: byperbolising. 
gmccf}!. Qravy, SLOToptitkXJS snouta^ 
being c^ver -clever. Hates, bad tan* 
guige. boi^iiiaba^se. 
SUE OANDO (Stiff WrItH) 
Tills weil-dressad man-aatar spent her 
hymattve yeiars on Ofr Asi^batare moving 
to % Gby vrtiere the tiludtod ttw male 
humt and ril Ito toiblas In stomacfi-cfum' 
ing deM, I4er<xnduaians warant si ttMt 
tevomble, so certain male msmbari on 
9ie i-sa team took exlianialy dWcy. we 
expect some provootlvt copy oi;! of bar 
InvesbgatMnfl. Hobblns: vw pops, crlc- 
kei. exotK eamngs, gatUng biofliQ Itir as 
Mtlfl tkBh as posslUe. Hatais: desi^ier 
staibbie, Lta bureaucracy, takes a 
mkidmalist approacb to firavy 
RICHARD LOWE (^tsff Wrttar ) 
fucnard H wtat Mrait Old i afl abouL 
Doni be feoM Ivlks HSMilwii-Uoixi 
ruir. he reaMy doeiwilL tift and k»k 
Ika Paul Waier. And beneath thai hard 
atraelMtoa eaaafior and Wacc tja 

soum SlDfoptfilre, Hobblee: oeiary, f]jb- 
b» C^na flgfits, nt>-dcMir)(|< :^anng at 
pichxes oi WWam Sttatner, etgrit pints of 
Hooli itorton. Hates: tidy flatt, unbdy ofR- 
o w,Ty ra paifman . grivy, Pad Grange 
Monday iTtoocftes. 
(EdHorisI AsGlstarrt) 
Tlie larger -ilwi'iiifnajT is only itve start 
of It; thte is one amgmsbc lady, nited by 
fweacrol pasaiora tor (aai FWas cars 
and Mickey Rourke Wncb out hr TTw 
Worrwi to Black If you happen to be sun- 
n^ yoinelt in Eiiaeot next summer — 
Mary Qoea mi natiFef. Hobblas: voggla 
food, good cieian Jiwig. Hates: baring rac- 
ognsad on Greek beadlies, and rrMai- 
based gravies, 

f(WDr1«l AsstelBiil} 

Fianwasa samptorauMy^ivamlng 
Nit days riding her tiom, mafhg bin- 
ders, and preparin<Q la set&e domi to 
marltai biisa Titan siw otscovered 
. . . Hobbias: toiepTione rEp^mten. 
ptwtaxopy raftairrnan, cental naabng 
instaters. braaUng M e pft of w a . Hrias: 
Ning. naiing bindn, fi)ak)n4 gravy , 
IMng aridflCfig, 
(Asatotant Art EiJitor) 

(ionton has wCinuKl or the computer 
mags since ^ since a long bme. vrteUIng 
scalpei. ruler amd raptdograpb witti equal 
deKtertty He s ^most as qiriet aa David 
Cheai. but qmids %ss utm over hta^ hair 
(M much lea). Hobblaa: uncwertog 
uajiiiy b ands and playing tiefrmurtc to 
MVytinaln Ola ah dapartment ftst 
Srlttsli sporty cvf and vSvy 
Hates: obwoug groups- 


Beezer canm ItDm Brl^. He moved ti 
London during ttw summar to seek bis 
fortune and ended up iMng In a sttoebox 
toUdbRAaGrew. He's fvwtound mora 
yaciow acconimoi ia tton In eaatrMi. 
KirtMn ba pays ttie FVachmaoiimlof 
Erzs pv wa«k (mc), aaazer b ?1 and 
bas taken plnbi^apha tor Bristol's Nat- 
Ingsrnagakia l/l»nue. MM^andfotoeK 
ll o b b i as ^ moating pea^ti onnking 
scnimpy, submltttig involCBS wrttttn on 
scraps a toiet-paper to yelCM wax 
Dray^n. Hales: ineeitr^ landladte, land- 
tadtos' gravy, me inMtito 01 Qnrtered 
Pud'i l^e l,m Team 

A iiutmiHla 111 oevan comlag oil 0ia pfMtog iaa. TMJSi oogtm war* prinM 

1B4 CRASH Christmas Spec ial1 986 


ISM stariis lusptdousty aft the 

WMnttrt in Imit of Nm. rt' s pnitnUy tfw 
tfttfandorify) tiitM rw'a bMn iritarviewed 
Dy an« oil liis om wnfkrfteA. tut ti 

fldtortal masternilnd is sekton stumpod 

Th« man who crwUKl CRASH, ZZAP1 
indiMnXJ d«cidsd ta liuKh a miw 
jiouth. titte attar observing ths rnasses a! 
nil flooding in H CBASH rowers 

Ihe IflttiSf^ SHfTied to be igtitli^ to 
get may fmn ccmputefi arnd to talk 
M)dulo(Mrffi4n«s, h« saiya. ' Wa iTttu^ 
i would b8 Knarestini] to rsA a News- 
WdfMotzlfMi Mniv In aM» iMt dHUttg 
i4hi mudi wtdv rviD« 9 nJbtlacfi- TlM 
tonoapt was simplfl — CRA^^, but im 
ibaA compiJtBim. Qtniousty it's gniwn ■ 

' WaMttm wtt a hote Iry tift nurkai 
ivaopvllibio wtti ■ wMv taK ffw pof) 
ivnlc or nop QpH^ Tf 5 a btt of a dm- 
hngg — lew iriaga;irie£ nara Siucceeded 
la m aift. The Qambi« is ^x (tie styta 
«d tmdcttm tlut rm been giMi^ratsd 
Mn npnniKri UNI WB any 01, 

W Int tt» rwM Mi t IMl UofH 
Uamnm had b«en ansMwtog M lettBTS 
an Ciy^ and ZZAP!, sc lm bacanw a 
MTfstng trae — Uoyd Mangram'a iBiaura 
UonHr It stuck — RijcMo UotnTs hor- 


What ag« gnup la ■-■■ limed ad? 

'Prindpaliv ULtpwards. buiwttara 
stM aiming !d wnte the magazine In the 
suTw style aa Ov eomputH' Fn&ipdnea. 
rm rtofiiia owt um ww appMt to 
ytungar raad«r$ as ¥i«Ie as alb«r. Ana )t 
wfl wlli for yotfig adults K)o, son* of Iht 
more tondvntioui kssMH wH twoonw 
nsJAT to (^pfl i*)t(ii-' 

Whore Ml LBi ttt placad on Iht iWMS- 

rtHKf nWp TH nRBE popera, mPm' 

w^ if s laMM as a muHc [kaiMr. hlias 
to wt vnfln tha ll%stvte magaitfies Kliia Ihe 
/^aca or hO. dwugn ira nooiiDg iik& them 
aithar In took. Itevtur or covert. I mM( 
Ifa tft« only place H can no; 

Is K a ^^ouoo ntan'a wfaion of I44mim 

'A hOTiM tfiougm* n pntaiily li m i 
way, txjt LM wW be ol nxdi nwi« gan- 
ofal interasl ffton iha wocnen't 

Mt> plans iDf itfMtllno pMwTHk IfHn? 

' No, M wt might do a ginlenlng col- 

WThi about ji^idar iwohwuwiT? 

' H's van Importafrt and one of Iha 
tiiggest selling aspects of any ma^zlFH, 
F^eatter? ttavfl good Idtttt and I hope that 
LM readers WW raspOild as tt^wy've done 
or trte computef mBgazir>e«. i fiope that 
UH wUI flaw avtsn mora tettara, and 
aograstivfl ones at ML' 

Wrftaon, Rog. 


•ttfnit LM adttoflaJ maevng has alr«a(t!r 
passed into tte hMnybooto as an ear- 
jhstntivtiff nent rsiMng wtth The Bit- 
le 01 Brtttln, Ttw Charge Of The Ugm 
Birtgwje and F^oafl tIartouF. 

It was I My stoddng and datuudied 
slat, and ambng oiiar thincs it gave \& 
BdMoe to dbcun tnhare we're at. 
Khere we'it goinB, whif e going dwn, 
iri«rs going up and vrtwv we're comlnB 
liorn (fTtan). 

UiturBHy. we cmkln't «r be pra»nt at 
LM's paJattal {sfflces In NKnglon — Llnyd 
mj Oh mtssed t!ie iraln (leeble em^ no 
Wl while SaJly and Fian ware nallM] to 
Die Gul ttar m Liidtow 1h« nl<|hl batora 

But tof fltose of US irtx) couU m^ H. 
fee fc m dHof y meettn^ wa$ un^orgefift- 
He. iKniJ being Vie dec«fii chaps thm we 
n, we thought we'd let you in on some 
NgMy eoOTil piojiKtii dun we dBcussad 

on the d^- 

Uka. what's goino ^ be in UMS firat 
on-saie Issue out oo ^5 JanuayT 

Wel, to stall wttli we're gotng to open 
up our rnguiar eKtendert fea^jre slol caJ- 
l«d Man In A Suitcase Each n>onifrnj»'a 
tntreptd reporttr Smon Pounsr will don 
his porttple htrt, sip on Ms sha<ie$ and 
l)«id for a nationsl hoifiwd of sin (he 
hopes] Simon wm be staying In a city tor 
1 week and brinotng back en in-depth 
report of what he's Men up IP. itrtio he's 
met, what (HnJmt WW g nft eilWt 
haircuts an in, laM lie na iMitiitope, 
wt^ are Iha baatntghtdubs. what sports 
tactttlea lt>are are. what the local radn 
station is up 10 ajid whai's happefiing on 
the street 

Fdt Issue One Simon lite EtnnAigham, 
andHxHrtUe UHS he's off to M&nchiK- 
tor, NawcasUa, Norwicli and al pointe 
north. ttBHoudal 

Tin iJM team grilMnd in WnIoub Idhgton last montft to precdsasnlina. iHkfBW, 

leftto rt)^ (kXTlon Drux. Mvy Moirts, Sue Dwido. DevW Cheai. Sh^ 

napy Nge. Awt rvv. Roger Keen. Paui Strange, WdisrJ Lwe, CuiVe Hutchinson 

Ottw Ray waa bacjk in Luddw sIkvtriQ over 1 hot peMts, Uovd hM^^ 

trakn, Saly Newman and Ran Mabia wwe s^ In the pio and Beenr was beNrtd the 


Zero Itoah past the Hutchiioon 

oner thkiQi wa'M 001 ined t9 an a 
nuid-ui) ol the bloaaiimiflg che^rii 
video labels, a Rtchard Ldwa rant about 
stupid sports, a ptotn hMturv on m 
ineplried Z1-y«ar-old Crowtonton photo- 
gispher caled Martri Buantait, a run- 
down of Vietehimlhit am ^^to Ml 
Iha ht^t-eteel Stores In the apirtng^ a 
gidciB to )uni|)iMsie beigain-spoana, 
lr«lBr^4«wa Hftti Paul McGann {star of TVs 
Jtm MMddatf MitlM«rand rWce Bros- 
ran fsttro<tiw aoon-to-ibe-fiieesid 
/^ourttiYDiBcoi^moito], (MiMit of whars 
new on Vie tumttbla, iha actaan, the 
vWso and Hte boohahelt. AND al our rH- 
ular ootumns (Uoyd's Woml Up. Mtngon^g 

igaasiMiCMd 19 tor a 
FipBft coming naict nonoL 

Hondo KLtarm, Hassteit Pttl* 
Crossword, Station To Satian and the 
CoRsumer Guide). 

Ail this wd pop tmar^MNW too? raatv 
we've got am iHgogo: Ickte Worta in 
Lhwpod, The ^tuman League in Norwich 
and a few others thai w« 'v< h»4 to swe«r 

So iwnr yw knew, urn Iseua One hits 
the boCikllBniii or 1 5 January and Ife 
going to tie an Impai alive purthaas- See 

CRASH Christmas Special 1986 185 


Th* icon if riven contlruction tvrm**l; Cmmvrttn otmruttif hm* 

pToduetr Melbourne 


Retail Price; £a.&5 

F' oikowirig the rec«nt spaie of 
■ JUsrtMe Madnoss dones, 
along ccm«9 th« grand ma?- 
Iir himwn In tha form of a con- 
duction Be( frtKTIi HELBCUmHe 
HOuit, Okm more ttie he*0 of the 
game \s Mr ^3^vsrk:aJ, s bal, wtn 
tahes to the sllppaty fllopea of the 
crtio^ed p«iac« of power. TTve 
oame ^^ ^it into two perls: firstly 
viegame- - .LifeasamartMecan'l 
tw on mwf one; ^^MCuiJly whan 
you'r* trtjiSfMd ^ a ftwiga work) 
of unraeMy, wtiaa itw liwB of 

ttui y<Hi once fi«ld true m 
^)f^ So, to pmn ttie lime 
Mr Splwicsl eniera himsetf fw the 
local: ractis. Ths ^m o\ tM«se i$ 9 
simpid (xye - to reach itw end dl 
eacti levet b«iore your tirrte rune 

With four drectiorts at your dis- 
posal, yoi nutst ke^ Mr Sphenical 
und^ control a$ he winds his 
waary *ay 10 the tottom of the 

racatrack. Raoku over tfw flat 
planes Isn't so ttad^ t>ijt the nanow 

ramps and bndgeS CfiA pfDve 

eMtremety fuzardous - one small 
rod out of p<ac«<, and with a 
ri^sour^ding scream poOf Old Mr 
3ph$n(^i,l plLjrk9^ to t^ deiHh in 
the mLjrky 1 m unplinfli which sur- 
round the track. Miry creatures 
inhabit the swarnplands, and 
some of these occasiocialiy fonc« 
themsleves up Onto the racetrack 
- In 8«arc^ of any slow-witted oon- 
testams who may fail prey to tf*e 
difficult corrvafs. m© most notori- 
ous of the lot are tlw avil marti4es 
wtto roll carelessly along the 
pla^, ttiey also twing with them 
their Bproirigy mates who rnove in 
a iKinky fashion on the surface of 
the slopes Contact with these, 
and any other ot the various nas- 
ties leads to otvliteration as well as 
a loss of time. 

If you become ted up with the 
preset patterns of the racetrack, 
ttiere is an option on tfie title 
screen which aliows you to con- 
struct your own. The construction 
process is controlled by the lour 
standard direction keys plus a fire 
key. Running down the rtght hand 
s*dle of the COrWlrvJClion screen is 
a selection of the vvtous planes 
thai cffin< be us«d to make up your 
revised trach They include two 
anguiar planes, one flat, one verti- 
cal, a left and nghl slant ai^id two 
steep siaris. Along the tx>ttom of 
tti« screen IS a text optiori window. 
Usmg ttiis, you can place odd- 
ments of> the so^een such as time 
diep^yS, piolAts scored, and 
merits C3l 100. 300 and 500, These 
cart be put anywtWTS your heart 
desires Aii of th«M Ofittons are 
accessed by movinQ ytxir arrow 
cursor orito the one you want «nA 
preaatng fini. Doing utis allows you 

to move th« item around the 
screen until you find a place to 
plonk it down. Once you hia ve suc- 
cesstully completed the cor^truc- 
tion of a screen, select Test and a 
martrie appears at the tOf3 - now 
It's time to «e« it your Qrwi Owign 
has Mwfcad, or Moe ail the other 
Great Designs has it disappeared 
down the plughole , . . 


• "I must conif««9 that after • 
imie whii« t was quite getting 
Into designing my own icraeni 
tiut when It cartva to aduafly 
playing itiem tt>e game began to 
anrwy me. Graphically this is 
niTV-of -the- mill for this type of 
game, your ball sRIds around the 
playiri0 ar«a fairly smoolhfy. the 
backgrourKls are detailed and 
there are no attribute problems 
anywt>ere in the game. Thie 
•ound if very good, 9 turie plays 
COntinuousfy on the title scre«fi 
and througtmut the gamoL On 
the whole if you are a fan of this 
type of game then p€»rhaps this 
will appeal to you," 

4 "Mart>ie Madrtess kxAs far to 
mttch iikg the oA;^ Gyroscope fo be 
rriuch of s Success. I'm not f^oily 
too k&0n on this typ^ofgamamnj^ 
way, iHrf mis one *s/usf oatf ne»«. 
Jhs graphics »f» poor, andthough 
the movement bf the matttfa is 
/a^ stTKioOi. the whole thing is 
just a mite too unpiayabte." 

# "I dtdnl really like the arcade 
machirte that much. SO I was a bit 
cautk>us when rt came to review- 
iriQ the i:^:?mpH,;ter version. To be 
honest. A^artufie Mladhess is very 

The g^me^ in mctton, it (ock* hk* Csftt*ri^n't mboul to tmkt 

badly written. The graphics are of 
the monochromBtic kind, and with 
thiese you can't go far wrong, 
although (he way they are manipu- 
lated Is very slow and jerky. It took 
an amaiingly kxtg time 10 actually 
move the tiaH from one side of the 
screen to ttw oltwr — Ijut once 
dor>e. rt taites ages lo flick to the 
next screen. Apart from berig 
uhplay^jie I atao Hnutvi '<\ very 
unaccunMe — conetamiy i fOLnd 
myseM disappearing down holes 
ttiat weren't there, and rebounding 
off invisible walls. This 1$ a s^ery bad 
game, and considering tt's from 
ttie people that thought us Gyros- 
<3qp0H is even worse." 


Control keys: redefinat>lie, up. 

down. Sett, right, fire 

Joystick: Kempston, Cursor, 

Interlace 2 

KeyhoenJ play: like nailing jeHy to 

the ceiling 

Use of colour monochromatic 

play sjsa 

Graphics: detailed, with good ani- 


Sound: excetienl rertdition of the 

arcade tune 

SklU levelK one 

SCr««i^S: 1 1 

0«neral rat^g: a good Idea 

poorly enecuted 

Use of coiftputar 






Ovtting stai1«d 


Addictive Qualittoa 


VaiJue tor money 









186 CRASH Christmas Speciall 986 

Producer Domark 

Retail Price: £8.95 
Author: D«s(^ Dsslgn 

Way tMCk iii the June issiw 
of CRASH B rathw 
unusuat competitiofi was 
iMniied Th» t^k: to design ,1 
game for the Spectrum. The pnze 
woM fame wkj lortune in the 
softwaffl industry. Well< you fwvef 
)u>ow! Th« winner of thii preetigi' 
aj9 compeldtk^n was Jonathan 
EQi^oh, selected trom scree of 
«ntrf«« for M (Jesign - >caf TJ^t. 
Prcgnmmid by DeHOH DOiMiend 


:oted by ekmafik the game ts 
now m a finsh«i state and reedy 

Time has moved 00 a bit and 
wt'n now In the 24ih century, and 
Bvlh (joss took in a sorry state, 
hundad by sol-ar explosions end 
■bandonofl by ttta Eafthiings, the 
Evth hfaa notw become iiKxne for a 
strBftijo end dengenxjs breed of 
cr«atufea oafied Kat Men, iVow 
tfnt ttw sotar exptoaiorts have died 
down, the Earth peopha are think- 
hg tbcufi moving back into their 
hflinebirfd. HDwever, the Kat Men 
vent gotnig to 01 ve up their now 
kun6 >»ome wrfrwul a tight. In 
M^teted exile, the Earth people 
pM to rid fteir liome of the evHs of 
•m Kat Men for ^^ood, and to get 
te ptarwl badt into the tiorgajn. 
Being s largely Ltnimaginetive lot 
thay send down a Muttf Terrain 
Exploration Ooid known to hn 
fnechanicaJ chums ea M,T-ED. 
Thhi cute itttle robot la rnore used 
to Uvniling over rough terrain than 
to fightJng rt out to me death with 
hordes of strarvge and nasty aliens. 
Afxompanied by Hercules 1, a 
ina^iitan*nce and comtiat droh^, 
M,T-€D, ia beamed down and the 
(Jj/namic duo begin their quest. 
UWorftrfiatelv things go homl>ly 
vHcng as soon aa their Utiie tm feet 
touch the planet's soil . as Hercules 

1 1s hidnepped by the Kat Men arxl 
wtirsked away, i^ow with two tasks 
Instead of one, M,T-ED has to 
blast his vmf thnouQh ttie njined 
remains of tiws g res n and pleasant 
globe, Br>d rescue his n>etal mate 
into the bar^ln. 

There are fourleen sectiorts to 
M.Ts task, each taking pjaca in m 
different bcation on Eanti. In each 
of these sections are maryy dan- 
gers which he must confront. He's 
a simpls droid and nsA really cut 

out for aU this fighting, therefore ha 
^arts out wFth only a few bask; 
weapons bolted on this frame. 
Luckify, other sorts c/t artillery car 
be picked up along the way by 
Simply walking into them, these 
era then displaived at the top of 0w 
screen and can be selecDsd wtiao 
needed Grenada . rockets, tasers 
arnl evsn water are ail used to help 
M.T-£D in his mi&5*on. 

Ttie reason f or thi s array of d«ff e* 
rent weaporu is simple. Not just 
the kat Men have taken up resi- 
dence on earth, loe Men. Fife 
DerTfons and Mekno Cats (wtto'll 
eat anything!) - to narrw but a few 
- have SI90 moved it\, and each 
type of nasty raqulraa ■ certain 
type of weapon !o defeat him. 

The scfeen scrotis from left to 
right and our hiero has to stioolthe 
nasties af>d p<ck up useful ob ja c ts 
before they get him rirst. It M ,t-ED 
does get biffed by a nasty, he falls 
on his tioocs and is stunned tor a 
J few seconds. When this hoppena 
1 he knea one of hia drotd lives. Not 

AvChvnifftetf city Jfln Eggcltttn's hero tjces tYto hmimrdm — ttie 
b*n* Mf» Jmurinp, bur tttc m^sme* *f» i/i* nght **'* tmimi! 

j^ iM ^ 

Bb^ ^> i^i-' 

m i9 

@ ' 




I > ia<i»*fc '•iMw -.jMM 

orm s 


The toff^t mlMg'p. M.T, biMfia m m^*ni^. He's got m lulf *tl ol 

wr Mjwn), «o ir mheuid be pl»m **iltns f/vm h€rm 

^1 of the nasties are let^tal. For 
Instance. In the Chaned Foreet the 
ghosts simpiy make l^te very awk- 
ward by steaJing any weapons that 
are lying around. M.T-Ed must 
tfierefore M v«iy quick otf the 
mark in thit sAuatiDr. 

M.T-Ed movaa in a realntic 
mechanical way, and can jump 
over any monsters tt^at t>e's too 
slow to stKKM. Getntj a Mut; -Ter- 
rain DroK) h* can oofw quita weii 
with some of the tsfziwe land- 
■capes which he must anosunter. 
AltnoLigh the AJps, wt^eretwhaslo 
aproing from one peait to another, 
might give htm some serious trou- 
bte. M.T-Ed rrutst strugghi through 
each terrem until he reaches the 
Merve Centfe, wtiere he has to 
rescue Hercules i , b</1 to get there 
he must even cross Ihe tied of an 
uriderground lake and romp 
ttwough a castle. Onoa Hen:ules 1 
has been rescued th«« ^another 
smeil game-ette to be ^mnpleted 
tiefiore the er>d is in sight tor M.T- 

Oh the bfritom of the maJn 
screen is 4k score with the current 
high score for ttie player to aJm for. 
Power js al>>awn at the bottom of 
the scraan, and when this reedhes 
zero M.T-£d kises or» ol his lives, 
At the top of the screen are his lives 
and ttie type of weaipons he has 


m "fCM Th^j la ■ fart ftirfoua 
ganw that ia mora than Juat a 
trek around a few bits of scen- 
ery. You real^ have to look at 
aac^ maty tMtOra you blow his 
heed off, or you covid chooee 
the wrong weapon ar^ get 
thrown aroond your»eH, ■n»a 
graphs ara well des^netf but 
dent seem to b« solid enough 
to look reai. Sourtd la a t]A tusJc, 
bui the spot effects aarva tMer 
purpose. I wouMnt mind It 
someone put this in my Christ' 
m«a stocking (wirvk wink, nudge 
midge, 'nuff said Santa)." 

• "7M first coupie of levo^ am 
faifty ^sy, hLrf thsydoprovg tot» 
vsfy fnjstra ting, after thsss mo the 
Isv^s become a kit mcxiBCtaihag- 
ing so the game as a wholapiwm 
to be very canpeiting. GmpNetify 
KetTfap^sik^. ^iec^ivactefsan 
»eH enitnateti and the 
backgrounds am cokiurty^^ The 
sound is a txt on the Ivne side. 
there are no tunee and the spot 
effects are minimai. I quite fiked 
this as it ptays wgH and ft tpoks 
good, weHwof^a fook. " 

• " We've seen pkinty of preview 
versions of Kat Timp^ so the 
firitshed verskMi isn't arrythlng 
unexpected. When playing the 
more complate veraions, I didn't 
think much of It — it Beamed wy 
tike an average sort of shoot am 
up. After giving the finished ver- 
sion a good rialf hour, though, I 
tMgan io tNnfi I was hooked. 
ImrrvdWely, I wasn't hit by it. but 
pgrseverenoe certainly reaped its 
reward I hope dcsiqh paatOH can 
get together with ekhuik again 
and produce more of this sort of 

I game. It might well do them ttoth a 
lotof goodl" 


Control Itaya: deflirkaiMa, \^. 

down, left, right, fire 

Joystick: Kempaton, CuTBOr, 

Interface 2 

Kaytioard pl«yi speedy 

Uea of coioMT adsQuste 

QrapMca: detailed arid amusirig 

Sound: the odd spot effecta 

SIUII levels: one 

Screerw: 196 

Gerwral rating: a humorous Utile 






AddlcUva quottttM 







GR^I4Clir»tmas Special 19d6 187 


Producer: Mastertrortic 
Retail Price £2.99 
Author: P H a rg reaves 

Th« Wai^Eecs sf& vary ajiii- 
schocxl 1n fact thoy'ro so 
against th6 system thai 
titey ars campaigning lor iess les- 
sors and mof e free time . However. 
ifw Empef Of takes a very dim view 
of this, and has lakeri sanous 
•taps to cut (lawn or \h($, type Of 
inaubordintition I3iy anre^ing 

040 Brajns has bMn lOGlted up in 

Twminus, ttw most impregnabto 
pr^on in tha galaxy, 

Brains' coQeagues deade that 
he must be r^K^ued tfom the 
pnson so tt>st their qu^t can sion- 
tiniM. Thay sat out for tha pnaon in 
ondir to help I hepf friand. 

ThflfB are (our tnends flIlOQethtir 
and eacti one tias his own special 
talent which he car pirt to good 
use in attempting to relaas« tutir 
itMeit, Each ot them has a protac- 
tive sukt which shields th^m Irom 
tt^ force- fkatds and othaf pafils 
wt>ich awart them. Howavw. ttwse 
only work if iheif barter les are fully 
charged, the enei gy levej tor each 
charactaf s suit is shown at the top 
of the main screen. The conlrcri 
panei also ahows how much thrust 
anergy and las«f« they have laft- 
Whon any of these levals reaci^ 
zero, then ttwl particular characier 

pensfis*. and the others have to 
Ciiry on vvithoul him. 

Mobod and Xann nx)ve Py 
flyirtg, Ho¥*f«ver, once their thrust 
afiergy drop* off. they hav« to And 
sofT^ewhara to racharga befora 
ttvoy can tMCorna airtwno again. 
Magno is a cat burglar, although 
he do«esn't kxk like one. His rnain 
talent is t»iog able to sticK to ceil- 
ifkga in order to avoid tfaps. Spa it 
doea poeaeas legs, but he prefers 
to bounce everywhere tor some 
odd rea:3on. Voo o*> only conifoi 
one ol these' characters at a time. 
t>ut they can be called m to action 
at any time as long as you're on a 
teteport pad. 


9 "Th« gam* la vary similar to 
fmntatua but (t tan1 raally as 
playabto or aa sddiicUva, aa It 
talies a long time to get Into, 
Orephically \ cen see e lot of 
people really hating thli as thsre 
is almost too much colour, I like 
it as there isn't any colour cla»h 
and there is a lot of <Hliil The 
sound ia a bit on th« Itm* <M*. 
no tunes artd only a few spot 
ejects. I think thet this will only 
reaOy appeal te TgnWusfvnt as 
It doesn't realty offer much to 
the arcade player." 

The trmn9form*f «n thm t*fl wiH mifaw y«u to ctt»ng* b*tttf^»n 

• 'Termiinus conttuns nofhung 
much iTiorv (/wiTw^taius csid. The 
gamo is mmacSgtefy attrectfv^. As 
mtti Tantalus, fhe scwen is jam 
packed with p(x0ts, al! them fult at 
c<^:njr s detail. But tfw game rfse^ 
doesn't have much substance, 
fho idoa of controtSifig ditfersnt 
ch^acta^ s nothing new in 
arcade adventured, tjvt, s^iems tO 
work wetland IS one ofTemnnus's 
good points- Terminus featur&s 
some 0ice touches; iike the df9$ot- 

\ftng waits and different buu&ts ~ 
but I dtdfi I r&tttty like ttte game as 
a who/e veiy rmich. " 

% "Gollyf tl's T»)tatus with new 
apriites* I didn't like ihai program , 
and 1 don't liite thiS- All the majn 
characters have reaSly awful con- 
trol methods which makes the 
garne frustrating from Ihe very 
beginning. it"S even more fruslrat- 
ir^ tryirfg to worii out where to go 
and ttiere i^n't much m the way ol 


Producer. Mastertronic 
Retail Price: £2.99 
Author: Derek Brewster 

You are a cooiesiant in a 
motorbike race. The action 
is vtewed from behind your 
\ȴ.e, the tracts scrolling towards 
the player gives the impression the bilges are actually movtr>g. 
At the start of the race, four lights 
count bowmmrdaartd then you're 
off. The bita b capable of vaveil- 
tin>g at up to 192 mph, although rt 
isn't such a good idea lo do thJs 
wtwn you're tiweHtngaraund par- 
ticularly Itght bends. The speed at 
whfch you are travelJing. whi(± Sap 
you're on and your position in the 
race are ail shown at the top of tfte 
main screan. ao tfwt you can Jneep 
an sccurala diadt on your prog- 

The program irfdudes a choice 
of lraci<. each based on or« of the 
world's tamous racing circuits. 
The tracks involved are Don- 
nington, Siverstone. San Mahno, 
Anderstorp, Paul Rkard, Jararrva. 
Brarkds Hatch, Monza and Day- 
tone. The track you warn to race 
around can be selected fFom the 
menu oplH>ns at ihe Ijeginntng ot 
the game. The player can nde fnxn 
as Irttle as one track right up to 
nine, if he/she is feeling part icularty 

188 CRASH Christmas SpeciaJ 1986 

fit. Thsfa is a two player option so 
trkat you ^id a mate can compete 
against each ottwr, In the two 
player option there are just two 
coTTkpetitcys, youraeM and your 
opixmem. In this case, the screws 
splits into two halves so tha the 
view from each racer \% shown, 

tf a player rrtis- judges a comer 
dunng the race, iheir bike comes 
oft the track and slows nght do*n 
to zero. The player loses vaJuable 

time wtien this happens and has to 
get back on ttie road ar*d re-acceJ- 
erale to top speed ll the player 
hits another t?tke, then once again 
the^r speed drops off and mwe 
lime is lost. 



, j *'Thta la possibly the wor*t 
I radrtg game that ha« conw in 
j this year, it has poor graphics 
that don't seem to speed up qs 
I you do (the white llnea in the 
I road go virtually the same speed 

ttigh ( #( th* 3 tMfl, can jfoit fighf yimr wmjf from th* back ot ittt 
fivta _ 

at80mphastfi«y doat 190rnphJ | 
ar>d and the sound is no morv | 
than spot effects and growing. | 
The game play IS atKiiJt as com* ! 
pulstve as a dead cat. if you don't 
come viftthin the too ten in any 
lap on your first go thken tfwre is 
scmnthlng wror>o with you. The 
two player mode is its only 
redeeming feature. On the 
whole this may appeal to you are 
really into racing games bvt Cd 
keep well away from it."' 

C "This seems to be a very bad 
copy tf/Fult Throttle , txA wfth a h*o 
player game added. The two 
player game ss a stuptd affair, as 
there aren 't sny tmparlial t>ikers on 
the track and the first person to 
make a mistaice u&jalty laosesJ 
teit rhar the g^m^ drdn't raaily 
mtorm you etyxigh ot the fhwips 
happefjitig to your tUce; tar 
instancy when in the two pittyer 
gamfi you don't kfiowwthi^^k}- 
(Mhg as the noise for each person 
» fhe Same, and when you ftrf 
KxmtNna you don't teel hkt 
you*n tkmng down, but the 
a p«m J axmter decreases. I'm 
adtid Spmtt King it doesn't have 
tt)e feel ot a good bike game, and 
mth Full Thfoitte at ^M it's got 
some good compeitftion. " 

• 'The graphics are incredibty 
tfad. and tfie game is an awful 
attempt of a Furt ThrofJiSecapy The 
only thing that it has over Foitf 
Thrown IS the fact Thai the charac- 
ters don't filcker, and if thal's iwo 

dijss to heip. TTie gnpttics ana 
nee. tJUt rether superfcoi and 
ttwy don'1 roally kiteract with the 
game in any way. If you liked Tan- 
la^ I suppose you'd Itka this. tHrt 
parqonally i prefai more 8nati& 
•ebon and mont advefituTQ in my 
art«d« ddv«fitum. ' 


CohHfoH keys: ditferont for each 
character MotxxJ and Xann: Q fly 
up, M laser rife, O lert, P nghl. 
Magro: 0% up. M ias«rfire, O^ett. 
ip rtghi . A detach. Spex: Q increase 
bounce, A {;SeCf0e»e bounce, 
left. PnnhiM Tire 
Joiflitbck: Kempstor, Sinclair 
Ki^fboard play: reSOortsive 
Uh of CO\<nir. ^ ttOt Ol colour 
Qraphics: detailed 
Snmd: a lew spd eflects 
Skill l«vel«: ofie 
Soreens: 512 

G»n«fil roitklg: uncriglnal and 

Uw of compulaf 






Getting started 


Addictive quatrties 


Value tor money 




nva of impfavemanl. I'd ralhar 
iteap the octginaf. The impiwwcHi 
of movement that waa quite vmii 
put onto Fult Throttle H totally non 
instent on ihts ori». apart trom the 
Ittle sinpes down ihe nniMjoteof Ihe 
road, I thinJ^ ujte car rest aasurad 
t^at there is no competrlioni from 
^ wfiat9oevaf, because tl's 


Control keys: Player One: Q lean 

Sett, w lean nghi, A acceio'ate, D 

decelefate. Player Two Oieaniett, 

Ptean fighT, L accelerate, . Oecei- 


Joy»tM:k] Kampston, Interface 2 

Ktybcwrd play: fesponsive 

Uie ol cotour: miniiTial 

Qrophics: dire 

Sound: rathief liUte a very eKdted 


SMI levele: ten different tracks ot 

varying diM^cui^ 

Seraens: scfoKmg play area 

General rating : there are ptenty of 

better race gamea 

Uia Of cortiputar 






Getting startad 


Addictive qualities 


Value for rrroney 





Prod ucen Firebird Silver 


Retail Price: £1 .99 

Author: Ian Wright 

Hardd Is a very nasty King. He 
njles fiis ksngdom by bully- 
ing the inhabitants and lock- 
ing up their cab-baoe patch dotis tt 
they're naughty. However, King 
Harold has a son who « a little 
mora broadmindad than his dad. 
Harold's son objects strortgly to 
the wsy Ihat his dad rules the 
country. But King Hardd knows 
that hi$ ^on ha$ sympathies will^ 

HancM iJur)k>r moveaarourNl tfie 
castie on toot, bi^ he does, have 

quite spmgy legs which is Just as 
well really. t>ecause son-ie rooms 
can only be entered and exited by 
way of platforms and large jumps 


# "Klng$ Keep i4 yet another 
trite arcade adventure. To tw fair 
^(s has some rtlce features tike 
the meesages urKler the playing: 


to got info: btAbaatc^ fl^ game 
is another bohng aftvenrure tfmt 
doesn't suite sny of my (eieSings, 
and the f^suit i$ a v&ry daad end 
gams, Onfy tot the dedi^tatt 
wCKft a¥entunt, iMth a amaf 

• 'This Is the son of thing Ihot 
gives txfdget a bad riame. BackJn 
the days when full price rneant a 
progsram and Oudget meant a few 
hoyfs doodling with a oafhe 
designer thns would have bean 
acce(3tit>le, tui those dtoys it 
belongs m the waste bm. There ss 
nothing original m this game i\ aJI. 
Just think what you could do wtfi 
two qytd in$iMd. Hire a wjeo, buy 
a paperback, (ust tixxii anything, 
just don't buy this" 

the locals arid won't let htm out of 
the castle m case he tries to start a 
rebellion So Harold's son will 
remain a pnsorwr for ever and over 
unless you can help him 1o escape 
from his father's evil dutches. 

Harold Junior really wants to 
escape Irom his father's tyranical 
rule, but first be has to find a way 
out ol the castle. Old Krngy has 
been very sly and hias bkx:Ked up 
sorrw doors and made rnoving 
afDund the castle very drfficult. 
Luckily Harold lunior is a Smart \aa, 
and by usirig evarybay objects 
which he corr«s across on his 
travels, he can attempt an. escape 

When the irrtpnsoned pnnce 
enters a r>ew room m the caslle. 
the location scrolls across the bot- 
tom oi the screen. In the sarne way 
conversations can be carried out 
with the vanoys ctiaracters wtvo 
Ijve in the caslie. These d^aracters 
often give HarokJ's son hrfits artd 
tip* regardi'ng whk;h objects are 
uselul to coElect. There are options 
lo g^ ot^ects. examine them fully 
and use them. The coversation 
With the ctiaracters can be carried 
out by selecting the TALK option. 

Wc«hfn« t9 lt*ngi Keep, and jwu'rv wefcome (o W 

window but all in all I couldn't 
really play this for more than ten 
minutes without losing wtiat's 
Mt of my sanHly. The graphics 
«» pretty much run-of-ttw-mlH 
tor (his type of game, iots of col- 
our tJUt noH much detail. The 
tound is elso a bit I im p , nq tunes, 
and vary few etf»ct9. As always 
Itietnetructionsgrven were a lit- 
tle lacking in content so it could 
take a while for you to learn the 
ins and outs of the game." 

9 "A Aupnse'^ntttmivthavs come 
out mtti another budget arcade 
advsf^tuFs. I'm sorry to say this, 
ixri, I r0^ty have got to hate itm 
typo of paJne. Them seems fo Jbe 
very liWe progfammtng fhoygftr 
inirohvdin th)s typo ofgamg now- 
adays. The c/iara^r^ ve tairfy 
large but aren '( detaifed enough to 
todit like real things. Ccffoar is wsfl 
used and clashes are almos f non- 
exisfont Kings Keep *s very easy 


Corrtrol key*: (umpQ: leftO; right 
P. pick up 1 ; invBTrtoiy 2; list oom- 
mands 5 

Joystick; Kempston 
KeytKierd play: Strange at first, 
but qui to sir.iighl-fotWSi'dfeaJiy 

Use of cokKJn reasonable 
Grephlca: duH 
Souind: tiHusual Spot effects 
Skill levels: one 
Screens: budget tat 

Ua* Of CNMnpular 






Getting startad 


Addictive quatitle« 


Value for monay 




CRASH Christmas Special 1 966 1 69 

mifTi> vtTsions (nay dlQctt; 

it f olla^w up to 
ie Ar Kung-Fu' 

Commodore 64 


Amstrad versions 

coming soon* 

Oiir hf^To has finally 
mastered Uie secrvi 
martial art "CI JIN'S 
SI I AOLIN" but Ls Happed 
by triad gangs. With kicks 
aiwi other st-cret powers, 
( 's( .ipe from and travel 


Published under licence bv The Edge, 36/38 Southampton Street, London WC2, 
T>1 (Ol)a'il 1801 TX: 892379. 


B^km any oit you think 'just 
vnHmr rrwrtiil arts game', and 
km tD Vw fwxt pao», thano'^ no 
olttig away frtun ttM fact that 
tkti MWi nom nuMnsoH ktaks 

trwtMd of sirTHjtatmg the anciant 
at of baatkng people up , this oome 
ilil ibout thd subtie art ofjuclo, 
Han bTBwn and Speed aran't 
nwythimg. A thorough knowtedge 
o( tha movaa. and using your 
'wtjght' to ttvcw your oppohant 
v» nsentiai s^lfia. Instead ol ^ 
• single joysiiclf mows to 
Kcomplis^ an attach a aarias of 

jc^^sttck movaa must oonw 
together to p ro d u o e a winning 
manoauvra, me first thir>g you 
rrual do to to try to oet a goo6 ghp 
Dr> your opponent Onoe a grip he 
ba«ni3btaioed, a'^ip' tight comes 
ort. ycu must then attempt a throw. 
If this attempt faite. you'll have to 
start again with a new ghp. 

TNya ta a (jtatram in the top 
flight hand comer of the screen 
showing the poeitiori of aach 
playgr'9 (a^. Thi$ must biS uMd to 
work out how a plaver's weight ia 
dlatiibutad. and thia what m^ 
be th« best move to uaa to throw 


Vou've had shoot^any-up's Jn 
Vaoa. yoU^ tad shoot -em-up's 
rcirs. lets faoa It. you've bisstad 
ihingi In Jpjst about every concaiv- 
^ environmerrt. So Cosmic 
Shodc Absortser makes no 
HMmpl to give any sort of reason. 
WMTSCH figura that tha computer 
tnkie do»n't need a reason for 
nating things, |ust give a guy a 
our enci something^ to fire at, and 
n ct\anoes are he'll gat the mea- 


hero of the game, Covnic 
Siiodc AbsortMT ^ person, IS a son 
of toulh rate supc^t^ero^ He's the 
tort of superhero who's not only 
cknb enough to put his pants out- 
iKJit hte troiisers. tw'd even get 
tfftn irsida out \r\ the process. 
Sti. civHizabon as we know n is 
Mering on the tjrink. mankind as 
mai ^looking arouKl for some- 
body abe lo cki the dirty work. Bat- 
man's takjng a bath. Superman's 
bu^ shooting anotfief film. Won- 
dar Woman tsi ^tayirtg in and waah- 
ing her hair, so wtio Is left to ssvt 
he human race - Coartik; Shock 
Mxorber. that's who. 

So our laarlass aupamurd bofc% 
j)oaa out thara to blaat away at tfw 

nasty aliena. Unfortunately, he's a 
bit mitn. so al he can afford is a 
reconditioned hyper zapper gun. 
Tnx±4e is. tt Keeps goir>g wrong, tt 
aMher conks out entirely or tha 

OOfitrols revafSa, Or the ammuni- 
tion falls out of ttw ammo clip. 

Wfth this amazing weapon he 
boid^ goes forth to try to save tho 
earth. The first staoe has vuitures 
dive tiombing oU Cosmic, and If 
he kits them gat away, they')} talow 
up a pOnMSf station. rh*n Cosmic 
facas ttie deadly threat. Carrots 
amipting from a desert no iasal 
Unleas ha deals with tf»anf> fMt, the 
can'ott wii) sprout lags and 
machine guns. 

Last sect k:>n is just a mega blast 
Cosmic faces a hkJeous threat 
Item the lake people. He's Just got 
to biast away at absoiut^ any- 

For a mera C7.&5. Cosmic Shock 
AbsortW afters sonie pretty good 
btasting wfth k^s ol cokmr and 
action. Just the sort of thin^ to 
brighten up a long w4mer evening 


your opponent. Whenever an 
■itack is mabe. It can tw oourrtarad 
\f a p4syer is qukk enough. If 
get thrown, then again, 
refkiiies are needed to eneiffe tfiat 
you tend on your (eeL WTien a 
throw is made, a referee appears 
in piaca of tf>a feel diagram and 
shows how many points tiave 
been soored. ff a piayer mBrtagea 
to score ten points, the tiout is 
Qwar. otherwise the wunor is ttw 
pl^er who accumiiiBs the most 
pomta dyrtng tha bout. 

Iha game taaiuraa a greet deal 
of animeHon aa tha oontastanta fV 

thnsugh the a^, and rselly seems 
to offer aomaihfaig more than lust 
another baaSng up session. It has 
been a iona time since ttiere has 
twan anythkig new on themartiat 
arts scene, and baat-em-upa gen- 
eraJly seem to have gone Vra/^ 
a thin patch, so it's good to aee 
lumvcM trying to braathe new Hfe 
into what seemed to t>e a 
lackk^tre gerve^ 



QCIC3>l.£^& iJJ 




Air AiertoH' lipMir SssUh a I 

k IMMredtoj^Bif atarff 


Id bt hOffi to yet another arcads 
og nv mt ten , this tinv rt'a tfw aa 
daaaki Ke^ious. in case yo<i don't 
already know, this is a vertk:aliy 
BcroHnq sfwot em t^s which pits 
you agahst ttie avii forces of Xevt- 
ous.^ieae datftardly villlans are 
trylr^ to anni^ te le tfw poputetkm 

Apparently ttie Xsviolb paopla 
inhj:iiied the Esvth eons ago, but 
tt>ey were lorpsd to leave by the 
ttien oncoiTiirto jca aga. Now 
they're tiaok, and thay'ra a tttta 
Irate with tha dvilteatkwi that has 
spnjng up hn their siMBtiC6 and 
taken over their plaML 

You play tha pait of a Solvalu 
(super techno jet fVohtei) pfcit. 

You're the (bsI In line of Earth's 
delenoea. and (you've gueeeed it} 
it's four Job to pnstact tha Earth 
from these krvaders. You comin- 
oualy fty north, bomt)4ng enemy 
installations ar>d shooting ail the 
viie 'n nasty )Cavk:HJS ItglHers that 
get In you way. 
Your Anal dbai is the brain of the 
XMoua foroea; tha 
Mother Ship, thii 
you must btew up with a direct hit 
to her nuclear reactor* Even ttiis 
heroic act la not enough to ttop 
the Invaahm however. Onoe you 
have deatroyed the mottiera h i p 
iha ifrfnia burinaea starts aU over 
apalr) - but wHh a Uttle more vlo- 
lenoe this time voundl 

CRASH Christmas Spectat 1986 19t 


Aftar many mooths tn pf«paralion, 
/Vlam It almost wtth u«. TTtia 
Wptot adMnture tfom kjctmc 
tumjom, doaety foUows ttie plot of 
tli« sm«h-hl1 film. 

Rlploy, so^ survtvcr ol Iha 1M 
flm. ANan, Is pickaci up after float- 
kig round SfMoe in au^Mnded srv- 
maUofi fo» many yww, Mhpn fl^N> 
llnaly rvache» Eirtti. h«r shwy of 
Hit mtan with the aliens isn't 
bai wad by the powar^ thai tn. 
WNIi Ripley has baan floitt^ in 
apacai, aooiony haa baanaaii^) 
on tha laniQia planet wvtMMa sha 
ancoumtarad tha deadly beaata. A 
ganarator has been InataHad to 
turn ih6 pdaonous atmoaphara 
Htto something mora braathabia. 
Whan aU contact Is loal wm tha 
basa. Ripiay agraas to liaad a taam 
of cfadt ifiainaa to try and find out 
what haa h appanaa to tha col- 

T^« gama has baan daaignad by 
Mark Eytaa, Iha man rasporaible 
for Back fo cfta Futvn, and pt'OQ- 
rammad by SOFT MACHINE. You 
play tha pari of Rlp*ay,c on l TOiin Q 
FKit only har, but alao ItM &tck 
•qwd Of apaoa nwlnw who h«i« 
Man aantv) to Glaaf up itia maaa> 
Htoiey tea to maatarmind an 
ittanjpt to raUka (ha wtKile baaa 

TNa gama raquiras a csombitw- 
ion of tacticai i- powarfti 

blaiTing. FUplay <.-^. ^r^pry ttvough 
ttia ayea of ona marine at a tkna. 
Thiy an ^Hwr be gtvar^ ordara to 
pncscsed to a oertBin part of the 
cornplex, or tti^ can actualy ba 
unbtiHad latfiayNittla i^na^ 
itia saMQA moniiafii- Tha aMara 
mova araiJid Itia baaa. laawInQ 
their bto-flwchanoid growths ori 

the wtfs- Unie» theeeare bteated 
off, the room stsits to Spawn face 
hyggens and aHen «g)^. 

Iiie baoe I9 a maze of oorridcf? 
and rooms. The rDoms are cort- 
neoled tiy dooni which can be 
iockad, open>ed, aaeled, or blown 
down. Ones an alien ia found. H 
ff*M b« dastroyed qulckty before 
tt atlackB, A«sw ahota to Ihebody. 
or a laal^ acojrata ahoi to tha 
head usually does ttiia lob. 

Suooaas ttacl^iavedbydastroy- 
iig all of Hie aflans, to dotNa. Rip- 
)»t must gat to tha Queans 
Chamber wnch la at the oppoatia 
end of the base, h tib Is dona, and 
the Ouaan ks KWed. tt ia lust a (Uaa- 
tion of mopping up the ranwning 
sHena and then moving on to the 
next waive. 

WhHe al of thta is going on, you 
must aiao defend vital ar«» o4 the 
tiase. The Amioury ts vital to your 
cause, as each mamcwr or ttia 
crew must perkxMcally ralum there 
to charge up ttieir smsn gun. Tha 
ContnsI room keeps ttw Lighting 
going, and tha Qarteral room 
Keeps tha pcwer and Nghting 
going. The aHana can aMoa ttia 
marinaa by leaving tha base and 
moving around the baaa on the 
oianet s surface. Your squad can't 
TOHow them as IJNaplanat'^s atmos* 
phero is poisonous, 

Iba top of tia screen is taken up 
wMh a Miw of (t>e room ourrently 
occupied by the crew rmrr^Kf 
urtder cdrrlFol. The bottom haK of 
the scnaerf IndicatBS the status 0I 
the me mba n erf the party. If the 
alBliMtiariagraan, they're O.K., H 

fflm^ they're tired or captured. 
IrM^cataa an irriurad or impre- 
gnated cravtrman - black Indkaiaa 


n the aliert^ capftura a o«wmaft. 
they impregnate Nm wHh an aUan 
egg. That V unleae you can frsa 
hkn by tdMng all of the aliwisthat 
surround him (or her of couroa - 
thar«*a no aaotlam In tt«a apaoa 

W^ over two hundred rooms. 
tN» game k>ok« like being a tough 
oo<v£ination c* reflejiee, ptanring 

ELfCTRic onaAWi plan to foHow 
thta up with Big TroiMe m Utile 
China. This is anciher fMm tie in, 
and the computer w^l feature three 
playan wtitch you control alter- 
neWy. Wang C» ii a martiai arts 
•Xpert. 80 the player conmia him 
wfwi there's a bit of beating up te 
be done: Jack Burton la the All 
Amarlean Hero - with Ma 
'BiAhm^ter' he cute a awaiha 
tfvTMjgh the bad guys. Whan 
rtantw of mesa guv^ can ccpe. 
Egg Shen, the andant magidan 
Mepa rocward and unwaahaa a 
mean spoil or hwa. 

The Idea is, naturallv, for ihia trio 
of butch brays peopb to reecue 
the hatolaaa harokHi Ikom (ha evil 
ckitchee of tha Mvidarin Warford 
Ftght^ off Sewer Mon»l&rs, 
W&dnten, Wsfhora and Etttnen- 
tttt. Our brave chums ttuM delve 
deep Imp the meanlae stronghold 
to resoje the fieroina from The 
. marnagaciiambwbaforeahesuf- 
fisrs a w* Moraa than daaih (end E 
dtMi*t mean going to a SinttiE (x)n - 

atom or ABwtactMy, Htetm^tdM a 
OoorbnlMUfmsuoh, wMiMBMiptf 
OBtfwWpof.amrifiw wWi 1 tMmttdift 
biom^ch 1 




coRE-f eeeB 


The latest release l^om thoaaloly 
people at mkwmich is Cop Out, 
ttm was ttw teaturad game m ttie 
pivy-ort for HHMMfii s Nattonal 
Cofriputar Garnes CharnptonaNp. 
It's ai about btastmg away ol the 

1 92 CRASH Christmas Special 1 9S6 


Olasiing- TTi« fotni you bust is fsefly 
jtHTioInQ with hoofta - MX of them in 
flf. TO tw Wr, tiM* ovy* donl 
h«M« «fTy qudmt itout biazing 

away at yt>u. What make« thkigs 
fiveri tnckier is that yo<j 're dKposad 
on the opon stmiBts whrJe the bad 
guys are all hiding behind wals 
Mid fences. 


iMm atnard Earth megafmighler 
X111-7S-<D50 is pretty roiJUing 
Stuff. The huge leviathar iurnbera 
back and f ortri itv ough space bet- 
wwan the various tracing stetton^, 
which in turn serve the far fltiog 
outpoetaof the great terrar GaJac- 
tic tfnp^. The few alter) reac5es 
whkch haven't been (noonperated 
into the Empire ae rather uriequal 
partners tiave tieen nithles^ 

So really, Ihet e'a r>ot & gree^ dad 
to do. FtQTTter fHtot and general al 
round wonderhjl pereoo MHte 
Shedow realy is kickir>g hia heete 
round on of the many leiaura and 
racraatiori cerrtres, wtiere the 
craw, txxed out of their skults. 
mdutge in aJI manner of btzanv aiVJ 
highty dangenMis epoft$ |usl to 
bnsah the monotony. 

T)>e only action out there W a 
few Oilort pirates. But the auto- 
mated ships defences take cafe of 
ttiem, and the pirates usual^ try to 
pick on the smaiief scout shipa 
and the poor packings Of the smal- 
ler treigihitefB furilw out. JuBt 
about the Oftly time Mika geta to 
go for a spin in ttta old sktmrner is 
when h«'s got \q pop out to do a 
routine check for rneteorde dam- 
age. Again, ihafs mostly auto- 
mated, but thfl Captain 13 a bit of 
an odd bail and iike>s pitots to go 
out there and rnake doubte eure 

But one day. Mike'f out there on 
routine pHtrol. Than fw flnde the 
site of a meteorite tmpect. 11'$ a 
chance in a rrniiiion. It woukl have 
destTDyed moet ahips, and even 
ttie mega fralghtars automated 
repair system Is 9Dir>g to taihe 
some timne to sort it out. Ae tie 
swoope down to g«i a ctooar loch 

at the damage, thera is a suddin 
bJirding ttesh ot tight. Mike 
swerves arxj Mt avokls a stab- 
blng laser bolt The aulormted 
defeooBs have coma on! Mike irlea 
to raise the local oomputef rwde, 
but wth horror realises that it is 
ttiat tangled riiess of metal and 
metecrtte debris below hkm. He 
reeJisee that he IS alone against the 
erit^ might of the megafreH^er'a 
defences. He nW get be<^ to the 

TbB odds kxA 'stacked ogainst 
tirfm. If he moves away trorn the 
surface, the leser cannon will get 
Nm. H he hugs the fratghter^ akin, 
tia won't jpet peel tfie kaser for- 
cef>e4ds. The on(v hope is to uaa 
the riarfow labyrlf>thlrte corridors 

C under the ^eigtiter's surface, 
trouble is that these are the 
same corndors used by ^ 
defence sys^tem is feed its deadly 
arsenal to wt^erevef dartger 

in two hundred scmene of 
shoot-em-up acticxi, Mike t^s to 
dod^e t)etween the surface and 
ttw inside of 1t>e ship in a bkl to get 
back inside the ship twfore tfw 
automated defences swann m, He 
muBt locate and destroy thie lof ce 
field Qanerators which block tiis 
path. The defsrwes are modeled 
along those of the human bodv, 
with antibodies and wMa oeu 
which sense the pnaaanca of a 
1bt<aiSn txxty and movetowards it. 

^^acfowskimmef ttom thi bku 
stiooid be aroiiod eaiiy in the new 
year ard promises to be similar to 
Undium but with more colour and 
de4aiad graphics, although it's 
NckKraen rgther than scrotHng. 

Right at Iha b«0fcinfa)« of l«wpl on*, 

To Stay alive, you've got to get 
your shots trt at jiusi the ngitt tirne, 
fust as the bad guys break cover 
and try to shoot you. If you're not 
content with just bkiwing away the 
bad guys, there are also ptenrty of 
bras IhJllarlng around just ii eaaa 
you git boml For soma raaaon 
thefe is also a spinning bottle Dying 
ttirough the air, if you can manage 
to shoot tMa down you gdn 
immur^ frorn buflata tor a WhHa 
{why shooting a botUa should gilve 

you a bulletproctf west, only i 


^ecn i^m w pia^^o against a 
time limit. All of the baddies man 
be shot belore this time is up, or 
else It's curtains for you. There are 
ten levM in ail , and the higher the 
levai.ltM shorter the »melintt,T^e 
cop is joystick corttroied. and as 
he movea Ws gunslghi movee w^ 
Nm. The aigtit moves slightty lie* 
tsr tfun ttte cop, which can miloa 
things Quite tri^ty. 

This is good harmiese shoot- 
iTTMjp fiMi, which should be randy 
for f eleaae around Oie end of the 

CRASH Christ mas Special td66 193 

It Ift wbH known mat minn am 
prattytCHjQhatttwtop, But.ltisnt 
much tun at itw bottom eMygt. in 

latest strategy gftma. AA^iAh 
of fJofne, yCHj are conlrontec} witti 
an awesome task - to tor^e (tie 
migtity Rcxnan Empire no tQ9S 

me Bflms opens In STSBT; By 
this time, th© Romans ftad matn- 
aged to establish e firm grip on the 
ittitofi malniajxi $o r«, so qqoci. 
Bui out thena are 1 3 difterent racaa 
of peopio, aJ3 h«l1 beni on forging 
for themselves ar empirB, 

The game takes place on a map 
showing the anaefit worlds, basi- 
^iy totittmm mnd central Eurcpe 
md the land* boittertf^g the 
M«dlteranean Sea. You play the 
leader of a faction in the Roman 
Srnma. You must decide the tax 
rale. oongWaf how much monay 
to sperKl on mMilary forces, who is 
to command ttfem^ and wtwrettwy 
ahoiid be deployed. 

Thera am 2\ Indivkiuaj eom- 
m andBfi M your dtspo&e! of vary- 
lf>9 competance and loyawy. ft te 
up to you to decide where to 
deploy your commanders to 
ensure suocesa, Gut of course, 
with so nidny rival powers but' 
rounding Rome. ther« is a con- 
slant danger of Invasion, so 
players must tiy to ensure that a 
fak number of troops are leA back 
In Rome to defervd it agaln^ 
manintdlr^ Baitsarians. Should an 
Ifwaslon suooead, and ttien 90 on 

to aacii flo*T«. needier to say, 
wou wont be terribly popular. 
wone etM. some o* your comman- 
ders might decide to rebeJ. if they 
eee you making a hash of thini^. 
and then civil war will braal( out. 
This makes tfiings even wone, as 
men are withdrawn from tiie leg- 
Ions to try to Neap order arxl defeat 
such nrvolutiofra, 

Onca egain, Ma h» come up 
wHb B new angle in strategy 
games. Can you buHd the Roman 
Empire, or will you 100 be washed 
away in the sands of tin^. 


Cari you nse to the dizzy heights of This is a bil like selecting a sHHI 

trmMtmiusscrt^nrnttti* beginning (ft 
ri>« gam«. You'wo got to pfl* up th* 

desti fmi to sp^nd yoyr carew Ian- tj verpoo 

gu.shir>g m division fcujr playirig for o*lhef be 

the Penoe Plodders up langu 

With Foortatlsrot the Vearfrom m no tin 

OREHUM GBAWMc*. fOv Can lm<j out itw scale 

li you ve got wfrat it takes to get to your skdl 

the top of the garro. The object of righi, apj 

the game ts to wm ihe sward of wilfltieni 

■"Footballer of the Year". FofJu- and it y 

nateiy you don't have to make a they're ic 

Coy. modest acceptance speech thega 

thanki ng your m anager , your team player hj 

mates, yotr mum and dad, your sions on 

pet budgie and the oHice tea boy his skill, l 

Acco'ding to Greg Holmes, one whch ch 

of the programmers working on pertorma 

the pfoject at ommuh, it is a tws, ¥0 

strategy game with arcade eSe- your rati 

ments , Quite a change of direction playing fi 

for the wt&mm team , who af« nor- up as ym 

maiiytobefbunddestgninggameQ ings. But 

to k(i! and maim with, cfome to ti^on and 

ttiink of It, It (sn't reaiiy that big a ciubs wii 

step from that !o a game about It'll be 

pfotess^onai football, Decemb* 

To achieve your atm. you first C7.95. 
pick the team you want to play for. 

194 CRASH Christmas Special 1986 

Liverpool, itien obviously you will 
o*lhef be a star overnight, or end 
up langu«shLng on ifi« su&s bench 
m no lime. To work your way up 
itw scale, you must slowly devekjp 
your skills. Then, when rhe tirne is 
righi, apply for a transfer. A scout 
wiiE Itien lum up from another club, 
and it you're the sort of thing 
they're loo» fof . they 'ii take you, 

the game is icon Onwen, and the 
player has to make a. lot of deci- 
sions on what to buy to improve 
his skill, SkiK IS reflected m a rating 
Which changes depending on your 
pertormance m various competi- 
tions. Your wages are aHected by 
your rating and the club you're 
playing for, so obviousty they'll go 
up as you move slowly up the rank- 
irigs. But likewise, getting prorrKS- 
tiion and succeeding m the big 
Clubs will cost more morwy 

It'll be out at the beginning of 
December, end will set you back 



STATE OF fiFFfilfiS 



iSTH it'uooD ee 


171H |Ffl CUP 30 TOTft QO0 

'T TEflllS' flORflLE IS flJERfl6£ 




D L 





00 ee 

^ io'oo 






■ 1 ST 

2 rc' 

3 RD| 

4 TH 

5 TH 

6 TH 

7 THi 

8 TH 

9 TH 




crime is a disease. He's the cure 


t « 





UJL A .-!!» 

^^H^C ^^^1 

■L. w-^ -*- ' IP ■ 

t.,j 1 J 







f * 

'p i 

». *:.» 




The Most OutstATtdirig Coin-Op 
Game of the Year!! 

Sega"* irwite you to take a trip to the 
Fantasy Zone in the fascinating SD^Action 
game that set the Coin-Op worid alight, 

Steei youf nerves, atert your senses and 
prepare for a t^rifting trip into the future. 

After months atdevefopment he^fuiaffy 
^herB-Scooby in his own hiiarious computer 
cartoon. Designed and coded by Gargoyie 
Games, Scooby Doo is a fast-action arcade 
game thats as funny to watch as it's exciting to 
play - Scooby-Dootry-Doo ! !